I want you for a moment to look at Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 from the amplified I am going to read the Joyce Meyer translation okay this is the amplified her favorite translation and so I normally preached from the 1611 King James but there there is a translation a word translated here that I want to emphasize to you and here’s what it says in Jeremiah 29 verse 11 for I know the thoughts then plans I have for you says the Lord thoughts and plans for welfare of peace and not for evil to give you hope now watch the phrase in your final outcome in your final outcome now I want to ask you a question and you don’t have to answer it out loud but there is a three-letter word that has spoken more daily than any word probably existing and it’s not God I’ll give you a clue it’s not G OD or God but think for a moment what is a three-letter word that is spoken it can be spoken in different forms it can be spoken in the form of wanting to have an answer it can be spoken in the form of a question what is it it’s WH Y which is y and for the next few moments I want to ask the question why God why God question mark meaning why is it that there are such bad things happening in the earth if God is such a loving God one of the things that causes more people to doubt Christianity is the statement that I have just made if there is a God and he is so loving why did he not stop out off Hitler from killing six million Jews if God is caring and loving why doesn’t he stop the famines in Africa and help the poor people there and the babies that have no food to eat we could go on and on with the list of why’s that people have but I have traveled the country quite a bit and I have found out that there are five big why’s that people have no we’re not going to answer these tonight but these are the big five why number one is this why did God allow my companion to die so young and leave me to raise small children wine number two is this why did God allow a child to die young when it’s not fair of a sickness or an accident or even a drive-by shooting it’s just not fair God a child died and then we have the question that comes up why does God allow evil men to continue to do evil things in the earth could he not just stop their heart could he not just take him out could he not just send an angel like you did to Herod give the guy worms and let him by die in five days come on why what’s the deal here number four the wine number four is why does God allow bad things to happen to absolute good people why when the hurricane hit that it take out the believers house and the heathen guy still has a home to live in why do bad things happen to good people number the next one is why does God allow war and famine and suffering to occur in nations that are already suffering I’m going to say something to you the wh-why the three-letter word why has caused more people to turn against God when they didn’t have an answer for a crisis that happened than anything else one man I just studied this guy’s life his name is Chuck Templeton you may have never heard of him Chuck Templeton when in in the early days of ministry in the 1940s was a young man in his 20s him and Ron Clifford were Baptist evangelist preaching all across the nation having crowds of thousands they actually did an article in the Baptist Review magazine that Templeton and Clifford were the Babe Ruth’s of global evangelism and would be the greatest preachers in the Baptist denomination one man that was actually about the same time called to preach and preaching in small places was a man named Billy Graham who was not even mentioned in that article but something happened as a matter of fact Chuck Templeton became Billy Graham’s associate when Billy became known went to Europe with him he helped set up meetings traveling with it and one day they were sitting in a room together and he made this statement Templeton said Graham I cannot believe that God created the earth in six days does not make rational sense to me that it could happen when scientists are saying something else Billy said to him Chuck I want to tell you something I have learned that when I take the Bible literally and say it means what it says and it says what it means that’s when the anointing of God touches my life and he said I have to believe if God said it that’s the way it was Templeton saw a War break out he saw pictures of children suffering and he had a real issue of not understanding why would God allow it to happen to make a long story short this man that could have been equal to Billy Graham reached as many people as Billy Graham became an agnostic became an agnostic and totally turned away from Christianity and turned away from the ministry I read an article about him in one of his final interviews before he died and he made this statement Jesus Christ is without a doubt the greatest person that I ever knew and he’s talks about how he one time had a walk with God and the last thing he said was and guess what every now and then I miss him what a broke what a way to go every now and then I still miss him and so I thought about this man and I thought about the number of people I’ve come across over the years that have had something happen that makes no logical sense yet they want to know why didn’t God intervene in that situation there’s a man in the Bible and you know the story but I hope to show you some things here that are interesting but there’s a man in the Bible that was called the greatest man in the east he was a man that had ten beautiful children and they had their own homes they lived somewhere it’s believed in the area of the Arabian desert perhaps Saudi Arabia maybe even the edge of Iraq today but he was the wealthiest man of his time he had thousands and thousands of oxen and camels and donkeys and 7,000 sheep and he had a beautiful wife and all of a sudden something happened that made no sense a whirlwind came out of nowhere and hit the house and it collapsed on his ten kids and killed all of them instantly a servant is running to say you’re not going to believe what happened and while he’s doing it another servin comes and says I’ve got bad news lightning came from the sky it was the weirdest thing and you’ve got 7,000 dead sheep they’re all burnt up laying on the ground while that man is speaking another servant runs to him and says this I’ve got bad news you’re not going to believe what happened the Chaldeans and the sabaeans who are those crazy tribal people from Arabia came in here on their camels and have driven away all the flocks you have no flocks left it’s the strangest thing I’ve ever seen what are we going to do now here’s the man that all of a sudden realizes I’ve just lost 10 kids I have now lost all my property but it doesn’t end there there’s a second wave of an attack that comes shortly after that and it was the attack on his health if you read what he writes about his health he says I had boils breaking out with skin worms coming out and I was taking pieces of broken pottery and I was picking those worms out read it he talks about it who am I talking about I’m talking about Jobe now here’s what happens when something bad happens good well-meaning people will come along and want to give you help and support but sometimes they say the wrong thing at the wrong time for example you don’t go to a funeral where somebody has lost a baby and make a foolish statement that says well honey heaven needed another angel and so it God took your baby that’s foolish first of all babies don’t become angels when they get to heaven there’s still children secondly God has two angels for every devil you fight so the angels were already out numbering the enemy you can’t say that to a mama hen who has just I heard somebody say one time this is the craziest thing a preacher died young well I’ll tell you what I believe brother I believe God Jesus is up there making those mansions and he needed some help you got to be kidding me the God of heaven that could stand on nothing speak to absolutely nothing commanded to become something call it the earth and hang it on nothing he needs help in creating a mansion and for your information in John 14 jesus said in my father’s house are many mansions that means there are eight created he’s not up there building you up someone said well he said I’m going to prepare a place for you that place was access to God access directly to God you don’t have to go through a priest you go directly to him you don’t have to go through a high priest you go directly to him he prepared you a place to have access with God the mansions are already there so people mean well but so job has three friends that come along I’ve got to talk to you about this because we’re about to go deep in just a minute I got to talk to you but they did three things right number one they came to Jobe and surrounded him in a moment of calamity that’s what a real friend does he finds out where you are she finds out where you are she comes to you to hold your hands up good thing guys to share you did a good thing number two they emphasize with him he tore his garment and wouldn’t talk for seven days they sat there for seven days with him with their ripped garments and wouldn’t say a thing because they saw his grief was great good move guys you know how to flow with this thing you’re not asking him questions you’re letting him work out the grief of number three they spent Dave seven days with him and would not carry on a conversation to bring up questions that would cause any of them to form an argument so they’re actually doing the right thing well all of a sudden Jobe opens up his mouth and when Joe begins to speak about he does not understand what is happening here’s what begins to take place suddenly jobs three friends have the explanation as to why a man like him would suddenly lose everything is God and these you know one guy named build dad and one guy named so hard one God name let’s see let me get their names I got the third one in here somewhere could have quoted bill dad so far and they live fast three of his friends come along and here’s the basic thing I did a commentary on the book of Job let me give you their three arguments argument number one job you have secretly sinned if you have not had a hidden sin and a secret sin none of this would have ever happened and you opened a door to the devil because of your secret sin that was argument number one argument number two was job you have way too much pride in you God’s trying to take you down a notch or two you were the wealthiest man all the east you got a little arrogant a little bit of ego in you and so God has taken you down to prove a point that the proud shall be brought down low and the third thing they said the job and these are the three friends said job you’re selfish with your wealth and if you’d have given more of it away God would have not had to take it from you so they’ve accused him of sin they accused him of pride and they accused him of selfishness now if you go back in the book of Job which we don’t have time to do tonight you will discover that job answered all three of them in their argument he said look at me he said you think I got a problem with sin I made a covenant with my eyes that I will even look on a woman and you’re accusing me of having sinned when I made a covenant with God to walk holy you don’t know what you’re talking about and then the second one comes along and he talks about you’ve not been given and he said let me tell you about giving when poor people came by I gave them my bread when people that needed money came by I gave him a piece of money what he does is he counters their arguments by showing what he did in his life now look it did not help this man one bit to have three comforters who are absolutely not comforting him but they’re trying to give a logical explanation or a spiritual explanation as to why trouble came can I talk to you for just a minute can I tell you that job nor his three friends knew what really happened can I tell you that they believe Moses wrote the book of Job many scholars do and whoever wrote the book of Job had a revelation on chapter 1 and chapter 2 when Joe glossed it he said the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away blessed be the name of the Lord and the Bible said he did not sin with his mouth but here’s my point God didn’t take it away from him but he didn’t know it he did not know it maybe he knew it at the end maybe he got a revelation later but it was the devil who came and said take down the hedge let me attack this man and I’ll show you that he’ll curse you to your face so ladies and gentlemen Jobe didn’t realize it was an attack of Satan he never blamed never sinned with this mouth live the right thing said the right thing but when you come we’ll come on down to the end of the book because we guys we don’t like everything in the middle we like the beginning in the end tell me the first part tell me the last part give me the Alpha give me the Omega I won’t know how this thing ends so let me tell you how it ends God shows up in a whirlwind and he looks at those three friends and I quote you have not said that which is right about me before Jobe he said now here’s what you got to do you got to put an offering on the altar and you’ve got to offer an offering and Joe has got to pray for you lest I come to you and judge you because of your father and when three things happen hey Joe forgave those that were talking bad about him Joe put a sacrifice of blood on the altar and Joe prayed for his friends come on you got to release some people to get your blessing back up the Bible said that he was blessed with twice as my god turned the captivity of Jobe and blessed him with twice as much in the end as he had in the beginning sometimes even though it’s your mama your daddy your ID your brother your sisters somebody that you love they’re gonna come to you and try to up somehow comfort you in a time of crisis I’ve come by to tell you there will be some times in your life that you’ve got to look at somebody and say I can’t figure it out either I do not know what happened I can’t tell you why it happened I wish I had our answer for this but I got news for you God has not changed God has still got with my money with my daddy who was an evangelist like Kenneth Hagin all Roberts he could pray for the sick and they’d get healed he had the gift of working of miracles 16 people got healed of cancer totally healed the last probably seven years or eight years of his ministry Rob and Tammy who’s with me they’re they’ve been with me 30 years friends for 30 years they knew dad and he had great gifts of the Spirit I watched him operating all nine gifts of the Spirit but he said I looked at him at 75 years of age where his eyes had grown dim where sugar diabetes had eaten parts of his organs and he said son it’s hard to understand how does a man pray for the sick around the world he could pray for the sick and get people healed deaf people healed cancers fall off of people tumors disappear and yet I sit in this chair and I cannot see and he said I can’t go out and minister and we came to a scripture in the Bible and that scripture says this Elijah if you will remember received a double portion of Elijah as a matter of fact that Elijah had so much anointing in his body that the Bible said they threw a dead man on his bones and the dead man was raised back from the dead by touching the bones of the man of God what does that tell you that tells you there was an anointing that was not just in his spirit it was in his body the double portion was so strong his spirit could not contain it it overflowed into his flesh but yet he’s in a tomb and that anointing is still activated in the man’s bones but can I tell you how he died are you ready for this your Bible said Elijah died of the sickness where of he died here’s a man that had a double portion here’s a man that performed 32 miracles while his mentor’s performed 16 his teacher did 16 Elijah he did 32 he doubled the miracles he had a double portion and we have no idea what happened but a sickness hid him that he was not able to recover from how do you explain that how do you explain him dead man’s bones can raise the dead man from the dead but the dead man’s bones didn’t have enough something in andorra faith in the guy or the sickness was so great that the man went ahead and I’ve come by to tell you something and that is this there’s going to be some times in your life when the fire burns the house down and you can’t blame it on God and you can’t believe it on the devil and you can’t blame it on your neighbor you just gotta say I don’t know what happened but I’ve got to rebuild this thing again there’s times you California folks note that our earthquake comes in a building is taken down you can’t say God sent the earthquake because of judgment I’m telling you or the devil did it because he’s mad sometimes the earthquake comes cuz the earth is groaning and in travail arriba waiting for the day to be delivered your Bible says that in Romans sometimes it’s not God judges sometimes it’s not the devil who’s mad sometimes the earth is travail and in groaning waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God it has to do with judge but it’s got nothing to do with people being bad while they’re bad while they don’t do good things dear Lord listen we don’t none of us get what we deserve because if we really deserve it we’d already be gone but see there’s an are gonna preach this right here on the east coast of San Francisco’s bad but I got some bad boys in San Francisco California’s bad they got everybody on the East Coast don’t know there’s a bunch of Holy Ghost filled safe people in the state of California I’ve been here to find out that God got some people out here on these days you got to watch Ocala for is gonna get hit and end up in the ocean I Got News for those folks to think that way I got a word for you in the Bible it says Oh Lord Jesus then when God was about to take Sodom and Gomorrah the two wickedness cities out and you know what those boys were doing he goes to Abraham and Abraham said God if you find ten righteous what were you doing and God said I’ll let the city survive if I can find ten I’ve got news for you I’ve been to California and God’s got more than ten some of these people who don’t like Christianity agnostics and atheists better wake up one morning and realize the reason we’re blessed the reason they’re blessed is because we’re blessed the reason that they’re still here is because that we’re still here because as long as God has a remnant God’s remnant can seek God and withhold the things which could happen how is somebody would have helped me I preach this thing through just a little bit so then the question shall arise let’s go to Luke 13 quickly if you have your Bible let’s go to look 3rd Luke 13 and here’s what I like to do I would like for a moment to share with you from Luke 13 the four major reasons why bad things happen four major reasons it’s all here now before I start this I’m gonna have to give credit to whom credit is due and I’m gonna need to tell you about this story very quickly on January the 17th 2002 a dear pastor friend of mine named Walter Hallam was in Texas and they were having a meeting and he had his youth pastor his daughter his palate of a plane and several other staff members with him he asked his daughter Angela who was 17 years of age she was a powerful teacher of the word 17 years of age he asked Angela would Angela go with him and drive with him back she said no I want to fly with the others to Killeen Texas where we’re going to study youth ministries so they got in a I believe it was a 421 airplane packed that airplane out and they and they took off he did not know he would never see his daughter again I’m not going to go into the entire story but they lost an engine and the pilot told them begin to pray we have lost two engine and the pilot radioed and the reason we know this is there were two survivors in the plane and the pilot so we’ve just lost another engine y’all willing to pray and they say the angelus start praying in the Holy Ghost so was so forceful she was rocking in the chair praying in the Holy Ghost and right before the pilot landed that plane and he happened to hit a house that was empty the fuel was low so it didn’t blow up thank God for that and catch on fire but they said that she slumped over in just in a position as though something had happened to her a minister months later in fact if it wasn’t months it was actually just a short time later had a dream and he never dreams and he saw Angela in heaven playing with children and he said tell my daddy it didn’t hurt tell my daddy it didn’t hurt and they now believe and this is another this preacher didn’t know how she died but they now believe God came and got her before the plane ever crashed when he went to the morgue to see his daughter 17 years of age her body’s in perfect condition except for a large bump on her head where she bumped her head now how do you explain that this is the daughter that you believe is going to take the ministry one day this is the preaching machine daughter this is your daughter who sings and preaches and you’re thinking wow great things are in store for this young lady here’s the fact had she been sitting in a different seat she could have lived because two young men are alive to this day without any physical that they were hurt but they recovered without any injury and had she been in an opposite seat when that plane hit she would have lived so you asked yourself the question why did she go you ask yourself why wasn’t she sitting in a different seat you asked yourself was God telling me to have her drive with me and I didn’t push it enough so Walter began to experience grief and this is when he had an experience Walter Hallam told me this himself and he has a great book written called the big wine and I asked his permission to use this because I always do this when he was on my manna-fest telecast many years ago it was the first time he publicly felt released from the sorrow to talk about his daughter’s death and he shared these things on what I’m about to tell you transformed my life I would not be sharing this with you if I didn’t believe it will help somebody here what happened was this 40 days later exactly a 322 in the morning and 322 in the afternoon it’s when the plane crash happened he thought that was odd a 6-foot figure is standing right beside his bed and when that when he saw it it put him in a paralysis state he couldn’t yell he couldn’t talk he couldn’t scream and he couldn’t move but he looks at this figure he realizes the outline of this figure is a messenger of the Lord and he said Perry it was the Lord himself God knew what I was going through and I hear the voice say this Walter it’s not just your daughter dying is not just but he said let me tell you I had three of my best men that were martyred and it was not just I know how you feel Jesus said because I lost my top three leaders John the Baptist was beheaded James was beheaded Stephen was stoned to death they died prematurely and it was not just so he said I understand Walter what you say because I have felt what you feel because I lost three of my best men to wicked people through death and it wasn’t just then god’s jesus said to him he visited him and said now Walter I’m going to give you four reasons why bad things happen if my life would depend on it and someone were to stand here and say we will write your ministry out of check to pay for everything you do from here on out I could not have come up with what I’m about to show you and I said to Walter this had to be the Holy Spirit this could not be man because I would have never seen this he said neither would I so ladies and gentlemen bear with me for the next 10 minutes as I share with you the perhaps 15 in the next few minutes as I share with you why bad things happen to people and 4 reasons why evil takes place look with me in Luke 13 if you have your Bible I hope you have you’ve got your iPad or phone there Luke 13 I’m reading from the King James translation watch this this is what Jesus said to this man this is going to help somebody he said go to Luke 13 they were present at that season some that told him of the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with the sacrifices jesus answered and said to them suppose you that these Galileans were sinners above all the Galileans because they suffered these things may I tell you the truth except you repent you shall all likewise perish what story are they talking about it is a rather unknown story but theologians have a possible theory as to what this was in the time that Jesus is speaking of there were numerous rebels zillions of the Jewish faith or Jewish men rising up against Rome thinking that if they could form an army or a group of people in a rebellion they could overthrow the Roman Empire some of them were classified by Josephus as false prophets one guy said come with me to the desert and the jordan river is going to open as a sign he went down to the desert and the roman kills had killed him of all of us all of his people in this setting there was a rebellion on the Temple Mount and Pilate instead of having the people arrested had the soldiers start slaying the rebels and they did it near the brass altar where the Jewish sacrifices take took and some of the blood of men fell on that altar the priests had to continue that day with the morning and evening sacrifices they could not stop it so the story that was spread that Pilate had mingled the blood of Gentiles those people with the blood of the sacrifices now God’s Jesus says to Walter Walter one reason there is evil in the earth is because of bad government cults and wicked leaders in other words it doesn’t have anything to do with God manipulating something it has to do with the fact for example Isis kills Muslims and Christians they are bad people I believe most of them are possessed by demon spirits so in other words we can’t say it’s God’s fault that people do that it’s the fact that they are bad people they are in a false religion a deceived religion radical Islam and they do these things persecution in the time of Christianity Nero all the way to the emperor Domitian they were putting Christians on slides you they put him down a slide and they had a razor in the middle split him down the middle they put him on crosses put oil on him and lit him up at night they beheaded them they put animal skins on him with blood and turn Lions loose that fed them to the wild beasts cults and bad governments can create evil in the earth and it’s not God’s fault that they are there because people put bad people in at times even out of Hitler that he was legally elected Chancellor of Germany but yet when he began to get evil there were five assassination attempts on him and they all failed but yet here’s a man we know controlled by demons spirits that did evil things so point one evil happens in the earth because of bad governments and cults now look at the second reason the evil comes to the earth because we’re asking why do these things happen God then we find out that we come to verse 4 Jesus tells his story and says or those eighteen upon whom the Tower of Siloam fell and slew them do you think that they were sinners above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem the theme here is this you think bad things happen to people guys because they’re sinners and God’s judging them and Jesus is saying no everybody sins and come short of the glory of God and he said you can’t look at a bad situation and say it only happened because they were wicked and God was judging them that’s what Jesus that’s the point he’s making here so we look at this we find out that the Tower of Siloam a friend of mine Elias shukran who’s a archaeologists in Israel has excavated the original pool of Siloam it was an actual pool a beautiful pool that had stone steps while going down into the water but they’ve not found the tower yet I suggest to you that if they ever get the Orthodox Church to give them their property beside the pool of siloam they’re going to find the remnant of that Tower underground there was a huge tower that was spilt now stay with me because I want to show you something and all of a sudden in this tower it fell and eighteen people are killed so the Lord says to Walter Walter here’s the thing that there is a problem in the earth because the earth is still according to Genesis under a curse did you know that part of the curse ladies believe this or not blame Eve for this when you get to heaven slapper three times part of the curse of having children in pain goes back to the book of Genesis men did you know that farming and putting your sweat into the earth and taking that food out of the ground is part of the curse because of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden now here’s the point there are things that happen because men are under the curse of sin men are under the curse of sin and death I heard somebody say the other day I don’t believe God would send people to hell ready neither do I do you know why people go to hell because they’re under a death penalty and won’t get rid of it because they’re under the penalty of sin Adam and Eve sin is inherit it’s passed on it has nothing to do with God wanting to send somebody there in fact let me tell you who God wants to sin there the Bible in Matthew said hell was prepared for the devil and his angels that place was never prepared for you and I but if we reject Christ he has no other option because if that if they’ve fallen angels who rebelled say we have to be here forever why would you let people that rebel against you stay somewhere else it’s called the Justice of God so my point is because the earth is still under a curse you pick the rose and you get the thorn in your finger that causes it to bleed you see animals that will not get along with each other God is so amazing at creation however do you realize that do you realize that the little worm that the bird eats can still hide under the ground do you realize that the cat that doesn’t necessarily like the bird can’t fly away like the bird does when the cat tries to get it do you realize of the dog that has animosity to the cat will chase it but the check cat has claws that can climb a tree leave him the dog underneath barking I wish somebody would help me praise God for creation of how he put things together number three and I want to get to these two because these two are very important in Romans chapter I’m sorry Luke chapter 13 let’s read this in verse 6 he spake this parable a certain man had a fig tree planted in this vineyard and came and sought fruit thereon and found none that he said to the dresser of the vineyard now stop this is a guy who’s supposed to be watching the guys vineyard making sure he proves it and it produces fruit this is the guy over your farm this is the farmhand who runs the plow this is the guy put seed in the ground this is the fellow supposed to harvest it with the combine this is your worker on your farm picture it and he says this the dresser of the vineyard said Behold these three years I’ve come seeking fruit in the fig tree fine then cut it down why cumber if into the ground and he answered said to him Lord let this year till I dig about it and dung it and if it bear fruit well and if it doesn’t bear fruit you shall cut it down now the Holy Spirit or Jesus said to Walter from this verse Walter bad things happen because people don’t do their job properly here’s a man who’s supposed to prune it dung it to make sure it produces fruit that’s his job but for three years what’s he been doing he’s all oh yeah yeah yeah merely a limited just give me one more year and make sure things okay know what I mean by people not doing their job properly here’s what I’m saying accidents and premature deaths have come to people of this is the Spirit of God is telling me that I’m on something now that’s for somebody here and that’s why I’m here I’m telling you I’ve come I could have preached a hundred different messages I came here for one person that I know that God wanted to touch who’s about to lose their trust in God because of something bad that happened don’t know who you are the Lord does I have a friend of mine named Wayne McDaniel and Wayne and I were sitting with Pam my wife eating at the Holiday Inn on top of the hill in Cleveland Tennessee Wayne loved to collect ball cards my wife won him back to the Lord because he’s painting our house and his wife was a believer his little girl was a believer Wayne was totally lost away from God he got upset in a church situation lost out with God got angry at God and my wife was very blunt she’s from Tuscaloosa Alabama roll tide she’d want me to say that that’s just her sorry sorry for getting into flesh but she she here’s what happens she says to Wayne Wayne what a pity he said pity what am I not doing a good job she says no Wayne what a pity that if the Lord should come you and your wife are going to heaven and you’re gonna burn in hell I wouldn’t talk to somebody like that well she would because she’s concerned about him and he got under conviction and he realized she was telling the truth he’s a backslider he’s put his into the plow and look back and nobody’s looking back after putting their hand to the plow Jesus says worthy and it convicted him and he came to the Lord so I’m sitting there eating with a friend of mine who’s now believer he’s a disciple of the Lord he loves Jesus but watch what happens I almost got in his van because he had bought some new ball cards and we let we collect sports cards and I said Wayne I’ve got a pack to go overseas tomorrow I won’t be able to do it but you go ahead buddy so he’s behind me we go down the hill take a left he goes straight I get five minutes down the road and I see fire trucks pulling out heading back the way we came I said that’s odd Pam did you see a wrecker if I she said no we get home we get a call Wayne is lying underneath his van right below the Holiday Inn we found out what happened when kept saying to me my brakes aren’t working I said Wayne get your brakes fix parries something’s wrong with my brakes I said Wayne get them fixed he said well they were supposed to worked on it but somebody didn’t do him right I said Wayne go back and get him checked and he kept procrastinating he came off the hill a holiday and his brakes failed he hit a guardrail and flipped his car up he didn’t have his belt on his windshield popped out he came out of the windshield landed on top of him when I visited him he was he lived for two days with machines hooked up to him and he passed away and thankfully he went to be with the Lord but he passed away prematurely why somebody did not do their job right I was in a 421 airplane coming back from Madisonville Kentucky to Chattanooga Tennessee 13,000 feet in the air and 20 minutes from Chattanooga and I heard it the pilot said what in the world was that I said I don’t know and I saw the piston meter on the 421 the whole ride engine went out he said we’ve lost an engine when the pilot says you lost an engine and you’ve not been in the plane that’s lost an engine you look out there to see where it fell I did I’m looking and say no we didn’t lose it it’s right there and the prop was still spinning he said no let me feather the prop that’s the window and that he stopped the prop the prop stopped had a one engine left we later found out that in this particular 421 that three the three planes had this half of the same month they had a starter adapter that had a screw that they didn’t do right thus Carter the screw came undone the starter adaptor into the gears and eight the gears of the engine up while I was in the air it is a miracle of God that we survived and I’m going to tell you one thing trust me when you’re in a plane that could crash there are no atheist there will be no backsliders if let me tell you anybody in a plane crash if they perish and they had the time trust me if they knew Jesus they prayed and made it okay I trust me I’m I’m sitting there and saved men thinking about anything I ever did in his Center ever did and I told him this morning I told her just a real brief that story this morning at free chapel and I said what really kept me living was I realized that God had a purpose there were things he told me to do that I had not completed and I had to fight in my mind and say wait a minute I’m not finished yet I’ve got to build the building God told me to do a study Bible I’ve not even work God you can’t let me die tonight and then I want to tell you what really kept me alive my wife has a 1 million dollar insurance policy on me and I will tell you a funny story the boss she dated nice my wife’s in her 50s but when she was a teenager the more she they did that locked him and I came in and swept her away the Italian stallion on my white horse and it had a Miriam the girl because she fell in love with me that boys in his 50s and never got married I know what he’s thinking he’s waiting for me to die I got news for you boy I’m not going anywhere I’m not going anywhere leaving you my insurance money and my Lexus and my car my Jeep see you come on I got to get back in the Holy Ghost right here somebody better pray for me right now you better pray for me in 1962 going down a road 55 miles an hour and a 62 comet I was in the middle seat mom and dad in the front seat two boys that went to Dad’s Church hitchhiking in the back we topped a hill toward Elkins West Virginia notice that the guy was stopped his brake lights weren’t working he was talking to a girl by doctor my dad said dad said is he moving or going I can’t tell we realized he was stopped brake lights not working we go to pass a truck that’s coming from the other side we hit the guy head on Mama’s head goes through the windshield I hit the dashboard mama thinks I’m dead I was too hardheaded to die glory to God dad bent the steering wheel over the two boys in the back their hands went through the back into the springs of that old seat of that comet and guess what the problem was this we had an accident because a man didn’t do his job right right there was a car that had lights that were supposed to be working that was not working at all there is a town in the Midwest and all because of a bad wire that was in one building that got hot it burnt the town down the church I start preaching in the Bob Bible of our Church of God burnt down to the ground a beautiful sanctuary they said it started between two – ceilings there was a ceiling here and there was a tin roof and there was a wire that got hot on a system and the water system fell and exploded when the water system fell that’s voted and knocked the wall in and the oxygen in there set the whole church on fire and it burned and the smoldering ashes lasted for weeks now somebody tell me was it God’s fault no was it the devil trying to take at the building out I don’t think so what was it it was an accident why was it an accident I don’t know the whole story but could it be somebody didn’t do their job right so I want to say something to you and I don’t know who this is for while we look at God and we say why didn’t you stop it maybe we should look and say the mechanic did a bad job maybe we should look and say we were riding on bald tires when we shouldn’t have been maybe we could look at something and say we didn’t do the job right in the electrical part of the house and somehow instead of blaming the Lord every time something bad happens or blaming him because we don’t understand why he didn’t stop it then we have to come to the conclusion that sometimes we don’t have an answer and it can be because somebody didn’t do their job right my boy suffers have a little bit of autism he’s doing great Asperger’s autism believe it or not I have a small spectrum of that and I remember when my boy was really messed up and we couldn’t figure out what it was we took him to a doctor they did a blood test they said well here’s what we’re gonna do we’re going to give him antidepressant medicine I said ma’am stop just a moment you tell me what the side effects are so she says to me well side effects can be suicide I said my boy has never had a thought of suicide and you’re going to give him medicine that can make him think he can kill himself she said well monitor him and just see Pam and I didn’t want to do it but we did it because the doctor said it was okay my boy came to me what late one night I mean he couldn’t sleep he said dad I feel like I want to kill myself I said son the medicines going out the door and I said what we’re gonna do is I’m gonna pray for you and believe God I lay my hands on you walk around your room and I want to tell you something it was a warfare and it was a battle but there are people that have taken their life and you say Oh God why did they take their life and it actually could have been caused by a medication they were on they normally wouldn’t think like that am I talking to somebody in this house they normally wouldn’t think like that you say to yourself why would they do this there’s no way they would do this and they leave you disappointed and it leaves you with questions and yet there is a mix of a combination of medicines and I’m not blaming doctors here but I will tell you that in my granddad’s case they were giving him seven pills can’t countering each other and it like to make him made him lose his mind and so I’m telling you the bottom line is however we want to look at it that some people do not do their job properly or somehow they do something in a way they shouldn’t do and it causes something bad to happen let’s go to number four number four is found in Luke I’m going to read the first couple verses beginning in verse 11 and behold there was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity 18 years which was bowed together and could have no wise lift up herself when Jesus saw her he called her to him and said woman I love this Thou Art Loosed from dine infirmity and he laid hands on her and immediately she was healed at glorified God here is the fourth reason he was told that evil things happen basically because there are demons and there are evil spirits working in the earth now according to the Bible there can be a spirit of deafness the spirit of dumbness and the inability to speak a spirit of blindness seducing spirits there are lying spirits there is a spirit of jealousy in the Book of Numbers and there’s various type of spirits of different kinds of and so there are times for example Paul talked about this in 2nd Corinthians 12 when there was a hindering spirit a spirit that hindered him that 22 things in 2nd Corinthians 11 he was shipwrecked he was stoned he was beaten with rods he was put in prison he spent a night and day in the ocean and he talks about 22 things that he battled and he fought there were a result of people or circumstances working against him and it was a hindering spirit he said in Chapter 12 he said now lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of revelation that was given unto me a thorn in the flesh a messenger of Satan to buff at me lest I should be exalted above measure I’m gonna give you a nugget here people who have been preachers that I’ve studied after all my life if they walk in heavy revelation if they are prophetic or profits or they walk in extreme revelation the majority of those men are given a thorn in the flesh to buffett them and that thorn in the flesh keeps them trusting in God keeps them dependent on God because it would be easier for people like Paul Paul even said it he said I have abundance of revelations I’ve got caught up into the third heaven and saw things it was not lawful for man to see and Paul said lest I should in my heart see myself too big God allowed a spirit to buff at me but I can tell you something about Paul I’ve got a preacher right here I’m almost done but I’ve got to preach it right here in the Apostle Paul’s life that if you were to look at his life and he says look I went to Damascus and they almost killed me but they lured me in a basket and I got away he said I can remember being in the city where they beat me and I was in a jail cell but I got to sing in at midnight and God came down and got to keeping beat with us and hit this foot hit the jailhouse and we had a jailhouse rock and we all got set free he would say I remember when I was on an island catching firewood collecting it and a Viper that’s supposed to kill me in three minutes bit me but I did not die and it was a sign and wonder to the people he would say I remember being in a ship and they said let’s kill the prisoners because the ship’s gonna crash and we don’t want these 280 men to escape but Paul said God brought me in on broken pieces now if I were to tell you a summary of Paul’s life and I could tell due to that cold Roman maritime prison somewhere in Rome where the man spent his last hours and if I could pull the bones of the crusted bones of the Apostle Paul from a stone crypt and I could put one thing over his life it would be this I was hindered but I was never defeated ladies and gentlemen can I tell you something that in any of these situations in any of these wise this is how you’ve got to live you got to understand there’ll be a time when you’re gonna feel hindered there’ll be a time when you won’t understand God why did you let this happen there’ll be a time you’ll pray for someone and they won’t get healed but can I tell you it does not disturb healing when my dad who was a healing preacher who operated him the gifts of the Spirit it’s laying in a bed and can’t hardly breathe he said you tell the people that I still believe he’s just holding rough you tell him I’ve never denied that he is still a healer my body may be going but I will die believing that by His stripes I feel the Holy Ghost in this place by His stripes we are healed so this is the verse that the Holy Spirit has sent me to give somebody we’re going to give an altar call in a minute we’re gonna find out who you are really in the book of Isaiah 61 in verse 3 the Lord says this I’m going to give this to those who mourn in Zion I will give you beauty for Ashes the oil of joy for mourning the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness what does that mean you’re heavy you’re depressed you’re oppressed but I’m gonna drape you in a garment of praise you will walk away not with your head down with your head up you will walk away with a song you did not know before because you will realize that God is good despite my circumstances then he says beauty for Ashes by the way that we’re beauty in Hebrew is a fanciful headdress why would it be a headdress because in the Old Testament time when they were in sorrow you know this they rent their garment they tore their collars Jewish men would here from the collar down but they were tearing their garments and they would put ashes on there they thought ashes in the air so when you put ashes on your head it was a sign of mourning so the Lord says no more mourning no more mourning I’m gonna give you a head dress to wear I’m gonna beautify you with a new mind a brand new way of thinking and joy for mourning I love the part I can I want to say this I love the part beauty for Ashes and the reason I love the part beauty for Ashes is because of this two stories won’t take but a minute when David was wanting to go and stop a plague coming to Jerusalem he went to the Temple Mount and a man by the name of Arnon de Geus site owned the Temple Mount that’s where the Solomon’s Temple was built by the way that’s where the Dome of the rock is today and he bought it and when he bought it the Bible says that he put an altar there and the fire of God fell consumed the sacrifice in the altar all that he had left was ashes a judgment plague had come he stopped it through the sacrifice but all he looked at was ashes do you realize from the ashes and from that spot came the Holy of Holies in Solomon’s Temple where God dwelt God dwelt on the ashes Wow sig lag you know the story in Samuel David 600 men living in the city they probably shouldn’t be living in because it was not in Judah it was in the land of the Philistines they go to battle and come back and find out the Amalekites have come burnt their homes down kidnapped their wives kidnapped their children and taken all their possessions talked about the ultimate home invasion there’s nothing left and they burned the homes they are left with zero and David’s men spoke of stoning him and killing him but it’s very difficult to kill a man who has a destiny he called on God and God said pursue overtake and recover all the amazing thing about this story that you probably have overlooked is when David I’ve been to sig lag you stand on the hill and there’s where do you go where did the Amalekites go they didn’t say hey we’re over here he could have gone north south east and west where do you go to pursue so he goes by faith in one direction he doesn’t get far from the city read your Bible and it says a sick Egyptian is laying beside the road and he said who are you he said I am the servant of an Amalekite he said do you know about this invasion yes I saw it do you know where they went yes tell me and they said I’ll tell you if you won’t kill me and he said what happened to you he said three days ago I got sick and my master didn’t want me to spread it through the army so he dropped me off here David didn’t know that the entire time zyg leg was burning a sick Egyptian had a revelation God might give you a bellyache to change your situation all that simple but deep from the ashes of zyg leg God gave David the revelation of how to go after every single thing that he had lost several years ago I’ll conclude with this several years ago as a young minister I was preaching a revival in a town and I’m not going to go into detail it’s a very long story but we should God shut down drugs in three counties the drug dealers could not find young people to sell drugs in the public school and they came after me and they came after me with a vengeance and they used a police officer in a church who was very immoral who was sleeping with all sorts of women in the church and he got connected with a drug group and they said it you’re gonna have to bring the preacher down you’re gonna have to get him out of town so they go to the pastor and tell all these stories pastor shuts the meeting down I leave not knowing why am i leaving this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever had happen in my life I later find out that the drug dealers and the other individuals were responsible for the whole thing I didn’t know that till like five or ten years later and I remember that part of the drug dealers plan was to start any rumor they could about me now I’m making this story which is a 30-minute story real short it’s the greatest warfare story that I could ever tell you I started hearing things about me that were totalized that got so bad that one month later my father got so mad he called the general bishop this is the gentle overseer of the Church of God and clearly this is the highest-ranking men elected in the world he said I’m bringing my men and we’re gonna sit Perry down and we’re bringing a class-action lawsuit against you for lies and they said oh my god brother what’s being said and they acted like they didn’t know and that’s when they start calling and they start saying this is all lies about Perry stone you all shut your mouth up or his dad’s coming and look my dad is a very humble godly man we don’t believe in suing people I’ve never sued anybody in my life but I would tell there was one time I’m glad I had a Holy Ghost field wild hillbilly bad y’all understand what I’m saying don’t you all right I’m getting I’m getting ready to preach and I’m having this whole crisis of like God there they’re saying stuff about me this is Allah where’s this coming from and somebody said don’t try to don’t try to trace it down you never will you can’t trace down what people said you really can’t trace it down in social media now at all it’s crazy and I’m in a church and I preach Sunday night and I don’t want to be there Daisy Tennessee 80 people there Monday night it’s snowed and I was so glad I didn’t have to preach ice all over the place and a carload full of kids show up from the University and they’re out there and I hear them and I go outside we end up at the church we end up I told them a little bit of my story I said we got to have a got to have a breakthrough I need to have a revival I gotta have a breakthrough faith Cutshall she’s Cutshaw now I’m married to Brian Cutshaw doctor cut cells on the piano little redheaded girl all of the students at Lee University Lee College back then Montee Franklin Victor bacon two of the young man I came over their name we’re all there and we start praying and I’m in the back complaining now Lord I don’t understand why did you let this happen to me all I’m doing is having revival I fasted I prayed a woman that had her optic nerve lasered out by a doctor got healed and got a optic nerve a Korean first creative miracle ever saw an atheist archaeologist had translated a message in tongues I gave in in the language that Abraham spoke that happened in that revival and God you let this happen and I’m in the back of this church and the Lord spoke to me and said this son your problem is you’re feeling sorry for yourself and I’m not sending a revival to a man who feels sorry for his self and I said what am I supposed to do he said you start thinking about how big I am I got a word from God I’m in the back and I go through this whole thing okay okay you’re the Alpha the Omega the beginning and the end the first to last the bridegroom that keeps chief Cornerstone did the old robbers fourth man in Genesis he’s to see the woman Exodus he’s a Passover lamb Leviticus he’s the high priest at number I mean I’m doing it and I’m gonna tell you something all of a sudden and you all understand this all of a sudden little faith gives a message in tongues you know what that is she speaks out loud in tongues and Viktor interprets it thus say if the Lord I’ve seen your pain I’ve seen your sorrow I’ve seen what you’re going through and I’m gonna give you the greatest revival you ever had right here and I went oh my god that the first part sounded good but he missed it these people don’t want revival they only 60 or 70 people show let me tell what happened Thursday night out of the clear for no reason 450 people showed up in that little church you had to come to that church two hours early to get a seat miracles start happening when it was over 500 were saved and 450 filled with the Holy Ghost and three people dying with cancer were completely healed one lady can’t sort her funeral because it was God but I will tell you this I had to do something I had to quit feeling self-pity and start looking at how big my God was because look Perry stone can’t defend him and myself but my god sure can so here’s what I want to do right now I just I really feel and I know look I would have loved to come and given you a prophetic word I would have loved to come and preach something can’t mean because I’m a camp-meeting preacher but I’m telling you I don’t know who you are ma’am or sir but I had to come by here because it just might be that you’re saying to God I don’t understand it and something’s happened that’s made you just become a little bit bitter at the Lord and today you’re gonna have to release God from your heart and say God even though I don’t understand why my baby was killed why my little infant died while my husband walked out on me I don’t know god I don’t understand it but tonight you sent a man to tell me I’m not gonna ask why but I’m moving on with my life we’re gonna release things out of our spirit on the count of three this this is the way I do this on the count of three if you feel like something in the message was for you and you got to get something out of your spirit tonight and you believe God sent me here for you and to me look if one person comes I’m honest that’s worth me coming here one person that’s how I feel but it’s more than one on the count of three walk down here because we’re about to pray a prayer let’s go and bring a release to somebody in Jesus name one are you ready to come to 3:00 right now in Jesus name walk to the front you know God knows that’s all that matters you know God knows hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah blessed be the Lord blessed be the Lord come on let’s just come together blessed be the Lord father I thank you Father I bless you Father I glorify you thank you in the name of Jesus with everybody in the building lift your hands while they’re coming hallelujah [Music] thank you Jesus thank you Jesus or God I Love You Lord sure I’m going to ask the congregation now to stand no one leaving because this is just a real reverent moment and and we really want to honor God [Music] I want everybody here to put your hands up and pray a prayer with me okay and then this is important when we’re finished praying I want you to talk to God one-on-one and say anything you feel like you need to say can I tell you two things it does not bother God for you to say Lord I don’t understand and it really does not bother him to say Lord I don’t know why that doesn’t affect him but he doesn’t like it when we as his children doubt that he’s still in control and sometimes when we go through this stuff we say God where are you you’re not in control now anymore he wants you to know I’m still in control despite what you’ve been through raise your hands with me right now and say this out loud say Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus I come to you right now and I want to thank you for bringing me a word of faith I’m asking you God right now to take out of my heart any bad feelings any bad emotions and any bad thoughts that I’ve had towards you that I don’t understand and have questions and I’ve reasoned you know I’m human you know god I’m limited in my understanding and in my knowledge but I affirmed tonight in the name of Jesus I believe that God exists and is my father and does care about me God released me out of my spirit anything that’s there that should not be there this simple prayer Oh God is coming from my heart and my spirit touch me now in the name of Jesus close your eyes and raise your hands everybody talked to him on your own right now Heavenly Father we bless you right now God we’re so grateful to you for what you are and who you are come on help me pray everybody Lord those that are in the front of this building right now I don’t know everything about them I don’t know Heavenly Father everything they need but I’m looking to you in the name of Jesus and I’m asking you God to touch their life God let them be transformed from this simple service that one thing two things three things that we said burn on the inside of their heart and burn on the inside of their spirit God let faith come alive on the inside of them let the anointing of the Holy Spirit restore joy peace to them Gargan I’ve got to pray for somebody to be able to sleep Heavenly Father as I bring swagger about Oh hallelujah oh yes Father in Jesus name I call sleep and rest on this mud I call sleep and rest upon them tonight starting tonight not next week god starting tonight in the name of Jesus that the confusion that’s been in their heart their mind and their spirit God begone in the name of the Son of the Living God a God that there’ll be peace in the name of Jesus hallelujah come on everybody lift your hands and worship riding their glory to your name Lord go over to your name praise to your name God we thank you for what you’re doing right now we Thank You Heavenly Father for this moment in your presence in Jesus name we thank you for your power of God we thank you for your anointing we thank you for what you’ve done Lord we thank you for what you’re doing now we thank you God that these men and women are going to be touched by the Word of God and touched by the Spirit of God and touched at this moment Lord God as we continue to move in the service and continue flow with you and do your will we ask you Lord for everybody else that’s in this building that the peace of God will go over their heart and over their mind and over their spirit that all confusion will be removed in the name of Jesus that the joy of the Lord will be their strength in the name of Jesus I speak to you that the joy of the Lord is your strength in the name of Jesus and then God is going to restore joy to you hallelujah everybody in the audience just come on and everybody in the front just keep your hands raised and talk to the Lord just keep him raised I’m gonna I’m gonna have pastor he’s going to come and they may want to share with you that they want to pray individually with you and whatever the church normally does of course they’re going to take their liberty there now I want to say to all of you while these are praying that that I’m so honored to be able to be here I pray that the word was a blessing I want to make one apology a lot of you knew and we announced that we would bring our new testaments with the commentary with us I have two men that’s going to get in serious trouble when I get back they forgot to ship those Bibles to the church and I had people coming specifically for that I apologize for you please go online or call our office at voice of evangelism and get those you can do that okay I want to apologize to you pastor come on right now if you will please a man praise the Lord so good so good parent doesn’t get any better thank you thank you for the ministry appreciate that I just want to take a moment I want everybody just stay put give me give me five minutes all right we usually go about an hour and a half for a couple minutes over would you guys give me just about five more minutes just quickly I want to make sure everybody before you leave this place that your heart in your life is right with Jesus Christ I want to make sure that if you were to die tonight like we talked about maybe somebody didn’t do their job maybe something happened you know we are all one accident one incident one virus away from eternity not Nellis i’ma ask you just to remain right as you are just be quiet and just listen up for what the voice of God wants to speak to you right now I want to ask you one more question about your life once again just answer to your heart no no no the answer but you and God what if tonight was your last night by no fault of your own god forbid that should happen to anybody in this place but what if tonight was your last night would you go to heaven or would you go to hell because you’re only gonna end up in one of those two places the end of it all just like you heard tonight will you go to heaven or where you go to hell some of you answered the question you said oh I hope I would go to heaven listen you cannot hope your way into heaven so I mean said I I think I think I’d go to heaven somebody said I really don’t know listen you cannot think hope or maybe your way into the kingdom of God you gotta know beyond the shadow of a doubt because just like we heard tonight the wrath of God abides on those who do not know those who are just floating through life you all roads do not lead to heaven that’s like me saying all roads lead to the mode you can drive around the earth as long as you want and you will never make it in the same way what makes us think after Jesus goes to the cross and dies a beat bloody mess ascends to the Father and carries out the plan of God do you think that if God is so specific and all that that then after that he says yeah do whatever you want to do just keep doing it do your thing and I’ll just see there and heaven no he does not he tells us exactly how to get to heaven in his word Jesus made this statement he said you must be born again it’s just that simple you must be born again now I know Hollywood movies television books in the internet have described to us but being born again as they’ve told us it’s some weirdo goofy thing and you don’t want to have any part of it but listen let’s not let Hollywood movies television books in the internet define for us what being born again is being born again from the beginning of the Bible to the end of the Bible has always meant the same thing it means you’ve given God all of your heart and you’ve given all of your life doesn’t mean church attendance you can attend a lot of church and still not be saved doesn’t mean doing good works there are a lot of people did a lot better works than we could ever do and yet they’re still gonna end up in hell it doesn’t mean that because you got to volunteering or singing in a church choir or because you could quote some scripture listen the devil can quote scripture demons will leave the Jesus Christ son of God they’re not Christians they’re not headed for heaven you must be born again you got to give God all of your heart and you got to give God all of your life it’s a surrender to him and tonight I want to lead you in a prayer if you have not yet given God all of your heart and have not yet given God all of your life how do you identify that tonight if you thought hoped maybe and didn’t really know whether or not you were gonna go to heaven or maybe tonight you said I know I would end up in hell listen we can be honest in this place it’s refreshing people want to just know the truth here’s the truth you haven’t yet been born again you will not enter the kingdom of heaven you will not be with Jesus Christ forever and ever but you don’t have to stay that way tonight I want to lead you in a prayer to invite Jesus in your heart and you’ll be born again and on the count of three just like we did on one two three I’m gonna pop my hand on this microphone if you know that if you died tonight you wouldn’t make it you want to give God all your heart you want to give God all your life or maybe you’ve been playing Church games messing with got little in little out little up little down a little token prayer every now and again in occasional church attendance and God is something in your life but he’s not everything tonight is your night of salvation you can repent it out because jesus said lukewarm Christianity is not real Christianity at all Revelation the 3rd chap he said if I find you lukewarm I’ll vomit you from my mouth only people that are not real Christians will be ejected and rejected from the body of Christ so tonight is your night of salvation on the count of three who should raise your hand if you been running from God instead of to God I’m speaking to you who should raise your hand if you’re not sure about your salvation tonight is your night make sure who should raise their hand have you never done this before never said yes to Jesus giving them all of your heart and all of your life I’m speaking or finally who should raise their hand if you’re lukewarm you know that’s the condition of your heart when I described it you ready to get your hand up here we go across the whole auditorium if you’re back in the family rooms I can see you guys even if you’re watching online on the internet you can raise your hand God sees and then I will lead you in this same prayer here we go all together on the count of three if you need to do this maybe you’ve got all of your heart need to give got all of your life this is your time this is your moment of salvation here we go 1 2 3 let me see your hands just raise it up high for me right now just keep it up high keep it up on keep it up I there’s one two three four five six seven thank you eight nine thank you ten eleven who else today there’s 11 out there in the congregation of you you didn’t raise your hand yet but you know you need to there’s 11 there’s 12 up top gotcha where there thank you thank you there’s 13 14 up on top 15 over here got you right there thank you 15 16 thank you on this side there’s two more there’s 17 18 back there by the fam rooms I got you guys 18 19 thank you who else tonight who else tonight anybody else need to give God all of your heart need to give you God all of your life eight got you right there number twenty thank you thank you number twenty anybody else real quick that I did not already see your hand if that’s you you want to pray this prayer and be including this prayer right now we’re gonna pray and if you want to be including that prayer get your hand up right now anybody else real quick that I did not thank you got you over there 21 thank you over there 22 got you right there thank you god bless you who else 2023 back in the family 23 and 24 gotcha gotcha over there don’t you just know there’s 25 where you got number 25 you were sitting there wondering if you should do this yes you should anybody else anybody else real quick that I did not already see 25 where yeah way up in the back I got you over there number 25 praise God let’s pray together everybody bow your heads and close your eyes at this time I want you to repeat everybody’s gonna join in with us right now out loud and in faith put your heart on the Lord and say these words say father God I come to you now in Jesus name I give you all of my heart and all my life come into my heart be my Lord and my Savior forgive me my sin wash me with your blood cleanse me of my past and fill me now with your Holy Spirit let it be known that from this day on I am a Christian I’m saved I’m forgiven I’m headed for heaven denying my presence in Hell thank you Jesus amen come on somebody give the Lord a great big praise tonight hallelujah hallelujah all right all 25 of you or if you’re number 26 27 28 29 30 you prayed that prayer but you didn’t raise your hand that’s okay you are born again if you meant that from your heart if you believed in your heart and confess with your mouth and the Bible says that you are saved now right after church pastor Giles over here you see him right here he’s got a couple little free booklets for you guys pastor Joelle and some of our our volunteers you guys gonna be out in the foyer on both sides they’re gonna be out there on both sides as you exit and they will have that information available for you if you do not have a good home Church we want to put in our application we would love to be your church and we would love to encourage you and bless you and your new walk with God listen you didn’t join a church you joined the family of God tonight but you need to get to church and so whether it’s this one or a good healthy Church somewhere in your area just get to church all right so pastor Joelle and there will be some volunteers you’ll see them have badges on that say SPT spiritual personal trainer they will have that material for you absolutely free on both sides did you guys enjoy the word of the Lord from very strong yes love it

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