Proximity Bible Prophecy Conference 2019 Q & A – Jan Markell

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Okay you guys ready to wrap it up no okay wrong question well what a great day of teaching we had and kind of interesting we’re gonna be here until about this morning answering questions so please forgive us if we don’t well obviously we won’t get to everything but I picked a few of the things that we’ll address here this afternoon and some of the common questions that are often asked in a session like this and we’re going to master Jack got a great idea we’re gonna try and answer some of these online after the conference so be watching all of us have our own respective YouTube channels and you can be watching some of the answers to some of these questions we won’t get through today but I actually had something I wanted to start with and Jack you alluded to it Jan you mentioned it directly and it’s something that’s on all of our hearts of something Amir and I have talked about at length multiple times and I have recently been recently been teaching the book of Acts of church came into chapter 15 found that there were certain men who came down from Judea saying that if you’re not circumcised you’re not safe so we took the time to address the issue of when we should rightly divide and there’s a lot of things that are said in the realm of eschatology and prophecy today and as you and I are very careful I know Jack and Jana are too to avoid anything that would smack up sensationalism so let me ask for the benefit of everyone here with the deluge of information that comes at us books to DVDs and various authors what kind of criteria can we establish for examining the things that are said the the various sensationalists types of things that come our way via the YouTube and other ways said that draw so much attention and so so many books and I know you have pretty strong feelings on that so why don’t you start with the answer first of all all those sensationalist theories that are not in the Bible I mean that’s the first thing when it’s not in the Bible it’s not from God period now and now what what drives me crazy is the fact that you have those false teachers and they were proven wrong already two three four five years ago they may go on and continue to write books and sell books and do conferences and and and they draw so much crowds now I don’t envy them throwing crowds I feel sad for so many that are still being to see and I know you know in in in Old Testament criteria they should have been stoned to death I mean I’m not I’m not saying they should I’m saying you know we have to examine things now by the way the minute we set dates and names and we start you know doing all of that that’s when we fall we don’t know the day we don’t know the hour we know the times and we know the seasons so what is it that we need to talk about the times and the seasons not the day and the hour now if the name of the Antichrist should have been known to us it would have been in the Bible okay but it is not there so if I know who he is then I am the false prophet because the Bible did not tell us who he is and in fact it’s not for us to know if so there’s so many things here that you can clearly see that it’s just not biblical that’s the first way to detect false teachers and sensationalism is when they start throwing names throwing dates and throwing things that are so not biblical and sometimes what they do they take a biblical thing out of context for example the Blood Moon the Bible talks about a Blood Moon and the Bible talks about it at the very Tribulation Period so we became a society that is over astronomist I mean we’re always looking for another Blood Moon and another Blood Moon or not that is another what happened to us instead of preaching the gospel we are we become people who are looking for all of those for not all the time and every time it goes away they already sold their books now they write a new one and now it’s by the way there’s another set of blood moons yeah it’s coming back coming back and I get all those questions once again the selling or anything well there’s what I said I what am I going to do what am I going to point oh yes yes it just drives me crazy well there was a September 23rd 2017 event also and it exactly I believe Jack and I were even talking about it in 2017 and I just I just happened to stumble on a website it might have even been a YouTube of proponents of that obviously they’re not anymore and they were commenting on on us and on as a matter of fact I work a little bit with pastor Billy Crone from Las Vegas and he was on my program denouncing was that whole phenomenon and these September 2013 and this is not indicative of all of them I’m not suggesting that they’re you know strange or anything like that but some of them found his home camped out in his front yard only to harass him because he spoke out against that phenom literally parked in his front only bring that up because because these they’re passionate people it’s just that they’ve their passion is misdirected that’s what I’m saying I love the years ago Walter mark remember Walter Martin anybody raise your hands Walter Martin at Newport Mesa Christian Fellowship on Sunday afternoons he would teach a class then there’s a Q&A period somebody asks a question about deception and all of these strange cult religions that are out there and Walter Martin said you need to thank God for those cults you know Walter Martin can only get away with this and stuff so why she thank God for these cults because a lot of these cults you know they’re full of people with religious hunger but no desire for truth so he said a lot of these cults are filled up with people that if that cult wasn’t there they’d be in your church making problems interesting Amir said it Jen just said in acts Paul said don’t believe a word I’m saying go to the Bible to confirm if these things are so so you start with the Bible you judge everything that’s been said about the Bible against the Bible and remember we have to be careful they we won’t get caught up in and hype and and in personalities judge everything against the Bible is it being said biblically is it a biblical thing look I almost feel kind of I mean I mean that’s in a sarcastic way when the blood moon thing came out the first thing Amir and I were talking instantly and I don’t even know you remember this but it was like it was a conversation this much AG did you about that blood moons yeah I hear about it well the Bible says there’s gonna be a Blood Moon did you know that a single Blood Moon and the same day that that happens what does it say about the Sun the Sun will not shine no one should have sold one Blood Moon Boat book but because people didn’t know the Bible most people made millions and they’re gonna do it again PT Barnum said didn’t you cynical bozo is more in every moment so there’s a whole generation of bozos that need to buy these books again you just read the Bible you’re going to be fine second half of this question because of the ecumenism that we know it was part of the last days scenario I know Jan this is part of your heart and ministry and warning and preparing the church it seems as though there’s kind of an element within the church today that’s been forced upon it by the world to where we have to be loving and loving equates into acceptance and therefore we don’t point out people’s errors or saved name names when we have Paul as our example where he pointed out that there were two my name I’m an innocent Alexander who caused me great harm and I think because that’s a rarity in Scripture that gives us kind of a bomb agree to how frequently we have to go to that particular place and point somebody out by name but I think in this day and age it’s almost being forced for silence upon people in the church in positions of leadership and that’s why I think that acts 15 passage is so important because the leaders stood up against this teaching that was infiltrating the church and so I think again kind of getting back to that question where is that time when is the appropriate time for us to stand up and say okay this person needs to be watched out for or done and what context barrier prophecy yes a context the problem behind the microphone and writing what yeah all of them I mean when do we say okay this guy he’s written X number of books is to see people and we publicly as leaders say okay this you need to be careful of this person you mentioned someone talking about unhitching from the Old Testament I thought one you have mentioned that to the in the Stanley’s yeah I mean there is a time where I mean we have a biblical model for us going to that place where we we are warning other people I think we should respond to it as as we we know of it as a pastor when it comes to me it maybe once in a year maybe once a month it’s it doesn’t frequency doesn’t matter as Shepherds over the flock to protect them we need to be standing you mentioned Watchmen we need to be the Watchmen and yeah but you know what but you know it’s gonna come across this unloving yeah well you know what um I went to my doctor of cedars-sinai and and I didn’t like what he said you know what but he he cares about me so he said it right so what do you you want a pastor that’s gonna hug you and burp you or do you want a pastor that’s going to tell you the truth well you know what it’s not it’s gonna make me feel bad listen what my doctor told me made me feel bad and then he said this is what we’re gonna do about it and that made me feel good it’s just reality we just need to really breathe some fresh air take a walk along the beach stop reading other things maybe you know and it’s the truth it’s the truth – side has no problem telling I’m saying about us that we’re not only that but they’re very mean-spirited how Lindsay told me in 2005 he said if they’re good if we’re talking eschatology now if they’re going to disagree with what we represent they’re gonna disagree in the most nasty contentious way possible they don’t hold that they don’t hold back for one second so I’ve attended a badge no isn’t that a badge that was greeted he was listen this is a good thing people this is mean Jay Burnham McGee said you know when you throw the rock how do you know if he hit if you hit the target or you throw the rock into the pack of dogs how do you know the dog that yelps is the one that got hit so listen if we’re standing for truth this is what’s important that we’re biblically accurate if we’re standing for truth and then people attack know this if they’re attacking with verses that prove us wrong then we should embrace them if they’re attacking us and they use go after personal attacks you know right then and there that I don’t even answer that person on the web because the Bible says do not answer a fool and their folly don’t even go there okay off to some questions I think this was a great one because it has a lot to do with what we’re seeing develop today and the question is this can you explain your perspective on Nebuchadnezzar dream in Daniel – who are the ten toes referring to the revived Roman Empire what does that mean is that the Ottoman Empire Islamic nations going together and maybe so I think Jack loves the dream I don’t know I don’t sleep so I don’t dream it’s kind of embarrassing to sit on the stage and talk about somebody’s toes you know how well I know one thing I look at the clay and the iron and I look at the fact that this is to me the revived Roman Empire and to me it is far from being United it is not United the clay and iron cannot mix together and then I see today Europe and Europe is the last thing you can say that is United especially in light of the immigration crisis right now the eastern flank of Europe right now is very much nationalist where the western part is completely crazy and and you see one country after another they start waking up sometimes too late for example Italy just woke up now Austria just woke up in Hungary in Czechoslovakia in Poland and all of those so you see that they understand what’s going on but as long as France and Germany will not come back to their senses Europe is on its way to become the revived Roman Empire in fact by the way I don’t know if you know that but for 800 years Germany predominantly Germany was known as the new Roman Empire that was by the way the first Reich for them and then came the second Reich which and then Hitler tried to be the Third Reich so Western Europe for the lunk by the way the only person who put an end to the new Roman Empire was Napoleon in the early 1800s he’s the one who sees that from from existence but but it was there it is there and when we saw the pictures that you put on from The Times thing of the new Roman Empire now but the Pope and all that it’s a term that is coin in the language of the Europeans with new roman empire the river it is there I mean every time I go to Western Europe I know that the Antichrist is coming from that place it is godless by the way you have to pray for the believers in that in those countries they are we’re talking about remnant my remnant I’m not very lonely churches of 510 people look I was in Slovenia two weeks ago two million people country of two million people 800 believers and in in the little church where I spoke there are 160 people 20 percent of the body of Christ need our country was crammed in a small little church they are so small and they are so thirsty and hungry for for the word of God and because there’s so much nonsense that they’re being taught I just want to add whatever said regarding to them being godless let’s make sure we know Jan pointed this out good today they may be godless but they’re very spiritual there’s a craving for spirituality which sets them up for the coming of the Antichrist he’s got two presentations Europe ready for the Antichrist and closer yes the Antichrist and if you can get a hold of those online he presented both of them at my conference 16 and 17 I believe in powerful powerful messages because like I said this morning Europe is where it’s all I mean I would like to think America is where it’s at but Europe Israel those are really the hot spots that we need to be watching and yeah if Donald Trump doesn’t get elected in 2020 I mean we’re gonna have a topsy-turvy world again because he’s kind of holding back a lot of things just because of his nationalism I think it’s interesting to revelation 17 talks about the fact that the division of the properties held by the Antichrist is going to be distributed in a way and to people who have not yet received a kingdom none of these have received a kingdom as yeah so I think you know if we look at some of the things that that captured people’s focus today we have to look at it through the lens of how we have interpreted other scriptures like the Ezekiel war where we’re given the names of the descendants of Noah to identify geographic regions of the world so we have to apply that same principle to the revival of the Roman Empire and Tinto’s of Daniel and recognize that this is a geographic region maybe with some ethnic relations to the previous empires of occupied territory but at this point in time I think because of what revelation says that those who the Antichrist redistributes the wealth to have not received the kingdom as of yet indicates that there may not be world leaders at this point in time that are going to play a part Barry that’s a very good answer I mean that is very theologically sound what you just said that’s very good it does say that do you what about you were here he he said I was theologically so that was that’s awesome answer I’ve never heard that answer before because the best conference I’ve ever been to that’s very good because sensationalism wants the name then apply nation names to the toes but he just hit the nail on the head those haven’t been allocated up and they will be in the end through the Antichrist we do agree that it’s the revised it has to be the revision of the Roman Empire because from from the statue that Roman Rome had Rome was never defeated ladies and gentlemen the statue of the image of Babylon medo Persian Grecian and Roman all of them were defeated except one even from the point of when Daniel talks about the Antichrist he continues right we talked about the empire to destroy Jerusalem in the previous verse remember a great Empire is gonna destroy Jerusalem and then he talks about the 70th week as if he speaks of the same exact thing it’s not he didn’t change subject change same geographical location he didn’t say okay in on another place somewhere on planet Earth someone is gonna know he continued the same way so people tend to forget it they tell me he’s a Muslim the in fact sometimes people get upset about the number of people in the EU we’re not done with the EU the EU is bound to a lot of changes in the very next few months even one country after another by the way I don’t know if you know that yesterday the alternative for Deutschland this is the far extreme right-wing party in Germany right now alternative German they started a new campaign of digs it breaks it is for Britain begs it Deutschland should eggs it’s already a campaign go check it it take it is true it’s online it’s no check it because it’s a campaign of a party it’s a campaign of a partner already from within they don’t want the structure as is it’s sick it’s not good for them and they see and they want something different and Europe has brexit envy they do yeah Britain had the guts seen the threat to exit the Union and Germany wish they would have thought of it first and Austria wish they would have and Italy wished they would have thought of it first yeah next question I heard this many times I think this is a great question because it gives a little insight into the heart and passion of people who love Jesus and this question is will any unbelievers go into the millennium after Christ’s return my teacher teaches that some unbelievers will survive the Great Tribulation and so will get to go into the moly because of their separation of the sheep and goats is not until the great white throne judgment I think the question really is are there going to be people who survived the Great Tribulation to go in in their current status and then have the opportunity to be saved during two things yes sir will they survive and will they be safe let’s tell me I agree with one I don’t agree yep okay so I do agree the Bible says in Zechariah 14 and all those nations that are left he said we’ll have to go to Jerusalem every year to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles so there will be nations in all dosser that will survive obviously the tribulation in the Armageddon battle of that ends the tribulation now if you ask me if people can get saved during the Millennial Kingdom with that I have a problem and I tell you why I have it now it’s not a dogmatic thing what people say which people that come in or people that are born or during the Millennium listen if people can get saved throughout the people that are born it’s a different story because then you know they never rejected Christ before that but in as a concept if you tell people there is another chance somewhere in the future this is not so urgent right now they all the whole aspect of imminence of or urgency excuse me of today is the day that you have to decide is gone thrown out of the window besides that if you really think about it there is no way nowhere as far as I remember in the description of the Millennial Kingdom what the only thing I know is this it says it talks about the camps of the Saints and it talks about the multi-tools from the four corners of the world that will be more than the sand of the sea that will what join who Satan he will be released from at the bottomless pit for a short time so he will once again do what he knows best it says that he will be released to deceive the name is once again exact and then the Bible I mean I just I I went through the whole description of Millennial Kingdom in the Old Testament is good by the way the Old Testament is packed with the Millennial Kingdom Jewish people by the way when they think about the coming of the Messiah and the reign of the Messiah they don’t think about Jesus they think about the Millennial Kingdom for them the Millennial Kingdom these are the days of the Messiah so all that the prophets write about there shall be no more you know that they will you know what’s their plows oh they’ll beat their swords the Millennial Kingdom and and it says though right it says that in that time people will grab a Jew and they get you they can do Pikachu Pikachu you you pick at you know it says that a man will grab a Jew by the arm and say tell me about the Lord teach me about the ways of God is it awesome Israel will be in the Millennium Israel will finally receive the kingdom uh the Promised Land in his totality which was promised to Abraham and David and Solomon no earthly ruler yet has had the promised land you guys know that if you think the UN’s been out of shape right now with the size of Israel they’re gonna have they’re gonna have a stroke when Jesus comes back and he establishes the promised borders that’s during the Millennium yep the Bible says the deserts will bloom that’s the will divided between the tribes again and so my point is this I the only thing I see is that there is the camp of the Saints that is going to be attacked by Satan in these people and there are the multitudes that their number is of the sand of the sea that will come against so I don’t see I don’t in the entire description you know they will come to Jerusalem and they will go up to the temple there will be very religious if they don’t go there’s no rain exactly but it was going to be more of a religious ceremony more than anything look all I know is this I will never promise anyone salvation in the Millennial Kingdom as a way to wait now that’s what I’m saying I will never my point is this I’m not talking about salvation during the Millennial Kingdom as a way to tell them you still have another chance you understand that now I get it those days are shortened for the elect’s exactly hey you know Amir taught it today and I have a view I would love to be wrong about it but you said something today I think you did it says anyway that he will say it was you he will send them strong delusion that believe the line why because it says that they would not receive the love of the truth God will send them strong delusion okay listen who are these people you gave that verse who are they the ones left behind wait a minute if they’re left behind I agree with you God sends them strong delusion that they should believe the lie of the of the Antichrist as a Satan that’s a terrifying verse you need to camp on it for a while if they have a chance to receive the love of the truth and it says they reject the love of the truth which is now they know the gospel they can regurgitate the gospel back to you but they don’t believe it the rapture happens tomorrow I believe the Bible teaches that individual who knew the truth before and I here’s my here’s my here’s my stress point on this I believe that if the rapture happens tomorrow and they understand the gospel and they reject it there’s no way for them to be saved why because God shut the door on Noah’s Ark they had the chance to get in they didn’t get in to those who understood they willfully rejected the love of the truth they are blinded they will not be able to be saved and they take pleasure in the the unholy things basically it’s almost like not only that we reject it that’s terrifying not only that we reject it but we actually take pleasure in what we are doing this is what we want leave us alone okay don’t we know do we know people who can tell us the gospel yes and they’re not saved if the rapture happens tomorrow I believe they’re lost forever oh won’t they come to the Lord I think those who don’t know the gospel after the rapture will come to the Lord by evangelism they got to choose but that just terrifies me if you got a better explanation I’d love to hear it but so far for 40 years I haven’t heard it’s terrifying okay we don’t like to even think about the ramifications of that yeah and yet there’s a multitude that no man could number of every tribe tongue nation of people that’s right during the tribulation and and how is it that they’re saved they hear the gospel and I spawn do it right those other guys he didn’t do it that could also be the reason why the Bible says in Romans 11 and when the times of the Gentiles had come in it sound like the door is closed then all Israel is going to be saved so there was a set time when the Gentiles have a part in it and there has to be a set number no it’s not for me to decide how many God knows but there will come a point with the number of the Gentiles that’s and that’s when all Israel will be saved Israel will be saved only when there is no more Gentile that is interested in receiving the love of the truth that’s it so the people that are left are knowingly people that are not interested in the love of the truth which gets back to the Noah comparison yes another question and I think this comes up a lot various interpretations of the Ezekiel scenario at 38 37 to 39 it should say and this one comes from local area a well-known pastor teaches that Ezekiel 38 another same war and okay could not be far from watch this Ezequiel know it’s very simple again Bible doctrine Zechariah Zechariah speaks of the Battle of Armageddon which is at the end of the tribulation Ezekiel speaks of a battle of a specific number of countries that are coming from specific area from the north the Bible says mostly and it come against Israel that is safe secure and prosperous and it comes what to take duty and to take plunder and to steal and that that’s it so we have a war that is obviously they hate Israel but the main goal of the main perpetrator is what financial gains that’s what we have and by the way Russia is now in Syria not exactly because they are so in love with the series as much as they’re in love with the spoils of war that they can get there okay so what we see is that the Middle East become a very very I mean to kill us in the Middle East invites the countries to come and try to take their share in the spoils of war now Zachariah is a completely difference in are you Zakaria I mean you see that it’s it’s a it’s a battle where it says that all nations are going to come again and it’s not against Israel that he’s safe and secure it’s mostly against Jerusalem at the time if you really remember that and we see that in Zachariah the Lord Jesus comes back in Jakarta chapter 12 he says and they look at him and they pierce in logic are 14 it says in the speech shall stand on Mount of Olives so it has to be at the end of the millennia of the you know tribulation if Jesus comes to put an end to that war okay so Ezekiel doesn’t talk about the return of he talks about how God miraculously will have the victory but not about the return of Jesus God will win in a different way you know supernaturally but not the return of Christ to different Wars and we better not mix the two of them it’s just not it’s not biblical you have to examine other the parts the parties that are described in that war and Armageddon less no specific nation but Israel Ezekiel lists exact exact specific nations involved with Israel the outcomes are completely different yes the governments are different and a lot of people don’t know that Gog and Magog the term Gog and Magog is a New Testament term and the term GOG the Prince of Magog is an Old Testament term in there is an Old Testament battle which is Ezekiel 38 and 39 and there is a New Testament battle which is at the end of the Millennial Kingdom when Satan will be released its Gog and it’s the second GOG Magog basically and these are two different wars this one it’s only from the north this one from the four corners of the world this one is the enemies the countries this one’s safe and himself so you see there’s always differences even when the name of the of the war is almost identical there’s differences so you have to examine it carefully some of the evidence is thrown out about that particular position is the presence of carrier or carnivorous birds in both scenarios but that’s probably one of the weakest arguments I’ve ever heard because they were carrying at World War one move over to that Civil War I mean there’s always birds who are going to feed on the carnage and aftermath that’s not the way you make a determination that one battle is the same as the other and that brings up the other half of the question and that’s the character Gog and the question is as this person also teaches a GOG is the Antichrist and we do see that particular phrase mentioned in Ezekiel 38 then we have it again at the end of the millennium and multiple interpretations of this character who is named GOG and it is interesting that within the Ezequiel scenario there are only two things listed there that aren’t present in the table of Nations in Genesis chapter 10 and that’s where awesome that’s gog and so here you’ve got you know possibly gog being representative of maybe a demonic figure or fallen angel or something isn’t GOG isn’t Goggin hebrew a personal pronoun i thought i think god get gog i think it’s a it’s a it’s a title it’s not a guy’s name like joe GOG it’s not his name it’s a look Gaga Joe I’m yeah I’m a little rusty on this but I’m if I remember right Gaga as a person is a pope military and political leader of a people he humors both hats like a Putin whereas both hats personal pronoun Magog is a region is a place my Gorgas reaches he dog is the ruler that’s why I see field says Gog the Prince of Monk yes and so it does it’s not gog and magog the term gone again Magog is a New Testament term from revelation 20 I love what dr.

John whoever teaches and you do yourself well by reading everything he’s ever put out he talks about Gog and Magog as being in context of your reading being specified in a general overall Gog and Magog has been the traditional enemies of Israel coming out of the north from its beginnings to its end it’s a very it’s got a dual dual meaning unless the context defines specific you know this question came up to me the other day actually in the sanctuary I just now stumbled across it and this is rather an interesting question I don’t know who the day is but we’ve all heard that adage you know what they say well apparently they are telling people to stay away from churches that are 501 C 3 corporations because they’re controlled by the government and I don’t know if you heard that yeah I’ve heard this twice now on this card maybe the Free State state I think they will remain unnamed yeah that’s insane unless unless look I get in trouble all the time for this if you guys know anything about us I’m in trouble for this all the time I get rebuked by pastors across the nation because we hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions at our church okay so pastors will write me and say why don’t you shut up you’re gonna make us lose our 501c3 okay number one I’m gonna use that advantage for the people of God for as long as it’s available but I am but listen and you’re the same way if it’s good stewardship to use it but the moment you think it’s using you it’s time to dump it if if somebody says aw you can’t say that because you’re gonna lose your tax-exempt status excuse me since when does God need a tax-exempt status and if that’s why you worship God with your money because you get a tax break you have never yet worshipped and the giving what God God will open my God will open up the windows of heaven so it’s okay to attend don’t you say anything it’s fine as long as the pastor is not bound to that 501c3 it’s not the 11th commandment it’s readable it’s a blessing it’s a blessing brought to us by mr.

John Adams and we thank God for John Adams view of the book of Nehemiah on that one that’s how we got a 501c3 ladies and gentleman in America and so but when the government changes and says oh you guys cannot look they did this they did this with us at Chino Hills you keep your mouth shut about abortion we don’t care what Supreme Court said if we had a letter from the governor’s office we don’t care what the US Supreme Court says churches in California will pay for abortions I wrote a letter back and I had to get an attorney and we’re in court right now but I listen I was the threat the threat was losing this a 501 C 3 and I was just rated to actually literally we were I was planning a service where we would publicly hand it over in a service and make a big deal about it and our attorney said don’t hand over the end of yet what you don’t have to hand over you make them fight their way into the sanctuary and make them storm the pulpit to get it but don’t hand it over and that was wise counsel I just thought man that’s awesome that’s awesome cuz I wasn’t ready no he wasn’t you he is a Jew it’s great to have any church leaders out there you want to make sure your attorneys are Jewish and if their name is Saul it’s even better all right one last question it’s another great one my church doesn’t teach prophecy and leans toward a mid or pre-wrath rapture so my family and I attend such a church were found in other ways except in prophecy well it’s spring all the most frequent email my ministry gets as questions that are variations of that and I think when we see on some short videos before my conference and back in 2018 know few weeks ago a few months ago I even asked Jackie even I said as as a pastor and I was speaking for a lot of people who write me and I wrote asking these questions and I turned around and asked it of a pastor Christmas which I’m not and then and that is you know how sod house Mladic in a church be and you still go there now first of all we’re all slide so the minute we go to a church we’re going to add to how much it’s flawed but but still there there’s a line that some people don’t want for us it doesn’t even have to be eschatology and they may be there they’re representing let’s just take some of the controversial topics maybe there hyper-calvinist and I and I these people just don’t believe can we go to that church and just kind of ignore it when when that topic come bottom line is how imperfect can church be and we still go there you know and I think wouldn’t that be a decision that each and every individual has to make doesn’t God have to speak to that and there are people here who I’ve heard from them down here they’ve kind of given up I can’t given up on church and I think the question is and I didn’t ask any of them I mean are they looking for perfection you know what I don’t think so I think so so I don’t know I mean I Church in 2011 over a specific issue I just prefer not to talk what the issue is but he was a specific issue it was in the pulpit week after week after week and after about three four years of it I design I get so weary abut I couldn’t handle it and had to move on but you know as soon as I drove away from the parking lot I thought now where am I going to go to church in the Twin Cities because it’s a problem it’s a problem to find truth to find solid theology to find some eschatology to find some current events to find some cultural issues that you represent to find those all in one church it’s almost impossible your conscience she said it your conscience has got to be right before God I don’t think any of us would judge you for being in a church that’s off in some area that you know is biblically questionable but you’re there because the deity of Christ is upheld there’s a high view of Scripture I personally I think evangelism should be a premium thing that’s that’s there at the at a church but you know look Spurgeon everyone’s pointing it out we’re all a little bit off we’re all a little bit off and so for that we can make sure again getting back to your initial question that the Bible is our one line I like to say to those who have the very pleasant surprise awaiting them they really rare medium or well done well with that Jesus is coming soon and Jan thank you so much for coming it’s good of warmed it up a little bit for me I come from the frozen Chosin north and I come to more frozen Chosin down here turn the temps up it’s so true Amir if you win the award for their speaker that came the farthest we have a lovely fruit basket for you I have fun carrying a plane Thank You Amir sarvani for joining us I have a 7 p.m.

Facebook live and a midnight flight to Manila so Dave’s still young and I’m sure that some were probably aware I know our church protein and many others were praying for you he’s actually had the flu and as of this morning he had no voice but God answers prayer and that was a strong word and a firm voice ever spoken today thank you for me so that’s a wrap for proximity 2019 let’s all stand and closing prayer what we’re thankful that you know us by name you watch over the details of our life and God that you neither slumber nor sleep and your care for your people your eyes roam the earth looking for those whose heart is loyal to you to show yourself strong on their behalf and we thank you for the hungry saints who have been in this room all day wanting to know truth excited about your return expecting to be delivered from the wrath that is to come thank you for the information we’ve received today I mean the end result the passion and us to reach those who may be facing their last opportunities before they enter into the tribulation and then eternity so lord give us that zeal that desire to go out into the world and preach the gospel to every creature may you receive the glory the honor to your name through all that happened here today and beyond and we pray these things in and through the only name that can save the name of Jesus our Savior and all God’s people agree by saying amen god bless you guys …


We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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