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Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is one skill and today has something really special for you slide zoom oh yes I said it right slide zone with this awesome of Texas lives will never be the same and before we dive into the action I want to say huge thanks to all of my patreon who support me on patreon so thank you guys from the bottom of my heart and if you would like to find out what patreon is all about just visit patreon.com slash one skill now let’s get back to the action so what is slide zone imagine that you have one main slide which is like a map for your whole presentation for example this work desk that we have here and what if you want to zoom only into specific parts of your presentation so this is where Sly soon comes into play so let’s click here and see what happens as you can see when I click we zoom in and I click again and we zoom out and actually we can zoom into any part of this slide that we want for example here we see a nice infographic click again we zoom out let’s zoom in into this video beautiful let’s click again to zoom out and we can even zoom in to the smartphone and we can actually put anything inside here we can add some icons we can add some text boxes we can add anything so now ladies and gentlemen let me show you step by step how you can easily create slide zones and of course the first step is to open up a fresh blank new presentation let’s select a blank layout we don’t need any placeholders so just completely blank slide and of course the first step is to find a nice picture which could be like a map for our whole presentation and in this case a picture of a work desk works really nice so let me show you where you can find a bunch of work desk pictures so let’s just go to unsplash.com and type in a word desk into the search bar and hit enter and now you can see millions and millions of beautiful pictures let me actually find the exact picture that I have used in my original presentation okay so this is the one let’s click on download’ so have this picture already on my computer I go just to insert click on pictures select my picture and insert and as you can see my picture does not cover the whole slides so I have to crop it to sixteen by nine I crop it and drag it to one of the corners of the slide and I drag one of the bubbles so that no my picture covers nicely the whole slide and now as you can see the newspaper is full of text as well the notepad is full of text and I will show you how you can actually make this notepad and this newspaper white so that you can add your own content into those you know newspaper and notepad so all you have to do is just grab a free-form tool and just drag you know just draw a shape just like that and make sure there’s no outline and for the fill just grab the eyedropper tool and copy the color from the newspaper and voila we have fresh newspaper that we will fill with some nice content now let’s do the same for the notepad again grab that freeform tool you can be precise know as much as you want okay I’m just a few more adjustments and actually let’s create some white space here as well so we will fill it with a slice ohm later on beautiful now let’s just select everything hit ctrl a ctrl X to cut it control V to paste and paste it as a picture so now those white shapes are merged with the picture and everything is just one nice picture that we can use so step number one number one step number one is done and now let me actually show you the basics of slide zoom so basically we just have to create a slide and let’s create very simple slide just a few text boxes so yeah this is just a text box font i’m using is lat of black I make a font size 14 type anything you want inside now i duplicate this text box the font is Latta light font size 25 let me actually copy some you know text from my original presentation so i don’t have to type it from the start yes so this is just a simple presentation i mean simple slide nothing too fancy just to show you how a slice tone works and later on we will do more advanced slide zooms now I will just align everything to the center so everything looks nice I can even group the two text boxes so it will be easier to align them to the center so we are done with this simple slide and now the important or the magic just go to insert and click on zoom’ and click on slide zone and here select this second slide click on it and choose insert and here you go now you have your slide zone you can actually drag any corner of the slide zone and this way you can adjust the size of it you can actually hit here on zoom backgrounds and this way you know you will make your slides own transparent this will make it much more easier to fit your slide zone anywhere you want on your main next slide that’s awesome so let’s put this slide on the on the notepad and one more thing hey I think click here on the return to zoom so basically when we will click the first time we will zoom and on the second click we will come back to let me just demonstrate so let’s click here on the notepad and boom we zoom in we click again and we zoom back awesome so this is how slide zoom works now let’s create some more beautiful slide zooms just to show you now how everything works as you can see in my original presentation I had a brush photo I had you know some text boxes with icons I even had a video and I had infographics no awesome stuff so let’s fill this a newspaper let me actually open up my one scale slide builder it’s full of you know pre-made stuff that we can use right away so we don’t have everything to create everything from scratch and so let’s copy one of those infographics that I have done so let’s hit control a or just drag around everything let’s copy everything let’s insert a new slide let’s paste that and for graphic make sure that we keep the source formatting and yeah basically we’re done with this slide we go back to our main slide once again we go to insert click on zoom’ slides ooh and now we select this second slide and now we have this info graphic slide zoom once again let’s make the background transparent and let’s make sure that we can zoom back to our main slide adjust the size of the slide zone and voila we have made our second slide zone and let’s check it out on the full screen how it looks like resume in resume back we zoom in and we zoom back awesome ladies and young by the way if you would like to download one school slide builder it’s absolutely free and I will put a link in the video description okie dokie so what more amazing stuff we could you know slide zoom we can copy this team member text boxes with the photo let’s create a new slide and let’s decide let’s decide where we would like to put that team member I think this smartphone is a nice place and one thing that I like to do when I create slide zooms you know for four different shapes for example for the smartphone I first create a shape that a blue rectangle now I paste it into my slide I make sure that this rectangle has the full height as my slide and you know this rectangle will be like a guide for me so I will know you know where are the outlines of the smartphone and this way I will be able to position you know all of those elements correctly so soon you will see what I mean now let’s just I paste a few of these team member elements into this slide that’s coffee one more team member I’ll just suggest the size of the text boxes a little bit so everything fits in nicely beautiful so now I can delete the outline because now I have fitted all of the elements the way I want and again we go to our main slide we’ll go to insert we click on zoom’ slide zone now we select the third slide click on insert once again let’s make sure that background is transparent and that’s just position our slide zone the way we want it yep sounding like this and let’s make sure that we can click back to the main slide and voila we have already made three slides oops and let’s check it out on the full screen so we click on the smartphone we see our nice city members we click on the notepad we see our text boxes we click on the newspaper and we see that in the news we have infographics awesome and what’s more interesting stuff we could slide zoom so let’s just copy a few of these text boxes with icons and as head back to our presentation let’s create a new slide let’s paste those elements okay and now let’s draw a shape the shape for this paper which is partly covered by you know another paper so I’ll just draw a shape which will be like a guide for me again so I will know where I can position all of the elements so just make sure that you send your shape to back so that you can see what you’re doing with your elements we can leave the outline black and let’s set filter:none and now I’ll just position all of these text boxes so that they nicely fit into this partly covered page by the way if you’re a complete beginner and if some of these you know stuff is too advanced for you don’t worry there’s the video 10 steps or I would say 10 things PowerPoint beginners want to do in PowerPoint so please check out that video and I covered you know basic stuff like creating text boxes and you know you will you will feel much more confident after that to watch this video if you know some of the stuff it’s too difficult here and yeah ladies and gentlemen let’s check out what we have so we zoom in here we see the text boxes we zoom into the notepad we see our text boxes we zoom into the newspaper we see our infographic and we zoom into the smartphone beautiful so ladies and gentleman now you officially know how to create slide zooms in your own presentation and create awesome nonlinear experience for your audiences if you would have any questions please leave a comment down below and I will do my best to help and if you enjoyed this video please give it a like and share it with your friends that’s all for now people see you in the next video

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