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so many people in Sweden are lining up lining up to get these microchips that the country’s main a shipping company says that it can’t even keep up with the number of requests really what in what in the Illuminati mark of the beads it’s crap is going on over there in Sweden and Steve this is happening in here I don’t want to get biblical but you know I’ve heard about this mark of the beast’ business my whole life I think it’s true I think I think Biblical prophecy the more I’m I’m hearing about this everything we do so we can talk about this but this isn’t coming it’s here and in China this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg couldn’t sleep so I came to the church in the middle of the night Pastor John gray took to Instagram to speak with his followers about the anniversary gift he gave his wife of eight years Pastor John Gray he leads the relentless church down in South Carolina it’s an evangelical mega church with some 22,000 members many of them weren’t so happy when they learned of his very generous gift this morning’s outrage at the pulpit get that in your spirit John Gray a megachurch pastor in Greenville South Carolina speaking out after facing fierce criticism for buying his wife a $200,000 Lamborghini first of all it wasn’t a pastor that bought the car it was a husband that bought the car and I won’t ask permission from anybody to do it video surfaced this week of the pastor presenting the car to his wife in celebration of their eight-year wedding anniversary but the image was soon taken down after response to the pastor went viral gray says the money comes from his book deals and from his reality TV show the book of John Gray on the Oprah Winfrey Network gray is a former associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s mega Church in Houston Osteen who lives in a 10 million dollar mansion famous for preaching the gospel of prosperity gray echoing that message saying he deserves everything he’s got this story has plenty of people talking with mixed opinions on social media write down our Facebook page David writes I believe this is between him and God let us not judge him as we all as all of our days at his will come to stand before Jesus Christ meanwhile Donald says my understanding is he is a New York Times best seller this is just like everything else people are mad at him because they can’t be him we also have a poll right now on our Facebook page asking you what you think about that purchase so far close to eleven thousand people have already voted and right now about 75% of them say that gift was inappropriate the other 25% don’t have a problem with mr.

Yang has China declared war on Christianity yes Fung Gong won a leading expert on religion in China says what started several years ago as a small government campaign against unregistered churches has turned into all-out war the campaign was first experimented into young problems in 2014 to 2016 now it has become a nationwide campaign a campaign where authorities routinely target houses of worship destroy crosses burn Bibles and arrest pastors on December 9th authorities in the city of Chengdu arrested prominent Christian pastor Wang Yi along with his wife and 100 members of early rain covenant church authorities shut down the church and charged pastor Wang with inciting subversion of state power he and his wife could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted well Chinese authorities have developed a new surveillance tool is called the gait recognition it’s a software that can identify people using their body shapes and how they walk even if your face is hidden from the camera this already in fact being is a by police in China and it’s raising a lot of concerns about how far this technology would go and how deep will this the brother that thing go in the country another thing they have is called the social credit system and it doesn’t allow you to be a bad citizen it’s gonna go into place in 2020 but already I’ve read that they’ve generated seven million punishment so that this is this is soda at the scary stuff we it we’ve read about it for a long time but it’s coming into existence yeah I think this is new totalitarianism and we’ve got to put this in a historical context I mean you can imagine what this kind of technology would be used under a Lenin or a Mao unfortunately the trajectory of human rights and freedom in China is going the wrong way we’ve seen Xi Jinping in many ways take a plea plays out of mouths playbook so I think this is incredibly disturbing improving lives increasing connectivity across the world that’s the great promise offered by data-driven technology but in China it also promises greater state control and abuse of power this is the next groundbreaking development in data driven technology facial recognition and in China you can already withdraw cash check-in at airports and pay for goods using just your face the country is the world’s leader in the use of this emerging technology and China’s many artificial intelligence startups are determined to keep it that way in the future companies like you too we’re pioneering artificial intelligence research and innovation in the hope of creating a safer faster and healthier world piece of art it hides a chunk we creep will be biting you too is creating the building blocks for a smart city of the future where facial recognition is part of everyday life this could even extend to detecting what people are thinking facial recognition they can read people’s emotions and we are actually now watching all these innovative demonstrations and technology but the Chinese government has plans to use this new biometric technology to cement its authoritarian rule the country has ambitious plans to develop a vast national surveillance system based on facial recognition it’ll be used to monitor its billion citizens in unprecedented ways with the capability of tracking everything from their emotions to their sexuality what you buy how you spend your time if you jaywalk if you smoke on a train if you criticize the government even a family of friends I mean this is it’s gonna track what apps you’re on on your phone it is Big Brother writ large and if you think about the steps that Venezuela Russia and China are taking to implement their own crypto currencies by 2020 I suspect they will be able to track their citizens every economic move I mean the the disparagement of economic freedom of personal liberty I mean just when you think that China is so so strong and clamps down so much if there’s an economic slowdown coming they’re going to have to maintain social order thousands of people in Sweden have opted to trade in their ID and their credit cards for tiny microchips that would be implanted like underneath their skin yeah these chips are supposed to take the place of key cards real cards credit cards the chips are typically the size of a grain of rice and are implanted just under in between the thumb and forefinger so many Swedes are lining up to get the microchips that the country’s main shipping company says it can’t keep up with a number of requests the future is a wave of a hand away in case you missed it here it is again this is a whole new level of security no keys or access cars difficult to steal and copy but the technology requires a certain level of commitment that’s not for the faint-hearted so this is where the microchip implant story begins for those who want them at least banking security general users contacts payments passport data will be stored on these microchips and embedded in your hand comes down to convenience I suppose a lot of people it’s very hard to lose your hand this is one of several implant firms reportedly in discussions with British financial and legal companies the names of the companies are being closely guarded worry’s microchipping could eventually become the new normal societies embrace the mobile phone making us easy to track on a daily basis but by implanting microchips there may be few places left to truly escape from technology but I’m just not even feeling comfortable all right oh there’s microchips and pets so I mean it’s not unheard of you know post friend who’s actually a TV meteorologist and sweet Knight you need to give her a call a doctor I don’t that really yeah why don’t you do a little Skype I want to learn more any signs you think that someday we may have to grapple with these issues too I believe at some point we may maybe not to this degree but it’s a technology that looks and would look enticing to a lot of people yeah I mean I think we’re all creeped out a little bit about what Facebook and Google can do last week the journal Science published a study by Vanderbilt University Medical Center it advocates for the creation get this of a universal nationwide DNA database including you and me and everybody else the study advocates for the United States to also join the ranks of the UK Saudi Arabia and Kuwait all countries that have been fiddling with this idea of creating this type of super system with genetic information from every and all societies this study also submits that building this universal DNA database you know that swab thing that they send you that we’ve all done or sometimes police ask you to do would actually result in more privacy now if to you that sounds counterintuitive you’re certainly not alone because maybe what we should be asking is where’s that swab I gave for my DNA test going who has it what are they doing with it who are they sharing it with what could be the world’s first designer babies that’s the claim of a Chinese researcher who says that he created gene edited overnight an astonishing and dubious claim a scientist in China saying he created the world’s first genetically engineered babies to beautiful little Chinese girl named Lulu and Lana came crying into the world as healthy as any other baby technology to genetically edit human embryos has been around for a while but scientists were unwilling to cross that ethical line until now I believe family need this technology and I’m willing to take the criticism the thing the University where the researcher has worked is calling for an investigation saying he has been on unpaid leave and officials were unaware of the research project and its nature so creating these genetically modified babies allegedly that happened is being called dangerous and unethical and with this story it’s not a question of when whether this could be done at all it’s a question of if when why and how and let me just tell you what we’re talking about it’s a technique called CRISPR gene editing you take a strand of DNA which codes for genes and this CRISPR actually works like a scissors removes the gene and then this DNA heals itself so whatever this gene codes for a disease a condition in theory maybe even other things like hair color is now gone if they really understood the full consequences of what was being done that’s amazing one person making a decision to affect person changing the genetic code of the human race for generations Jordan generations it’s helping them to identify wanted suspects in real time what worries some people here is that as the technology develops so too does the capacity for it to be abused and to get it to go somewhere and on goats with that um I mean chosen simple she understood she was in the end work with an image we choose and anything we teach and to me there you go and Heights are you good at Agra already the authorities are using facial recognition to name and shame citizens even for minor offenses like jaywalking and in China this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg because their plan is that by 2021 they’re gonna have 600 million cameras all over the country every citizen seriously every citizen will be tracked and they’re going to be given a score they’re going to be given a behavioral score and if the score is good if you act good you get perks like better transit better transportation at a hospital a gym membership if your bed you get put on a blacklist and you suffer problems with travel and other other issues I mean that’s all that’s Orwellian as it gets this is this is going on now in fact have you ever noticed here in New York City where where I am and you are do you know that whenever there is any murder anywhere any suspect if we always have a picture of them and nobody ever says then are there cameras on every corner yes and let me also tell you something for those of you who are trying to get your credit score’s okay you know your fight go and despite go and Equifax there are going to be new algorithms seriously that are going to base your creditworthiness not so much on your payment history and all of the usual factors but who your friends are how long you are online you ever get anything from Apple which I do that says here’s your productivity this is how long you’ve been either on your phone or wasting your time Steve this is not the future we live in a 24/7 real time we are watched every step of the way of what scares me even more it’s not that we’re talking about this but that the newer generations who were born in captivity don’t have any appreciation for this thing that you called Orwellian this dystopian a horror story that’s been written and that’s great that is a great seriously all kidding aside born into captivity or born in captivity that is a great way to put it initiated once you mail his sermons many of them widely circulated on social media soon made him a rising star and an important player in the Christian revival that was sweeping China all that has come to a screeching halt with his arrest and the closure of the church still members of his congregation vow to keep meeting despite the risk of arrest you without checks and balances China will keep finding new ways to violate the human rights of its citizens what’s already happening in Xinjiang is a warning the rest of the world must heed you

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