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The devil loves the a you say well I think my opinion is dr. Tony Evans reminds us our words don’t carry any spiritual power but gods do when you take the sword of the Spirit and use the message as uttered the enemy in your face Pendleton this is the alternative with dr. Tony Evans author speaker and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible fellowship in Dallas Texas when we hear about spiritual warfare our first thought often has to do with how we can defend ourselves today dr. Evan says it’s time we went on the offensive instead as he brings us this advice from Ephesians chapter 6 he comes at the end of verse 17 and gives the last piece of the armor of God he says and take the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God the sword of the Spirit this is very important because this is the only offensive piece of weapon in the arsenal now let me give you three words for the word of God so that you can understand how this works because we want you to use a sword correctly graphy that is the greek word for the writings graph a means the writings scripture is called in the Bible graph a there is the logos for example in Saint John 1 in the beginning was the word the logos now the logos goes further than the graph a the graph a is the book written that has been written the logos is the message of the book but that’s not the word in verse 17 he says the sword of the Spirit which is the Rhema of God his Greek word is Rima now we’ll explain how its ties together an amendment minute but his Greek word is Rima now Rima means utterance or words spoken on declared it is the declaration of the logos that you got from the Groth a the graph a the book gives you the locus the message but it is the Rhema that plunges in and draws blood it is the Rhema that for spirit uses so many of us are not seeing the power of the Spirit because we haven’t graduated to the Rhema we the stuck at Groff a because we bought a Bible the church but the Spirit doesn’t use that that’s not the tool for the spiritual warfare it’s still the Word of God but it’s not the tool that the Spirit uses others of us perhaps most of us we come to understand the logos the message we want to understand the sermon we want to understand the truth we want to understand its message we may be inspired by it we’re educated by it oriented by it and so we now understand something we did not previously understand from the graph a that now has become logos in our minds and understanding but when it comes to spiritual warfare when the enemy is all up in your grill you need more than graphic and logos you need Rhema in Hebrews chapter 4 he speaks about the logos and this is what he says beginning in verse 12 he says the logos of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword and it’s piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit and why do you need to know that low gasp of God can get down to spirit and soul because your spirit and soul is your invisible world that’s the invisible world your visible world is a physical your body your invisible world the world where you truly live is made up of soul your personality and it’s made up of spirit the God presence in you he says this thing is so sharp that it can slice the invisible realm separating spirit and soul why does God want to use the logos the message to separate your spirit from your soul because your soul gets in the way of the Spirit it not only attacks what you do it attacks what you think he says it gets down to what you were thinking it gets down to the thought and it goes deeper than before it goes to the intent not only what you were thinking but what you were thinking about what you were thinking it gets down to the thoughts and intents of the heart it is penetrating why is it penetrating verse 13 there is no creature hidden from his sight he thought you were talking about the locusts here but he told you to log Isis a lot so the logos of the lie where the life come from his sight cuz God stands behind his word so whatever his word sees is because God is seeing it so it says there is no creating from his sight but all things are open and laid bare to the eyes of him with whom we have to do the word of God’s goal Oh God is to expose it is to expose it is God’s MRI machine it is God’s x-ray machine if all you get when you come to church is what you hear in your external ear all you did was open up grass you opened up Groff a and somebody told you something when the truth hits you you ran in the logos you ran in the lo God because the message is given Jesus is called the logos in John 1 because he was God’s messenger he came to present God to human beings he was the deliverer of the message he says that the Word of God the logos penetrates with power when the message is given when you grab the message and accept it you now have understanding you say oh that’s what that says and that’s what that means then what happens he says the sword of the Spirit which is the Rhema of God neighboring then Rema Rema is the word of God a turd or used Groff a is the writings it’s just been written logos is the message of what’s been written Rhema is the use of the message when you pull out Rhema you just pulled out the spirit because the sword is the sword of the Spirit when you pull out Rhema that is when the word that you have becomes the message that you deliver in short battle conflict when it’s all up in your face you have now given something the Spirit uses if you are satisfied with Groff a just having a Bible in your car you know on your kitchen table in your bookshelf or under your arm I’ll help you in close-up from battle if you only have logos coming to church here in the sermon even understanding the message that message is true that message is alive that message is active that message works in the spiritual realm but in close up battle with hell breaks through in your life the evil day he says what the spirit wants you to use now is not just the understanding tapes you’ve been listening to a radio broadcast you’ve been listening to it now has to do with a sword you use a dagger you use and he calls that the Rhema of God the utterance of God in the beginning God said said let there be light God spoke and the Bible says and it was so in other words the spoken word had within it the power to do what the spoken word declare would be done God spoke it and what he said happened and it happened exactly like he spoke it but watch this it didn’t happen till he spoke it God didn’t just think world world world world world come into being coming to being uh he declared it and when he declared let there be light BAM there was light because there was power in the word used not just God even having the word known God knows it all but he used what he knew the spoken words had power in it to produce what the spoken word called for it was a dagger used that is it was what the spirit and not how do we know that the spirit had something to do with it because it says that when God was ready to create the Spirit of God was hovering over ready to move when it heard the spoken word the Spirit of God was just hovering over just by this time saying to the father soon as you talk I’m ready to act I’m hanging out I’m hanging out who did you say something imma do something but I’m waiting on you father because I can’t do something now you say something but when you say something whatever you say imma do cuz you weren’t giving me what I need to pull it off when Adam and Eve fell in the garden what did the devil do mess with that word he said half God said half God said that let’s talk about what God said because he knew if he could mess up the use of the word he would mess up their power and he could now take control cuz he not heard of your words in fact the devil loves to hear you say well I think he loves hear you say what my opinion is he loves hear you say well my daddy told me he loved hear you say this is what my momma taught me he loves me hear you say well all my friends say he loves that cuz he know there is no power he knows there is no power in that he knows that sword is dull on both sides he knows are they gonna do anything with him may I go do it he loves for you to go look at Oprah and find out what Oprah says and then find out what this group says and find out what that group says and look at all the news show and find out everything he loves that cuz he knows there’s no power in that he’s scared of that cuz he knows the Spirit is not in it but when you go Rhema when you go Rhema when you take the logos and use logos he’s allergic to he’s allergic to that the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God it is the Rhema of God the utterance of the logos that you got from the graphic when you take the Bible get the message and use the message as uttered the enemy in your face kate’s Handelman but dr.

Evan says we can do more than make the devil back down by actually going on the offensive against him more on that when he continues our message in just a moment in the meantime check into getting a copy of dr. Evans book victory and spiritual warfare the perfect follow-up for our current series it explains why your problems really aren’t problems but symptoms of spiritual battles taking place behind the scenes of your life it’ll teach you how to find solutions by attacking your troubles at the root even if you’re dealing with chemical sexual emotional or relational strongholds and to help you share these important truths with your church or homegroup we recommend the victory and spiritual warfare field guide for battle an 8th session adult Bible study complete with discussion questions scripture memory verses and more get details on these and all of our resources when you visit us at Tony Evans org or by calling 1-800 832 22 I’ll repeat all that information later in the program right now though let’s get back to our message here’s dr.

Evans look at Matthew chapter 4 real quick Matthew chapter 4 then Jesus verse 1 was led by the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil and the tempter came to him verse 3 and said to him since you are the son of God command these Stones become bread now we read at the end of verse 2 Jesus is hungry so where does the devil meet Jesus he meets Jesus at the point of his problem so the devil shows up at a specific time to address a specific need a legitimate need in his life that he is now hungry he says go give a son of God you can do whatever you want to do won’t you turn these stones in the bread Jesus says it is written if the Living Word needed to use the written word to deal with the enemy of the word then how much more you and I who have written no word need to use that same word against the enemy of the word what makes you think you better be Jesus Jesus wouldn’t even go at the devil based on what he thought and he had perfect thinking he wouldn’t go after the devil based on who said what and what he didn’t even say well well this my what my daddy taught me he said let me tell you what the graphing says but when he tells him what the Grasse says he tells him what the graphing says based on logos because he quotes Deuteronomy chapter 8 so guess what Jesus is in the new testament but he reaches back to the old testament to a passage that dealt with the situation he was currently facing in the New Testament because the New Testament hadn’t been written yet so he’s hungry the devil says I’ve got a feeding program Jesus goes into his computer he googles it feeding program feeding program feeding program feeding program no he hits feeding program in Deuteronomy 8 it’s real is crossing the wilderness and they are hungry and they need a feeding program so when the Google vegan program it took him back to Deuteronomy a and it told him when they were crossing the desert and they were hungry that they call on God and he rained down cornflakes from above called manna the Hebrew word manna means what is it or if your urban what it is and it had to do with cornflakes from above he rained down cornflakes from above in other words God met them in their hunger through our supernatural means the devil was offering to solve the problem to a satanic means God is offering to solve it his way the devil was offering to solve it his way both were trying to address a legitimate need the issue is not is my need legitimate the issue is who’s giving me the advice as the how to address it Jesus Christ Google down feeding program ran to Deuteronomy 8 and say double let me tell you what God said about this situation it is written man shall not live by bread alone but man also lives by where it came from every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God when he heard what was written he couldn’t handle that anymore he went to another subject he then takes him to the top of the temple and says jump off cuz then everybody will know you Messiah when you hit the ground like Superman spider-man or Batman they will see that that jump didn’t kill you and they will all know you are the son of God guess what Jesus says it is written again he says it is written he shall not go 7 put the Lord God to the test he was saying Shamus and test God God say don’t test me he said Satan this is what God told me to tell you about you telling me right now the jump are the pinnacle of the temple then he eight he took him to a very high mountain and showed him all of the world and their glory he took him please notice he took him he took him do you know sometimes God will let the devil take you God let the devil take Jesus Jesus goes along the God let the devil take him he cooking me sitting I’ll give you all this stuff all this money all this glory all this power all this Fame I’m gonna give all this stuff to you if you do really what I was after all the time get on a knee and worship me if you will just recognize me as Lord of your life imma give you the whole world I’m gonna give you the whole world Jesus Jesus said verse ten it is written you shall worship the Lord your God and serve him only Satan said worship Me Jesus Google worship being okay you shall worship the Lord your God but he didn’t just study the Bible and know what it said he opened up his mouth and said what it said he told the devil devil let me tell you what God just said about what you telling me and when he told the devil this the Bible says that the devil verse 11 left him and behold angels came and began to minister to him the devil left him oh oh I hope you get this God likes baseball three strikes you out he said it is written it is written it is written the devil couldn’t handle more than three strikes and the devil was gone you say why won’t the devil leave me alone can he know you ain’t go ever say it is written you know you’re never gonna bring that up you know you gonna start talking about my neighbor my family my friends my my thinking my TV my reading my education he know you never gonna go and Google anything about what is written or if you do you’re never gonna use it so he doesn’t have to feel you he can hang out with you all day cuz he knows that you will not use the one two that the spirit does use to give you victory in the spiritual realm in other words you read the graph a so you can understand the logos so you can use the Rhema it is to be used not only to be read not only to be understood it is to be used and guess who you supposed to use it on you’re supposed to use it on the enemy or any of his reps now you’ll see the power of the word now you’ll see the power of the word because when that word gets pushed down into the spiritual realm when it gets driven down until the spiritual realm and used in that realm it is transforming I want you to know you got a sword God wants you to speak spirit-filled words because either words the spirit uses in your situation but if you don’t open the Groff a and get the logos you won’t have a Rhema word you don’t make up Rhema words you get Rhema word from lo God’s words and lo God’s words come from Groff a he comes from the written book and if I spend more time with the newspaper did we do with the word if you knew you had something that’s powerful to deal with the real issues of life it’s powerful it’s transferable dr.

Tony Evans talking about how we can more effectively use the sword of the Spirit to fight the spiritual battles in our lives now if you’d like to review today’s message on your own or share it with someone else it’s called the sword of the Spirit or better yet ask for details on this eight lesson series called the armor of God a comprehensive look at how to avoid becoming a casualty of the spiritual warfare going on around us even if we can’t see it this set of full-length messages contains material we won’t have time to bring you on the air check with us at Tony Evans dot org for details and while you’re there you can download our free smartphone app become a fan on Facebook follow dr. Evans on Twitter or sign up for his free weekly email devotional you can also browse through our complete resource catalog make online donations to help us continue our work and check out our growing library of downloadable resources and of course don’t forget to request your copy of dr. Evans companion book for this series victory in spiritual warfare and the study guide the victory and spiritual warfare field guide for battle again that’s Tony Evans dot org or give us a phone call day or night at 1-800-829-1040 the alternative with dr.

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