PowerPoint Tutorial: How to copy slides from one presentation to another

All right so here’s a couple ways you can copy slides from one presentation into another presentation so the presentations I’m working with right here are this first one’s a branch in Scenario and then over here I have this tire changing and let’s say we want to bring some branch in Scenario slides into the tire changing a couple things a note right is both both presentations are actually working from different styles and different themes but we can still copy the slides over so I’m going to jump real quick into slides to order just because it gives me a better kind of top-level view of all the slides I’m working with I can do a couple things right I can do a control a to select all I can click and drag to select all or I can just control click specific slides that I want to copy so if I click ctrl C to copy them jump over to the other presentation I can insert my cursor or I can also just move into slide sorter view and control V to paste those now when you do it this way you’ll notice that the slides take on the the current style guide or the current theme of that course another way to look at bringing these slides in so let me just do this ctrl Z to undo is to work with the new slide button here under the tab and select reuse slides now what this is going to do is bring open the ability to browse to existing presentations and then select specific or all slides to import it’s also going to give us the option to keep the source formatting so let me click that this is the current presentation showing right here let’s click the Browse and then I’m going to browse the file I’m going to look for another presentation file and I’ll navigate to my folders so you can see both presentations in here if I select this first one the branching scenario will click open it’s going to show me all the slides in here so I can scroll down take a look at all of these if I click any of them it automatically inserts it into the presentation now if I select keep source formatting watch the same slide retain the background and retain all the style guides for that particular slide something to consider now obviously this is kind of tedious if you only if you certain one at a time and you have you know 50 60 slides to insert you can just right-click it and choose insert all slides right and if you keep the source formatting everything’s going to be pasted in there nicely and you can retain both presentations or you know if you want to merge them into the current theme you just uncheck the keep source formatting so a couple of handy ways to copy presentations across new presentations or existing then you can also choose the way you apply the theme whether it’s to the current slides or apply the current theme but a couple other options there for retaining your source formatting hope that’s helpful and enjoy copying your slides

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