PowerPoint Quick Tip: Duplicate Your Animations

Sometimes you may want to copy an animation from one object to another instead of going through the animation process all over again you can duplicate it and spare yourself some hassle first I’ll select the animation I want to duplicate I know this answer Neil Armstrong text box has a nice fade animation so let’s use that one next I’ll go up to the animations tab and click on animation painter my cursor will have a paintbrush beside it while the animation painter is active now I need to find the object I want to animate I’ll select the next slide and click answer Mercury just like that my animation is duplicated and the animation painter will switch off if you need to duplicate an animation more than once just double click the animation painter then you can copy your animation as many times as you please when you’re done click the animation painter again to shut it off this tip should save you some time and effort as you animate your slideshow Goodwill Community Foundation creating opportunities for a better life

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