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All right so at this point I want to go ahead and jump into a demo and we’re going to go right in here hopefully you can all see my screen now Dave just feel free to speak up as you can what you’re looking at here is one of the sites that we like to play around a lot with on the Google optimized team now this is the Google merchandise store this is a real store and doesn’t offer all the devices and such that you might be used to it too but this is a great place to buy t-shirts coffee mugs etc so if you’re an Android fanboy this is where you go to to get your stuff now what we want to explore here is perhaps a very common test for retailers and that’s cart abandoners everyone has this problem or someone gets into the cart and really wants to have that user complete that checkout but oftentimes they leave the site before they do what we’re trying to do is when that user comes back to the site perhaps it’s by a remarketing ad or perhaps they just come back to eglee we want to make sure that we lock in that persistence what we’re going to do is offer free shipping to users who had abandoned that cart the last time now I’m going to go ahead and go into the optimized interface here and we’re going to create an experiment I’m going to call this cart abandoners test and it’s going to run on that page that I just showed you we’re just going to learn a simple AP test so right now and what’s going to happen next is we’re creating this test and we’re going to see a few different fields that we have to fill out to make sure that we get this test fully fleshed out so we’re going to make that change to the site and we’re going to set up the objectives then we’re going to set up the targeting as well so first let’s go ahead and make the variance of that site that free shipping offer so we’re going to create that any one free shipping the next we’re going to go into our visual editor here now you might notice that we’re actually still at the shop that Google merchandise store comma site and we’re actually adding our editor on top of this and now you can see things happening when I’m kind of hovering around the page and we’ve done a lot of different things to help you make sure that you find the right element you know we can help you kind of find the right layer of hierarchy to make sure to get the right element selected and there’s a lot of power here but to start off with I want to show you a few things of course there’s real simple stuff drag-and-drop reordering and the main thing that we’re going to change right now is this text here we want to offer free shipping just for spring free shipping now of course many of you might be wondering that’s great you just change the text that we have to make sure that that free shipping offer carries all the way through to the cart so what we’re going to do next is add a little bit of JavaScript now I’m just going to copy this JavaScript here’s some very simple Java scripts that I got from my developer that in cakes that this card’s now being a free shipping code so we’re going to run JavaScript on that specific element we’re going to add this little bit of JavaScript that runs right on that element loads now there’s a lot of other stuff that I could do here I don’t want to show you all the details of this right now you can certainly feel free to go to play with this on the Google optimized site yourself but just a few quick highlights you can do things like edit CSS directly you can get into an interactive mode if you need to get to a deeper page or venue you can change what kind of device you’re using this on and many more things about the pedicle so now we’re just going to go back to that main page so I want to save this and go back a little girl probably excited about that alright so getting back into that test what I want to show you right now is setting up those objectives that come from GA now again I mentioned that this gets linked to Google Analytics so when you set up Google optimize after you test that you linked up that property in that view so I’ve already got a property linked here that’s the Google merchandise store and I’m going to choose a specific view that I want to use for this experiment I use this master view and then I’m going to select my objectives now of course what we’re really trying to get users to do is complete that purchase but let’s for going to other things it’s make sure that no users aren’t bouncing off your suppor some reason let’s make sure that we’re capturing the revenue and let’s see there’s maybe a couple of engine flippantly engaged users here and of course we’re trying to encourage you to have really good testing processes and practices one thing that we like to encourage you to do is enter a hypothesis so of course free shipping helps cart abandoners complete their purchase all right now one last thing we need to do enough set up targeting so on the targeting side we’re going to make sure that we get that Google Analytics audience that I mentioned now before I get into that I just want to show you a few other things so there’s a lot of different criteria here that you can use so URLs behavior geography technology these are things like what device you’re on what country are coming from any wide variety of things as well as a lot more technical variables and targeting rules JavaScript variables custom JavaScript etc I also mentioned that Google AdWords integration and this is where you would see your accounts and campaigns show up from your AdWords campaigns or could target those but for now we’re going to use that Google Analytics audience now what I’ve done over in Google Analytics before is create an audience that’s all about cart abandoners so people have gotten to that shopping cart page but haven’t checked out so I’m just going to go here type in cart to find that or quit there it is part of anyways going to add that audience and that’s about it now this is a live site so I’m actually not going to start this test right now I haven’t informed those the guys that were on that side that I would do this but from this point all I have to do is save that and then start it and it’s ready to go it’s measuring against Google Analytics all that data comes in to Google Analytics and then you get really focused reporting now I want to show you a little bit about what that reporting looks like all right so this is another test that we ran on that same site and this particular test would all about YouTube so for customers who are coming over from youtube.com we were redirecting them to a YouTube page with a hypothesis being that users coming from YouTube would prefer to see and buy that YouTube branded merchandise and are more likely to purchase so let’s see how this one performs now as you can see for our primary objectives here there wasn’t really any clear leader and that’s for this Balances primary objective we did see that there was sort of a drop here and that the browsers actually got a little bit worse so maybe that meant that they were they found what they were looking for more quickly inside the leaf but let’s look at a little bit more detail and see what exactly happened – so the nice thing with Google optimize 360 is not only can I look at these two objectives that I have to start but I can look at a wide variety of other ones that come over from Google Analytics so here you can see all of my goals a wide variety of other metrics like transactions page news revenue etc and what I want to look at here is see well you know maybe they saw that YouTube product let’s see if they actually clicked on it turns out that they did there was a range here of you know maybe there’s a little bit of a chance that it drops but it also could have gotten much better and let’s look at a little bit more detail to see exactly how that performs so here’s that same goal and this chart at the bottom shows the performance over time and it shows us that probability to be best and this is a Bayesian concept that helps you basically understand you have a lot of different variants which one is actually going to be the best what’s that going to look like you can see what the range of conversions look like this is actually pretty likely to do well that people are clicking on those products maybe they’re not completing that conversion that purchase but they’re still getting in there so there’s something that we can continue testing with you can continue exploring this we could also go into Google Analytics and look at this in more detail so that’s just a real quick tour of the Google optimized interface and some of the power that you have here the target audiences to see reporting from Google Analytics and then really create those variants easily serve most users really quickly

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