PowerPoint Tip: Create Custom Image Placeholder Shapes

And this datoria I’m going to show you a couple production techniques that you can use in your master slides as you’re building PowerPoint templates and this idea I was downloaded a free template from creative markets created by the folks at Dublin design so I want to give them props for this a lot of times what I’m looking at the templates is I’m just looking for some production ideas or different techniques that they may have used and that try to incorporate those into my own templates or my elearning courses and they did a couple things that I thought were pretty clever so the first thing is you’ll notice they have an insert image placeholder now what they did was they filled the insert image placeholder with a pattern fill and so what’s nice about that is let’s say I like this slide but I don’t want to insert an image I don’t want this big open space here because it may not look right so I can leave the pattern field so if I preview this here you can see I’ve got a pattern fill so it kind of fits into the design of that particular slide so I don’t have a big empty space let’s go ahead and get out of this so if I want to change that and I want to insert an image I can insert an image we’ll just select this map image my insert that now you can see I have an image here so it works really well because if I didn’t have an image I’d have a big empty space so using the pattern feel kind of fills that space a little bit and you can make that pattern feel very subtle so it kind of fits into the design and and kind of works really well that way the other thing they did that we’ll look at is they actually created these custom shapes that you can fill as placeholders so for example I’m going to insert this shape we’ll go ahead and insert that map image and you can see how that fills those shapes so we’ll look at how that works as well so let’s go ahead and get started I have a blank PowerPoint file so the first thing we want to do is go into our slide master so I’m just go to view a slide master and I just got a blank layout here and let’s look at the insert placeholder option so I’m going to insert a picture placeholder and I’m just gonna make it fill half of the screen now right now there’s my placeholder right so if I close this and I go into my slide and let’s say I apply that layout you can see I’ve got my placeholder let’s insert some generic text here so I’m gonna do the lorem ipsum text right so we’ve got some placeholder text so got my placeholder text or I’ve got my text on the screen and then I’ve got this big area where I can insert an image now if I don’t insert an image and I preview that also now I’ve got this big empty area so that’s almost too much white space they may also be confusing for people because sometimes they may anticipate that there’s going to be some content there and so if nothing shows up they may think that it’s not working right so just something to keep in mind so what we want to do is subtly fill that and so that’s where if using that pattern feels a nice way to fill that space so we’re going to come back into our slide here and what we’re going to do is just go to the master slide again so view slide master will come back here and we can now right click on that placeholder and format shape and then we will fill it with the pattern fill and you can see there’s a number of pattern options and you have some color so you can make it very subtle so it doesn’t have to be in your face thing I’m gonna go ahead and make it very obvious so that we can see the difference so now if I go back to my slide if I preview this if I’m not using the placeholder I’ve got something filled in there and if I do want to use the placeholder I can just insert an image right so I can come back here insert an image and I’ve got my image there now you’re not limited to pattern fills so you can obviously let’s go ahead and delete this let’s go back to the slide master view slide master me if you want to you can work with solid colors as well so we can go to format shape and let’s just go ahead and make it a solid color so say you wanted a solid blue we close that and then you can see I’ve got the same option I kind of like the pattern feel because it was a little little bit more subtle but those are the options that you have so that’s working with the pattern fill the other thing is you know creating those custom shapes so let’s go back to the slide master view a slide master and when you insert a placeholder so we’re going to insert a picture placeholder here when I insert that picture placeholder what you’ll notice is it’s a rectangular shape if I right-click on it I can’t edit the point so I’m kind of stuck with a rectangular shape what I’m going to do though is I’m going to change the shape so we go to edit shapes up here under the drawing tools format so we’re gonna edit shapes and change the shapes you can change it to whatever I’m going to change it back to a rectangle now what you’ll notice is I can edit the points and at this point I can make my my shape you know any any shape I want it to be abs or didn’t where they go here okay so we want to edit points here and I can make it you know as goofy as I want it to be so now watch what happens so if I close this I’m going to reapply this layout here we’ll do this layout and you can see if I delete it insert will move it over here oops insert a picture and you can see I get that shape I made so that’s one way to do that the other way we can do that as we go to slide master here let’s go ahead and get rid of this oops the other thing we can do is let’s insert a placeholder and this is kind of what they did here so we’ve got our image right and you’ve got these merge shapes features so let’s say I’m gonna insert another shape here and we’ll just insert these diagonal shapes alright so I’ve got this this diagonal shape here and will let me duplicate this a couple times here so what you can do here so I’ve got this diagonal shape right and I’ve got my bottom shape but I’m gonna select the top shape I’m gonna merge shapes and then I can subtract and you can see how that works and then we’ll bring in another shape here let’s just oops let’s just do this here we’ll make it really long okay so again not perfect but you kind of get the idea so we’re going to select that and we’re going to merge shapes and then you can see I’ve got this so now when I come over here let’s delete this all this text here let’s go ahead and apply that layout so now when I insert a picture you can see that the picture comes in all cut up it’s a lot of neat things you can do again the way they did it on their template if we go back to their template they did a really nice job integrating it with other design elements so you can see that here you can see that here it’s a lot of really neat ways to incorporate that in your design you can see here with the with the color kind of combining the colors with the with the image fill on some really nice nice things that you can do so a lot of great ways to get inspiration they did a great job it’s a great way for you to add a unique or novel look to your templates

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