Preachers on Holy Spirit Fire! Being a Christian, How do I Know I am truly Saved?

Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of my father who is in heaven many will say to me on that day Lord Lord did we not prophesy or preach in your name and in your name cast out demons and in your name perform many miracles and then I will declare to them I never knew you depart from me you who practice lawlessness though with one hand God is holding back his justice against this world and with another hand he is pleading from him to come but one day those hands will be dropped you know that don’t you he uses that word nobody likes repent repent not only confess your sin forsake your sin repent run away from it and the true salvation has observable characteristics and that the goal of salvation is not a ticket to heaven when you die are a fire insurance policy at the end of your life that salvation is for time as well as eternity an obsession with entertainment in God’s house a hatred of correction and a hatred of reproof nobody wants to hear it anymore help me to make the break from the cultural religion of America help me God to understand that I’m not called to use you for myself I’m called O God to be poured out for you for the sake of others the narrow gate is hard to find and hard to go through because it demands denial of self denial of self righteousness recognition of sin full repentance submission to Christ commitment to obey Him and follow him no matter what the cause you know we are preaching an acceptable gospel today make ethers painless as we can and all we do is get people a stop to put them to sleep so they’ll get to hell quicker we need somehow fire preaching on repentance cultural Christianity carries a cross around your neck whatever happened to anguish in the house of God whatever happened to anguish in the ministry it’s a word you don’t hear in this pampered age you don’t hear angry speeds extreme pain and distress the emotion so stirred that it becomes painful achoo deeply felt inner pain because of conditions about you in you or around you anguish deep pain if sorrow agony of God’s heart you’ve taken the holy things of the temple and you’ve made a party out of it could be that you’re among the many who are self deceived you’re not alone I am convinced that in the name of Christianity there are many places that call themselves churches and they’re not churches and they have men leading them who call themselves pastors and they’re not pastors and they have congregations who call themselves Christians and they are not Christians they’re not churches they’re not pastors and they’re not Christians and yet they proudly post the label Christian we’ve got people now that are turning the grace of God into lasciviousness we’ve become like the children of Israel who sent the right words but here’s what God said I’ve heard the words of this people they have well said all that they have spoken all that there was such a heart of them that they would fear me and keep my Commandments always that it might be well with them and with their children forever ease all you have the right words you sing the right song but your heart is not right and the one voice that a society in spiritual declension will not listen to repeat it leaves the voice of the Prophet you see it all the way through scriptures when God sends the voice of the Prophet they technically usually will put them in the dungeon will mock the prophet of God will send them away into another place will push that voice completely away I tell you to preach the true gospel in the Christian world today is to engage yourself in more or fair than to preach the true gospel in the world thousands of people take communion is funding it doesn’t mean that much to them they don’t think of the blood of Christ they don’t think he’s on drugs anger away you are the only Bible some people will ever read you are the voice and hands and feet of a crucified Savior in the world today and I look at the whole religious scene today and all I see are the inventions and ministries of man and flesh it’s mostly powerless it has no impact on the world the voice of the Prophet is a marked voice now not maybe entertained for a little while several years maybe a decorator to back but no longer listened to many are those who enter on the broad way through the wide gate it’s the same many it’s the religious but lost it’s the same many who go on the broad road that says heaven but goes to hell it’s the same many who when they come to the end of the road fate they will be admitted to heaven only to find that the entrance to heaven is from as it were the very portals of the entrance to hell rather is from the very poor ttles of heaven what a shock that is to think you’re on the way to heaven only to find out you are in hell the greatest gift this side of the world is to be filled anointed and kept anointed with the Holy Spirit of God and if we are Christian chameleons that acted talk a certain way around certain people and totally change colors when we leave this building and go to work or go to school I want to throw up and I see more of the world coming into the church and impacting the church further than the church impacting the world I see the music taking over the house of God I see entertainment taking over the house of God we ought not to be afraid to say lord help us cause us to return to you forgive us Lord where we’ve failed you forgive us God for where in our hearts we have embraced the ways of a fallen society God Almighty forgive us I’m gonna be among the chiefest of those they’re crying out to the words that God forgive me you don’t need to be entertained you don’t need a rock band you’re here for one reason tell me what the Word of God says that’s why you’re here I know that we all that’s why we’re here we’re wanting to make a short-term investment that we can get the glory of gun on one night of Prayer our one evening of Prayer all right add it to ten more minutes when i praying each day if you only believe if you only receive if you only walk down the aisle if you only sign this tract and you’ve got a contract with god you’ve got the promises of god this is all there is why when is the last time you’ve been to church where you’ve seen young people under such conviction because the people of God have been on their face and there’s such a concern and there’s such an agony that young people are falling on their faces and calling on God because a spirit of conviction is called down from heaven appalled and there was a time in this country when I’m sure you would walk in the house of the Lord and if you were living in willful sin you would tremble you would tremble preachers preach now they may not have always had it right they may have been a little heavy on the legal side or they may have focused a little too much on certain things but there was a trembling there was a time in this country when you walked in the house of God if you were living in sin you were going to be confronted the greatest miracle that God can do it to take an unholy person – on the holy world make that unholy what person holy put them back in the non holy world and keep them holy in the midst of a crooked and perverse and perverse generation does it really matter to you that your unsaved loved ones are dying and we’re getting closer and closer to the end doesn’t really concern you they could die go to hell if there is no conviction of sin if there is no burden to let go of the things of this world and to walk with the holy God I’m telling you the Holy Spirit is not there I believe in the same thing happens in our churches every Sunday people are choking and we’re trying to pull the loss of life income of the poor sources of Damned and loss they can take it they’ve listed all same creature year after year says the same things in the same way he hasn’t escaped a fierce intellect his mother’s womb he went to the seminary and got a big fat head in a shrunken college if a man is genuinely born-again all things pass away all things pass away and all things become new make me solid in the knowledge of Christ and in this last hour of time used me for your glory you

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