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welcome to manna-fest hosted by international evangelist teacher and author perry stone enjoy unique insight into prophetic and practical truth it’s time to feast on fresh manna so get ready to be blessed and encouraged and now here is your host and teacher Perry stone Daniel chapter 2 verses 20 through 21 this is the scripture that I want to use in your hearing Daniel answered and said that blessed be the name of God for ever and ever for wisdom and might are his he changes the times and seasons he removes kings and raises up kings he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those that have understanding there there’s three things I want to point out about this in Acts chapter 1 and verse 7 God operates his will during what’s called times and seasons number two Daniel chapter 2 20 says that God changes the times and seasons and the way he changes it in Daniel is by bringing a new leader end that passes different laws or adds laws or changes things from the past or add something new and you’ll also discover as you will learn later in the conference that God uses war to often transform a nation from negative to positive etc so God changes the time and seasons Ecclesiastes chapter 1 9 through 10 tells us that these seasons come in what we call repetitive cycles Ecclesiastes and 10th also in chapter 3 said the thing which has been is that what shall be and that which has been done is that which will be done again and there’s nothing new Under the Sun we call this a repetitive cycle now history will repeat itself in cycles and this is something that we have to talk about that front Israel was scattered and then restored as a nation and this was predicted that they would be scattered and it was predicted they would be restored and one of the most interesting things I found out many years ago if you go to the genealogies of the Old Testament and you start that Adam was a hundred and thirty his son was born and you go the way all the way up to the terror was 70 when Abraham was born and you add up those numbers including the two years that are mentioned in the book of Genesis two years after the flood from Adam to Abraham is 1948 years in the Bible let’s repeat it in history from the time of Jesus birth we go to the zero year and we count 1948 years Israel is restored again as a nation so you have the first Adam to Abraham 1948 you have the second Adam Jesus to Abraham 1948 and this is an example of what we call a repetitive cycle in Luke 17 26 to 29 we’re told as it was in the days of Noah so will it be at the time of the coming of the Son of Man and as it was in the days of lot so what happens is we go to Genesis 19 then we go to Genesis 6 and 7 and we see the things that are happening prior to the flood the things that are taking place prior to the destruction of Sodom in tomorrow and those very things are repeating that are mentioned by Jesus in Luke all of those things there’s not one of those things not being repeated from those two previous timeframes that’s happening in our time now one thing that is very clear to man i’ve studied this for a long time is that prophecies are always linked with prophetic numbers for example a biblical number of significance is 7 another biblical number is 40 the number of testing then there’s 50 which is a jubilee cycle the year of jubilee in leviticus 23 then there’s the number 70 which deals with the babylonian captivity there were 70 elders there were 70 members of the Sanhedrin 70 comes up throughout the scripture in different places and then if you if you look at Daniel chapter 8 you’ll have to get a old old Bible that has the margin of the margins inside there’s an angel of numbers called pal mone and in he is a angel that controls the numbers that were given to Daniel and in the old margins of some of the Bibles that will give you the Hebrew name where it says and this one Saint spake to another and that word doesn’t mean Saint in normal terms it was actually an angel according to the early scholars that controls the number of prophetic events and the number of that are involved numbers involving prophecy now to show you how this works I’m going to give you some very interesting insight if you take the number seven you’ll discover for example that Joshua marched around the city for six days on the seventh day the walls of Jericho fell that’s repeated in history the 67 war in Israel the 67 war in Israel lasted for six days and on the seventh day it ended and Israel annex Jerusalem as the capital they got the West Bank they got the Gaza area they got the Sinai desert and there’s that number seven two different wars on the seventh day of victory another war in 1967 on the seventh day of victory that’s a repetitive cycle the forty year cycles from 1948 to 1988 we discover Israel is a nation forty eight but in eighty eight is when the Jews start coming back from Russia and from the north country which is the fulfillment of prophecies in the Book of Jeremiah several prophecies in the Book of Isaiah and so the they left the north country exactly forty years from that particular timeframe look at the number 50 the cycle of 50 you have nineteen eight in 1898 you had the Zionist Congress meeting predicting that in 50 years Israel would be a nation from from that timeframe of 1898 to 1948 is 50 years and exactly 50 is the number of a Jubilee and on May 14th Israel was declared a nation again then you have a second one that I thought about today and that is 1917 at the end of world war one whom the bell for declaration was given given the Jews access back to Palestine if you go fifty years later you come to 1967 where the city of Jerusalem that was divided between two countries becomes united as the capital of Israel so these numbers are very significant during a prophetic cycle meaning when a prophecy is about to be fulfilled or in the world prophetic events are taking place that lead to a fulfillment of prophecy you will discover that numbers become very significant and always have meanings when you’re in the cycle when you’re not in a cycle you can’t get numbers to match you can’t get stuff to add up you can’t get some of this stuff that we’re talking about then there’s the 70 generations now I will preach in this conference a very heavy message on Israel 70th year that I have never heard anyone preach I had never researched this the Holy Spirit spoke to me in my office and show this to me and I’m gonna be giving that to you later so we’re gonna talk about this number 70 and how that’s significant as it relates to the time of the end now let’s talk about parallel prophetic dates you will discover as it relates to the nation of Israel that many times a date that is significant in Israel the actual date will repeat itself again for example the ninth of our on the Hebrew calendar is when the spies came back and said we cannot take the land and they fell into unbelief the ninth of ah’ve also is when the Babylonians came on the Temple Mount and burnt the temple to the ground wait a minute the ninth of of is the same day on the Jewish calendar when the Roman 10th Legion went to the temple platform and they burnt the temple down and so you’ll start discovering like the month of a year is very significant on the Hebrew calendar we won’t go into details with that but there is a date that I want to give you that’s very important and I want you to notice how many major prophetic things happened on in the month of Kislev Kislev which is usually the month of December and on the 24th of that month now it does not fall forget our calendar because December 25th always is December 25th but the Jewish calendar it may be the 1st of December that that very day the 24th may fall later on the Jewish calendar so don’t think our calendar but it’s the Jewish calendar on the Jewish calendar on the 24th of this month same same month here’s what happened the Statue of Zeus was set up in the temple and defiled the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and that happened in the 2nd century BC on that same day of that month three years later on the 24th of Kislev the temple was rededicated by the Maccabees then the rebuilding of the temple that after the Babylonian captivity and the juice came back the rebuilding of the temple under Haggai and ezra and nehemiah happened started on the same day and the same month Jesus was conceived according to most messianic scholars around the 24th of Kislev which happens to fall on Hanukkah or the feast of lights and about the weather 24th of Kislev is also the celebration of Hanukkah on the Jewish calendar and always falls at that same time so if G I just want to throw something out here to you that I think is interesting we have in the West a traditional time of Christmas where we celebrate and some people like it some people don’t and look I’m just going to be honest with you I don’t like anybody who tries to take the joy out of people’s life having fun with the things of God okay so if you don’t like a certain thing praise God don’t like that certain thing but the further people do let them let them alone help well amen I got half of you with me I don’t know look I’ve I’ve been making people mad for so long I’m just used to it by now so it doesn’t affect you like it used to but anyway the thing I want to tell you is if Jesus was conceived during the festival of Hanukkah on that day if you go ahead 270 days it makes him born on the festival of trumpets hello is that not amazing and some even suggest he could be as far along as the festival of Tabernacles because John said the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and the Greek word for dwelt in first in John’s Gospel is the word for Tabernacle all right now here’s another interesting one and then we’re going to go to something else on that same 24th of that Hebrew month that we’re talking about something happened on December the 9th 1917 on our calendar which was the 24th of his slip on the Jewish calendar and that was the day who in general Allenby rode that horse into Jerusalem and took the city of Jerusalem from the hands of the Ottoman Turks after 400 years they had it from 1914 to 1917 and on that very day now Matt and I look at this have you noticed that des is connected to the temple it’s connected to the temple rebuilding it’s connected to Jerusalem being liberated so that month on a Jewish calendar huh I’ve only given you some of the dates but that month on a Jewish calendar has all these amazing events happening now let us go now to our study at hand which is to take the Jewish year five seven seven nine and let’s see what we can do about it now if you’ve never seen this if you’ve never watched this on a program if you’ve never heard us teach on this I can’t just jump into this I’ve got to do a little bit of study well let’s just say it this way there are 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and we start don’t read from right to left you see over here number one two you’ve got all these different letters Aleph is one bit is to gimble as three dollars for hey five Vava 6a and 7a that you’d and on through to the the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet and again we’re reading this way and so what we have here is several things we have a letter of the Hebrew alphabet we have a certain form called Aramaic script that is the shape of that particular letter and every letter of the Hebrew alphabet also has a numerical value to it no we do not have yes but yes we do we have the numerical value up at the top so if you’ll see the top of each letter gives you the number of that letter and the value at the tenth letter goes to ten and then it doesn’t go to eleven twelve it goes 20 30 40 50 60 says and the reason you’ve got some letters that have 20 and 20 is there’s a dot in the middle and it has to do with the pronunciation you see that with a letter bit and for vet COFF COFF over here you see that I’m not trying to confuse you but this is the the top on the left side at the top is the numerical value of those particular letters so what we do is we look at the letter 5 7 7 9 the those are numbers and we translate those back to the value of the letter of the alphabet now let us go back and give you some examples and I want to tell you two things before I really get into the depth of this because this is a deep study and you’re about to see major things that are connected to the year 5 7 7 9 I’ll check what everybody had to say about 5 7 7 9 on the internet and I’m telling 80% of we’re off of the wall I don’t know where they got their information from I don’t know where it came from but I said there that’s off that’s not right that’s off so you’ve got to watch internet information two things I discovered shocked me that I’m going to show you because when you add up the numbers they spell Hebrew words you remember when I said the 45th president would run and if you take the number forty and five its mem hey which is ma which means what and I told you all that after the election they’d say what how did this happen did they say what how did this happen after this election does anybody remember do you recall all right and so this this is what I’m going to show you about this year that is the five seven seven not on the Hebrew count I’m going to show you something and we haven’t even got to the depth of the message of the last 40 minutes of this message that we’re about to get into is the depth of understanding the Hebrew alphabet now what I want to do first of all is I want to tell you that there is a Gentile calendar and there’s a Jewish calendar and when we do this I will do this again in 2019 and I will take the ten and the nine and show you the other side of this but you’ll have to be here in January of this year if you want to see that because that’s going to happen in January this year what I want to do now is I want to take the Hebrew alphabet all right in the past years using the Gentile calendar I’m going to tell you the year and I’m going to tell you what it represented just so that you that we’re not here will understand the year 2012 and I’m not going to tell you how we did this but at 2 is the letter bet in Hebrew word that represents a house would be the year of the house believe it or not that’s when we begin building this house this building of OCI was in 2012 2013 was the year of the camel and we preached that the camels were going to bring the blessings in and that was the year that OCI Ornato CI v OE received its largest donations to help build this building we’ve not got anything like it before since in the history of the ministry come on somebody anybody remember it was the year of the camel come on our camels came in come on in 2013 2014 was the year of the door and we began to notice that in 2014 some of the largest doors of opportunity doors to go on TV in the Ukraine doors to go on an Israel doors to do off sorts of things that we never knew were going to happen were open 2015 was the year of life in the year of God’s name and the year when everything would come full circle that was the year that TL Lowery kept saying Perry I built this building for your ministry and we stepped in and began to realize that the TL Lowery global foundation what it’s built for the ISO international school of the word and we purchased that building it came full circle that year and I look back on it later I said wow that’s exactly what happened the year 2016 the six letter of the Hebrew alphabet is involved you know you’ve got bet gimel you’ve got hey you’ve got VOC and it represented the year of hookups and connections where God would connect you with people and again I don’t have time to go back and start happening in our ministry and this is how I feel about this I believe that it works for you when you accept it I believe if you accept the word it’s just like the Bible you see you look at the word you receive it it works if you don’t believe it it don’t work for you let me know haveno if you don’t believe the Bible it will not work for you and so when I would see these things I would begin to let it work now this is the hilarious one and everybody knows CI knows this one we’ve laughed about it all year long in 2018 I stood in this pulpit on this platform and I and I it’s the letterhead and we began to break down that letter and we broke it down it meant the year of births and the year when there would be new life in your house and I still this platform and said there will be more babies born this year than we’ve ever had born at OCI and 14 women in the OCI ministry got pregnant including Tiffany and my daughter-in-law now let’s take it into the year five seven seven nine now everybody’s got to pay very careful attention because I’m gonna throw numbers out there I’m gonna throw the Hebrew letter it represents and I’m gonna give you a meaning so this is really really important okay everybody clap your hands and say I’m ready last year we moved from five seven seven eight in the fall months to this September moving to the Jewish year five seven seven nine the ninth letter we’re going to keep on letter nine wheat now in all these other examples we have two three four five six seven eight now we go to letter not it is the Hebrew letter Tet Tet T et and I’m going to pronounce it in the English way there’s different Hebrew pronoun sand somebody’s gonna see this in Hebrew say but the real pronunciation is this I’m gonna pronounce it the way it looks for the english-speaking audience okay and so the letter tent is the value of nine everybody say value of nine so here’s what I’m going to do here’s what I’m going to do I’m going to look at the biblical references where the letter tent is found which is a little pretty amazing I’m going to look at the meaning of the number of value of the letter Ted and then we’re going to look at the symbolism of the letter tip now it’s the Year 5775 you don’t count 5,000 there is no letter in the Hebrew alphabet for one thousand two thousand three when you get into the thousands you don’t mean you don’t ever count that and even in rabbinical school they don’t count it and even among where the rabbi’s are teaching the system they don’t count it you do count however seven hundred seventy nine and the way you can do it here’s one way you can do it you can take seven hundred and you can take seventy and you can take nine now if you notice on the Hebrew chart it doesn’t go up to seven hundred but there are five letters of the Hebrew alphabet that have what’s called a final form they are often put at the end of a sentence or to break up a paragraph that put at the end and these all have a number value so if you look at seven seventy-nine and you break it down by seven hundred and seventy and nine here’s what’s really weird it’s one of those prophetic times the three letters spell a Hebrew word that’s where you go aw okay 700 is a sheen 70 is the eying say he Bruton a sex so that’s the iron is value is 70 and tetes value is 9 it spells the word shut and it means to stamp or to trample under a horse’s hoof so I’m saying to myself okay 770 a 9 actually spells a word that means to to stamp or trample under a horse’s hoof and I got to meditating on this and it implied and I know this is this gonna sound like bad news for everybody’s like oh god not another one of those years please Jesus I don’t need another bad year but I want you to hear the two sides of this this is a duality number it’s a number that has a dual meaning but I want to show you the value what it means it can imply the adversary using battles to try to make you weary or wear you down and now where’s my crowd come on where’s my crowd now that’s been through that come on somebody talk to me gonna tell you something now and I don’t want to get ahead of myself but in Daniel it says he shall wear out the Saints of the Most High God and and what is really interesting is there’s a wearing down spirit let me tell you what the media is trying to do the media is trying to present present so much negative news so much hateful news to wear down the minds of God’s people look they’re at it they have it they have a strategy and I’m going to say it because I can say it now we’ve got more freedom to talk we might not have this freedom in 2020 and it we definitely won’t have it in 2020 4th Lord tarries it’ll be taken from us probably but I can save this there is a strategy among the liberal left to hit hit hit hit till they wear down people because they do not want conservatives showing up at the voting booth they want to wear you down where you aren’t gonna be interested in voting it’s a strategy it is an absolute strategy it’s been going on for a long time and I think you all can discern that now here’s a verse that I began to meditate on when it when it says to stamp and trampled under horses Jeremiah 12 and 5 says this if you’ve run with the footmen and they have wearied you then how can you contend with horses and if in the land of peace in which you’ve trusted they have wearied you what shall you do in the floodplains of the Jordan so 779 broken down into the 770 and 9 and and again we’re doing the hope the fullness of it here is a conflict in which the enemy will attempt to weary you a conflict in where he will attempt to wear you down has any now look we’ve been into this Jewish New Year for a couple weeks how long has it been about two weeks now pardon me for not knowing exactly but we’ve been to this Jewish New Year and how many of you have already just be honest with me experience a weird weariness that is not normal for you put your hands up and wave it at brother are you gonna tell us that this is gonna be a bad year no you don’t have to keep listening yeah alright let’s talk about that letter 9 because that’s where the real symbolism comes in that’s what’s significant that’s what important the letter 9 is the Hebrew letter Tet and this is the least used Hebrew letter of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet the least used however it shows up big time at the creation story and we like to tell you where it shows up it is found in Genesis when God made light and God saw it and it was good the word good is the Hebrew word told now how many of you are told how many of you heard this Boker Tov bokor is morning Tov is good Boker Tov good morning so in the book of Genesis the first place that this letter is used is in the Hebrew Bible where God and saw it was good and he said seven times watch this when God saw what he was creating he said it is tough it is Tobin is good it was literally indescribable it was without a doubt according to our attendees the greatest main event in 32 years and now we have the DVDs and the CDs available for our Manifest television audience I will explain to you five messages that I preached I preached a message called the prophetic meeting of the new Jewish year five seven seven nine I took that year translated it back to the meaning of the letters of the alphabet and reveal an amazing projection of what to expect spiritually politically and prophetically for this coming year you’ve got to hear this it is a stunning revelation then the Salomon code hundreds of attendants told our staff that this was the most powerful revelatory message that the Lord had ever given me to preach detailing types and shadows of the three men that built the Tabernacles in the dwelling places for God I’m going to tell you how Evan lost its song how they were tapped into the spirit world and brought the song back to earth and how you through worship and praise and through singing restore heavens song back to God you’ve got to hear this message here’s one that’s a real stirrer will the church go through the tribulation the most controversial subject is the timing of the coming of the Lord a lot of people seem to be accepting the post tribulation return as the day of Christ’s return I’m going to use numerous scriptures in defense of the pre-tribulation theory and expose the weaknesses in the post tribulation teaching I believe you’re going to find out that this truth and this revelation is found in the Bible that Jesus is coming before the time of the tribulation then then I preached on the prophetic alert the trouble in the 70th year I wondered why in May of this past year when it was announced that the embassy was returning to Jerusalem all hell broke out against the administration I found the patterns in daniel ezra and nehemiah the wall will be rebuilt the Bible said in trouble as times you’ve got to hear this major prophetic word that was preached at the main event and finally I preached a message called concealed messages from the angels who delivered a lot I’m going to show you that the things that the angel said to a lot of the very things they’re saying to America and what they predicted to lot will happen here in the United States and parts of the world I’m telling you I want you to get these CDs and DVD album it also includes Ron Carpenter preaching your book of destiny in heaven bishop tudor bismarck preaching being deed livered mary / Ella preaching becoming armed and dangerous in the spirit these eight messages come in an album you can get the CDs for $55 a set the DVDs for $95 a set and postage is included call the one eight eight eight twenty one read number or call contact us at voice of evangelism with the address that is on the screen god bless you it’s imperative that you hear all of this message the edited for TV I want you to get the unedited version with all the detailed information on CD and DVD and get the entire set it will change your life I promise you now I want to tell you I’m at the property of Omega center international here in Cleveland Tennessee which is our headquarters property and it’s a rather overcast day in Tennessee but I pray that this year will be a great year for you that you’re coming up we’re praying for our partners and Friends of ministry that God will give you favor in every area of your life speaking of prayer you can join me every Thursday night live for a live prayer you can send in a prayer request over the internet and our people will personally pray for you and we want to make you aware of that prayer is a vital part of our ministry very quickly I’m coming to Evangel temple Assembly of God in Jacksonville Florida January 25th through twenty seventh Friday night through Sunday night somewhat analogous to area the 1st through the 3rd of the summit in Church of God and Christ Way church first time ever Flowood Mississippi that’s February 22nd to the 24th go to for more information we do want to share with you something exciting that we will be airing 38 television programs that we existed in Israel on the manifest telecast throughout next year throughout 2019 I should say so be looking for those they’re all new I always have to put it’s real funny people recognize the outfits that I wear and if I wear them too many times they think it’s a rerun oh yeah go get all these new shirts for the new Israel probe you see we got some wild ones by the way so god bless you thank you so much for your prayers and support of the ministry we’ll see you next week on manna-fest I want you to join me and my entire family for my 60th birthday celebration at sea on a brand-new Norwegian cruise ship it is an Alaskan cruise that’s going to be June 23rd through the 3rd of 2019 we need to get you the information so go online at to get to details and look your tours who knows where if you travel to ensure those special meetings where I’m going to be preaching and see and you can meet Pam and myself and we can have a great time together hope to see you there.

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If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

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