People Are Merging with Their Smartphones

Google chairman and Bilderberg attendee Eric Schmidt recently said that soon the internet will become part of our presence all the time the internet will be there will be so many IP addresses because of ipv6 so many devices sensors things that you’re wearing things that you’re interacting with that you won’t even sense it’ll be part of your presence all the time I don’t know I’ve talked about this before but he’s saying the Internet is going to become a part of you a part of your body like an arm or a leg and if you look around at any college campus lately you will see that that is basically true in fact the CEO of AMC Theaters recently said that you simply cannot tell a millennial to turn off their phones and stop texting during movies because that’d be like telling them to cut off their left arm above the elbow it’s quote not how they live their life so they’re going to find a way to Lao texting during movies because you simply cannot tell people in the younger generations that they have to turn off their phone for any given amount of time they have to be able to have their phone on all the time a weird shot we are being engineered sliding over here these two people over here both on their phone pretty much everybody around us is on their phone what do you think about that I mean I’m technically on it cuz I’m filming you but yeah I noticed they hurt me it’s really weird to go into a public place and not be able to see people eating dinner with each other because everyone is on their own and all tables around us every single table every person at the table is on the phone so you feel like it robs the ambience no I feel like I’m sitting amongst tables full of zombies who are completely tuned out there in some other place they’re in la-la land or something we live in a world now where the average American checks their cell phone eighty five times a day and the majority of those checks are just touching it for a little while just to glance at it they can’t it’s a compulsion it’s like watching people go out to eat now and the person puts their phone down like they they’re gonna stop and they just can’t stop the way a crackhead just can’t stop shooting up crack you just have to touch it all the time it’s become part of these people it’s like another organ or a body part or something I’ve particularly started noticing the amount of people who will cross a crosswalk with their face buried in the phone when if they thought about it logically you’re putting yourself in danger needlessly with the biofeedback I’m just checking every soft-like he’s doing just casually checks it the same addictive mechanism that makes in the smoke people are spending a full third of their waking hours on the phone now on the phone hardly anyone can seem to go anywhere without a smartphone not the library not the movies or dinner not anywhere people have openly loud conversations and waiting rooms now as if they don’t even realize they’re in public not even respecting their own privacy so why would they respect anyone else’s you can film these people and they don’t even recognize that they are openly being filmed people are literally teaching themselves how to walk down a sidewalk without looking where they’re going I read about a woman who had basically woken up and become critical of these phones after she watched herself accidentally dropped the phone in the toilet while there was stuff in there and watched herself in a split second shove her hand down in there to grab her phone and poles now show that 44% of babies under the age of 1 are using mobile devices on a daily basis 44% half and the number jumps up to 77 percent by the age of two and you can hardly find anywhere where there isn’t a cell tower they’re everywhere this technology is mutating people into biological Androids the Internet is becoming a part of us just like Eric Schmidt said people can’t even have a basic 5 minute conversation with each other in real life because they’re too busy being on their phone it’s become part of their bodies it’s become another part of them you can’t spend all of your time interacting with a device like that that’s emitting electromagnetic radiation signals into your head and it not have effects on your central nervous system and your brain every single one of these people is on the phone and in turn we’re becoming part of the Internet of Things so in a way we’re already biological androids and we’re already living in a virtual reality where our cars can be hacked our houses can be hacked our computers can be hacked our bank accounts can be hacked all these things can be hacked reality becomes much less real when it’s connected to the Internet because it’s all hackable there’s backdoors it’s all traceable and trackable and hackable and mean it’s oh my god okay dick novel or something to go eat dinner in public place anymore is like being in a science fiction horror film when did we as a society get to a point where we’re not able to do basic function like eat without being on a farm I think it was the upgrade to this month maybe it’s just as how I was raised we came from a poor family but when you go to a restaurant it used to kind of be like a big thing you’re going out to eat you know we’re going to have a conversation we’re going to share some time together a family date a friend date a date date whatever you’re doing but now it’s like whole groups of everyone in the restaurant it’s quiet and no one’s talking to each other and everybody’s on the phone everyone’s on the computer they’re on the computer all the time they can’t go to the grocery store and make it through the produce section without calling someone or texting somebody about broccoli or whatever the hell I don’t know what happened to us we can’t exist in reality anymore without a frickin self it’s not normal this isn’t normal it’s creepy and we’re witnessing right now the zombification of society we’re witnessing the soma out of brave new world this is what’s going on and if you think it’s bad now just wait in Soul virtual reality hits mainstream I would tell people to wake up but I don’t even think they realize they’re asleep.

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