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I’ve had the great privilege over the past few days to get to know our next speaker and her influence is international and God has gifted hurt in a very significant way to communicate truth and I love how pastor Jack refers to her as a modern-day Deborah she is a woman who is standing strong for the principles of Scripture fighting for the church and from olive tree ministries would you say a warm good morning to Jan Markell thank you oh my goodness you have any idea what a privilege it is to be sharing a conference and sharing part of my week with these wonderful pastors and ministry leaders and people who love the fact that the king is coming any day and you know Anna and I think pastor Barry and I bonded yesterday because he told me something I believe he said you can never have too many cats okay so I’ve got lots of cats and people who love them are my instant friend and very maybe we’ll take care of him in the Millennium I hope so okay we’re gonna go real quickly through you know I currently the Lord wants us to be looking at some sign signs are a herald of his coming and you know the Pharisees miss the signs of Jesus first coming and the implication was don’t miss the signs of his next coming and what I’ve done here for today is I’m gonna have us look at probably what I would consider the ten most prominent things that happen and then 2018 in the past year and some of them might makeover a little bit beyond that too but I mean look and I can look I could I could take a hundred and ten because so much is happening and things are all falling in place and that’s the good news now some of the issues that are taking place are troubling and we’ll consider them and I so I’m good but I’m gonna spend just an extra few minutes on the night with that what I think is the number one sign the number one issue is in Israel and I’m saving that till the end not because it’s less or an importance it’s just huge but I want to end on a positive note because the first nine things that I’m going to consider are all that positive and I want us to end you know really positive looking up and hopeful and I so I’m gonna start with the now you’ll have to forgive me because okay do I have them thank you that’s what I’ve been waiting for thank you so much 21st century technology it’s wonderful and so I’m going to start with this number one issue that and I’m going to spend a little extra time on it okay so bear with me then other issues we’re going to talk on will be lot less time but on this one I feel that we have to spend I’m just trying to get thank you I’m just trying to get adjusted to everything and that is the conflict between globalism and nationalism and chaos in Europe and here’s why I think this is so huge now I think we’re pretty much my hunch is everyone here feels that an antichrist is going to arise out of your ancient revived Roman Empire etc and what has to happen first is this globalism this globalism effort this is pushed to a one-world system you and I know it is Antichrist system I don’t know that the perpetrators the George Soros’s and company know that but it’s the rush to the one world system and I believe the headquarters of that will be Europe so we’re gonna look at some of these specific issues concern now the future of globalism stands at a crossroads now from because it breaks it all sorts of things the yellow vest movement in in Europe right now the globalist effort in Europe is hurting but all here’s the person who has thrown them the biggest monkey wrench that they didn’t anticipate he came along he said this before he said this in September but he said it before that he says you know what guys I’m not one of you I’m not a globalist he said I’m on I gotta look out for Pittsburgh not Paris okay and you know thank God for that I mean Hillary Clinton Clinton Global Initiative doesn’t get any more obvious than that the globalist effort this gentlemen God used Donald Trump to put a stop it was roaring it was ready to blossom here in probably 2016 God sent my time it’s not time yet so a wall street journal from brags it to Trump to the rise of nationalist parties across Europe the old division between left and right is giving way to a battle of self-styled Patriots and confounded globalists I love the term confounded globalists confounded globalists so what they did this is not now I’m going back to 2017 in 2017 they feel that a young man that they thought might be able to bring the globalist effort together Emmanuel macron we could do a whole hour on Emmanuel macron it’s just a suspicious character and he is the arts go fallible as he said he says there’s no such things of French culture he’s the Prime Minister of France and he said it because his his vision is not France his vision is globalism it’s one world and by the way globalists can be if we’re talking even America they can be Republicans they can be Democrats Paul Ryan was a globalist he just stepped down of course so if the political party really means nothing but just for a minute less well on Emmanuel macron and as Jack and I talked about Wednesday evening he has a Economist magazine called him Europe’s save your question mark first of all they asked can trump the Europe’s salvation well no Trump’s the one whose throne the curveball so now they’re saying how about Emmanuel macron can he be Europe’s Savior he’s walking on water he says he’s going to govern like a Roman god there all sorts of interesting things about him again he says there’s no such thing as a French culture that’s the globalist view here he says he’s putting together a coalition a ten nation Coalition of the Willing now am i saying he’s the Antichrist no because we got to be so careful with that and I know people love to say well he’s the candidate and he’s a candidate and and what I really believe we are to discern the times the sons of Issachar were men who understood the time so I think it’s we can speculate like this but thing is when we start naming these people and it doesn’t pan out then we have egg on our face and the unbelieving world laughs at us even more than they already are but Europe let’s just think about Europe here for they brace leaders for more chaos and again the yellow vest movement those those and that’s spreading from spreading from country to country the yellow vests and it’s because those people don’t like big government they don’t like the globalist effort they’re trying to clean their countries back so anyway now all of this I just hold on because I just want to give you a little bit of background the globalist effort goes back to Nimrod for 5000 years these folks have been trying to install their one world system they’ve used they’ve used the Kabbalah they’ve used the Rosicrucians they’ve used the Masons they’ve used the Council on Foreign Relations they’ve used the League of Nations they’ve used the ignited nations they’ve used some more modern-day efforts they have tried for 5,000 years to install a new world order do they know that’s Antichrist Kingdom I don’t know I don’t hang out with George Soros so that I can ask him I mean do they have some do they have some inside connection to the dark world I have no idea they probably do but I don’t know I live for the light of the world not this to kind of darkness so they have even invaded fashion now what it would like really like to do it I’m not going to do it because I can’t take the time for one thing and it’s pretty dark for another but even the world of fashion in children’s fashion some of you may know of Celine Dion she’s a Canadian singer and she’s come up with she’s promoting the New World Order you see her there without one eye and she’s got a line of children’s clothing just gonna spend them in in here look these people are very dark okay if you’re happy with what the Antichrist agenda is you have to be a pretty dark so she’s come up with along with two Israeli designers some gender-neutral children’s clothing and promoting the New World Order so now the New World Order is being thrust on babies and young children and toddlers remember this has been an effort going on since Babylon 5,000 years ago going on year after year after year after year this New World Order and now if you go to her website for this new clothing remember children’s clothing are we really going to get dark with children’s clothing but you can’t see perhaps is that little child right there on your left it’s hit the hat is full of skulls you go to her home page for the Saline clothing again she’s not the designer she’s a promoter its saline new new new world order that children’s clothing but that’s the homepage so my point is it’s a dark world but the Antichrist world is dark but that’s why I’m just spending an extra minutes on this particular issue for the last year I think this has come into full fruition fruition of course it doesn’t really come into them doesn’t blossom until the church is gone so I talked about more that a little bit later this is being put sorry this is being thrust on children and if I were to show you the entire line of the children’s clothing you’ve even got the befo mint symbols all over the children’s clothing so this is how far the New World Order has come in five thousand years and should it be a surprise all the way back in 1957 Henry Spock said what we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold of the alliance’s of all people and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking said to such a man and be he God or devil we will receive him so they’re waiting for a man that will come and lead to this new world order we know who that is we don’t know his name we just know his office his office is that of Antichrist and when you see all the chaos about borders again the border situation it’s all about having one world one world no borders single government now here’s the thing what these folks will tell you is what will have equal pay equal income everyone will be equal with this plan of ours this one world system and of course he and you can even ask you know the Venezuelans how that’s working at these the plan doesn’t work it doesn’t work it’s diabolical what does the Bible say the Bible talks about this one world idea here in Revelation 13 we can read it was given unto him to make war with the Saints to overcome them and power was given him over all Kindred’s and tongues and nations and all that dwell upon the earth shall worship Him so the Bible tells us there is coming a new world order and that’s why there’s been a 5,000 year effort to bring this about and here it is this is the new world order this is the globalist this is the how it’s all going to play out it’s a seven-year fulfillment of what they’ve been trying to yet for 5000 years they get seven years and tell on earth because it’s without God you can’t have any kind of order new world world world world whatever you can’t have it without God but the tribulation that’s the seven year globalist paradise where mountains are falling on people where the birth pangs are going to be so incredibly horrific that you know I’ll get to that in just a moment so I want to spend a little extra time I’ve got a whole DVD called hidden in plain view the New World Order in Bible prophecy where we look much more closely than today I’m trying to look at ten signs that I feel are really prominent for our day particularly the year we’ve just left heading into a new year and I think this is one of the biggest keep your eyes on Europe okay I know that’s difficult for Americans Americans want to look at America we’ve got to look to Europe here for granted Donald Trump threw them a monkey wrench in 2016 they thought there they were in like Flynn with Hillary Clinton and her globalist agenda and God just said hang on I’m not quite ready for the globalist plan quite yet number two the invasion the intrusion of big tech into our lives and the rise of artificial intelligence okay this been going on for years but it was in the last year that the tech giant’s actually came out and they said they said to us were spying on you they said to us we’re listening to you we’re watching you you can’t go anywhere without us knowing we know where you are this last year has been absolutely stunning when it comes to this kind of an invasion remember this technology is going to be handed over to someone and it’s going to be used for extremely evil intent and by the way I’m not saying don’t use technology there’s a wonderful side to it with one click of the mouse you get the gospel around the earth in ten seconds so it’s a wonderful side to technology but these fellows revealed their true colors this last year they don’t care there’s they’re proud of the fact that they’re invading your life in your home just a few headlines here a study from Vanderbilt professor finds Google tracking is even creepier than you thought and then Google spying on your real-world movements even if you have location history turned off it it’s a totally stunning what they’re able to do what is more stunning is what they’ll do with it in that seven-year tribulation and Google Earth how the tech giant is helping the state spy on us so I think this as well as the mushrooming industry of artificial intelligence now AI has been around for years actually decades but it has come in it has come out in the most prominent way in the last year so I mean you’ve got robots that will have a conversation with you and they they can have an interesting conversation with you ask it questions it’ll answer it’s fascinating and this particularly I saw AI will be billions of times smarter than humans and man needs to merge with it experts say so I think that is probably at least in my line up here is the second stunning development of the last year again all prophesied in the Bible of things to watch for now a lot of these things lost them in the tribulation and I keep emphasizing that it if they blossom full force in the tribulation they’re still casting a huge shadow today all right number three would be the rise of evil and I’m just going to spend an extra minute on this and it’s pretty dark but it’s pretty pretty important remember second Timothy 3 in the last days evil will wax worse and worse the devil is busy he knows he’s short of time now he knows he’s his time is limited and he’s trying to make up for it he’s trying to make inroads like I know I thought I would see and return of ancient gods and the resurgence of paganism could do a whole hour just on that can do a whole hour just on the fact that the witch population has doubled as Millennials cast off Christianity again if this weren’t so prophesied in the Bible I would be I would be more concerned today I try to look at headlines as a herald of his coming rather than see the darkness but there’s still dark this witches are planning a public hexing of Brett Kavanaugh now look let’s realize hexing has gone on for centuries okay this isn’t know what is new is that it’s in headlines what is new is it is featured on Fox News what is news is it’s headlines on Drudge Report what is news is we’re talking about it the church is taught the world is talking about it it’s seen as intriguing it’s seen as it’s just kind of cool when it really isn’t I don’t know how many of you saw tucker carlson interview a male witch this is a couple weeks ago on his program talking about cursing at Judge Kavanagh that this past year they cursed and hex to President Trump so this is blatant in-your-face they totally proud of the damage they think they’re doing I don’t know that they’re doing all that much damage I mean whose power is greater but nonetheless they’re trying they’re trying to create chaos and destruction high percentage of us Christians embrace New Age beliefs that is so true huge number of Christians now think that some of the that more specific here as we move along I think New Age beliefs are just fine this next story is troubling and Spencer Gifts in not Chicago it’s a mall hit store at a mall and a pastor went in there from the Chicago area and saw t-shirts that say summon up demons now you know that’s just what teenagers need to do is buy a t-shirt like this that’s had a message summing up demons but again because the hours late again second Timothy the last days evil will wax worse and worse this is getting this is a growing phenomenon and how many of you know that in September right when the Cavanaugh hearings were at a gridlock this arch of Palmira let me tell you what the arch of Palmyra is that’s a replica it’s an 11 ton replica of the Arctic wall Myra this stood outside of the temple of BHEL BHEL or ball and you things that went on in the temple of Baal thousands of years ago in Syria the ISIS destroyed temple of veil it’s in Syria 2015 this stood outside the temple of bail and so this replica has been going all over the world the major places and major events 2015 it landed right in front of our state capitol right when everybody was deadlocked over judge Cavanaugh I maintain there’s a connection okay I just think there was first of all the temple of bail was all about unspeakable things and practices of eliminating children and I believe that the conflict over judge Cavanaugh was probably about eliminating children by way of abortion as well so I and I just think there’s a connection it’s just a connection that took place in late September of 2018 and then how many times when you when you see a school shooting or whatever the perpetrators I I heard voices telling me to do it I heard voices now again this has gone on forever it’s just it’s not in headlines forever it’s been in headlines the last year two years so I guess this evil is rising and rising and rising as the enemy is trying to see how can I redeem the time and make the most of what I probably don’t have much time lost but boy I’m gonna do as much damage as I can okay point number four so we’re moving more quickly now and that would be the US troop withdrawal from Syria and Amira gives a wonderful overview of this and a couple of his more recent updates but I’ll just cover it briefly because number one I’m concerned for some of those if we go ahead with this if President Trump isn’t going to reverse and I don’t think he is I am concerned about the Christians who remain in Syria the Kurds in Syria but the Kurds are our friends I’m afraid they could get annihilated and some other groups as well are under great danger more danger with US troops but we’ll see we’ll see where this goes but here’s where I think this is significant this is one of the most stunning poses for pictures that I’ve ever seen you talk about the Bible being more up-to-date and Time magazine I mean here you’ve got ions rouhani you’ve got Vladimir Putin and Reis aperto one hand-in-hand good buddies well they’re scheming they got an evil intent that are going to march to Israel and Caeser wealth and I think if US troops pull out of Syria I think that this is forming what you might see as a perfect land bridge from from Iran to certainly the Mediterranean and probably all the way to Israel will they come by land will they come who knows I just think it’s interesting I don’t think that this is timing that is I think it’s orchestrated by God I really do I really did because it’s so late and even the media is talking about a u.s.

Pullout strengthens Iran land bridge to the Mediterranean so even the media and I was listening today the announcement was made that Donald Trump would be pulling US troops out of Syria was listening happened to be Mark Levin his talk show radio show mark is a he’s a Jew who at least reads his Bible whether or not he’s reading God may God you see kill I don’t know but I’m cool mark that night he said I see it this is not a Christian okay he says I see a major Mideast war in 2019 with Turkey Iran and Russia coming against Israel here’s a unbelieving Jew who gets it most of our churches don’t even get it but but Mark Levin gets it and he said I am so concerned so even the secular world is looking at this and is very concerned about the whole issue Trump’s sudden Syria pullout will embolden Isis and Iran allies warrant okay let’s move on to point number five and what I’m trying to do is look at 10 things again I could pick 110 but look at 10 things that I think happened in the last year certainly the last two three years that have huge significance on our time to today and in the new year here and I think number five is the crisis in the Vatican and I know some of you are former Catholics and there may be some practicing Catholics here and frankly I hear from practicing Catholics not a lot but some practicing Catholics who say boy our church is out of control and I am so embarrassed by our church the Vatican and etc and the Catholic Church’s biggest crisis since the Reformation so where is this leading I don’t know that we know but I think my personal opinion is that a Pope is going to become a a false prophet not saying the current Pope though he may the current Pope is called The Vicar of the New World Order he’s called the Pope for the new world he’s called talking about here the new Roman Empire he’s a fella who obviously thinks more about socialism and global warming and poverty and those kinds of issues and he does about the gospel I don’t think you hear him talking about that but I think the instability in the Vatican should be watched the fact that Catholics are getting disillusioned with with the Vatican and I believe a false prophet who arise not saying he will could arise out of the Vatican from the old Roman Empire again I’m just suggesting we discern the times okay the sons of Issachar were men who understood the times our churches don’t understand the times that’s why you’re here at various events because you want to understand the times and the best way we can do that is to compare the Bible with what’s happening and I’m not talking about newspaper exegesis okay I’m talking about what the Bible predicts pastor Barrie did that in the first message but the Bible predicts and if it’s a tribulation advantag in is casting a huge shadow today some of these events are church age events so keep your eyes on the Catholic Church is in crisis and its leaders are making it worse okay let’s move on here to point number number six and that is the birth pangs I just by the way the birth pangs are global I just interviewed a week ago a survivor of paradise California Julie mark and their dog got out nearly and I don’t have to tell you that birth pangs around the world are simply completely they’re more intense they’re more frequent and obviously this culminates blossoms again in the tribulation and quite frankly the tribulation birth pangs will make some of the things going on now pale in significance but don’t tell that to somebody who’s just gone through this or some of you admit remember hurricane Michael a few months ago Florida but its global it’s not just us they are getting more intense they are getting just absolutely more frightening imagine being caught up in something like this I know some calvary chapels are doing what they can for the paradise folks in California and and it’s an amazing story and Julie and Mark are witnessing to anybody they can in the region they’re up in Paradise and you know what they’re mainly finding and this is a foreshadowing of the tribulation they’re mainly finding when they witness to these survivors hand shaking at God we don’t want to hear it we don’t want to hear it now some are thankfully some are listening some are responding thankfully but too many are mad at God and they’re gonna move on they’re going to move on into eternity without him and this is just a little kind of a little grass here starting in 1900 and the high point I think is a 2000 and coming down a little bit since that’s around the world some of these stunning disaster events 1900 to the present so you just see there how things are definitely accelerating as global events get more and more intense painful shocking and heartbreaking again let’s try to look at headlines as a herald of his coming or worried terribly discouraged terribly discouraged okay let’s move on point number seven I’m going to spend just an extra few minutes on this it’s so important and that would be that crisis and character Romans 1 and second Timothy 3 mankind in it’s a character in mankind plus worsening strong delusion Esther Barry talked about the dronicus illusion this morning I think God wants us to know there’s strong delusion in the land there’s strong delusion in the world and my goodness when people are born and and and the most obvious thing with anybody’s perception of reality is well I’m male or I’m female not anymore because of strong delusion because of the decline in the character of man because of and this happens to be 8 year old drag queens if your parents won’t let you do drag you need new parents now I’m going to show a video it’s a one-minute video of this kid here in just a moment and his name is Desmond the amazing he’s now he’s an 11 year old 11 year old dray Queen now again what am I talking about I’m talking about Romans one that talks about a coming depravity of man I believe that’s now and it’s going to get worse and worse into the tribulation will be off the chart I’m talking about second Timothy three the last days men will be lovers of self money proud boastful arrogant and that’s actually directed at the church but that’s going to be the second that’s gonna be the character of mankind in the last days now I want to show justice I’m gonna show one minute clip and here’s what I want you to look at you can look at Desmond the amazing but I want you to look at his mother when a kid’s mother is bursting with pride over allowing her now eleven-year-old to be a girl we got a serious problem Houston there is a problem okay let’s let me just see if this is gonna play at some point in the parade I was kidding – all right got my sandals fella I’m fluent to the air I remember everyone just champion and screaming back in this graham gin and my mom is the best mom in the world when Desmond was younger he kept asking if he could be in the Pride Parade it’s one day where people are free to express themselves the way that they like to we thought it would be helpful for him to see that there are other people that prefer dressing like he does sometimes people just come up and they need a hug or their time because they’re so overwhelmed I’m kind of nervous because if you like getting to me the more negative comments after but mostly I feel like ain’t gonna do it really good I need to hear my voice so thank you know that you don’t have to pretend to be someone else just be yourself now do you think this kid was born this way no he’s indicative of our society today and a parent who’s proud of all of this and who’s encouraged him as outfitted him has taught him how to walk like a girl you talk about child abuse again this is the decline of the character of mankind predicted in the Bible predicted for a last generation you talk about here our clergy blessing an abortion late term is a late term abortion clinic calling it holy look at the Glee on the eyes of those three women you talk about no more natural affection aren’t those women wouldn’t they so probably be mothers but they’re without natural affection because they’re having a party dedicating a facility that is a late-term abortion clinic and calling it holy again strong strong delusion strong depravity all predicted if it weren’t predicted we could sit here and cry but it’s all predicted all predicted to happen and ultimately and you know what God’s gonna that God’s gonna say pretty soon enough of this I’m coming back to you know this stuff he’s not gonna take it much longer I he’s given mankind the free will to do it and look how we mess it up and he’s gonna say enough is enough is enough Jesus has to come back put an end to it get this tribulation going get the Millennial Kingdom set up moving on here I hope I made my point okay it’s rough out there you folks in California you probably know a lot more so than what do you do back in Minnesota not that we don’t have aberration in Minnesota – and I’m gonna spare you the details but it’s beyond weather off you guarantee that okay number eight the escalation of apostasy and the mocking of Bible prophecy now again I’m not I don’t want to get anybody in trouble here so I’m kind of kind of a fair to avoid getting into detail but I did not think I would live to see I mean I grew up by the time I got to church which was early teen years it wasn’t in church before that but it was a bible-believing prophecy loving apostasy warning about apostasy to come I never thought I’d see the day I probably couldn’t have been prepared for ministry if I hadn’t had that church because it did prepare me but my goodness I didn’t think I’d see some of the things going on today now we’ve got Andy Stanley who’s refashioning Christianity he’s telling us to unhitch from the Old Testament he has the second largest church in America so people are following him we’ve got a movement I’m gonna not go into detail but we’ve got a movement that I am concerned about it’s called the New Apostolic Reformation and it’s the fastest growing denomination in the world it’s independent but it’s been titled the New Apostolic Reformation and it’s kind of set aside the Bible so that they can focus more on miracles and some of the signs and wonders and healings and I’ve been healed so I believe in healing and I know God is still healing today but these folks will carry everything as a couple of steps to far again it’s the fastest-growing denomination and it’s going to be focused on think focusing on things that are not healthy here’s one illustration how many of you know what graves soaking is this is what these people will do this is a kind of a story and charisma magazine and its people will lay on the grave of a deceased saint and hope that the spirit of the dead saint will come up into them called graves soaking now I didn’t think I’d live to see the day when Christians and these folks call themselves evangelicals I didn’t think I’d live to see the day when we have folks out in cemeteries grave soaking give me a break this is really off the chart it’s all predicted this kind of event what is the most frequently referred to issue for the last days is the rise of false teaching doctrine of demons these kind of things they’re going to come into the church the Wolves among the flock and if we’ve got Hindu Kundalini in the church today we’ve got yoga we’ve got Christian yoga we’ve got all sorts of folks are drunk in the spirit etc and I don’t believe things that are out of control or of God and this is they’re just absolutely on overdrive in our churches today I’m very very concerned about it very concerned because at the same time you won’t hear any of these churches talking about the lateness of the hour Jesus is coming back we need to get our lives in order because they’re not focusing on that they’re focusing on gimmicky type things signs and wonders etc so I’m very very concerned there’s going on right now it’s called Christ Christ alignment destiny cards that’s Christian Christianized tarot cards next we’re going to have Christianized Ouija boards Christianize fortune-telling Christianized seances you see everything’s going way too far way too far net something things I never thought I’d live to see all the things I’m talking about have gone on overdrive I think in the last year that’s why I’m talking about just ten things that I see hyper overdrive in the last year in my hometown of Minneapolis st.

Paul we have a seminary Luther Seminary just a few months ago they had they dragged in the Luther Seminary Chapel drag queen performance in their Chapel they thought it was fine you talk again what did Barry talk about this delusion common sense has been blinded again God’s gonna see things like this and say you know enough is enough is enough is enough I’m bringing it to an end I’m bringing it to an end that’s the good news so don’t be don’t get let this get you really down because there is good news now at the same time the mocking of the truth is completely off the chart some of you are trying to find a church and you’re having a hard time I know I hear from hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of you that you’re having a hard time and you’re getting a lot of your information and your inspiration online various radio TV but the mocking at the same time the mocking of the king is coming is also off the charge and marquel’s in time hysteria conference that was in headlines excuse me Edler endtime Asteria conference people are getting saved people are getting informed people are getting encouraged people are hearing the truth your folks came I’m glad you came to this hysteria conference okay glad you came Thank You Barrett Stagner for your ridiculous hysteria country you should be ashamed of yourself even if you’re like cats you should be ashamed of yourself so Hank Hannah graph on air out of 30 years his dog the daughter of Walter Martin works with me as does Walter Martin son-in-law Joe and Kevin Rishi and they can tell you nobody approved of mr.

Bible answer man going on day after day after day mocking the rapture again it’s all part of the signs of the times mocking the rapture denouncing Israel in the Jews something terrible he called me out on here two years ago almost to the date because I err on some places where he years and he said on ear this woman meaning me is a blight on our times well I’m only telling the truth thank so anyway but this is expected you know count it all joy countered all join now now I’m going back further than a year in this next little clip it’s a very short 39 second clip this is beyond a year this is to April of 2016 but it shows the mocking okay now in April of 2016 Michelle Bachman was on my program as she often is and we were talking about President Obama at the time and what we talked about on my program got all the way back to him and this is here again perfect illustration of mocking scoffing and and again of the truth and of the most important truth that’s probably out there just this week Michelle Bachman actually actually predicted that I would bring about the biblical end of days now that’s a legacy that’s big I mean Lincoln Washington they didn’t do that oh they loved it they loved him making fun of truth and making fun of our glorious future they loved it because we’re in that generation we’re in those days again if we just looked at this again if we just looked at this without the hope of okay it’s it’s it’s in alignment with what’s predicted as long as we know it’s in alignment with what’s predicted we can take all of this imagine the world hasn’t happened no wonder they’re eating and drinking and running around and carousing and and trying to keep their minds off of what’s going on because they don’t have an eternal perspective for some reason we are privileged to have an eternal perspective not only that we’re privileged to have the hour is late perspective and thankfully events like this and things you hear on line TV etc reinforce that though our churches may not so again let’s I’m going to move here on to point number nine I’m just touching on briefly on things that I think we’re highlights lowlights however you look at it from the last year year and a half just happened to go back to 16 but more recently and and I’m intrigued by the accelerated temple talk we have nothing to do with the future temple in Israel okay its Third Temple it’s a tribulation temple so Christians and I know there are some Christians who think they should financially support it and things like that but please don’t go there but nonetheless the accelerated temple talk again that’s happening in the tribulation look at the shadow the tribulation is casting on us today and again Sanhedrin invites 70 nations to a Chanukah dedication of an altar for the Third Temple this was just in December the garments are ready some of the utensils are ready some of the priests are waiting things are getting in line somebody asked about the Ark of the Covenant on Wednesday night a pastor Jack’s Church and I think that remains a mystery I think Emir could address that more efficiently effectively lighting the fire of the altar of the Third Temple December 10th 2018 I think this is huge now is maybe it’s decades away yet the third temple I don’t think so I don’t think so remember the Antichrist is going to be involved in that temple the church will be gone when all of this culminates they’ve got Priestly Blessing going on here this is just in December so this is just weeks ago priests they’ve got priests in training so there are there’s a segment of the Jews in Israel that take this very seriously there was a red heifer born in in August okay there been other red heifers and they sprout you know three little pieces of fur that are white and they’re disqualified well they think this one won’t be dust we’ll see will we ever see this no I don’t believe we’ll ever see that that I consider that irrelevant the point is they’re talking about it they’re talking about it they’re preparing for it they’re planning for it all that means is it’s a sign that we should be paying attention because it’s a tribulation event casting a huge shadow on us today huge shadow now I’ve kind of kept the probably the most positive of the ten here for the last and obviously that would be in 2018 Israel became had her 70th anniversary plus moving the teachers the office to from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem now lots of presidents promised it they never delivered this one did deliver so you know praise the Lord for whatever however this plays into yeah I mean it’s huge because the fig tree has blossomed now many of you have been to Israel and you have seen the incredible here’s what Mark Twain said in 1861 he said that there’s hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere even the olive and the cactus those fast friends of the most worthless soil had almost deserted the country that’s 1881 1881 Mark Twain not that long ago and it was absolutely it was wasteland the Jews had to come back and love the land back to life and I don’t know what’s so difficult for people to believe when it comes to first of all what’s the what’s the length of a generation I’m I think this defines a generation Psalm 98 the days of our life are 70 years or maybe 80 and and that’s why I think 70 for Israel to turn 70 there were 70 nations invited by the Sanhedrin Daniels 70th week is another 70 I think it’s an important number in God’s geometry it’s important and Jesus says in Matthew 24 that the generation let’s assume it’s 70 years maybe 80 set that generation that sees Israel’s rebirth Matthew 24 we’ll see all these signs fulfilled including tribulation signs of the church is not present at that time so that’s why I think what happened may 14th 2018 reflecting on May 14th 1948 is so significant so sickening plus the embassy move why you got two for one there that’s incredible what what Satan mentor evil through the Holocaust God didn’t use some of it for good because the UN voted 19th partly a sympathy vote to let this bedraggled group whose people who have been chased from pillar to post from country to country like my grandparents came from Russia trying to get away from some the struggles of Russian pogroms etc they came to have all places why didn’t they pick Florida or they picked northern Minnesota where it’s very cold okay northern Minnesota they became merchants to the miners in northern Minnesota opened furniture stores and things like that and they made an all new life for themselves they came legally to folks they came legally okay but the rattling of the dry bones surely I will cause breath to enter you and you shall live and it goes on to say in that wonderful chapter of Ezekiel 37 it goes on to ask can these bones live can these bones live many of you have been there I’ve been there I think six seven times he was not only you’ve seen the incredible rebirth prospering and then you’ve seen them stand up on their feet a great army a green army she’s one of the military mites of the world this is a nation of the size of New Jersey that’s one of the military mites of the world in their 2018 she was determined called the rank the 8th most powerful country in the world is that God fulfilling his promises or alive incredible promise that he is false oh I mean 8th most powerful country in the world it was knocked out of existence from for hundreds of years 1880 late 1880s they started to trickle Balfour Declaration 1917 that was a great boost didn’t we know the rest of the history and and then in the last year came this coin it’s Donald Trump and King Cyrus because that’s what the Jews think of Donald Trump they put him on a coin with Kings now who was Cyrus King Cyrus allowed the Jews to come back and rebuild their temple from the Babylonian captivity I think they’re suggesting that Donald Trump will create an atmosphere that will allow them to rebuild their temple that’s why you see all this temple talk on the back of that coin I believe there’s an image of a future temple thought is only he’s simply fulfilling his promises I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go and I will bring you back to this land and I will not leave you until I have done what I promised you no I that’s a verse I think you can take to heart as well but it’s given to the Jews but I believe he’s saying this if you’re going through a really rough time here today and some of you are he’s saying I believe he’s saying to you I will not leave you until I’ve done all that I’ve promised for you now going back to Israel I can’t kings general sure as Pharaohs US presidents European leaders have come against this country to try to obliterate her the church has come against her with replacement theology with this phony divestment boycott sanction BDS boycott divestment sanction movement has come against her I don’t know who wrote these words how out of God to choose the Jews but not as odd as those who choose the Jewish God but spurn the Jews and most of the church is doing that today one way or another if it’s not replacement theology the church is Israel it’s so again the BDS movement which is infected every mainline denomination it’s even creeping into our evangelical church because of a social justice which is the new passion of the Evangelical Church social justice you know serves the immigrant serve the poor and all of that and all those good works are fine but preaching of the gospel and the message of salvation is being set aside and also is being set aside is the churches once appreciation at least for Israel and evangelical church has usually been a strong friend of Israel mini star but some are leaving so what I want to do is I just want to close here well I want to play a two minute clip this goes back to May 14th 2018 70th anniversary celebration in Israel because I want to stay in here on a high note and and watch the drone light show here as the Israelis celebrate celebrate celebrate anniversary number 70 I think they were in awe even if their secular I suspect some of them are in awe of how far these comes since Mark Twain said hey not even a cactus can survive here and now you’re the eighth most powerful country in the world most influential technology the things that they have to offer let’s watch let’s give the Lord a hand it’s a miracle did you ever think you’d live to see it okay here’s what I want to do I just I want to make just a couple of comments that I’m winding down here so reading into home landing here hang on let me go back I’ve got some products there on my website I don’t have a table here visit today olive tree views or we get books DVDs some things I’ve written DVDs and some other products we actually carry a mirrors book which I believe is back there so my radio program I’ll say more about that as ears you can catch it on all of previews org it airs and lots of radio stations invite you to understanding the times 2019 September 21st if you can’t make it it will be live stream I’m gonna have pastor Jack a mirror pastor JD for rock master Robert Jeffress myself will be sharing on September 21st tickets don’t go on sale until probably summer and we have a few people who attend this event so we’re kind of limiting the attendance by Church asked us to and then again check out and check my website where the program airs we round about 830 stations listen online at your leisure olive tree views org those are some of the networks that were on including CSM and I’m meeting some of you who are listening to the CSN Network you can see syndication at all three views to find out just where we ear and you can download the one place dot-com mobile app if you just want to download an ad the program we downloaded to your devices every Saturday morning I have a lot of the folks you know as guests on a weekly basis that said once a week program now here’s how I want to wrap things up your first two messages today have talked to you about things are winding down winding up however you want to look at it and that’s good that’s exciting news from almost all of us because you know what we’re weary of this land we really are and I’m speaking from personal experience here too we know that our King is coming and he’s coming soon and you say and some will say to you well you know our times are so dark and that’s why we are told to be a light to the world I didn’t know many of you write me and you say your church won’t talk about well you talk about it then and you might you say well people scoff at me and they mock me well you’re so selling scripture just tell them you’re fulfilling prophecy with your scoffing and your mocking and don’t give up don’t give up on it you know God has led us in on the an inside view of his endtime plan thanks thankfully to some teachers some of whom are here today that you can better understand the times and I say you know somebody said to me I’m a part of the get me out of here soon club well yeah I am – I am – and I know pastor farag was a good friend of mine Mike one of my dearest pastor friends says I echoed the same for work for the insurance of a pre-trib any minute rapture we would go out of our minds looking at just look at Desmond the amazing you watch that we’d go out of our minds without the hope of his return not in the middle of the tribulation not at the end of the tribulation but perhaps tomorrow okay that’s the hope weren’t we’ve been given we are privileged to know what time it is most of the world and most of the church doesn’t know what time it is they have no idea nor do they want to hear so let’s occupy until he comes now there may be even one today I’m gonna back up master Barry and what he said in his clothes there may be one there may be a hundred I don’t know and you may say this is scary and I don’t understand it and how do I assure myself and how do i comfort myself to know that I’m not going to go through some of the things predicted for the last of the last days that the church is taken out and then the terrible seven-year tribulation of literal hell on earth breaks out but even worse than that is eternity without God that’s worse than the tribulation is eternity with and you don’t know how to avoid that it is so simple to me that is what is so shocking about salvation it is so simple believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved call on his name today if you don’t know him you don’t know him call on his name today turn your life around it’s called repentance confess that your ascent or turn your life around and say Lord Jesus I want you to take control of my life I have messed it up if that’s you today do that and you’re gonna join the rest of us in eternity for a grand grand party and your you can say with all of us today Maranatha Maranatha he is coming today perhaps today perhaps today okay thank you …


We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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