Pope Francis on the Feast of the Holy Family in Vatican City on December the 27th made a statement that has been getting some attention lately I’ll leave a link to the story in its entirety in the description box if you want to read it for yourself but the article reads the Pope reflected on the Sunday reading from the Gospel of Luke in which a young Jesus stayed in Jerusalem in the temple causing great distress to Mary and Joseph when they could not find him for this little escapade Jesus probably had to beg forgiveness of his parents the Pope suggested the gospel doesn’t say this but I believe that we can presume it now I don’t believe that we can presume this at all and I don’t think any true Christian or faithful student of the Bible would come to such a conclusion because the implication here is that Jesus had committed a sin because if you need to beg forgiveness from someone that means you had committed a sin against them however that is contrary to the Scriptures because the Bible says that Jesus was sinless speaking of Jesus first John chapter 3 verse 5 States you know that he appeared in order to take away sins and in him there is no sin not to mention in the story from Luke when Jesus got lost and was later found in the temple by his parents chapter 2 verses 48 through 49 states and when they saw him they were amazed and his mother said unto Him son why has thou thus dealt with us behold thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing and he said unto them how is it that ye sought me wist ii not that I must be about my father’s business therefore Jesus was doing nothing wrong he was simply fulfilling the will of his father this isn’t the first time the Pope has said something to undermine Jesus and the Bible for example on October the 19th 2015 the Christian Post reported that Pope Francis said the Bible is a highly dangerous book in October the second charismatic news.com reported that Pope Francis stated that Jesus’s life was a while addressing st.

Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City why do I think the Pope is saying these things I think he’s saying them to subliminally conditioned people to not take the Bible or the stories in the Bible literally this will send people up to be deceived and receive the mark of the beast you see the issue of the mark of the beast is going to be over the 10 commandments Revelation chapter 14 verses 11 through 12 and speaking about those who worship the Beast and receive His image and the saints of God described the saints of God as they had keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus by deduction that means that those who receive the mark of the beast won’t keep the commandments of God before Jesus returns he will have prepared a people that follow him so closely that they no longer give in to any of the devil’s temptations they will no longer commit any willful sins the Bible calls them the hundred and forty-four thousand revelation chapter 14 verses four through five says they followed the lamb which is a symbol for Jesus wherever he goes and in their mouth is no guile or deceit and they are without fault before the throne of God the devil knows that Jesus wants to cleanse and empower a special people for himself before he returns to demonstrate the character of a loving God in their lives and proclaim the truths of the gospel to a dying world to prepare others to meet the Lord at his return to counter this work of God the devil inspires individuals like the Pope to say things to undermine Jesus and the Bible so that people won’t take the Bible literally because if they won’t take the Bible literally then they won’t obey the Bible what’s more an article published on December the 22nd by Pastor Hal Meyer states that while on his return from Africa Pope Francis said that fundamentalism is a disease of all religions and the Pope goes on to say fundamentalism is always a tragedy it’s not religious it lacks god it’s idolatrous now he was saying this in the context of fundamental and radical Muslim terrorist attacks but he even threw his own church in the mix stating we Catholics we have a few even many fundamentalists they believe they know absolute truth and corrupt others he said adding I can say this because this is my church in the same breath that the Pope used to condemn Islamic fundamentalism he condemned Christian fundamentalism what is Christian fundamentalism you might be asking yourself Google defines fundamentalism as a form of religion especially Islam or Protestant Christianity that upholds belief in a strict literal interpretation of Scripture therefore according to the Pope if you are a Christian who believes in taking the Bible literally you are diseased you are not religious you are idolatrous and you lack God the Catholic Church really doesn’t have to worry about this since it doesn’t take the Bible literally for example the Catholic Church endorses evolution and that’s not biblical at all and it endorses many other practices that aren’t biblical like the veneration of Mary and the Saints the Sunday Sabbath and the authority of the Pope but what I see happening with a pope statement against fundamentalism is that he is arguing that we need to get rid of all kinds of fundamentalism in every religion so that we don’t have radical Christians or Jews running around trying to hurt each other in addition the Pope wants us all to become part of the echo medical movement to unite to ensure that we will live at peace and harmony with each other but this is really a diabolical deception in disguise it’s a plan to eliminate those who take the Bible literally and want to live by the Word of God the time is coming when fundamentalism of all religions will be outlawed and those who accept the Bible literally and follow all of God’s commandments will be called terrorists get ready submit your life to Jesus every day in prayer read and follow the Bible forsake all of your known sins in the power of Jesus let him prepare you for the future you’re going to need it tough times are ahead for Christians but if we stay close to Jesus he will guide us in the right direction thank you for watching subscribe if you’re new check out my social media links in the description box I’m on Facebook Twitter and some other sites and feel free to check out some of my playlists by clicking on the screen I have some good Christian videos which I’m sure you’ll enjoy if you liked this one God bless …

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