Probably the biggest super yacht in the world – 512 foot Dibar Megayacht – by eSysman

Okay this is the largest shot in the world owned by a Russian businessman call Alicia Oh Smirnoff probably destroyed that name pronunciation but that’s his name anyway and he he actually he actually use ads in the UK but he owns he owns a few businesses he owns a Russian publishing house called commerce and if you’ve ever worked for a Russian you probably know that newspaper there’s a whole publishing house he also owns a largest phone company in Russia called MegaFon and he also owns which is the biggest Internet company in the russian-speaking world so that’s just a few of his businesses anyway he had a boat previous to this call also called Elba and he decided 110 meters wasn’t big enough so he commissioned this boat the boat that was called a Mars now called owner and it’s still a huge boat but anyway dilbar 157 meters that’s 512 feet and like I said it’s the largest shot in the world now before you go to the comment section and and say no now Assam is the largest shot in the world yes it’s the longest shot in the world and there are a couple of others that are larger in length than Delbar Assam Eclipse and Dubai as Sam is 180 meters eclipses hundred and sixty-three meters and Dubai is hundreds of 62 meters however dilbar is by far the largest in volume so in gross register tonnage dilbar is sixteen thousand tonnes just shy of it’s like fifteen thousand nine hundred tonnes or something like that and the other boats I mentioned Assam is thirteen thousand gross register tons slow as by volume air this is the largest and gross register tons that is basically the actual volume inside the boat it’s not like it he put the boat on the way in scale it will weigh that it’s it’s actually the the physical space that it it holds inside it costs six hundred million US dollars approximately to build it’s a Larssen boat so it was built in germany it has a maximum speed of 22 knots which is very fast for a big boat cruising speed of 18 knots and it has a 30,000 kilowatt power plant this is what I mean by largest there’s many ways that this is the largest boat this is the largest power plant fitted to any soupier it’s the largest has the largest swimming pool as well board which is 180 cubic meters not only is that I’m sure I’m pretty sure it’s also got the most intent it also also got the largest antenna array I’ve ever seen that’s certainly I’ve ever seen on the boat I lost count at fifteen antennas up there fifteen domes on top of that must so that is that’s a lot holes it has about 80 crew approx and they have a like 35 cabins for the crew and it can hold 40 guests that’s huge like a cruise ship it’s unbelievable this dock abotu in can and Antibes sorry is actually its own dock actually the the owner but actually owns that dock so nope well as far as I know nobody no other boats dock at it unless obviously to get permission from this owner and this is its own dock it is mighty impressive and and the way they docked was also mighty impressive as you can see in the video footage that I shot they came in very very confidently and obviously they’ve done it once or twice yeah most impressive.

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