Pennsylvania Hearing Reaction, Judge Blocks Election Certification, Trump Team Legal Updates

Streamed live on Nov 26, 2020

All eyes on Pennsylvania today (again). Pennsylvania Judge weighs in on certifying the state election results – but is it too late? Rudy Giuliana and Trump’s legal team made an appearance before the Pennsylvania legislature today. Updates on cases in Arizona, Nevada and appeals courts. Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler to discuss the latest legal news, including:

• Trump’s legal team gets assistance in Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeals as the fight continues
• Arizona GOP files petition to inspect ballots and prepares lawsuits
• Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court issues injunction to stop certification of election
• Pennsylvania Democrats immediately file an appeal to Pennsylvania Supreme Court
• Looking at the Justices on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court
• Explosive hearing before Pennsylvania Legislature this afternoon – clips and analysis from Rudy Giuliana and others testifying.
• General Flynn gets good news before Thanksgiving
• Your questions and livechat after the news!

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