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this is a page from inner care health in Canada and we’re going to begin thinking about it just like a prospect I have never seen this page before and we haven’t had a conversation with the marketer so that I even know that page is objective and I think that’s important really because the prospect doesn’t know what either when they first come here and they’re going to have to understand it organically as they experience it and we’re going to do that together our goal is to help this marketer to improve performance but also to find transferable principles that can apply to our own pages and I’d rather approach it in a sort of relaxed way but you may see me shift into the mindset of the prospect because I’ve got to see it through those eyes to actually help improve its performance so it’ll care health the value proposition is something we’ve spent years in research on and as I look at this page I’m going to pose a question if I were the ideal customer why would I select a solution from this organization rather than one of their competitors now if you think about that for just a moment let’s look at the top of the page and say has that question but answer when you come to a page like this as a prospect you have three sort of subconscious almost intuitive questions the first one is this where am I at sometimes you come out of the search engine you’re not sure your back foot is in the search engine your front foot lands on the page you look around for a moment and if you don’t see what you expect then you you back out of that page and click to the next one that great casino in the sky Google counts on them they make a lot of money when you do that so let’s imagine that I’ve just landed on this page my back foot is in the search engine and I don’t know if I want to go further or not the first thing I see is find your clinic I think that’s a little bit forward in the thought sequence I’m not ready yet to find my clinic I got to determine that I want to work with you to find my clinic I got to determine that you’re the person that can help me find the best clinic I got to know why I should stop and that question hasn’t been answered now I’m not even sure when I come to this page that the first questions been answered where am I at because in a care health is in a very tiny white font cross a colour image making it very difficult to read and very candidly even if it were a little bit heavier in font it’s not going to be seen because the image and focus of the page is right there under those those four boxes and your eyes are going to straight to that if you were to put a heat map on this page I’m think that’s what you sort of discover and I want to suggest to you that we control what people see on the page by the relative impact of these components size color shape motion and position and the position and the size and the color draw your eyes right to the center but what do I see physiotherapy occupants your chiropractic and massage wonderful but why would I do anything further and not by the way are those buttons I’m not certain if they’re buttons or they’re something else and what do they have to do with these legs all I see but by him his a set of legs I see a woman’s legs and a man’s legs and I can’t tell what they’re doing it’s distracting if not confusing and and it accounts for a problem I constantly see in marketing and that’s our blind spot we fail to see the page for the eyes of the prospect let me assume for a moment the prospects mindset I’m not sure I’m in the right place I don’t see one reason why I should stop and spend time with you and there’s nothing about those legs that indicates anything that’s going to draw my attention it’s odd if not offensive so what do you do well select a service to find the best health care provider why would I stop select a service I don’t have any answer now I’ve already been five minutes in this very short time and I haven’t got through the first four inches of the page but I haven’t also answered the other three questions where am I at what can I do here and why should I do it I don’t know the answer from looking at these pages I can’t tell where I’m at and I have no idea why I should do it I understand I might be able to find a clinic but that’s it now you by the way have about seven seconds to answer those three questions four inches and this page is not accomplishing that beneath that are stars five star health care providers in your neighborhood first problem that sentence from a piece of copy is it doesn’t make a complete statement it’s actually a long title think about it there’s no subject predicate formation you must make meaning for the person who comes to this page don’t ask them to stop and make meaning themselves this requires effort and energy and it’s much easier to click the little button on the mouse and go back one click and they have terminated your opportunity to communicate with them now I see over 240 clinics across Canada wonderful but what does that mean and why does that matter to me and then I see something completely separate it looks like a banner ad is it a banner ad I’m not sure ting it says I trust in a care health to find the best therapist in my city big deal I don’t know who you are I don’t know why that should matter to me and by the way I don’t live in Toronto so what are you doing with that large space on your page and then underneath it comes to more banner ad looking things this page is all boxes and barriers and every single box every single barrier is an obstacle to someone smoothly experiencing the sequence of thought are you a top healthcare provider wait a second I thought this page was about me finding a clinic now you’re asking me if I own a clinic or I work in a clinic and then over on the right-hand side the top Canadian clinics those two boxes look identical but their messaging is completely different are they talking to the same segment are they talking to me I’m not sure indeed I’m completely confused and what I’m experiencing is the experience that anybody will have and that’s if they’re being generous with their time and willing to get that far down the page to try and sort of make meaning out of what they’re seeing now if you’re the marketer there’s good news because every one of these problems really is an opportunity for you to improve the experience of the page and its overall conversion rate if I were to redesign this page I would begin with a meaningful headline and a strong sub headline that would move into like a short paragraph maybe two and a half lines that would be followed up by three or four bullet points and in that space I would sort of emphasize the value proposition I would answer that question why engaging with the content below will make a difference and then I would build on that and give them a simple choice with a single very clear call-to-action oh and by the way I would not try to talk on the same page to health care providers and potential patients so we’ve looked at this page for just a few moments but there’s a lot more we could talk about there’s a lot more we could recommend but perhaps missed a little bit of time together you can go back think about it and if you submit the page we’ll be willing to sort of think about how to run an experiment and discover which one is producing the highest possible value for you thank you

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