One World Religion the Death of Protestantism 3

In the discipline of historical research one of the greatest taboo subjects is to look into who financed Hitler the answer is clear and easily verified the Vatican and many of the wealthy elite in the West gave Hitler the money he needed to build the Third Reich many do not realize that Prescott Bush the grandfather of President George W Bush and George Herbert Walker the maternal great-grandfather of President George W Bush were Nazi collaborators along with Averell Harriman they set up Union Banking Corporation as a complex money-laundering operation for a number of Nazi front businesses documents at the National Archives and the Library of Congress show conclusively that Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker should have been tried for treason because their Nazi dealings continued after the u.s. entered World War two they had continued to do business with their primary Nazi patron who was Fritz Thiessen who backed Hitler beginning in 1921 and who was the wealthiest man in Germany and a steel and coal baron who with his partner Friedrich Flick essentially built the Nazi war machine along with IG Farben in 1951 when Fritz Thiessen died in Argentina Union Banking Corporation was liquidated by the US government and Prescott Bush received million dollars for his holdings in his Nazi business and that was the beginning of the Bush family fortune for all intents and purposes George Bush doesn’t take his philosophical foundation from the Bible or the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount George Bush takes his inspiration from what he learned in skullenbones and from the full society that Hitler and garbles and Goering cut their teeth in Bohemian Grove these evil organizations that perpetrate the ugly things that these criminals are going to this country for which they must be held accountable the Jesuits created the Illuminati in 1776 the American branch of the Illuminati was called skull and bones has its headquarters at CIA recruiting ground Yale University Press khat Bush was a member as was his son and grandson president george w bush it is interesting that in the 2004 presidential election to skullenbones members ran against each other you were both in skullenbones the secret society it’s so sick where we can’t talk about what does that mean for America the conspiracy what does that tell us not much cuz it’s a secret is there a secret handshake is there a secret code I wish there were something sacred I could manifest 322 a secret number are there are all kinds of Secrets then but one thing is not a secret I disagree with this president’s direction it is evident that the Bush family and others are under and have been under the control of the Jesuits for decades most people are familiar with Hitler’s book Mein Kampf however it may surprise many that Hitler did not write the book according to current Krueger’s great book I was Hitler’s doctor it was published in 1934 he said that Hitler’s lair was just filled with old newspapers that s all I ever did was read these old newspapers he was not a writer he was not a student of history he was not a student of culture if you read mine camp whoever wrote it knew the cultures of many different countries over many different centuries they knew all about political practices the writers of mine camp were brilliant and my account according to Leo Lehman who was an Irish Roman Catholic priest who wrote behind the dictators in nineteen 42 said that father Bernard Stanfill was the real author of mine Kenneth ADIF Hitler was created to be an instrument of the Jesuits and like Napoleon Hitler served his creator well millions of the Vatican’s enemies were dead and America forgot George Washington’s warnings and abandoned its policy of isolationism during World War two the Vatican targeted the Orthodox Christians in Croatia for destruction as in world war one the Orthodox Serbians of Croatia suffered again in world war ii a campaign of terror and murder was inflicted on the serbs by the croatian Gustav’s a regime the leader of the Estancia was ante pavelic a roman catholic pavelic and the estas ii murdered around five hundred thousand people while two hundred and fifty thousand were expelled and another 200,000 were forced to convert to Catholicism like the Jewish Holocaust Pope Pius the 12th never condemned these atrocities nor has any Pope since then condemned them once the war had concluded the Vatican helped former Nazis escaped Germany to save havens in South America they even helped her Stasi leader pavelic escaped to Argentina who saved Nancy’s who passed through Vatican monasteries dominican Benedictine and Jesuit where they were given shelter new identities new passports set largely to South America but there were plenty sent to elsewhere including to the United States where there was even a program to get the good ones a Operation Paperclip which is well known that Canada Lenin and I know this Mackenzie King let in tons of Nazis who passed through the Vatican monsters and this Pope ice that wealth could in it’s impossible he didn’t know about that after World War 2 a conflict began between the Western powers mainly the US and Britain and those of the East the Soviets and the Chinese it came to be called the Cold War from its beginning the Cold War was a way of keeping the world in chaos and fear pitting the Christian nations against the communist nations and most importantly a way to keep the spotlight off the Vatican many people knew of Rome’s backing of the Catholic dictators of Europe they also knew of Rome’s aid in helping many of them to escape the Vatican had not been punished for these crimes in fact Pope Pius the 12th should have stood before the judges at Nuremberg the Jesuits used the Cold War as an effective diversion for Rome it worked like a charm to get it started a rock in the road had to be removed that rock was General George S Patton at the end of World War two General George Patton wanted to attack the Soviet Union Patton saw the menace to the free world communism was and wanted to go ahead and end it Patton’s conversation to general McNerney in 1945 was revealing why do you care what these goddamn Russians think we are going to have to fight them sooner or later why not do it now while our army is intact and the damn Russians can have their hind end kicked back into Russia in three months the Jesuits could not allow the Soviet Union to be destroyed as robert wilcox lays out in his book target patent Roman Catholic William Donovan head of the OSS arranged for the assassination of patent patent had survived three previous attempts on his life he also survived the fourth but was hospitalized while in the hospital a refined form of cyanide was given to him that can cause or appear to cause embolisms and heart failure after making preparations to leave the hospital Patton’s health took a sudden turn for the worse and he died the result was that the Jesuits got their Cold War during the Cold War the activity of two US presidents John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan reveals much about the power of the Jesuits John Kennedy was a Roman Catholic who turned against the Vatican and the Jesuits Kennedy decided to be his own man take his own counsel and not take orders from Rome he turned out to be a liberal Catholic which is just as obnoxious to the Vatican as a Protestant or any heretic Kennedy began to pull out of Vietnam he ordered the Treasury Department to print money and not go through the privately held Federal Reserve and he had plans for a new invasion of Cuba see Kennedy wanted Cuba back from Castro the big lie is that Kennedy he rose he cancelled the orders he didn’t cancel the orders McGeorge Bundy canceled the order for the air cover and the Bay of Pigs that’s according to Fletcher Prouty was booked JFK and on the on the USS Essex which was a aircraft carrier there that the captain was told not to give any air cover to the invading Patriots there in Cuba that that cover was canceled not by JFK because the night before he said he gave a go-ahead and to prime this point there’s a book that’s been released about a year ago called ultimate sacrifice written by Waldron and in that book it shows that JFK had planned to invade Cuba on December 1st 1963 and get rid of that Jesuit Fidel Castro November 22nd he was killed in nine days before the invasion was to take place like the assassination of Abraham Lincoln john f kennedy’s assassination was meticulously planned and executed with Lee Harvey Oswald as the Patsy you see Jean Hill with Mary Moorman were right there at the limousine and Jean Hill and Mary Moorman said that the driver turned around and shot but they thought the driver was shooting back at the shooter they didn’t know the driver was shooting JFK in the head along with the storm drain shooter simultaneous head shot that shot from the grassy knoll was a distraction they had a smoke I mean we’ve had smokeless gunpowder since the turn of the century I mean why would they use a rifle and have smoke it was a distraction for the crowd to run to the grassy knoll because the real shooters was the storm drain shooter and the driver shooting Kennedy in the head simultaneously they show in my book can you shot five times the assassination was done in a very public way to show other would-be presidents what would happen if orders were not followed the assassination of John F Kennedy is done in broad daylight as a warning to all the other leaders of the world but it’s also done with his viciousness because you see JFK was a Catholic and they wanted to kill their Catholic boy who refused to upholds temple power the Pope so they killed him viciously and cruelly there’s a warning to any other Catholic do we dare travel the temple proper in contrast to Kennedy Ronald Reagan did everything he could to court vatican approval after an assassination attempt on his life in 1981 Ronald Reagan was advocating some things that would have built the middle class and were generally pretty good he was talking like a conservative evidently he thought for a few minutes he was the president because he’d been told to chew his George Bush as a vice presidential candidate and all in all the Conservatives so how could you do this to us and yet he’s still quote-unquote elected so Reagan starts to advocate some pretty good things and so we’re going to punish you Ronnie and so they carried out the attempted assassination if he survives he’ll do what we’re told what he’s told if he doesn’t survive when the George Bush will openly take his place to be the president either way we went so Jerry Parr The Secret Service agent shoots right Reagan inside the vehicle and makes it look like Hinckley is the one who shot him Hinckley did not shoot Reagan he was Morgan was untouched when you at the time he was entering this limousine and shot inside the limousine by a Secret Service agent and then phenomenally enough a Jewish doctor saved his life so Bush was a part of this of course he was not openly made the president but he was secretly the president during the entire two terms of rolling president Regan has come to fulfill the greatest moment in the history of this conspiracy because no other president has come as close as President Reagan who is the Vatican and even not even John FK what that means is they have gone to President Kennedy as to President Reagan what they were not able to do even through a Roman Catholic present in 1984 Reagan established diplomatic relations with the Vatican not since 1867 have there been any official contact between the two countries that relationship was formally restored by the worst president America has ever been disgraced with our greatest traitor Ronald Reagan but he restored diplomatic relationships of the Vatican formally recognized a sovereign state of Vatican City as a nation and now America can enter into a conquered out with the Pope as warned by extra Jesuit Alberto Rivera for many years ex Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera also revealed a secret concerning the inauguration of Ronald Reagan that some noted at the time but few fully understood Alberto Rivera made a startling statement in which he said there would be a sign given to Jesuits throughout the world when all churches would be taken over by the Jesuit Order the sign was to be when a president of the United States took his oath of office facing an obelisk for the first time in US history the swearing-in ceremonies were moved to the west front of the Capitol and President Reagan faced the Washington Monument after Reagan’s presidential reign the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 and the Cold War ended however instead of greater freedom nations around the world found their governments becoming more repressive terrorism became the new foe and the United States and other Western governments pledged to fight this new enemy at all cost that included taking away all god-given rights from the people in order to bring about supposin peace and safety in America and elsewhere many noted that the government knew about the terrorist attacks in advance but failed to stop them in fact it is now painfully obvious that the government allowed these attacks to occur unfortunately the American people find themselves in the same situation and making the same mistake that the southern people made before the War Between the States in the 1800s the South like the north at Jesuit controlled Freemasons and coadjutors in key religious political and military positions many newspapers were also under Rome’s control these men and media outlets created the agitation towards war as the slave issue escalated pushing the south toward secession the southern people fully expected God to be on their side however like America today the people of the south failed to understand they were not on God’s side the south did not practice biblically sanctioned slavery the Bible authorizes two types of slavery a voluntary servitude to pay off debt and slavery as a result of war the South did not practice these types of slavery the South practice man stealing or kidnapping for profit Exodus 21 16 clearly states and he that steals the man and selleth him or if he be found in his hand he shall surely be put to death for their sin and refusal to repent of man stealing the South reaped a harvest of death and destruction likewise America today is finding itself in the same situation instead of asking God why he did not protect them from the terrorist attacks on September 11 2001 Americans were easily manipulated with pride and cried out for vengeance against a foreign enemy a vengeance that brought multibillion-dollar profits to the death industries by promoting endless war instead of asking God what they had done to offend him and lose their blessed state the American people are seeking answers and solutions from politicians false prophets and economic wizards for the most part the American people do not see a correlation between turning their backs on the God of the Bible and the disasters that have come down upon them at the beginning of the 20th century the Jesuits decided to implement their plans to create a central bank in the United States their plan would enable them to pay for the wars that were coming as the American Empire expanded once this was accomplished the common man would hold worthless paper and the Jesuits would be in a position to fund new wars using the US military as its muscle the Jesuits in their counter-reformation have set out to destroy the Protestant Reformation which had a middle class and private rights and private wealth and private land ownership and in their attempt to bring the world back to the dark ages the 13th century when Pope Clement Pope Innocent the 3rd was the was the demon Pope of all of Europe at the time set out to destroy the Epogen seized and others to do this to destroy Western Protestant civilization they had to implement the pillars of the Communist Manifesto well two of those pillars are these the national credit would be in the hands of the federal government so therefore the net the credit of this country is in the federal government as extended to by the Federal Reserve Bank which is a private bank Louis versus us tells us this in a federal case so this private Federal Reserve Bank which is controlled by the Vatican through its various orders particularly the old crusading orders like the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templars which are today high-level freemasons they have put upon us this horrible Federal Reserve Bank which is the Pope’s bank to finance all the Pope’s Crusades since no later than the spanish-american war of 1898 to the present in order to create the central bank certain obstacles had to be overcome first those opposed to a central bank would need to be removed and secondly the law would need to be changed or simply appear to be changed to deal with the Troublesome individuals who opposed a central bank the Jesuits spared no expense they built a ship of death called the Titanic the sinking of the Titanic was the design of the Jesuit Order to get rid of the opposition to the creation of a central bank in the United States and the men on the Titanic were opposed to a central bank they had to die among those were John Jacob Astor Isidor Straus Benjamin Guggenheim and a host of other millionaires who were opposed to a central bank in America therefore they had to be taken out of the way and they were on the Titanic the company building the ship was owned by JP Morgan who was himself an agent of the Rothschilds family the Rothschilds being the bankers for the Pope and the Vatican the main Jesuit targets were brought on board the captain of the ship was Edward John Smith it appears from his actions that captain Smith was a Jesuit coadjutor that is a Jesuit who has taken those but does not wear the robes a quiet or blends into the scenery and never looks like a Jesuit priest it is a veteran see Captain Edward Smith who orders the ship to travel through an 80 square mile ice field at full speed on a moonless night there had been over eight telegrams warning the captain of the danger he’s warned eight times slow the ship down slow the Titanic down you’re going too fast not once stopped no there was an ice you know iceberg field up ahead know that he should have slowed down but didn’t and so you look and you say how was it that this man could go headlong into a field of icebergs and not slow the ship down not be more careful the only way you can the only conclusion you can draw is as a coadjutor of the Jesuit Order right through the line the chain of command he was told sink the ship and he did on board the Titanic and this is all documented in a National Geographic video that was put out in 1986 you can go to your local library and they’ll either have it on hand or they can button you know get it on library loan but on that videotape it shows that as the Titanic was coming up along the coast of England it had various stops and at one stop a Jesuit priest got on board his name was Francis Brown Francis Brown got on board the Titanic took pictures of all of the wealthy people took pictures of Edward Smith the captain and then just before the Titanic set sail across the Atlantic Francis Brown got off and then of course the Titanic sunk well Francis Brown has given a camera by his bishop his uncle the vision and he is told to go ahead and take all these pictures of all these people were gonna kill in first-class and so that’s what he does he takes pictures of all these rich people everybody that there’s that there’s gonna go down and a rich passenger offers him passage well he knows the ship’s gonna go down but he he very sheepishly got in contact with his provincial and the provincials message was get off that ship like brown another noted passenger Jesuit agent JP Morgan did not make the ill-fated sea voyage even though booked on the ship for passage to America Morgan also fortuitously cancelled at the last minute of course JP Morgan he had a he had his own suite reserved for him and there were some 55 men who at the last minute cancelled their reservations on the Titanic JP Morgan was one of them said he was sick oh well by the way and don’t load any of my art treasures on the Titanic either so he didn’t have any his art treasures or anything didn’t lose any of that how do we know there was foul play involved with the Titanic when the iceberg was sighted it was first officer Murdoch who attempted to port around the deadly object this was sound enough but Murdoch also ordered the engines into reverse author Winn Wade asked the obvious question as long as Murdoch was trying to veer out of the iceberg sway why had he jammed on the brakes so to speak by throwing the engines full speed astern in point of fact the 1910 edition of Knights modern seamanship clearly contradicted Murdoch’s decision the instructions are clear avoid reversing the engine’s weight sums up the situation by saying Murdoch had maneuvered in a manner more likely to cause collisions to prevent them as with many who investigated the Titanic disaster author Winn Wade was at a loss to explain Murdoch’s actions in going against the book but the captain and Murdock’s actions were not the only telltale signs of treachery on the night the Titanic sank we see all sorts of anomalies in the Titanic for example when it was sinking the emergency flares were to be read so that ships and those lanes could see the Titanic was in trouble well someone had taken away the red flares and replaced them with white flares making it look like we were shooting off flares and having a party and then the loading of the boats we know that was a fraud they were not oh they didn’t allow the lifeboats to be completely loaded they were only half loaded some one-third loaded because the targets in the first class could not be allowed to board and the Jesuits were not only the captain but his officers and there had been a strike in England at the time and the men who were normally the ones who had manned the ocean liners they were replaced by Jesuit coadjutors ready to aboard because they were all under oath to die for the black Pope if necessary and so they didn’t carry out the sinking of the Titanic but how is it possible that men will commit suicide as Captain Smith and some of his hand-picked crew obviously did they have to understand that these men have died to their own self-will and so they have completely been emptied of their own personalities and upon the order of their commander will do exactly what they’re told there’s no such thing as a disobedient judgement this serves as a warning to all the other men of power not only in our country but in England and Europe you mess with us and we’re going to do to you what we did all those people in Titanic and we’re going to thwart the investigation because a subsequent investigation of the sinking of Titanic blamed Bruce Ismay the right-hand man of JP Morgan and and captain Ward of England they were the scapegoats when they could have easily the man of power at that time saga cancelled their reservations it was all in there was a Warren Commission all over again 911 Commission all over again it’s a whitewash and cover-up and that cover-up is even more powerful than the murder as soon after many of the leading opponents to a central bank had been removed the jesuits moved to obtain passage of the 16th amendment and the Federal Reserve Act both in 1913 so the creator of the Federal Reserve Bank to finance their Crusades without the FIB reserve bank there’s no word in Iraq that the Federal Reserve Bank there’s no been more – there’s no room or one and there’s a book written by cats called the money changers and in it he says that it’s the Federal Reserve Bank and the creators of all this paper currency fiat money credit out of thin air without that you don’t have these wars so they needed the Federal Reserve Bank to create Wars on Heretic and liberal people’s in Europe so that they could restore the Pope’s temple power throughout the European nations that was being thrown off in the 1800s besides instigating Wars and controlling the banking industry the Jesuits have spent a great deal of time and effort attacking and undermining their number-one enemy the Bible specifically the King James Bible has stated in Leona’s the secret plan the Jesuits view the Bible as a serpent that must be made into a harmless rod in an effort to undermine the validity of the Bible especially the book of Genesis the Jesuits promoted Charles Darwin’s unproven theory of evolution evolution theory postulates that man evolved or came about by chance there was no God or divine agent at work in creating the world all life had simply developed over time by mutations from a single cell that was formed billions of years ago supposedly man himself had evolved from primitive ape-like creatures to his present state when the evolutionary theory needed proof of its validity a young jesuit priest by the name of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin appeared on the scene in 1912 Tiahrt assisted Charles Dawson at the digs in England where the Piltdown man was discovered this so-called missing link convinced most of the world that mankind had evolved from more ape-like creatures it was not until 40 years later that the Piltdown man was discovered to be a hoax Philip Johnson in his book Darwin on trial has this to say many persons familiar with the evidence including Stephen Jay Gould and Louis Leakey have concluded that Tejada Chardon was probably culpably involved in preparing the Piltdown fraud by the time Piltdown man was exposed a generation had been indoctrinated into the belief that the evolutionary theory had a solid foundation in science the truth of the matter is that the evolutionary theory is questionable or bad science with no solid foundations in truth to illustrate this fact let’s look at an exchange between author Luther Sunderland and dr.

Colin Patterson Luther son Dylan was a creationist author and exponent in 1978 dr. Patterson a senior paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History in London published a book entitled evolution son Dylan wrote to dr. Patterson and asked why the preeminent evolutionist had not included any pictures of transitional fossils in his book dr. Patterson candidly replied I fully agree with your comments on the lack of direct illustrations of evolutionary transitions in my book if I knew of any fossil or living I would certainly have included them you suggest that an artist should be used to visualize such transformations but where would he get the information from I could not honestly provide it and if I were to leave it to artistic license would that not mislead the reader like a bombshell this statement by dr. Patterson hid the evolutionary world and enraged in Patterson sought to pacify his evolutionary colleagues but he never recanted to those who had a modicum of common sense it was evident that the evolutionary emperor was not wearing any clothes evolution was just a theory that had no hard evidence to back it up in his 1996 book Darwin’s black box dr.

Michael Behe made this rather pointed observation in the face of the enormous complexity that modern biochemistry has uncovered in the cell the scientific community is paralyzed no one at Harvard University no one at the National Institutes of Health no member of the National Academy of Sciences no bell prize-winner no one at all can give a detailed account of how the cilium or vision or blood-clotting or any complex biochemical process might have developed in a Darwinian fashion but in spite of this and other overwhelming evidence that the evolutionary theory had no foundation in fact the vatican came out with an extraordinary statement on october 22nd 1996 the same year as behaves book pope john paul ii issued a statement to the Pontifical Academy in which he said new knowledge has led to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than hypothesis this endorsement of evolution showed the true nature of the Vatican the God of the Bible had to be denied and relegated to the past the Jesuit plan to cast doubt on the Bible as God’s Word of truth had come a long way but Darwin’s theory of evolution was not their greatest achievement in undermining biblical authority the Jesuits set in motion an attack on the original Greek text of the Bible the New Testament was written in Greek for over 1,900 years the Greek text of the Scriptures had endured and come down to us as it was read by the first Christians to be sure we now only have copies of copies of the originals but the text has remained the same today there are five thousand six hundred and eighty-six Greek New Testament manuscripts in existence of these manuscripts the majority over 90% have been used over the centuries as a basis for the text of the New Testament this majority text came out of Antioch in Syria Antioch became the headquarters for Christians of the first century and the majority text is often referred to as the Antioch in text but the authoritative line of manuscripts is more often called the Textus Receptus or receive text the King James Version is based on the received text in the past there have been attempts to alter the receive text a group of Gnostic Christians centered in Alexandria Egypt altered some manuscripts in the third century the corrupted Alexandrian manuscripts downplayed the divinity of Jesus the famous scholar Origen seems to have had a hand in this undertaking however the Christians of that time were not fooled in the 4th century another attempt to pass on these same corrupted manuscripts was led by the Roman Catholic scholar Jerome Jerome made a translation of the Bible using the corrupted Alexandrian texts in 380 ad Jerome called his translation the Vulgate Jerome’s new translations was promoted by Rome and those who did not use it were persecuted it was not until the Reformation that the uncorrupted received text was again used to translate God’s Word into the common language the result was such translations as Luther’s German New Testament of 15-20 to Tyndale’s English New Testament of 1526 the Geneva Bible of 1560 and the King James Bible of 1611 since 1611 the King James Bible supplanted other English translations to become the most revered and cherished translations of Protestant Christians throughout the world then in the late 1800s two men worked to change that these two biblical scholars were Brook Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort Westcott and Hort created a new critical text based on the theory that the New Testament was preserved almost perfectly in the two oldest manuscripts the sign I Atticus and the Vaticanus the sinai in turkish manuscript was discovered in 1844 in a Roman Catholic monastery facsimile copies of the Vaticanus manuscript were brought out of the Vatican Library in the late 1800s both of these manuscripts were from the corrupted Alexandrian line using these two manuscripts as a foundation Westcott and Hort began to put together their Greek text of the New Testament in 1853 in 1881 they completed and published their work according to Westcott and Hort now for the first time the true texts of the New Testament was available to believers significantly it is from the Westcott and Hort Greek text that many modern Bible translations have been produced and what has been the effect of this change to those in the pews listening to the Word of God with regard to John we read in the King James Version no man hath seen God at any time the only begotten Son which is in the bosom of the Father he hath declared him the same verse in the New International Version based on the Westcott court text reads no one has ever seen God but God the one and only who is at the father’s side has made him known despite the somewhat confused rendering in the NIV the change really amounts to altering only begotten son to only begotten God the appearance of this alteration in a small body of text originating from the veritable capital of Gnosticism Alexandria would suggest that the Gnostics made their mark in these texts and at this verse Gnostics saw matter as evil and spirit as good God was spirit and could not be involved with wicked manner or flesh especially in the conception of the child two Gnostics the virgin birth was an impossibility another example of the corrupt influence of the Alexandrian manuscript was found in acts is spoken of in this verse as being a prophet and knowing that God has sworn with an oath to him that of the fruit of his loins according to the flesh he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne the same verse in the New International Version based on the Westcott court text reads but he was a prophet and knew that God had promised him on oath that he would place one of his descendants on his throne this is a clear-cut example of the removal of a biblical statement concerning the literal incarnation and physical descendants of Jesus Christ from David this is in line with many Gnostic systems which viewed Christ as a purely spiritual being an alien emanating from the everlasting the reading presented in the traditional text where Christ in the flesh is said to be in physical descendents from David would be antithetical to these speculative systems there are many other examples that can be used to illustrate the point that the Westcott and Hort Greek text holds contrary views to the doctrines and teachings of the majority of the existing Greek manuscripts unfortunately most Christians today are ignorant of this and still rely on the corrupt Westcott and Hort Greek text since they have had such an impact on the biblical text from which many modern translations come it might be helpful to know more about Westcott and Hort supposedly these men were Protestants specifically they were Anglican or Church of England scholars moreover unlike what one would expect from a believer in the truth of the word of God Westcott did not believe that the first three chapters of Genesis should be taken literally in a letter to Hort Westcott stated no one now I suppose holds that the first three chapters of Genesis for example give a literal history I could never understand how when reading them with open eyes could think they did Wescott also doubted the miracle stories in the Bible he stated I never read an account of a miracle but I seemed instinctively to feel its improbability but even more telling is Wescott’s devotion to John Henry Newman Newman along with several other Church of England clergymen began the Oxford movement in 1833 the purpose of this secret movement was to reunite the Church of England with the Roman Catholic Church that same year a clandestine meeting was held in Rome between John Henry Newman richard froede and Monsignor Weisman when asked what it would take for the Church of England to be accepted back into the Roman Catholic Church Monsignor Weisman answered the Church of England must accept the Council of Trent in its entirety consider that in 1833 the spokesman for the papacy brings up the acceptance of the Council of Trent as the main condition for reuniting with Rome the Council of Trent met and declared 125 anathemas against the Protestant Reformation the Pope and the Jesuits had not changed their minds then or to this day for 12 years Newman and his colleagues worked secretly to push the Church of England back into the arms of the papacy when this secret society and his intentions were discovered Newman and a hundred and fifty followers defected to the Roman Church it is apparent that Westcott was one of Newman’s disciples who did not defect but rather remained as a tool of Rome Wescott scholastic partner and pupil Fenton John Anthony Hort was no better in his biblical faith although Hort doubted the existence of a literal devil and of eternal punishment for the godless he did believe in the Roman Catholic concept of purgatory court stated that the idea of predation of cleansing as by fire seems to me inseparable from what the Bible teaches us of the divine chastisements port also adhered to the Roman Catholic teaching of baptismal regeneration Hort stated we maintain baptismal regeneration as the most important of doctrines the pure Romish view seems to me nearer and more likely to lead to the truth than the app angelical these false teachers worked ceaselessly to undermine the King James Version of the Bible and install new Bible versions more acceptable to the Vatican Bible versions like the Revised Standard Version the American Standard Version the Living Bible and the New International Version of the Bible as mentioned earlier the NIV is based on the Westcott Hort greek text and its successor the nestle alon greek text a jesuit translator Carlo Cardinal martini was on the translation committee for the NIV for this supposedly Protestant translation of the Bible a representative of a group sworn to destroy Protestants sat on the committee that created a Protestant Bible so is this really a Protestant Bible once doubt had sufficiently been cast on the Bible and its veracity the Jesuits knew the public would be less inclined to rise up and revolt as more open in drastic measures were taken to suppress the true Word of God in the 1962 Engle vs.

Vitale case the US Supreme Court voted that prayer in public school was unconstitutional why because it violated the First Amendment prayer in school had not violated the First Amendment for a hundred and seventy-five years but suddenly it did the following year in the case of Abington versus Shemp the Supreme Court voted that the reading of the Bible was also a violation of the First Amendment how did the Supreme Court arrive at these decisions one only has to know that the Chief Justice of the court Earl Warren was a freemason to see why the court voted as it did and why did the president and congress not impeach these supreme court justices and removed them from the court the answer is simple the President and Congress agreed with the decision otherwise these godless justices would have been impeached and removed how did this happen first in the 1950s churches began to incorporate and organized as tax-exempt organizations churches had always been tax exempt but now they could offer their congregations tax deductions for tithes and offerings it was senator Lyndon Baines Johnson who pushed for the churches to be added to the Section 501 C 3 of the tax code for a 501c3 Church to openly speak out or organize in opposition to anything that the government declares legal even if it is completely immoral the church will jeopardize its tax-exempt status the 501c3 has had a chilling effect upon the free speech rights of the church another reason for the demise of the Protestant churches in America was that church pulpit and leadership had been infiltrated and subverted by Freemasons and Jesuit coadjutors it was at this time the late 50s and early 60s that the Second Vatican Council met and set new goals for achieving old purposes vatican ii fits right in harmony with the council of trent because what you have is a Trent the Catholic Church said we will not compromise with Protestantism and so between Trent in the 1540s and Vatican 2 from 1958 to 1963 you have Jesuit infiltration of all the churches so that finally by 1958 to 1963 there’s been enough enough infiltration done and enough of the messages of those churches have been watered down so now Rome comes in with the ecumenical movement that’s what john xxiii did at vatican 2 it was let’s bring all the churches together now but it’s not under Protestantism it’s not under biblical truth and principle it’s under Rome and it’s under Roman tradition and Roman Authority that’s all vatican ii was so vatican ii fits right in harmony with Alberto Rivera and his statement that all the churches by 1981 were completely taken over what is the ultimate goal of the papacy what is it that has not changed since the meetings in Vienna Verona and Cherie in the early 1800s the answer is domination of the world the Vatican is seeking to create a one-world government or new world order and what will be the capital of this world government not Rome but Jerusalem in 1993 the Italian newspaper La Stampa carried a curious article that said the Vatican had gained control of a portion of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem they want their capital back the Crusades haven’t ended they’ve they’ve done this before it’s not a new phenomenon here what the Vatican wants is Rome is their second capital they want a crusade to liberate what they view as their actual physical capital and that’s where they don’t want Jews in Jerusalem what they were trying to do with this warnout is taking a racer all of these countries right now you have no more countries one massive trading bloc right in the middle of this you’ve got a city that is revered big-time the papacy has wanted to move from Rome to Jerusalem ever since the First Crusade they still want to do that first name my counter the French intellectual friend of human Paris gave an interview in and out of the funk magazine let’s read the magazine she she where he said in May of 1993 I delivered a letter to the Pope he loved Paris promising the Vatican East Jerusalem and he gave a few details East Jerusalem with the police by the UN the back kid would get twelve all holy sites of all religions and the PLO would get a a state within the same plate the Vatican gets the holy site so the UN gets to place to place and now we’ve got your magazine confirmations and Arafat agreed to this according to list down for three days before the Sun Declaration of Principles and terrified agree to the deal and then when he didn’t get the deal the terror started in earnest if you do not bow down to the Jesuit controlled Roman Catholic leader you are a heretic and you must die these are the words of the celebrated Saint Thomas Aquinas on the part of the church however there is mercy which looks to the conversion of the wanderer wherefore she condemns not at once but after the first and second admonition as the apostle directs after that if he is yet stubborn the church no longer hoping for his conversion looks to the salvation of others by excommunicating him and separating him from the church and furthermore delivers him to the secular tribunal to be exterminated thereby from the world by death during the Chinna cui trial Abraham Lincoln put Bishop Foley on the stand the bishop was forced to admit that Saint Thomas was looked upon as one of the highest authorities in fact the Roman Catholic Bishops swore that God himself had inspired what st.

Thomas had written about the manner in which heretics should be treated by the Roman Catholics if the Vatican has its way the future for all who speak out against the Pope or who do not go along with the goals of the Jesuits is one of torture and death this has been the fate of many world leaders including presidents in the United States it has also been the fate of others in all walks of life like Confederate general Stonewall Jackson those against the central bank on the Titanic ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera in the Jesuit oath the Jesuit States I will when opportunity presents makin wage relentless war secretly or openly against all heretics Protestants and liberals as I am directed to do to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth in light of all that has been exposed in this documentary what is to be done first and foremost Christians should seek the Lord’s guidance through daily prayer and Bible study we should pray for a new Reformation not a false revival nor one that piggybacks on a political movement or even one that tries to take control of the existing Antichrist Republican and Democrat parties but rather a Reformation that emphasizes the God of the Bible a Bible based on the Textus Receptus like the King James Version secondly the Bible tells Christians to separate ourselves from evil being not unequally yoked together with unbelievers and in the same chapter verse 17 wherefore come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord we should seek for a peaceful separation or secession from the American Empire we want to go back to a typical constitutional Protestant form of government it was isolationist we kept our noses out of the businesses of other nations and we sought to develop our own country George Bush was called the United States Constitution a GD piece of paper and he’s called this president war a crusade which it is so it’s all the more reason to secede we’re never going to get any relief we need to have a mode move in every state for a secession or we can begin to withdraw from Roman the Potomac which is Washington and we can re-establish state national government once again and begin to govern our own affairs for what’s best for that population of those populations in those states and if we wish we can then Confederate together with other states but we don’t have to Christians should not only avoid the poisons of this world but also the false churches in the land we should attend Bible believing churches that are not incorporated and thus controlled by the government if you cannot find a bible-believing congregation in your area start a house church yourself with your family or with other people in your community Christians should shine light on the evil we see and speak out against it in Ephesians we read and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them do not be timid but speak out about what is clearly unbiblical and evil in this country and finally be aware of deceivers and deceptions jesus warned of false prophets with lying tongues in Matthew 24 verse 11 we read and many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many in 1 Timothy the Apostle Paul wrote now the spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils as we move closer to the second coming of Christ we should be vigilant and hold steadfast to the true faith as found in the scriptures leaning on the Holy Spirit to empower us against false doctrine and wicked men God’s Word does not tell us to make war on other countries to bring them democracy or to do nation-building these lies need to be denounced the Jesuits will not stop in their quest for world Dominion and the setting up of a new world order Christians are to resist this Antichrist system and be the light of the world as the light shines it reveals the truth and the dark creatures of this world retreat from it.

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