PowerPoint 2011 Tutorial to Create Appear and Disappear Animation on a Mac

This video tutorial will demonstrate how to add animation to a PowerPoint slideshow on a Mac what we’re going to do here first is an example with the animation of text so first we’re here on the Home tab and we’re going to go to add a text box so this is just adding regular text so now that we have this text we can select it notice when I click inside right next to the letters how it actually selects so I can type if I just want to select the box if I go out to the edges here and it’s no longer making it able to add text but instead it’s just selecting the box itself from this point we’re going to click on animations and what we’re most interested in is the appear animation what we’ve now done by clicking on up here while this box was selected is we’ve made it so when we are in full-screen then clicking forward will make it so this appears I’m going to show you this now I’m going to click on the full screen button here or here and this goes at full screen and what we’re looking at is just the blank screen because we haven’t clicked forward yet now I’m clicking the forward button on the keyboard and now it is available to pop up if I click back it goes away and forward now it shows up if I’d like to add an animation to this to make it so after I click forward it will go away and all I have to do is go over to the exit effects and we just want to disappear disappear is our most simple animation it just makes it go away when using animations you don’t want things to be fancy you don’t want spinning cartwheeling text or anything that’s kind of ridiculous so you just want it to show up and go away you don’t want it to be distracting to your audience so now let’s go full screen again if I click forward it shows up and now if I click forward again it goes away notice that we have a 1 here and a 2 here as well and over here this coincides with that one and the 2 we have the animation order so what we’ve got is if we were to add something else on this slide and we animate that we could maybe have the third animation effect or the fourth animation effect let me show you what this looks like so let’s say we wanted to add a picture we’re just going to have some random picture here we’ll say a clip art gallery I don’t know what’s going to show up here but we’ll find something ok great pencils so we’ve got our picture of some pencils now if we want to make this appear as the third item of animation we’ll just have this selected notice how this is unselected this is selected see how it’s highlighted on the edges there we’ll go back to animations and we’ll just click up here so now notice we have the first thing that happens so it’ll start with a blank white screen the first thing that happens will be this adding text thing shows up second thing that happens is this will disappear because we have the disappear animation here and then the third thing that will happen is this is going to appear so I’m going to go full screen now we have a blank white screen and I push forward once it shows up push it again it disappears and then again our third animation here was the appear for those pencils and now we’ve got our pencils let’s say we wanted to add the effect of disappeared to our pencils notice how we have it selected here disappear and we’ve got that added for our fourth animation here so let’s take another look click full screen one up here to disappear three up here four disappear other than that there are many different things you can do with PowerPoint but this is the most fundamental is the ability to make something show up make something disappear so that way if you don’t want to have all of the items that you’re displaying to your audience on the screen at the same time this way you can get rid of them you can also do this by using multiple slides but it’s important to understand how to use animations let’s say for example you wanted to have let’s say you you’re using some text and you’re going to have adding texts let’s say you had all this information and for whatever reason you wanted to have it in the same text box there’s something that you can do here by clicking on this text box so where as things are appearing you can actually highlight it here see where it says text animations you can animate text either by word by letter or you can do this on 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th level let’s say you do this at 4th level so we’ve got four different things here and check out what happens so we’ll go full screen now we’ve added this and it’s the same text box but since we’re animating each individually now second third fourth so the text box had that effect of showing up one at a time and now we still have that disappear effect that was in order after our individual text appearing so hopefully this was helpful again if you’re using a PC it’s going to look a little bit different unfortunately I don’t have a PC available to make a screencast for this kind of stuff so I’m hoping that the animations are labeled the same it’s still either appear or disappear and you just need to be able to find where it says animations and the same rule still applies just going to be located in a different spot wish you the best of luck and let me know if you have questions or if you’d like clarification thanks

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