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I’m here on back-to-back trips and we take 30 programs so hopefully 35 and that covers about seven to eight months out of a year so that’s why you see me so much in Israel very seldom do we do a rerun so if you’re watching this right now it’ll be a new program from the from Jerusalem the reason I’m saying that is if you see me standing before and what’s really crazy is people remember the clothes you wear letme they do George I think it’s a rerun well why I’ve seen that shirt before okay so these jeans are new this is new and this is new so it is a new program so we want to know that so it’s gonna be one of those days I warned you we’re going to show that manna-fest telecast where I lost it completely and start laughing forward please don’t let that happen today now I’m going to I’m going to share something with you that I want to I’ve written this down I want to make sure I have it right the way I need to share with you the Old Testament conceals the New Testament meaning that what occurred in the New Testament the birth life ministry death and resurrection of Jesus are recorded in prophecy for example in Isaiah chapter 53 Psalms 22 what is interesting is and I think this this is what started me on studying the Bible from the patterns of the Old Testament to reveal how the patterns of the Old Testament revealed the truths that are found in the New Testament for example numbers 21 you have numbers 19 you have the burning of a red heifer he’s burnt without the camp the priest looked on cedar wood hyssop and scarlet and that’s in the crucifixion story Jesus crucified without the camp the priests are watching they put hyssop to his mouth they put a scarlet robe on him remember that before he went to the cross and in these crucified on a wooden cross numbers 21 a brass snake on a pole jesus said as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so the Son of Man will be lifted up one of the things that impressed me was a verse I read years ago in Luke where Christ has resurrected a lot of people are not aware of it yet he’s on the road to emmaus which is outside of Jerusalem several miles walking with two men who were his disciples and their eyes were restrained from knowing who he was for some reason and it says that he began to expound with them the prophets which are Old Testament prophets and the law and the Psalms concerning him the reason I’m sharing that with you is one of the most amazing studies that helps me to prove two things prophecy in the Bible is 100% accurate and number two that the Bible is absolutely the only book in the world that can be considered totally inspired of Almighty God it’s something that the Bible does that honestly I’ll be honest with you guys that are Muslim the Quran doesn’t do it the works of Buddha doesn’t do it Shinto ISM doesn’t do it there’s no religion that does what I’m about to show you now first of all before we go into this parallel that’s amazing this is at what you’re about to see today is absolutely stunning this is how you prove Jesus is the Messiah if you understand what I’m about to show you no way possible a human man could relive the events of a man who lived thousands of years before him not quite thousands probably about 1400 years before him and repeats everything in detail when you go to the Old Testament it conceals stories that when you study the story you see it repeated again in the Ministry of life of Jesus one of the verses I’ve used for years is Cle Assis 1 9 of 10 it will come on the screen that which has been is that that will be that which is done is what will be done and there’s nothing new Under the Sun is there anything of which it may be said see this is new it has already been in ancient times before us now what I’m going to show you is the life of samp’s and I’m going to show you and I’m going to give you the reference hopefully and I apologize because I’ll be very honest with you I’m Dyslexic with numbers and when I see numbers I switch them every manna-fest telecast when I quote a verse if I say if I say matthew it’s Matthew okay so if I’m if you’ve ever seen me from 14 to 16 years quoting a verse and it’s backwards just to understand I read numbers backwards then my wife says I’m typing too fast I don’t know but so so I’m going to I’m going to try to go to the book of Judges and we’re going to talk about Samson we’re going to use judges 13 14 let me see judges 15 all the way through and let me look at my outline here to make sure I’ve got it right because we want to make sure we 16 so it’s judges 13 14 15 16 all right then I’m going to show you the parallel of Jesus that runs so similar to Samson now this again again this is how you know that this is real for example several years ago a man who is a scientist research the law of probability of one man taking eight different prophecies from the Old Testament and being able in his lifetime to fulfill those eight for example being born of a virgin that’s a difficult one being sold for thirty pieces of silver dyeing with your hands being pierced that Psalms 22 Isaiah 53 being buried in a rich man’s grave so he took eight different prophets Isaiah Jeremiah Ezekiel etc Malachi be born in Bethlehem he had to be born in Bethlehem the Messiah did and he calculated now this is so crazy it doesn’t even sound possible but I studied this out in research this man is very he’s he’s a mathematician and he says this for one man to come along and fulfill eight different prophecies by eight different prophets written hundreds of years apart would be equal to taking the state of Texas and filling it up with silver dollars like let’s let’s take just a silver dollar two feet deep so picture of the whole state of Texas covered with silver dollars two foot deep two feet deep take a red one paint it red tape it and then throw it in the mix and just mix them all up tell him tell nobody where you threw it till nobody would put it take a blind man and blindfold him fly him in a helicopter and say he’s got one shot to find the red one for you who know math because I’m not the math genius trust me it’s one in ten in the 17th power which means let’s say if I were to say your chances of finding where I hide this is one in ten your chances are one in fifty you know the law of probability the chance of them winning this game is 50% okay the law of probability is one in ten with 17 zero it it’s a number that I couldn’t even calculate yet not only did Jesus fulfill those eight prophecies that this man studied that the Old Testament prophets wrote but they’ve calculated these are scholars that you can find directly 39 direct ones about he his life death burial resurrection ministry that Jesus fulfilled so what is the law of probability now if we move eight prophecies into thirty-nine prophecies one man fulfilling eight is 1 in 10 to the 17th power so one man fulfilling 39 there’s so many zeros behind that you can’t even you’re checking out what I’m saying I say at home are you tracking with me now let’s do this right quick because I don’t want to want to run out of time Samson’s birth is predicted by an angel judges 13 to 3 Christ’s birth is predicted by predicted by an angel Luke through 31 the angel told the mother first and then the father in judges chapter 13 11 about Samson’s birth got Gabriel told Mary first and then revealed it to Joseph Luke 21 Luke Matthew through 21 Sampson was told he would be a deliverer to his people judges 13 5 and Christ is said that he would deliver his people in Matthew the Bible says in judges 13 24 Sampson grew and was blessed and it says in Luke 2 and 40 that Christ also grew and was blessed Sampson was moved on by the Holy Spirit when he was young in judges 13 25 Christ was anointed by this with wisdom at age 12 very young that’s in Luke chapter 2 verses 42 to 49 Sampson defeated a young lion that attacked him judges 14 5 through 6 and Jesus defeated Satan the roaring lion on the Mount of temptation in Luciani interesting this in Luke chapter 4 1 through 13 Sampson spoke in riddles to his bride in judges 14 12 through 18 and Christ spoke in riddles called parables to his bride mm-hmm Luke 8 4 through 10 Samson did not marry a Jewish bride but a Gentile Genesis 14 1 through 4 Christ eventually chose the Gentiles to be part of his bride acts 13 44 to 48 Samson had seven locks that represented his covenant and his anointing locks of hair in judges 16 17 to 19 ins Christ was anointed with the seven spirits of God revelation to eight Samson was anointed to defeat Israel’s enemies in all chapters and it looked for 18 through 19 Jesus came and predicted he would defeat the kingdom of Satan in all areas Samson was angry and set his enemy’s fields on fire in judges 15 33 through 5 Christ in anger overturned the money changers in John too I wish I could get some help up in here i’ma run this this is just this is just amazing to me alright and that the moneychangers story is John chapter 2 13 through 17 look at this Samson was betrayed for money remember they offered Delilah silver to betray him woo judges sixteen sixteen through nine Christ was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver for money matthew 14 to 16 samson appeared to have been defeated in judges 1621 and in matthew 27 at the crucifixion christ appeared to have been defeated Samson’s enemies rejoiced in his defeat judges chapter 16 and verse 24 and Christ’s enemies were happy with his death Matthew 27 25 Samson was mocked by his enemies judges 16 25 Christ was mocked on the cross Matthew 27 29 Samson appeared to be spiritually dead remember that judges 16 21 through 25 and Christ was dead and laid in the tomb we get ready to shout now in Matthew 28 I’m sorry master 2760 Samson made a mighty and unexpected comeback there it is there it is and Jesus made a comeback by raising from the dead look look I’m going I’m old you know he said run through the troop and leave over a while excuse me I’m on my way changed my mind all right I’m not finished preaching it get out here’s here’s a good one ready that’s a good one Samson killed 3,000 enemies in his death judges and 3,000 were saved on the day of Pentecost and honestly and honestly this this is the part that okay I’ve gone three different directions I got a rabbit trail rabbit trail rabbit trail so let me pull one of them down right here people have asked me you know you saw what we just did there we took a parallel of something which has been to show you how it will be repeated again in history years ago and I’m not trying to bring up old messages but I remember in 1992 this was three days after the 1992 election of the Clintons I was in Pigeon Forge Tennessee at the Grand Hotel and I said Lord give me a word and the Lord spoke to me now this happened and now there’s our witnesses there’s partners in fact Robin Taylor here and Charlie they were at that meeting the Lord said this the same spirit that was on a heaven Jezebel will come to Washington and and looking back on let me just share this with you but looking back on it a have they lived in an ivory house and of course that the first family lived in a white house he was acute was that was assaulted by a lying spirit the only place in the Bible a lying spirit was mentioned was with a half Bill Clinton was impeached for lying she signed papers in his name over a land deal nay buffs Landale that’s the rose law firm nebith an innocent man is slain vince foster connected to the land deal is found dead oh you don’t want to go there with me I don’t think it got to the point that I found about twelve parallels when it was all said and done over eight years and I predicted in the 1990s she would go after the ivory house because she was in the house after he was gone and we know the story when I do studies like this people want to know how did you get involved with studying like the Hebrew roots of Christianity because basically my father was a pastor and he preached from the New Testament and we didn’t preach much from the old it wasn’t because we didn’t believe in it we just preached from the New Testament the answer is twofold to be honest with you it all started when I came to Israel the first time in the 1980s my god to get in Shore told me about the earthquake fault line on the Mount of Olives showed me how the Dead Sea was drying up and it was helping fulfill these each of chapter xlvii showed me the birds of prey in the Golan Heights or the base shot area and the Bible says that in this great war of gog and magog the birds of prey will eat the flesh of captains captains and kings and people that’s in Ezekiel 3839 so my prophetic interest started by coming to this land and realizing that these were things not being reported in my earlier days I would go to revivals sometimes they would go two weeks three weeks five weeks six weeks 11 weeks in one church and on Saturday night I would have a prophecy update night and we had camera guys there with not video they would follow me around taking slide pictures and I would do a prophecy update with slide pictures and I remember it was the largest night of the meeting people would stand around the walls to watch and we all get excited about what was not being reported over in America that was actually a part of Biblical prophecy that was now being fulfilled in Israel so that triggered that but when I began to study the Bible with a what we call the Hebraic perspective which a lot of a lot of our Bible schools in America will teach Greek but they don’t concentrate on Hebrew but when you understand that the New Testament by men with a Hebrew mind when you understand that Jesus was considered a rabbi teacher and you understand the Old Testament and you understand the patterns this is how you prove this is how you prove that Christ is the Messiah is by going to the stories that are a thousand years older than him I want to say older than him I mean he was eternal but when he was born in Bethlehem the stories that are 800 years a thousand years 1500 years to the time of Moses older than him and these events that are taking place I’ll give an example and I’m gonna I’m kind of shooting from the hip here which sometimes is my favorite way of teaching I have a lot of people who write me and they said if the rapture and you talk about the word rapture pair you talk about the coming of the Lord etc but if the rapture were true then it should be found in the Torah and they get shocked when I tell them it is and they say no it’s not I said no you haven’t read I can take you to where they came out of Egypt by the blood of the Lamb the water baptism of the Red Sea and I can show you that when they got into the wilderness to watch this God came down with the sound of a trumpet on Mount Sinai it’s called takea hago de la which is a long and loud blast because it said the trumpet lasted loud long okay that’s what happens in 1st Thessalonians 4 at the coming of the Lord for the church then it says there was lightning and it says in Matthew that Jesus coming is like lightning and it says there was thundering voices and the coolest part is it says this and the Lord came down and Moses went up and then if if you come into the New Testament the Lord descends from heaven he comes down and we who are alive and remain or what caught up so I went to Exodus 19 and and showed about seven if I remember right six to seven major phrases or words or patterns that reveal what Paul talked about with the coming of the Lord for the church so one of the reasons we have barred me I want to say this we have a great audience on manna-fest Believe It or Not more outside of America than in America outside of America it’s so huge it’s almost crazy in one of these days and I guess I’m prophesied to myself here God gave me a burden for America but I know that one of these days he’s going to tell me to go and preach to the nation’s and I’ll be in Africa I’ll be in New Zealand I’ll be in London Singapore and I know the day comes and it’ll be before I believe it’ll be maybe I don’t know I’m not going to try to predict you because people say well Perry said this Perry said that you know but I do know that the nations of the world are interested in the deeper teaching of God for years for example in some of the European African nations Latin American nations they would get good basic teaching of the Bible but I’m realizing now that people are on a level of knowledge and understanding because Daniel said knowledge would be increased that they desire to learn these things manifest was developed by the Holy Spirit God gave me the name of it in an all-night prayer meeting he spoke to my ear audibly manifest and I heard it and rod parsley my friend said it’s the greatest name for a Christian TV program there is Perry but God gave us the title manifest and I believe that we’re called to the Lord to bring you the teaching that is this that’s not just your average ABC of understanding but to bump you up into the level of where you get hungry to read the word and you say wow I need to get into the book I need to find this out so our resources I hate I apologize to our people in foreign countries our resources are not available in foreign countries but the ISO international school of the word is going to be out into the nations of the world and you’ll be able to get courses through our internet school hopefully we’re going to be able to do it one day in all the nations of the world we’re doing certain nations now but you go to VOA org and look up ISOs school and see when we launch this and it may be a by the time I’m teaching am arab you launch because we have to teach the things of god that may not be taught to average people and i’m saying to god be the door for that so this is what we like to teach all right so thank you for joining me we have an offer for you we’ll come back in just a moment with some great information so let’s get a lord of praise I’m excited to offer you my newest prophetic DVD a two-hour teaching on ancient symbols and prophetic parables revealing Christ’s return awesome insight is concealed in the symbols found in the ancient catacombs during the first three centuries of Christianity also certain words and phrases used in the scripture cannot be understood without understanding Greek Roman culture I will disclose some fascinating insights to Christ’s return on this DVD I also present details on significant New Testament parables dealing with Christ’s return and unlock exciting revelation that many Christians have never heard explained including the parable of the talents the parable of the ten virgins the wedding parable the 153 fish and nuggets concealed in the wedding of Cana of Galilee also the parable of the disobedient servant this new DVD includes numerous word clues that are often overlooked by readers of the New Testament I will analyze several parables to expose our final warfare including our three final attack that most believers will encounter in the last days I’m also including a unique two CD album pruning your family tree what junk is hanging on your family tree what nasty family roots are in that tree I want to give you the process of regenerating the bad genes in your family DNA by using spiritual principles and spiritual laws found in the Word of God and I’m going to show you how to break negative generational cycles and spirits through this teaching learn how to get rid of what is destroying the fruit in your life and the success that you could be having now the new DVD and CD are available for 30 dollars or more and then you can order by calling one a Britt that’s a toll-free number order online at or you can write and give an offering a $30 or more and request the offer and you can ride it perry stone PO box 3595 cleveland tennessee 37320 when riding your calling request offer on PA r that’s part one thirty this is a limited time offer so order today we’re hoping that you’ll be blessed and I know you will with this exciting manifest offer I want to take just a moment and just encourage you to take time to get the resource offer and this is the reason why we spend weeks I spend weeks I don’t have researchers we do all the research and prayer for these resource materials ourselves myself and I want you to get it because we spend a lot of time to present it to you in hopes that number one it will change your life number two it will be a blessing to you number three it will teach you something you may not have previously known about the Word of God but one of the things that’s very important is this for manifests to stay on the air worldwide it takes people purchasing the resources and they’re only available technically here in the United States so we need your help to keep manna-fest going on all the television networks you know there’s always new people coming in new programming coming in and a lot of our partners that I’ve been preaching for to two years so a lot of our earlier partners are going to be with the Lord a lot of them have passed away and so there’s a lot of void out there so we just want to remind you that when you get the material you’re helping to keep manna-fest on the air there’s something I want to address very quickly and that is that I received a word I’m not a person that’s into a lot of personal prophecy unless that personal prophecy confirms in your spirit something the Lord has already dealt with you about so personal prophecy is often for a confirmation of something God’s already told you because if you’re his sheep you will hear and know his voice if you’re close enough to him God will speak to you and direct you according to Romans chapter eight as someone gave me a word that that the Lord would have me go to the new places that and not simply go back to the same places over and over again there’s churches where I love these churches but we’ve been there 12 years 15 years 20 years every year and the Lord has put it in my heart to go places that we’ve not been before and one of the places we’re going to be coming to in the month of June of 2019 is Alaska I have never preached in the history of my ministry in Alaska but we’re coming to a church in Alaska and then we have our birthday cruise I don’t know if you heard about that or not but our birthday cruise will come up the next week after that and we’re planning and I want everybody to hear this if you live in Idaho you live on the western side of Colorado you live in Utah we are doing a meeting it is a inner is it is going to be a prophetic summit in in Salt Lake City Utah in July of 2019 and we actually are going into these areas and churches that desire to be a part of this and work with us we’re working with different churches and different denominations and we’re going to pay for the Convention Center we’re paying for the PA system for the musicians to come in we’re taking care of all the expenses so that there’s no burden on any church anywhere and we’re want to minister in that part of the country and so there’s other places that we’re looking to come to some will be in the West some will be in the Midwest and if we have an opportunity to come in your area and you’re within an hour to three four-hour drive get a hotel room and come and be with us and let’s see revival in places that haven’t had it god bless you Perry stone invites you to join him for his 2018 Israel tour the dates are November 19th through ……..

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