Pastor J.D. Farag at Jan Markell’s

Calvary Chapel Kaneohe Hawaii if you only knew the story of the incredible church that JD was well weeping and wailing because he didn’t know where he was gonna go to find his church and God provided something which is unbelievable so he God is our provider he came through he came through for you and now please you come through and and wrap this up and I can’t think of a better topic then we’ve had an incredible year and JD as you and I taped yesterday and been shown on the screen and will be shown at the end of our desides and DVDs and will be on YouTube etc and we talked about the miracle of 2018 it’s winding down but what is thinking 1 incorrect with lots of miracles but one embassy removed from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem I have a coin I have a coin in my pocket just one second here it’s from Billy Crone I can’t find it it’s a picture it’s a shekel and they’re carrying it around all day to show it it’s a shekel Israeli shekel Donald Trump and King Cyrus pictured together with a picture of the temple on the backside of the coin and again I showed you a picture this morning the Israelis are wondering if Donald Trump not saying he’s a king not saying anything like that it’s all I’m saying is the thinking today the thinking has changed and and they want a temple and and they’re looking for a man to build that third temple we’re probably never going to see it because we believe the church is gone but that’s not the point when we start seeing these incredible signs screaming at us wake up wake up and that’s what these last two message messages have been saying is pay attention pay attention pay attention JD frog come on up and wrap it up for us please no-no-no ha oh that was good that was good oh my so she’s already holding up the 10-minute sign what’s up with that really or was that till 10 o’clock okay I got it all right so I don’t want to get emotional I’m kind of an emotional guy but I just want to take this opportunity to thank you Chan you have no idea how God has used you in the lives of so many and it’s evidenced by this conference that we have every year I also want to say that when we talked and it was I don’t know eighty below zero here or something like that and I said you need to come to Hawaii and I actually had to kind of go a little bit Palestinian on you too and finally you agreed and then came it was her first time to Hawaii and I tell you man we just loved on her and it was such a blessing and so here’s the deal you have to come back because winners are coming so instead of next year in Jerusalem it’ll be next year in Kaneohe that’s as close as waiting yeah well I am just thrilled to be here again with you this year and I really appreciated pastor Jack Gibbs this morning I’ve gotten to know him over the years and as Jan had shared he really is a pastors pastor and God has used him mightily in my life over the years as well when I flew outta Honolulu on Thursday into Los Angeles I texted him because I thought we were gonna be on the same flight and then he texted me back and said no I’m gonna you know go direct on a different flight and I thought about and I thought you know that’s probably good because think about it here we are on the plane together I’m an Arab and I say hijack probably wouldn’t have made it here all right I spend a lot of time seeking the Lord about what he would have me to talk about this year and what he impressed upon my heart was the significance of Jerusalem over the past several months I’ve sensed that the Lord was drawing my attention to Jerusalem in particular as God’s prophetic clock as Jan always says the clock is Israel the hour hand is Israel the minute hand is Jerusalem and the second hand is the Temple Mount in other words you want to know what time it is on God’s prophetic clock you need look no further than to Israel specifically Jerusalem even more specifically as it relates to the Temple Mount when you peel back all the geopolitical layers as it were I would argue that at the core what you’re gonna find is the centrality of the City of Jerusalem it’s all about Jerusalem that’s where the goal posts are that’s where the end zone is to borrow that sports metaphor if you were to ask me what I thought was one of the best indicators of how close we are to the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ my answer would be Jerusalem and I’ll explain why not only does everything Center on Jerusalem the last seven years of human history as we know it we’ll come to an end in Jerusalem that’s not the end because for all eternity were in the new tourism again it’s all about Jerusalem my prayer in my hope and I this morning got up early in fact I got up I was telling my wife on the phone last night I got up at midnight in Hawaii yeah so this is a five hour time difference and the Lord just kind of stopped me and said I don’t want you to spend as much time preparing as I want you to spend praying so I spent in my hotel room a time just seeking the Lord praying and what the Lord ministered to me was that we need to be encouraged in the Lord I think about what the Apostle Paul said to the Thessalonians in the context of the rapture he goes on to talk about in Chapter four how that were all gonna we who are alive and remain are going to be caught up raptured up and then he says after that therefore encourage one another with these words you know I have the opportunity to get to talk with many of you I wish I had more time and so many of you I know some of you have shared with me about the very difficult and painful trials that you’re in in your life and I just want to say to you and maybe this is a word for somebody here today God knows God knows what you’re going through and God knows how painful it is God knows about that son or that daughter that’s away from you and away from the Lord he knows about your marriage and the conflict and the turmoil in your marriage he knows what you’re going through he knows the pain and he loves he loves you so much I think of David who encouraged himself in the Lord I want you to be encouraged and that’s my prayer for today especially for those of you who are going through a very painful time in your life what I want to do is connect the dots between the significance of Jerusalem and the imminence of the pre-tribulation rapture and I want to draw your attention to Zachariah chapter 12 I won’t read it in the interest of time I think you know it well it’s a prophecy concerning Jerusalem and how that God Himself will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness the intoxicating obsession of the entire world and this intoxicating obsession with Jerusalem of all cities will be with respect to the dividing of the city of Jerusalem and it’s very interesting what God says because he says through the Prophet all who would heave it away dare I say give it away listen to this he says will surely be cut in pieces well this is personal it is and that’s what I want to talk about there’s another prophecy and I I was talking with my brother from another mother yeah Amir by the way we’re gonna be in Israel together I know a number of you have told me that you’re going with us and looking forward to that that’s if the Lord doesn’t come first which by the way I think we would all be very okay with that but the end of November we have a group of about 250 that we’re gonna be with in Israel really looking forward to being with you I’m yeah but he and he saw me looking at him when he started talking about peace of security and I gave him that look that only an Arab can give a Jew in Hawaii we call it stink-eye I’ll leave the rest to your imagination but in first Thessalonians the fifth chapter in the third verse the Apostle Paul is talking again in the context of the rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ and he says while they are saying two words specifically two words peace and security now in the original language of the greek new testament it’s the greek word ass Vallia which can be translated safety or security so there’s gonna be two words that they are gonna be saying on the world stage at the time of the end and those two words will be peace and security and he says while they’re saying those two words sudden keyword destruction will come upon them another key word not us then as a woman travailing in labor and they not us will not escape two key prophecies that i sort of want to tie together and to do so I want to begin with this observer report quoting UN ambassador you’re already laughing because you already read the I mean it’s kind of funny actually she’s comparing the UN General Assembly the speed-dating but after she did that she said this and I quote what I can tell you is that this is the week we all wait for where we can all put US interests in the spotlight make it a really big prominent thing with all the administration coming in they are going to come and do their thing and we’re all going to try to see if we can get some good peace and security and agreements passed this was the week leading up to the UN General Assembly which commenced on Tuesday and to Haley’s credit she did represent president Donald Trump honestly and accurately I want to read just a couple of excerpts from the president’s address at the UN General Assembly this year quoting we also took another significant step forward in the Middle East in recognition of every sovereign state to determine its own capital I moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and he did it on the 70th anniversary on may 14 this year he goes on and I quote the United States is committed to a future of here it is peace and stability in the region including peace between the Israelis and I’m adding this these so-called palestinians you’ll forgive me but here’s the thing I was raised all my life born to an Egyptian father and a so-called Palestinian mother born in Beirut Lebanon immigrated to the United States legally and I was taught all my life that I was Egyptian and Palestinian and then I came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ at age 19 and began to read the Word of God and realized and you’ll forgive my English my Arabic is not any better in fact no for real Aamir’s Arabic puts my Arabic to shame shame on me but you’ll forgive my English there ain’t no such thing as a Palestinian so if you don’t mind I will refer to them as these so-called palestinians moving forward quoting the president he continues we believe that when nations respect the rights of their neighbors and defend the interests of their people they can better work together to secure the blessings of yours again safety prosperity and peace we must pursue peace without fear hope without despair and security without apology so this was on Tuesday subsequent to the u.s.

Presidents address leaders of other nations echoed this clarion call for the exact two words that the Apostle Paul said they would be saved prior to and simultaneous with the sudden destruction that would come down upon them listen to this aired on Turkey peace and stability quoting McCrone new world order and security McCrone peace and security McCrone palestinian two-state solution Jordan peace and stability Jordan Palestinian two-state solution this is at the UN this last week Jordan this is interesting Jerusalem not New York Jerusalem is not only Jordans problem but yours also speaking of the UN Jerusalem this burdensome stone this boundary stone that is the bird of the entire world it’s a problem what are we gonna do about the Jerusalem problem answer peace and security Jordan peace and prosperity Kutta peace and security cut the security and stability cut up and this is very interesting Palestinians so-called last vestiges of a colonial past Jerusalem balance of power between the occupied and the occupier gutta two-state solution Qatar peace and security Etan peace and security Iran Palestine occupation peace and stability and last Finland if you’re from Finland we love you we just want you to know that peace and security this slide I think I need to explain and you’ll forgive the bluntness with which I say this but to me the two-state solution is Hitler’s Final Solution repackaged they do not want peace with Israel they do not want a two-state solution with Israel living side by side in peace and security they do not want peace with Israel they want the destruction of Israel this is Hitler’s Final Solution repackaged just got new wrapping paper on it did you know that Jerusalem is not mentioned even one time in the Quran oh they try they try to interpret the Quranic text to say that while there’s this one reference and oh it’s the ancient language of Arabic that’s the problem but it talks about the distant land that’s Jerusalem well they call it Jerusalem just one time not one time it’s not even mentioned one time you know many times Jerusalem is mentioned in the Word of God eight hundred and six times eight hundred and six times tough that one yes for those of you who are into this here’s the numbers and you know who you are by the way don’t raise your hands we know we love you to six hundred and sixty times in the Old Testament one hundred and forty six times in the New Testament now one time I had to get that off my chest I feel a lot better thank you so much now here’s the question why it’s the why question why does Islam lay claim to it and why is the world obsessed and intoxicated with it answer Jerusalem is the city that the God of Israel has chosen to put his name on and it validates and authenticates his ownership of the eternal city of Jerusalem stay with me on this have you ever wondered why there’s no such thing as a counterfeit seventy dollar bill now I know that’s kind of dorky but he’ll think about it right have you ever seen a why is there not a counterfeit seventy dollar bill because there’s no such thing as a genuine seventy dollar bill why is there counterfeit $100 bills because there’s a genuine 100 dollar bill what’s my point maybe you’re asking do you even have a point I do just give me a second Islam is the counterfeit it’s an illegitimate claim to Jerusalem the city that God has put his name on and that’s why you have counterfeit religions like that of Islam and think this through with me does not that counterfeit authenticate and validate the genuine by virtue of the fact that you have the counterfeit that means there’s got to be a genuine now God has not only put his name of ownership on Jerusalem literally he’s also put his name of ownership on his people eternally if you’ll kindly permit me to I want to share with you some fascinating forensic evidence of God’s name on his City and his people first his people one of the highest blessings that you can pronounce on someone in the Middle East in my Arab culture and certainly in the Jewish culture is to pronounce the name of God on someone growing up my mom who I loved very much used to say to me in Arabic this some Allah a lake there’s only one problem with that this some Allah a lake means the name of Allah is upon you I don’t want the name of Allah upon me so I changed it this some yasuo we say in Arabic Yeshua is some yasuo a lake then name of Jesus is upon you you know I I love it when I meter does this you did it again today and I mean just the ironic blessing in numbers he always ends those updates with the Aaronic blessing I tell you it it’s again I’m gonna use a Hawaii thing it’s chicken skin aka goosebumps yeah thank you for doing that over here and we know the ironic blessing we probably don’t know it in Hebrew but we know that every time the Israelites would meet at the tent of meeting that Aaron would pronounce that he wanted to bless his people the Lord bless when my boys I have two sons are older now but when they were little I used to pronounce this blessing upon them and we actually well I came up with a song and I would always sing it to him and it went like this the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you and give you peace and give you peace a lot more abrupt in Amir’s Hebrew this might explain some of the problems they had later life I think I traumatized him yeah I thought to bless them I ended up I don’t know but but here’s the thing here’s this blessing pronounced upon God’s people and listen to what else God declared he wanted to bless his people with listen to this so they shall put my name my name on the children of Israel and I will bless them my name well that’s the name of God on the people of God let’s talk about the name of God on Jerusalem I’ll move quickly here don’t put the sign up yeah I just wish you did a great job today by the way I was I was especially watching you with Emir you know putting up that she has a sign up here to let me know how much time I have left so if you see me looking at her you’ll know why I won’t give you a stink eye either so I’ll move quickly second chronicles 6 the first part of verse 6 I have chosen Jerusalem that my name might be there second chronicles 12 second part of verse 13 he speaking of Rahab on reign 17 years in Jerusalem the city which the Lord had chosen out of all of the tribes of Israel to put his name there second chronicles 33 second part of verse 7 in Jerusalem which I have chosen before all the tribes of Israel I will put my name for ever second Kings 21 for second part of verse 4 in Jerusalem will I put my name ok what’s God’s name I hope you know that God is is title that’s not his name by the way Allah is not the title of God in Arabic that’s the name of the false God of Islam and Muhammad is a false prophet and Islam a false religion it’s a counterfeit religion that’s the truth so what’s God’s name ok the scriptures are not silent when it comes to the nature of God we know the name is the nature and as such there are many names that are attributed to God however one such name is any Jedi of this one commentator wrote it is generally accepted that job is the oldest book in the Bible it is commonly accepted that job lived and this is interesting during the patriarchal age and possibly even predated Abraham for job a common name for God was El Shaddai Pastor Mark Martin he’s the pastor of Calvary Chapel Phoenix in Arizona he explains it this way the Hebrew letter Sheen is used by the Jews as the abbreviation for the name El Shaddai the Old City of Jerusalem resembles the shape of the sheen which means that God Almighty literally put his name in and upon Jerusalem exactly as he said okay you know what the Hebrew she looks like looks like our W and this is where it gets really interesting I want you to consider the following images of the Old City of Jerusalem as outlined by the city walls and I want to superimpose the Hebrew Sheen upon the City of Jerusalem the name of God upon exactly as he said Jerusalem here’s the first one it said Ariel and I want you to notice the second part of it again the name is the nature God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit notice the second part of that the second person of the Trinity right there on the Temple Mount here’s another one it’s a wood carving and you’ll forgive the resolution on the images I hope it shows up okay but here again you can see the sheen superimposed upon the city of Jerusalem here’s an aerial and there’s the sheen now it gets even more interesting not only is the name of God upon the city of Jerusalem it’s also upon the three valleys around Jerusalem pictured here is the Hinnom Valley the tiro pull you on am i pronouncing that right thank you see this is why I need my Jewish brother when you go to Israel we’re gonna have a lot of fun with that I’ll tell you and the kids Rome Valley and there’s the Sheep here’s another one I circled the Temple Mount area and you can see the sheen and the Three Valleys here’s an artist’s rendition from about a hundred and fifty years ago actually showing that to put topographical features of Jerusalem with the Three Valleys and lastly here’s another view clearly showing the sheen the abbreviation for El Shaddai the principle of first mention for the name of God literally upon Jerusalem now bear with me I want to connect the after mentioned prophetic dots of Jerusalem and the rapture and explain how I get there it’s been said that the purpose of the tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation it’s also been said that while the Christ reject world is in the seven-year tribulation the Bride of Christ is in the seven-year marriage celebration perhaps better said while the world is tribulation and all that’s not a word but let’s just say it is while the world is tribulation we’re gonna be celebrating yeah praise for what here’s what I’m going with all of this once the church is removed God’s final plan for Israel is fulfilled in the seven-year tribulation and as such when everything concerning God’s final plan is lining up and even speeding up we can and should be looking up and that’s I think when I gave you stink eye I’m here but because he was you know quoting Luke when Jesus said when you see these things begin to come to pass look up and lift up your heads for your redemption draws nigh the best illustration I ever heard was this when you see all of the signs up for Christmas you can look up and lift up your head because Thanksgiving draws nigh know right is that weird no it’s not in other words when you see the world and all the signs are up for the seven-year tribulation and the rapture must happen before the seven year tribulation and the rapture is Thanksgiving and you see all the signs up for Christmas Thanksgivings clothes yes by the way this is that’s not a picture of my wife she’s way more beautiful than that ah yeah that was good wasn’t it yeah in fact next month we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary yeah so let me and I appreciate your patience let me try to tie this all together the signs are up for the seven-year tribulation so that we can know that our seven year wedding celebration draws nigh to me one of the most fascinating and convincing proofs of the pre-tribulation rapture and there are many but one of the most compelling is that of the ancient Jewish wedding customs which paint this magnificent picture of the rapture so what follows is a brief explanation of the typology specific to why it is that the rapture must happen before the seven year tribulation here’s the first one and I have many of these I sort of abbreviated it with the Jewish wedding there’s a marriage covenant kotoba it’s made in writing for the bride as a promise to the bride that it will be fulfilled with our wedding so – is this true we have the New Covenant in writing in God’s written word for us as the bride and the Old Covenant promise is fulfilled as a mere had referenced earlier and by the way I let me parenthetically say in Jan talks about this often I very much appreciate it God is not through with the Jew yes and oh by the way you don’t want God to be through with the Jew do you want to know why because God has a covenant with the Jew and so too does God have a covenant with me and you too yeah and if God is through with the Jew what about you how secured how secure you okay I just got the sign so I’m gonna move really fast now but by the way I have the scripture references here’s another one at the engagement or if you prefer the betrothal they would break bread and drink from the cup this is the communion table he breaks bread with us and we drink from the same cup at as we affectionately refer to it the Last Supper which seals his new covenant in his blood I am struck by Luke’s account of the Last Supper on that Passover when Jesus two times says that he eagerly awaits when this that they’re doing is fulfilled in his kingdom he’s talking as the bridegroom to the bride I can’t wait for our wedding day the Jewish wedding the groom pays the price Mahad showing the bride his love for you might see this as a dowry the price that the groom pays you know where I’m going with this Jesus paid the price for us on the cross it gets better the groom after the engagement goes to his father’s house and prepares a place for his bride boy wet that was another time I looked at you a mirror when you started talking about like don’t even think about it you a job so and he did thank you but when Jesus said behold I go to prepare a place for you in my father’s house are many mansions he’s talking as the bridegroom to the bride I’m going to prepare our bridal chamber and I will come and I won’t take you and there you will be with me also I can’t wait it gets better as you can imagine so oh I think I skipped one this is a very important one a little excited there so the father is the only one who knows the day or the hour that the groom returns for his bride this was a problem for wedding invitations because you know I date don’t know time don’t know just be ready Oh with our wedding jesus said no one but the father knows the day or the hour then when when the bridegroom comes the groose men would run ahead and shout that he’s coming and they would blow the shofar the trumpet that we heard earlier today the groom is coming when our bridegroom comes it will be with a shout of the trumpet of God by the way and again a metre thank you for delineating between the two trumpets there’s the trumpet of angels for Israel the trumpet of God for the church the trumpet of God Jesus is coming and when that trumpet sounds that’s when the dead in Christ rise first by the way I’m so blessed to have talked with those of you who have like me lost the child I want to say to you that first Thessalonians 4 is for you and for me too that’s why Paul says encourage one another with these words the dead in Christ who can rise first and they’re gonna have their new bodies those of you that have lost sons and daughters those of you that have lost loved ones in the bodily resurrection they will rise first and then we who are alive and remain will be caught up to meet them and Jesus in the air be encouraged be encouraged so the groom snatches away and abducts his bride as a thief in the night which is why she must always be ready that’s how it’s gonna be for us Jesus our bridegroom will rapture us away as he abducts us as his bride and here’s where I want to kind of bring it in for a landing I know that Arabs shouldn’t use airplane again illustrations but I’m gonna find a runway and land this plane okay and I’ve only got a few minutes to do it the groom takes his bride to that place that was prepared for her in his father’s house and they consummate and celebrate their marriage for a period of seven days Jesus will come back for us and take us to that place he prepared for us that bridal chamber where we will celebrate and consummate if you will our marriage to the lamb for seven years seven not three and a half don’t mess with the typology ask Moses about that God commands him the first time to strike the rock the rock is Christ the water comes out the second time he says you don’t need to strike the rock the Christ has only struck crucified once now you can speak to the rock what does Moses do he strikes it you know what it cost him right the promised land maybe I this might be mean but for those who mess with the typology specific to the pre-tribulation rapture I’ll leave it at that I’m gonna leave it right there for you and the Holy Spirit don’t mess with the typology Joseph took a Gentile bride before the seven-year famine a picture a type of Christ how about this one three Hebrew slaves Shadrach Meshach and Abednego as we known are in the seven times hotter furnace and are saved in the midst of the seven not three and a half times hotter furnace not pre-wrath furnace the seven times hotter furnace where’s Daniel oh he was taken up and exalted pre furnace Daniel’s a type of the church Shadrach Meshach and Abednego or a type of Israel they go into the seven times hotter furnace they go into the seven-year tribulation the purpose of the tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation don’t mess with the typology there I said it now let’s move on after the seven there’s this big feast the wedding feast after the seven you know this these post toast I mean post tribulation you want to talk about message don’t mess with the wedding and by the way there’s gonna be food in heaven this brings me great joy and comfort and right but if the rapture was at the end the seven-year tribulation this is I Drive through this is not a feast this is fast food not a okay I digress but we – after the seven-year tribulation celebrate the marriage feast supper of the Lamb and that’s what it is that we will partake with him as his bride by his side when it is fulfilled in his kingdom you see how that all fits well gets even better and I’m almost done and I appreciate your patience I’m Way out of time right yeah oh no wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait no oh is that okay I I just need a few more minutes like thirty no no I don’t I just give you Thank You Jan so much I just you said ten o’clock so I mean this is the new home of the bride was Jerusalem and it was the bridegroom who came to the bride to dwell with her in Jerusalem it’s from the New Jerusalem that Jesus our bridegroom will dwell with us forever and ever one last thing you know how when there’s a marriage the husband gives the wife a new name his name is upon her my wife has never forgiven me no because her maiden name was Lynn how nice is that and here I come along I marry her and I change it to frog I keep telling her you know in heaven it’s you know it’s a moot point because we’re all gonna have his but that’s how those dots connect and that’s why it is that Jerusalem is central the city that God chose out of all of the tribes of Israel to put his name upon this is why it is that the rapture of the bride of Jesus Christ must happen before the seven year tribulation yes because once the church is removed and were raptured than God shifts all the focus of his attention upon his people Israel to fulfill that 70th week last time I checked there are seven days in a week that 70th week of Daniel yet future soon and very soon to be fulfilled okay I’ve been privileged to have this opportunity and I thank you Jim for giving me this opportunity to share with you the gospel of Jesus Christ it may very well be and I know we have many watching by a way of livestream that a lot of what you’ve heard today from the other speakers was such that God just really opened your heart to the truth and it made sense even Billy Crone’s a I made sense you know that is very interesting isn’t it and it’s no accident by the way for those of you that are here maybe you were invited to come a friend brought you you’re not here by coincidence you’re here by God’s providence for such a time as this and I want to share with you today how it is that you too can have the name of the Lord upon you by calling upon the name of the Lord because only those that have called upon the name of the Lord will be saved and I want to share with you how to be saved and I want to do so by way of the ABCs of salvation before I do I want to share with you something that happened just right before I came up to speak and I I have her permission to share this but she had led this friend to the Lord and she used the ABCs of salvation and she gave her life to Christ and was born again and on a Sunday she was worshipping in church and 24 hours later she was murdered by her husband who then subsequently committed suicide but she’s in the presence of Lord you know it may not be that you’re amongst those who are alive and remain that are caught up at the time of the rapture our lives in this world are brief tomorrow’s not guaranteed I don’t want to be morbid I just want to be truthful and honest with you there’s no guarantees for tomorrow I just want to share one more and I don’t want to presume upon Jan’s generosity with the time but when I was very young in my 20s I served at this orphanage and there were many boys and I I took a liking to this young thirteen year old African American boy and he was in the foster care system and I just shared the gospel with him and I prayed with him and I had just the honor and the privilege of leading him to Jesus Christ that very next week they went on a field trip and they went swimming it was in the summer any drought and I was so glad that I’d share the gospel with him on that day prior to his home going you never know you never know it’s childlike simple Jesus said that you must become like a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven not childish childlike it’s so simple it’s ABC simple and the acronym of the ABCs are the a is for admit or acknowledge that you’re a sinner and that you need the Savior I think it was Jack that mentioned this is repentance is that change of mind and when you change your mind God changes your heart admit or acknowledge that you’re a sinner and a need of a savior Romans says there is no one righteous not even one Romans says that all have fallen short of the glory of God all have sinned we were all born sinners which is why we must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven Romans says the wages of sin is death but here’s the good news the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord let me just explain that for just a moment that’s the good news that the word gospel means good news your debt has been paid you’re free good news that’s what gospel means what debts been paid oh the death penalty see that’s the bad news we’ve all been sentenced to death because all have sinned that’s the bad news we’ve all fallen short of the glory of God but here’s the good news Jesus Christ came he was crucified as at the gospel he was crucified buried and rose again on the third day and is coming back one day that’s the good news the B is for believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised him from the dead this is Romans and 10 it says if you believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead you will not might not could not should you will be saved that’s the B and here’s the C the C is for call upon the name the name of the Lord or if you prefer as Romans and 10 also says confess with your mouth I don’t mean to be so blunt but every tongue is going to confess one day every me is gonna bow it’s better that you confess now I’m just saying you don’t want to confess when every knee bow and every tongue confess is that Jesus Christ is Lord Romans and 10 says if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved and here’s why for it is with your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved and lastly Romans can I say it this way this is what seals the deal all who call upon the name the name of the Lord will be saved for me that was over 36 years ago and I actually is Eric here I have this is gonna date me his book about rock n roll music and that’s how I got saved I was demon possessed by the music that I was listening to heavily into ac/dc Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd The Beatles The Beatles and I actually realized that Satan was real and I concluded that if Satan was real that means Jesus had to be real and it was on a cold January night I wasn’t in Hawaii he had in 1982 when I called upon the name of the Lord and that next morning when I woke up I was a new creation in Jesus Christ and I never looked back one last thing did I say that already this would be the last last name thank you so much when you come back to Hawaii I’m gonna do the same thing with you so and this might be for somebody here today I was addicted to drugs not proud of this I was addicted to tobacco I was addicted to alcohol I could not start my day as God as my witness I could not start my day without the drugs the tobacco and I know this is gross but I would actually drink first thing in the morning that’s how I would start my day that next morning when I woke up I went to reach for those things and now the Holy Spirit was indwelling me his name has natures now upon me I went to reach for those things and the Holy Spirit and that still small voice unmistakable very gentle spoke and said you don’t need that anymore you don’t need that anymore you have me and I never looked back and that was 36 years…


We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ’s – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilious times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have commited at anytime of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgivenes. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ too come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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