Purim and Tribulation 18 Mar 2019

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Me through 18 tells us straight and you know you should know this scripture now for the Lord himself shall descend with a shout with the voice of the Archangel and the Trump of God the dead in Christ shall rise first they’re already in the presence of dead in Christ of God but their bodies will be caught up and glorified I’m not the dead in Christ because I’m before you get on the line but if I wasn’t dead in Christ it’s all good grace and I skate but then those of us who are alive will be caught up together with him in the air and we encourage each other with us that’s our Blessed hope we will be with him forever we get glorified bodies do you know what that means my spirit is already a new creation but I still have a carnal nature like I talked about this morning I think I was the only one in the church was that a long long way got it speeding a ticket and got a speeding ticket from the same cop coming back there oh you have to ten it’s in the name it’s in the name there’s something about that name what is honoring God now we’re not bragging on that we’re just saying it’s a reality he’s coming we are in the final moments at the end of days and everything that has needed to happen for that hair apostle has happened and even before we did prayer I mean our state right what was the what was it was overwhelming to think about what this state is now gonna do it is forcing oh and if you think yeah I told Karen I said if we you guys can keep having babies till Jesus comes but you don’t got much time cuz he’s coming I mean have you seriously have you ever thought about the fact that this could be our last time being able to gather oh good we may not we don’t know right we’re not guaranteed the next moment it will be so quick and a twinkling of an eye on 140th of a second I mean it’s really oh praise God I can’t wait good look at our state what our state is doing our state the state of Illinois has now made it you hate this Oh what I was saying was I I told your mother that if we didn’t have children if we were young enough to have children again then I took Karen I’m young enough to have children but she’s not Judy you don’t get mad at me we you know we love each other that way yeah yeah Judy it is truth though well she could adopt I guess well if I go back if we trust God she could show me couldn’t she but she wouldn’t want to I’m the one who would want more kids not caring but when we were having a conversation I said care I don’t know if we were young enough now if I would actually want to have more kids closer viewers to that your children if you can have as many as one right now I don’t even think you’d be able to get through the gestational period and if you did they’re certainly not gonna reach school age and if they do they’ll be homeschooled because what’s gonna come down the pike sergeant how long they’re gonna let someone like you substitute you’re okay right now but what this governor is doing it’s just a matter of time so even so come Lord Jesus because they’re gonna push every wicked evil agenda they can and this LGBT qrx 42w cuz they keep adding to it I know I’m keeping to get me on I mean I really don’t care we love gay people God loves gay people they need to be delivered and set free can someone who suffers from sin and those lifestyles come to faith in Jesus Christ amen you bet they can and we want to share the loving and the truth and the gospel right we are saved by grace through faith not by works not on ourselves lest anyone should boast and then we are sanctified in sanctification who’s also progressive and it’s our responsibility as a body believers to help bring others along and teach them and love them and help them grow in christ-like character right now I’ll tell you what time it’s so short I keep trying Karen I she’s like honey I’ve never seen you like this everywhere we go we were she told the story or I told the story we were it happened again we were out running errands and stop somewhere and she’s looking for me all over I’m Sharon Jesus you know who cares if they like it or not if Holy Spirit leads and people are getting saved praise God I’m telling you we are in a time where I’ll just ask him do you know Jesus and I’m gonna share who he is and what he did for them then he led a perfect life he liked glory laid it down was wrapped in flesh never sinned and died to pay the debt for their sins was buried and on the third day rose from the dead I want them to believe that and you can see when that regenerating work of Holy Spirit happens and they come to faith its glorious time is so short we really don’t have time to play around and so you look at what Illinois’s doing so in the text books this is the most insane thing and it’s other states I know California is looking at it New York they want to go back and change the history books and put the LGBTQ history in there they don’t even know if some of the people they are claiming to be gay we’re gay but they believe they are and they want that’s what’s the say that that’s as good as you know the relative truth that people say it’s not it’s not the absolute truth God’s Word is truth it’s what do I think the truth is that’s what’s important that’s not true jesus said I am the way the truth and the life john no one comes to the Father except through me do you see how insane it is I shared this morning I get so confused when people are talking about and people get so offended people are talking about kishi or or trip you’re talking about are you talking about a man or a woman like like I got it the other day when Kerry and I were trying to get things for Ava I thought I was in the girls section I was in the police section I said a boys gonna wear it’s that agenda to bring us together you know to have this Judy I really thought I was in the kinds like no honey I’m like I’m so confused I can’t live on this planet anymore I can’t figure out who’s who and what’s what and I just need Jesus to come even so come Lord Jesus Maryland is about to do what New York did and you can declare yourself whatever you want male female X yeah I bet if I went to one of those states I could say I’m a dog well I did use the dog grooming thing to get the beard off because a little trimmer don’t work so when you got that coarse hair you know it works pretty good so see I could say I’m feeling doglike and I wanted to say dog I’m that they do it it’s just a matter of time the spirit of stupor is so alive in the land today it’s just a matter of time well I believe that we are in a high season and I told you tonight yeah no one knows the day or the hour God’s not telling us that and I’m not setting a day or hour but I’m telling you we are in the season we are if if the Apostle what he’s looking for is coming 2,000 years ago and it’s so ridiculous people will say well you’ve been saying that they’ve been saying that for 2,000 years right 2,000 years ago that Thessalonians some of them had been alive when Jesus was alive and they were dying off they actually thought they were in the tribulation period and the Apostle Paul explained to them no they knew the rapture had it happen because they were still there he said no because and that’s what Thessalonians that’s why it tells us that the heart pots are the catching away is going to happen first praise God praise God so if they believe that 2,000 years ago the mockers and scoffers want to say well you’ve been saying that forever you’re not right look at it the other way get that spirit of stupid off of you he’s coming back and soon if it started 2,000 years ago that means we are clearly in the final moments of the end of days and I’ve already taught a lot on those signs and those things that the Bible has said what happened in these final moments I mean uh I’ll just I keep using the one because it’s so fantastic to me it’s Ezekiel 38 and 39 Ezekiel’s more there’s no way 2,500 to 2,800 years ago the Prophet could say this is not coincidental that the Prophet would say you would have rushed to garmo Persia cushion play Rosh be in Russia to garma be in Turkey Persia being Iran cushion put Libya and Sudan and by the way Libya and Sudan are governed by Turkey and Russia and guess who’s just north of Syria because the Bible says from the north these countries that our name will come against Israel but God Himself will defend Israel that’s just one example what’s going on well now we have we’ve talked a lot about the Feast the seven main feast and Shabbat Sabbath and how they are holy convocations know at times feast festivals and they have prophetic implications we example Passover right I’ve taught this many times Passover when when the people came out of Egypt and I just I love Passover what it means the blood of the Lamb was applied to the top and sides of the door and everyone in the house when that death angel went through and the first one would die if they were in the house good they were covered by the blood of the Lamb death and judgment passed through when Jesus Christ the Lamb of God shed his precious blood on the cross at Calvary once and for all when we believe on him right Romans and 10 if you confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved that’s it right he did it so praise God for the precious blood of the Lamb that paid the debt for our sins that had a fulfilling that was a was a foreshadow of the Passover to come well there are some minor feast and porom for preen is probably the better way to say it we’re gonna go to the book of Esther actually go to chapter 9 and verse 25 and I’ve shared this before but I want to pick up there but when Esther came before the king he ordered by letter that the wicked plot which Haman had devised against the Jews should come upon his own head and that he and his son should be hanged on the gallows therefore they called these days poram on the basis of the name pour furthermore based on all the information on this letter along with what they had seen in this regard and what had happened to them the Jews instituted and accepted as tradition for themselves for their descendants and for all joining with them not to fail in observing the celebration of these two days as prescribed and is specified in each and every year tor means lots and so I want to talk to you because I could read from Esther and I’ve been doing that I’ve been sharing bits and pieces about Esther you know the story of Esther we even referenced it this morning when I talked about Mordecai Esther’s Hebrew name was actually Hadassah they gave her the Persian name Esther her older cousin Mordecai raised her because she was an orphan and the king was very wealthy the 120 provinces King exerts these and he had a queen that was very beautiful Vashti and I can’t wait to meet Ashley one day I believe I will I can’t wait to meet her because she had such a spirit about her the King displayed the grandeur of the kingdom for 180 days and they had a week-long celebration it’s reported that they used the finest gold and each of goblet that they drank from was different than the other and so the wine flowed as much as you wanted to drink you could have so basically you know you always have those people who over in dogs and then the King wanted Vashti to come out and dance before these people and she said no way right on Vashti I agree with you I my dancing before these drunken people either and so the King’s advisors say hey if she says no to the Kings what’s this going to do the princes and that you know the people are in charge then their wives are gonna treat them that way so they decide that the Queen would be put away basically she would lose her title as Queen and she would she probably lived in a pretty good place I’m thinking Vashti was probably good with that at that point so she had her place hey don’t tell me they’re having their wives that if a husband said I’m gonna put you in a palace of your own but you can never see me she might be doing some dancing in some cases and I think there’s a backstory there with Vashti I truly do and then the king they go swimmin men are said I don’t like that some of the women are going right on if that’s you you need to pray tonight so anyway they go and they get the Virgin’s in the kingdom right they gather them up and that and the head eunuchs and I’ll tell you what they had quite a system they had to go through 12 months of beautification that’s just too much six months of one process six months of another and then they go before the king and if he likes them because what he’s doing is they all can be part of his harem but what they’re doing is they’re looking for the one who would receive the crown would receive the title of queen and Esther is the one chosen the Jewish girl Esther’s the one chosen well meanwhile you’ve got Mordecai who hears a plot to kill the king and he reports it and and those guys are taken care of because you know what they do and people want to kill the king high treason is not a good thing back in that day made people commit treason in our country and what happens till right the innocent parties get convicted I gotta stop or I’ll digress in any event Esther’s the one chosen and then Haman meanwhile Haman rises to the top he continues to rise to the top and set he becomes second-in-command now what you need to know about Haman is he’s a descendant of a God who was a king that was defeated by the Israelites and there is a spirit behind all these people so I’m gonna get to that in a minute but Mordecai is at the gate and Haman because he’s highly elevated he wants everyone to bow down and worship Him and Mordecai wouldn’t do it I talked about that this morning right he’s only going to bow and worship the Lord his God we talked about him we talked about Hananiah Mishael in his area and Daniel and how they went down on how Hananiah Mishael in his area ended up in the fire praise God the minutes roll men died but they lived and so this whole plot that Haman makes to wipe out all the Jewish people the same spirit behind him was the same spirit behind Hitler and behind Stalin and before Haman it was the same spirit that was behind Aegon and before him it was the same spirit in the Bible without taking through all those stories behind Amalek king and it was a same spirit behind Pharoah and it was the same spirit behind cossatot Satan himself and it’s the same spirit that is creating this anti-semitic spirit in the world today it’s the same spirit it’s the same spirit that wanted to kill the Hebrew boys with Pharaoh’s decree it’s the same spirit that Herod did at the time Jesus was born four boys two and under he wanted them dead because Satan did not want Mashiach who the Jewish people have denied have rejected because when we talk about tribulation that is really the time of Jacob’s trouble it’s a time and because they denied praise God right Church salvation came to the nation’s to the Gentiles and in God’s sovereignty and his plan that tribulation period is not meant for the Bible says we will not be appointed under arrest we’re the Bride of Christ the bridegroom is going to come back and get us very soon just like the idiom where at the time of Joseph and Mary right because Herod was killing the boys why the enemy did not Satan did not want Messiah born come on stop it and when they were married they’d have these special ceremony and the bridegroom would go away they would not be intimate he would go away and he would build a home or add to his father’s home that was greater than where she came from and it was his father who would say now is the time go get your bride during that time he’d send a gift to let her know you’re my beloved those feast had prophetic fulfillment the Holy Spirit was given on Pentecost on shabbu out the gift that was a word telling us ah I’m gonna come get you I love you the comforter has come we are empowered by Holy Spirit right the whole day we are in dwell by Holy Spirit every one of you you’re all believers you’re and dwelt by Holy Spirit he leads us guides us empowers us praise God Jesus said before he went in my father’s house are many mansions if it weren’t so I would tell you we’re told in the Bible in the same way he left he’s gonna come back but like the bridegroom the bridegroom would not go to the bridegroom at that time to go to her house and knock on the door and say okay let’s go to the marriage he would come at an hour they weren’t expecting because the father would tell him and he would not go to the house he’d send a small deployment a message for her to come out and he would this is great right haircut so that’s that’s the word for that we translate record he would snatch her away and take her and they would be married and they had that week long time of intimacy in the bridal tent and then he would bring her out and publicly declare her to be his bride they would be together forever isn’t that a beautiful depiction of what’s about to happen for the Bride of Christ and so in this story there’s so many things in the story of Esther you know Esther is the one that Mordecai goes to and says you can have audience with the king and you don’t know that you weren’t raised for such a time as this and if you don’t don’t think that deliverance won’t come from elsewhere what God has ordained will happen don’t think deliberate won’t come from elsewhere nor that you and your house will be saved when Esther first went into that Court uninvited he held the scepter out and she touched the end that gave her all dance otherwise she would be dead and and as a story of Esther goes on it’s just so fantastic she does two banquets and that a plot of Haman Haman had a Gallo built for Mordecai and Haman was hung in his own gallows so just keep that in mind so much in the Word of God to bring it all together in these final moments of the end of days and so Haman had ten sons and let’s go back to Herod so Herod wanted to kill the Hebrew boys that didn’t work so what was the next big event that happened Messiah was born he lived a perfect life what did Satan try to do he tried to tempt him in the wilderness Sidney if he could get him to bow down and prevent him from going to the cross then he could stop the plan that didn’t work and did you ever notice when we talked about prophesying unto ourselves particularly with the Word of God what did Jesus do when he was tempted he spoke the word come back with the word I said this this morning the most powerful prayer is when you pray the word of God back to him that he’s given to us that’s powerful that’s and that’s what Jesus did that didn’t work he tried to grab Jesus from going to the cross that didn’t work Jesus shed his precious blood conquered all death in the grave and rose again what is the next big prophetic thing he’s trying to stop that’s why Jerusalem is a cup of reeling for the world because he does not want I don’t believe Satan cares a bit that that we’re gonna be raptured in fact I think he’ll be cheering I think he wants us out of here as much as we want to be out of here we’re holding back his one world system where we’re holding back what is already the stage is already set for the Antichrist system the one-world government and I know this Pope is the false prophet I can’t prove that but I’ll just know it and so the stage is set when he doesn’t want to happen in his arrogance think about it in his arrogance he probably believes he’s gonna win at that Battle of Armageddon but he’s not Jesus is gonna speak the word this is post our going to be with him you realize that right and he wants to prevent Jesus from coming back and landing his feet on the Mount of Olives and it’s split in two and then taking his rightful place on David’s flag that’s what he’s trying to stop but there are things there are feasts that that had great significance and before Jesus feet right lands in the Mount of Olives there is that an end between the rapture of the church so between the rapture and that Battle of Armageddon because there’s a lot and in times were raptured and between that Sarge is gonna be a seven-year tribulation period and she has studied that and what Daniel says is going to happen and I believe that stage is set now but I want to share with you some significant things about porn first of all in Chapter nine it’s really interesting when you read Esther they 500 people are killed or trying to kill the Jewish people not one Jewish person dies with Haman’s plot cuz remember the King had given his signet ring and decreed that it would be so but then he gave another he said that the Jews can defend themselves and so after it’s all done the tenth Haman is hanged on the gallows he had from Mordecai he had ten sons the ten sons are killed and five hundred men just in the Citadel of Sousa there were 120 provinces we don’t know how many were actually killed that wanted to destroy the Jewish people that’s what Satan has always wanted to do if I can destroy them I can prevent these things from happening when he wasn’t able to do that and prevent Messiah then he’ll destroy he wants to destroy Jerusalem Israel he can’t again and we are that generation that has seen the budding of the fig tree praise God we’re so close I’m Tania we’re so close so then the King says the Esther okay Esther this is good right all this stuff has been done what else would you ask for now the ten sons of Haman are already dead Heyman’s dead and she says if it pleases the King right there we’re stepping into a prophetic time if it pleases the King may the same thing that was done today now the king she wasn’t talking about King Xerxes she was talking about the King of Kings if it pleases the King may what happened today happened tomorrow and the ten sons of Haydn be home when you take the name of the ten sons of Haman and in the Hebrew and this is not numerology this is the Hebrew language the alef-bet when you take the alef-bet from which we get our alphabet and you take the 10 names of Haman three of those sons their names stand out and when you study the Hebrew Scriptures when you see that happen the numerical value be different their significance to it it often has a prophetic implication so when you take the first son’s name the seventh son’s name and the tenth son’s name it’s half the value of the other one so the table the Zion and the shin are are half the value and it comes out to 1946 remember Esther and she many people don’t know this is prophetic in 1946 there were the Nuremberg trials for the Nazi war criminals there were actually eleven one actually took toys in the night before this is what is so fantastic I may have shared this with you and I’m gonna get to how this story ties with the tribulation period there are some real things that are types and shadows in the story of Esther if you didn’t get one of the pages make sure it’s in the back you will so one kills himself it’s 1946 this isn’t coincidence because the same spirit that was behind Haman is the same spirit that was behind Hitler on that day that they were hung that is not what they would do to execute they would do firing squad or electrocution and they hung them there were ten sons of Haman there were ten year criminals what a lot of people don’t know is that there was one who was really wicked to the Jewish people he would taunt them he would do things to hurt them beyond the wickedness beyond anyone else he was so anti-semitic his name was Julius Streicher enjoy a striker when he knew that he was going to be in trouble he disguised himself as a house painter and he thought that and he hated the Jewish people he before the war crimes he ran a newspaper there was so anti-semitic it called for people to do harm to the Jewish people he hated them and there was a spirit behind that so he’s disguised himself as a house painter and American soldiers came to a place where he was working painting and one recognized him he happened to be a Jewish American soldier this is fantastic when you think about it it goes right back to Esther right the Jews defended themselves he was Jewish and Stryker was arrested by a Jewish American soldier and when the day that he was this is I mean this really gets even you talk about there there is no coincidence right Esther called this prophecy the day that he was going to the gallows he was still angry he walked up the steps of the platform and when they were going to hang him he yelled out pori poram healed it out I don’t even know if he knows what he was doing but he was pointing this guy who was being on who hated the Jews just I came in the same spirit he yells that out before he’s hung and the ten war criminals were hung and gallows and Esther had prophesied that at the time I’m telling you the Word of God is so fantastic you can’t make this stuff up this is incredible and everything the Bible is said has happened is happening before our very eyes if you take your sheet I I made the sheet for you how poram is a foreshadow of the tribulation there are others who teach the same thing this goes back to I think it was Donald Webster who was a professor so we’re Mack we’re going way back we’re going back almost 40 years that I got this information when you look at revelation and then you look at Esther there are six things that I have here that you can see are significant prophetically and Esther Haman was out as this figure that hated the Jewish people in chapter 3 verse 1 and in Revelation we are gonna have I mentioned Daniel when it says he we’re talking about the Antichrist is going to have beer is the Hebrew word he’s going to confirm a covenant with the with the nations with many nations and with Israel and do you know that the elections are April 9th in Israel and it is believed that the Trump peace plan will come out right after that election now that doesn’t mean that Trump is the one making that deal and it doesn’t mean that his advisers are the ones although I think there is one that could be but who knows there’s good candidates but we’re not going to know we’re going to be out of here but the kegs of beer means to solidify to extend to ratify so it could be a peace plan that starts that the Antichrist is going to come in and he’s gonna make it stronger see because that’s what the Hebrew word really means we are so close when you look prophetically as to what’s going on and so you you are gonna have you had Haman who was second in command you are going to have this Antichrist one-world new world order this government and just so you know it’s happening I know what happened your mom was talking about it today remember cuz I remembered the dream I thought that poor woman I talked to my sleep I sing in my sleep I pray in my sleep did she does not get read that’s why she looks tired most of the time because she has to live with me and she said I woke her up I was praying in the spirit and and then I was talking to her cuz I do that and she said what and I said I told anak that I was taking the 10 toes and scattering them but they kept coming back together and she said she kept asking me what don’t you talk to I told anak I don’t know why I dream these things but apparently cuz I have visions and dreams that I remember but apparently Enoch for some reason I what are the ten toes I don’t care well that statue that King Nebuchadnezzar soul had the ten toes which I believe are gonna be the out of ten European nations that are gonna be the government of Antichrist and so when Karen she was telling you today right she’s like your father is crazy he’s he’s talking about he knocking the ten toes she said well why weren’t you scattering that because I was fighting the Antichrist spear but I don’t know why I was cuz if they’re coming together I’m out of here praise God in this season as we transition we’re going to be experiencing near near of that and right now you have manual nichrome the president of France has been working on the army of the Antichrist a European army apart from the EU doesn’t matter that what they’re doing with the Yellowjackets he’s still in power and he’s working with those nations to create this this army the Antichrist system is already alive and well and ready to go the EU they have in 2020 they’ve got their EU I digital identification that’s already in China now in 2020 we have a Real ID that’s gonna come out in this country I don’t think we’re gonna make it too long and that system already exists I don’t really exist it’s it’s there but I may have said this in church I laugh and my wife when she does the electric does anybody else here have Alexa yeah that’s artificial intelligence people do it on their phones – we got it on our phones don’t say thank you artificial intelligence you polite people need to stop saying thank you to artificial intelligence use it if you want but don’t you be saying thank you I am NOT talking to artificial intelligence I’m just not going to do it and people do they have robots that do that stuff we are living in such times secondly an ester there were seven princes mentioned and you’ve got the references there there are seven heads of the Dragon Haman had ten sons ten there will be ten Kings or ten leaders with the Antichrist new world water there was this all happened in the seventh year of the Kings reign and Esther and there’s going to be a seven year Tribulation Period Haman wanted to kill all the Jewish people and the Antichrist system and I’ve got the references there for you as a plot to destroy the Jews and Haman wanted to hang the Jews and in Revelation there will be the beheading of the righteous there are so many things types shadows and patterns that point to the Tribulation Period now I’ve got to tell you some exciting things that are happening with this problem which is the 20th and 21st does it mean the rapture is gonna happen the rapture could happen any time it’s imminent I’m not gonna tell you that but I’m telling you something significant is gonna happen so you’ve got these Russian scientists who have said around plural there’s gonna be a major earthquake that hit Central America Mexico and goes up into California I don’t know whether that’s true or not or whether that’s going to happen but they’re reporting that could happen right they’re anticipating it but again I’m not a seismologist so I can’t tell you lore doesn’t told me that’s gonna happen so I don’t know but then on this portal the rabbis who are with the Sanhedrin and the temple Institute in Israel they’ve already fashioned a gold crown for mashiac and they’re not talking about Jesus and they said this pour this Kareem they’re going to be able to introduce the Messiah what happened I don’t know they are not talking about Jesus because at the same time you’ve got that scholar in Israel and it’s well embraced and endorsed who came out and said the real villain is this interesting the real villain of chlorine is not Haman it’s Jesus Christ because he describes the real Messiah so it’s so interesting to me and fantastic when you look at the same time that the Israeli scholars are reaffirming their wholesale rejection of Jesus Messiah the real Messiah who died once for all should have precious blood that we can believe and they’re going to they’re they’re excited about introducing Messiah whether that happens or not isn’t that fantastic so you’ve got these scientists saying something major is about to happen if you’ve got the rabbi saying we’re gonna introduce Messiah and we’ve got the crown fashioned for him you’ve got the feast what has a foreshadowing of the tribulation period of which we are not appointed to praise God you’ve got the scholars rejecting Jesus Christ and not only rejecting him calling him the villain of Perrine of the holiday that they’re gonna celebrate and say that they’re gonna receive Messiah and then you have a supermoon I don’t know about you but something’s about to happen don’t know that that would be the snatching away boy would we be glad I’ll be glad if it was tonight we want to occupy and redeem the time and and we want to share the gospel now I’ll tell you what you let people know now is the day of salvation you you see this this is my left and it’s there there’s one and I put them in all the Bibles here I got one at home I’ve got one in my car because I want people to know when we’re suddenly gone that it’s not aliens that have come down which are fallen angels you’re gonna make up all kind of excuses there’s going to be a delusion the Bible tells us that I want people to know and even though they may not receive the truth now some of the people because I that gray areas going people aren’t as I’m witnessing the people they’re either receiving that truth and believing or it’s like a wholesale rejection I’m not experiencing wall think about it or I’d like to talk to you get Oh get away from me you nut job or can you tell me more and you just see that work of Holy Spirit as they believe somebody else experience that yeah yeah right and they really do think that we’re crazy I believe that we plant those seeds that’s I’m leaving letters so they know they can read it cuz the YouTube videos and that and the things we put out there they can shut the internet down and they felt swoop Russia has been doing that they’ve been doing these tests where they stopped the internet so that they know how to manage think about it think about if we didn’t have internet if we didn’t have our smartphones if we didn’t have computers you you guys have heard Elsa who are here in the morning where she said when I’ve talked about the fact that when I was younger we didn’t have computers we didn’t have smart devices we didn’t have the internet we didn’t have internet we have any of that and she says how did you live as he has done how did you live they don’t know anything different they don’t know but businesses have now become so dependent on how would people live without Facebook some of you do but some of you do but I’ll tell you what the younger generation they have things that I don’t even understand and I don’t want to understand you got no I helped with cases and that kind of stuff there’s one now where they’re asking me about Chris help me is it snapchat Instagram does any here do those you do I’m not condemning you for life I just don’t get it I don’t understand it and I don’t want to I praise God I can do Facebook put my scriptures up there my pictures of my grandbabies and then I can do YouTube hallelujah and share the gospel while we can but they’ll be able to shut that down do you not think when we’re out of here that they’re gonna wipe us out as if we never existed and so here’s the paper they may come get that too but we want to tell people while we can because we are so close not sure what’s going to happen but there are too many things converging around this poor een something something’s going to happen I don’t know what but it’s too significant not to and it has a foreshadowing of tribulation to come would it be great if we were out of here I know we want to see people get saved I know that but I’m tired of this world this world has nothing for me when I can I said it earlier I don’t know if I said it when I go to a nude because the doctors keep firing me because I’m non-compliant it means I don’t go as often as they want you know you can’t go to just one doctor now they want to send you to two and three to tell you what you already know and when that new doctor asked me I did tell you right when that new doctor asked me when was my last menstrual cycle I that’s just seriously and I don’t say that to be gross but this is how insane it has become and they have to do that this is just part of the checklist so if you go to a new doctor be careful because you maybe ask questions they just gonna shock you that’s the time we’re living in and and think about our children what they’re being exposed to I’m so eager I pray even so come Lord Jesus the bride calls out come we want him to come don’t allow yourself in the mean time to get overwhelmed because we must be the lights in this dark in the world I want you to think about this in the next 60 seconds no I’m gonna say right approximately 105 people are going to die where will they spend see if it’s not the rapture it could be their last breath where will they spend the rest of eternity the heart of Christ is that all would be saved we know that’s not going to be the case we know that from the Word of God but all that we can have an everlasting impact on lives in these final moments from the end of days that’s why we do what we do to glorify God with our lives that’s why we want to live according to his word so that our life bears witness what does the vitae say they’re gonna know us by our love everything we need to do we need to do through the love of God time is so short oh that we would be occupying and redeeming the time because he’s coming soon I don’t I’m gonna be honest with you I report on the news and stuff I have to get it some days I just say I have to take a break and praise it because any of you ever feel like it becomes overwhelming I’m here really if we’re going to be honest it becomes overwhelming and if you’re not careful you can the enemy can use that right to take you to a depressed state to a bit but we can’t let that happen I’ll tell you what get your praise on get your praise on take a break get away from it if you feel yourself getting pulled down get away from it I even do that because it gets so insane and then I just you know I think about all the wonderful testimonies and all the miraculous things God’s doing and you know it you’re feeding yourself and feed yourself on the word of God I am the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus greater is He was in me than he was in the world great speak prophesy over your own life in the Word of God the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead abides in me hallelujah that’s what we do to incur we have got to encourage ourselves because as the pastor of the church I’m telling you some days it comes so fast and furious just the youth you know the youth Sarge they don’t have the filters they used to have they share things that I won’t even repeat you I won’t even repeat to you it’s like how do I on here that how do I undo that I know you get that right how do we undo that yet I praise God for the opportunity to speak into their life they don’t know any different it is different than when we were kids I’m telling you it’s different Sarge you’re saying yes because she teaches them praying for our children and our youth so feed yourself on the word get your praise on fellowship with like-minded believers if you need to you know we all have I there are certain teachers and preachers that I’ll follow that Holy Spirit leads me to that help keep me encouraged in my faith and it’s word-based and it may be different Angie who you listen to may be different I listen to and that’s okay but we’re living in a time do any of you experience that where you just want to be in the word and encourage yourself and encourage one another and watch what comes out of your mouth speak the Word of God speak those things which are pure and wholesome because we need it in this time just you know keep your focus on Jesus keep your focus on Jesus you know whenever I’m feeling overwhelming things and I start to think about the Lord that changes everything I’ll start singing sard I know we’re going running each other and start dancing somewhere we’re gonna be talking about the Lord and thinking about the Lord he is so good and He loves us so much and I’m gonna tell you the divisions where I’ve gotten caught up a little bit of that marriage and that time in the bridal time I’m gonna tell you you can’t you can’t liken it to anything that we’ve experienced here the love is overwhelming it’s overwhelming and then the wedding feast oh man whoa glory to God I’m telling I can’t wait yeah I know Judy it is and so you know all these things are being I’ll tell you what I’m gonna send the left-behind letters back out to my family and friends and I’ve sent it too because we just don’t know but we need to live with that sense of urgency and know that he’s coming soon yes and these are things that are actually happening this Wednesday and Thursday maybe I’ll get to do you maybe know but I should call Sally and let her do the dinner because they totally like her diamond mines well I’m gonna end that for tonight I just want to encourage you I want to encourage you you God loves you fiercely and passionately he so does he’s so fond of you he loves you and your bridegroom has gone to prepare a place for you the Bible says that no iousy no ear has heard no mind and see what God has prepared for those who love him and are called according to his purpose that’s us praise God so may the Lord bless you and keep you may the face shine upon you and be gracious to you may his countenance be lifted on you and his Shalom his peace perfect whole complete nothing lacking nothing’s missing be yours in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach in the knee …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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