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Good evening everyone this is Steve Fletcher with the trumpet for my people today is March 29th 2019 and I have another wonderful update for you today this is the most exciting of all the updates this is an amazing understanding that I have received from the Lord and the way this is all coming together this is pretty undeniable what we are going to be taking a look at right now and I pray that you are super encouraged by this I do believe with all my heart that we have found the day we’ve been waiting for this and well we have biblical proofs that are all coming together and the eighth day is amazing that the eighth day is linked to Nissan 1 the 8th day ok so here is the information I’m going to be sharing with you the 8th day in the Bible represents resurrection and regeneration and it represents a new beginning we know that the Feast of Tabernacles is an eighth day feast that has the last great 8th day on the Feast Hanukkah – is an eighth day feast but did you know that Nissan 1 in the Bible is also the eighth day the first day of Nisan is also the eighth day so this is an encouraging word as we are fast approaching Nissan 1 April 6th 2019 now the eighth day God spoke to Moses saying on the day of the first new moon on the first day of the month you shall raise up the tabernacle the tent of meeting Exodus 41 through to the tabernacle was erected on the first day of the first month of Nisan a very auspicious day as will be explained more fully at the beginning of the Book of Leviticus according to tradition Moses erected and dismantled the tabernacle during the previous week during those seven days Moses served as high priest and wore but one simple white cloak as discussed in the holy garments a message of oneness on the first day of Nisan the eighth day of this process the tabernacle was inaugurated and we’re going to see these two Bible verses that confirm how Nissan won the data Tabernacle was erected is also the eighth day here in Exodus chapter 40 verses 1 & 2 it says the Lord spoke to Moses on the first day of the first month you shall erect the tabernacle of the tent of meeting this first tabernacle the temporary and moveable tabernacle that was erected in the desert was set up on the first day of the first month Nisan one going to Leviticus chapter 9 we will see that the same day that the tabernacle was erected is called the eighth day on the eighth day Moses called Aaron and his sons and the elders of Israel and he said to Aaron take for yourself a bull calf and the sin offering and a ram for a burnt offering both without blemish and offer them before the Lord so Nissan 1 is also called the eighth day because this was a process leading up at the end of the year the preparation of the temple and it was the second year in the first month of the first the first day of the first month in the second year after leaving Egypt that the our NACA was set up it goes on to say that the second temple was dedicated under king hezekiah and special offerings were brought similar to the dedication of the temporary tabernacle this also happened on Nisan one Nisan one so we have a pattern here of both temples the first and the second temple both being dedicated on the first day of the first month Nisan one now what I’m gonna share with you is so incredibly amazing it’s so incredibly amazing and it’s just like a seal on everything else that we are watching and waiting for to seal on the Jubilee it’s a seal on the timing of the the Lord’s return and what is going to be our transformation our transformation into holy temples in the Lord okay so we’ve seen now that the first temple and the second temple were both dedicated on Nisan one and that Nisan one is the eighth day now look at this this is in The Book of Ezekiel Ezekiel starting in chapter 40 Ezekiel has a vision of the Millennial temple Ezekiel has a vision of the of the Millennial temple and it’s just an amazing a vision that actually the whole vision was like eight chapters from Ezekiel chapter 40 through Ezekiel chapter 48 but in Ezekiel chapter 43 within the vision of the Millennial temple in verse 27 it says when they have completed these days then from the eighth day onward the priests shall offer on the altar your burnt offerings and your peace offerings and I will accept you declares the Lord God so we are talking about the third temple this is the millennia the Millennial temple the third temple which is us because we are the temples of the Holy Spirit and Ezekiel shows that this temple was completed and then on the eighth day from there they began the sacrifice within the temple and so this is an amazing connection that we can connect the first set the first temple the second temple end of the third temple to the eighth day the eighth day which is the first day the first month of Nisan so we see that the first second and third temples are all dedicated on Nisan one Nisan one is the eighth day and in 2019 that is April 6 2009 and it’s the end of the Jubilee 5 7 7 8 as we have shared in our most previous video which I will share the links with you and I suggest that everybody gets up to speed with what is really happening where we really are the true understanding about the Jubilee mystery revealed and how the change of the calendar in the Hebrew nation is the biggest confusing portion of of why people are going to miss this great event because they are expecting the new year in the fall but in God’s calendar the new here is Nisa and so we are coming up at the end of the 70th year of Israel it’s the end of the Jubilee year and the temples were dedicated on the Sun one and Nisan one is the eighth day and he I mean what more could we expect or look for we’re waiting for the eighth day and the eighth day represents new beginnings ends eternity it represents resurrection it represents regeneration and now we found the eighth day connected to Nissan wanna connected to the end of the Jubilee it’s the perfect day where everything completely everything lines up Saturday April 6th 2019 1st of Nisan five seven seven nine the eighth day for behold I create new hands and a new earth all praise and glory and honor beyond to Jesus Christ into his father the Lord God Almighty Creator of heaven and earth I pray you are blessed tonight this is Steve Fletcher with the trumpet for my people the sign of his coming revealed…

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

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If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

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