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This report is something you will not see reported on the mainstream media it is the biggest story ever to be reported by anyone in the history of the planet this is not rumor it is not clickbait it is fact and what you are about to see is the beginning of the global satanic cult takedown this is a spiritual battle and the Lord is with us finally hello this is Dave from net for truth USA it is June 26th 2018 and what I am about to report is absolutely shocking but it was expected because I announced this a few weeks ago in a prior video Pope Francis has been arrested by the international common law court for crimes against humanity and child trafficking this is something that you will not see on the news there has been an undercurrent of pedophilia and satanic things that are happening in the Catholic Church for a long long time and this reminds me of way back when I was married my mother-in-law called us up and said I smell something I smell something strange after a big thunderstorm and I went over there he lived four blocks away I went over there and I went in the room and I smothers you know you’re right smells like something I don’t know it smells funny I couldn’t put it put my finger on and I just you know just for shits and giggles let’s call the fire department because it smells a little bit like something’s you know some electrical stuff burning and I couldn’t find anything so the fire department came over with their infrared thing and they went into the bedroom and they pointed that thing at the wall and the screen lit up there was a fire in the wall but if you didn’t know and you didn’t have a good sense of smell you never would have found that the house would have erupted in a ball of flame about maybe 20 minutes 30 minutes after so it had it knock down a wall and hit it with the fire extinguishes in the co2 and then they had to stay by for about another hour or so to make sure that didn’t flare up somewhere else had that not been done had the fire department not responded and used their instruments to see if there was any hotspots in the house the house would have burnt up from inside the walls and this before you knew it dude it would have been a big ball of flame and there would be nothing to do to save the house we’ve been telling you this for years there is a satanic child sex-abuse murder sacrifice whatever I call it that makes pedophilia pale in comparison this is a fact it has been being done since the days of Abraham when he left the land of or this is something that’s 3,000 plus years old it is happening and it’s happening in the Catholic Church and I was raised Catholic I left the church when I was 17 years old thank God but this is nothing against Catholics I know a lot of great people who are Catholics who believe in the Lord who pray to Jesus Christ and it’s amazing that the church has been usurped by this satanic force that operates on the under the radar and with impunity and with all this money that they have to cover this shit up this is gonna stop and it’s gonna stop one way or another this is Dave from net for truth USA thank you for listening breaking now Pope wanted for crimes against humanity including pedophilia child sex trafficking and murder an arrest warrant issued for the convicted Punnett the shocked Francis is confronted in Geneva Switzerland just hours before the scheduled sacrifice of an innocent young child in a satanic ritual the Pope is shackled and then all hell breaks loose why haven’t you heard about it media blackout the truth is about to be unsealed we have breaking news a couple of weeks ago we reported to you that an impending arrest was going to be attempted on Pope Francis bergoglio in Geneva Switzerland On June 21st of this year the summer solstice an arrest warrant had been issued on May the 30th and was to be executed on June 21st in Geneva Switzerland during a World Council of Churches meeting in which Pope Francis was going to be in attendance we had also reported to you that a Catholic Black Mass was scheduled to take place at the stroke of midnight on June 21st in which a human child sacrifice was going to be performed by Pope Francis well June 21st came and went and doodle with tremendous media blackout no one at least until now knows exactly what went down on June 21st if you follow mainstream media stories you’d believe nothing happened not the case at all common law sheriffs who were armed with a standing arrest warrant confronted and temporarily restrained Pope Francis on Thursday as he approached the ecumenical Center where he was scheduled to address the delegates at the World Council of Churches and after a brief struggle between the arresting sheriff’s and Vatican security the Pope was released and rushed into a waiting vehicle two of the sheriff’s who were there to deliver the arrest warrant were heavily beaten and are currently in hospital they were detained by Vatican agents and arrested by Geneva police along with two other people we’re now going to give you the complete report on exactly what happened this week a report that you are not going to hear about in the mainstream media a report that you are not going to hear about anyplace else the truth about what went down in Geneva Switzerland on the summer solstice with Pope Francis bergoglio is about to be unsealed a planned satanic black mass ninth circle child sacrifice ritual scheduled for the summer solstice on midnight June 21st was cancelled after Pope Francis avoided arrest that same day bergoglio was with his bodyguards on his way to address the World Council of Churches in Geneva Switzerland when four squad members from the International common law Court of Justice detained the Pope read him an arrest warrant placed him in restraints and attempted to escort him to a pre-arranged secure location Pope Francis appeared shocked and immobilized as a scuffle broke out and Vatican’s security personnel assaulted the two team members restraining him the two icy lcj operatives received severe beatings while 14 members withdrew according to tactical protocol as the two accosted were held at gunpoint by the Vatican security personnel bergoglio was released and rushed towards a waiting vehicle although their icy lcj arrest warrant was recognized by Interpol authorities plus judicial and police agencies in Spain America Russia and Serbia 14 members were still placed under arrest by geneva police presently there is strong concern about risks to the team members lives due to the fact that the Vatican personnel who beat the operatives were made part of their interrogation by Geneva police bergoglio had been confirmed as planning to participate in a child sacrifice and therefore our intervention could be regarded as a success in terms of stopping that ritual according to an informant on the confrontation that took place at the Catholic Basilica Notre Dame on Rue during the World Council of Churches meetings it’s the same Basilica where children went missing in 2014 and ritual killing was indicated so how did this all come about on May 30th Pope Francis Jorge Mario bergoglio was issued an arrest warrant for his role in the trafficking and death of children the order called for an immediate apprehension of bergoglio as a convicted felon and threat to the safety of children police planned to enforce the warrant at a World Council of Churches event in Geneva Switzerland where Pope Francis is set to address the assembly on June 21st the warrant was recognized by Interpol authorities plus judicial and police agencies in Spain America Russia and Serbia back on July 18th of 2014 bergoglio had been convicted by the international common law Court of Justice in Brussels for crimes against humanity and complicity in a criminal conspiracy that included trafficking and death of children although the Vatican protected Pope Francis from arrest after his 2014 conviction the May 30th warrant was issued after an informant told the ICL c.j court that a ninth circle satanic cult child sacrifice to be led by Pope Francis is planned for June 21st 2018 summer solstice in Geneva prior to meetings of the World Council of Churches child victims for the satanic right were believed supplied by an international Child Exploitation ring funded by the global elite enforced by the Mafia and organized by an office at the Vatican an informant said quote at midnight on the Solstice a heavily guarded ceremony will be held in the Catholic Basilica Notre Dame in rooaarr gand in Geneva only the top WCC leaders and the Pope will be there we’ve all been warned to keep quiet about it it’s unofficial and very secret but it’s the same Basilica where children went missing in 2014 and ritual killing was indicated I suspect they’re June 21st pact will be sealed in blood Jorge Mario bergoglio as the liable head fiduciary officer of Vatican incorporated and the Roman Catholic Church has been duly convicted in a common law court of justice of crimes against humanity and complicity in a criminal conspiracy including the trafficking and death of children I see lcj case docket number zero six one eight two zero one four – zero zero one in the matter of the People vs bergoglio Bachand well be at all 18th of July 2014 the dramatic story of Pope Francis’s child trafficking never made the mainstream media even though over 48 eyewitnesses testified before six international judges that the Vatican was paid big bucks to regularly funnel children through their pedophile ring to satan-worshipping church leaders businessmen politicians and other elites including members of European royal families two adolescent women told the ICL c.j court that Pope Francis raped them while participating in child sacrifices during the springs of 2009 in 2010 in rural Holland and Belgium according to a former employee of the Curia in Rome rapes and murders of children also took place at the carnival castle in Wales and an undisclosed French chateau a prosecutor introduced notarized affidavits by eight others claiming to witness these same crimes organised by the Vatican another witness testified that they were present during meetings with the then Argentine priests and bishops Francis and the military Hunta during Argentines 1970s dirty war according to the witness Frances helped traffic 30,000 children of missing political prisoners into the Vatican pedophile ring some of those children were believed buried in a child mass grave site in Spain that the Vatican has continuously refused requests for excavation just as the Vatican has refused requests for excavation of over 32 child mass grave sites believed filled with the mutilated bodies of over 50,000 children who went missing from the Anglican United Church of Canada though mainly 80 Catholic native residential schools across Canada the order was issued by the criminal trial division of the international common law Court of Justice in Brussels on the 30th day of May in the year 2018 now of course this continues to be a developing story one which we will continue to follow for you and bring you updates further updates about these events the the fate of the detained common-law sheriffs who are there to carry out the the warrant against Pope Francis an actual footage actual footage of the attempted arrest is going to be made available very soon and when it does we will bring it to you right here on truth unsealed so if you’re not already a subscriber to our channel please do so right now because we’re gonna have that information as it becomes available including actual footage of the arrest but they’re waiting to release that footage until every effort is made to secure the release of all those who have been imprisoned including those sheriff’s who were severely beaten in attempting to arrest Pope Francis on charges of crimes against humanity including but not limited to child trafficking pedophilia and murdered we will continue to follow it for you now you don’t have to be a Catholic to find that report very disturbing I find that this is unacceptable in a civilized world and what its going to come to I’m afraid is going to be a revolt because these people have to be arrested when the law doesn’t work people tend to take the law into their own hands we don’t want to get to that point but they’re pushing and pushing and pushing by their inaction to bring these criminals to justice these people need to be locked in a Cell and absolutely isolated from any human contact for the rest of their lives hanging firings God gas chamber lethal injection is too good for these people they have to be made an example of and they have to be taken off the face of this planet both influentially and physically their spirit has to be purged from the human consciousness this is a satanic spirit it was prophesied in the Bible and Biblical things are coming to pass I don’t need to tell you if you are informed if you are a part of this thing that is trying to right the wrongs of this planet and of this country the things that government and the elite elite think is that these people with all this money and nothing better to do with it have been doing to us for hundreds of years they need to be made an example of I’m afraid bullets are gonna start to fly pretty soon and that’s not my incitement to violence but when violence is the only language people understand maybe we should press three for violence this is Dave from net for truth USA thank you for watching autographed hardcover special edition copy of land of childhood spheres will be sent to you for $100 donation you can get the book from Amazon or buy it directly from the publisher at lulu.com links are in the description section.

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