PowerPoint: How to Use Animation with Motion Paths and Custom Paths

So if you’ve been using powerpoints or perhaps seen PowerPoint presentations you may have added animations or seen them in action so here this little image that I’ve got I’ve set it so it can actually float in I’m gonna click on my animations tab at the top here and there is a preview button if I click on it and you’ll see that’s floating in if I hover over some of my other options you can see it’s giving me a preview I can click through and see more or if I’m looking at this over here I can click on this drop down and expand out to see some they’re a bit fancy these motion paths and you can actually adjust these so I’m going to show you how to do that now I’m going to start off by just adding a new slides just a blank one so that I can actually use this I’m going to choose an image which is going to be jargon free logo again I’m gonna click on inserts I’m just gonna move it over here so I’m just going to go to animations I’m gonna click on my drop down here and you’ll see that there are these motion parts and we will look at custom paths in just a moments so you can choose a shape like this one I’m just going to click this one it’s going to just make it go round in a circle and make sure it’s going to move that across just a bit okay so if I click on preview you’ll see it just goes round in that loop what if you want to change it there just the size or something like that you can just right click and choose edit points and then you get these little squares here and you can change them so I could stretch this out I could drag this down here I can see what it’s doing it at any point by clicking on preview you can see it’s now going in that shape you can add other points by right-clicking and choosing add points and then you can drag those around this is going to be a bit weird so I’m gonna add another points and move that you can actually right click and delete the points as well so there you go so you can keep adding when you’re done just right click it let me do that again right click on it and it’s actually closed the pants anyway because I clicked on it but if I click on edit points and then right-click you can do exit edit points here as well so let’s see a preview of that it’s gonna go all over the show now I could adjust the speed of this as well that was pretty quick if I go to my animation pane here which is just up in the ribbon and I can just click on this drop down here go to my timing and I can tell it how long I want it to last so I can make it maybe well let’s do very slow I’m just going to click on OK and there you go slowed down just a little bit so you can see you got a few options there again if I go back to my animation pane I’ve got the effect options as well so you can determine whether you want it to be a fast start or a smooth ending bounce at the end and you can also make it go backwards as well so if I choose that let me choose my timing so it’s not too slow let’s go back to that 2 seconds click on OK and then it goes back again you never know when you’re going to need this so that’s how you can add an animation path and there are various ones you can choose from here so I’m just going to create another slide again because this time I’m going to do the custom path I’m just going to add in that image again and this time I’m going to my animations I’m going to choose from my drop-down here the custom path and this is basically like having a pen so you can just draw whatever you want so I’m going to make it come down here and loop the loop and then back here and to finish where you want because I could still continue it’s a double click so to finish drawing your line just choose double click this is a bit all over the place again in my animation pane here I can change the settings such as the timing of it and once again I can right click on it and choose edit points so I can you can see there’s a lot more points on here now I can move them around maybe species out of bits you can see you can do an awful lot with this maybe bring the circle in a bit tighter obviously this is going to take me a bit of time if I’m going to actually really get this just right but just so you get the idea so then again I could click outside of that or right-click don’t forget missed so it’s clicked outside a bit but don’t forget you can add points in there as well so another useful thing you can see here is it’s got these arrows you can right-click on those and choose reverse path direction so you can see it’s going backwards see just because you’ve drawn it in one direction doesn’t mean you have to have it go in that direction so just one other thing that you can do on this and that is you can close the path and you’ll see when I right-click that was one of the options here close path which is going to actually make it start and stop in the same points so if I choose that you’ll see it’s extended the line there and it closes in exactly the same place where you started if you right-click you can open path and then you can click and drag you just get that points let’s just choose edit points I’m just going to get that last one and move that around so you can see that would be opening it up so closing the path means it starts and stops at the same points and if you open it you can have it start and stop in a different point there so that is taking his motion paths and also custom paths in power points

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