ONE WORLD CHURCH – World’s Religions sign Agreement to UNITE UNCONDITIONALLY

World Peace we the youth believe can only be achieved when all aspects when all people come together as one and in the past three days you have seen that the youth we have done all we can within our capacity but we are looking upon the leaders right now the leaders of the international community the politicians the lawmakers and the religious leaders to help us fulfill this goal signing this agreement it may not bring peace immediately ladies and gentlemen but what I’d like to say is that it is a step in the right direction and the youth need your help so now we will recede with the signing ceremony of the unity of religion agreements the unity of religion agreement is a groundbreaking promise of religions to unite condition unconditionally and without discrimination to achieve true peace I would like to call upon the following religious leaders to come up to the stage and join us for the signing of the ceremony of the unity of religions agreement first Archbishop Martin DeJesus Parana – please come up to the stage also representative of holiness Shahrukh et panditah Harry Avari Aslam Swati Shri potaka to come to the stage also from the Islam Shia faith al Sharif Muhammad Hassan al-amin II to come to the stage from the Hinduism faith his holiness Swami Chidananda Saraswathi ji Maharaj the Guru of India from the faith of Buddhism representative dr.

A chignon ysera founder of the sudoku Buddha vihara which please make your way to the stage from the Catholic Church Archbishop Antonio Ledezma from the Philippines from the Anglican Church Archbishop that ratio in leek Viveiros Robles from the chic religion Singh Sahib Jana guru bachi and Singh ji if you can may your way make your way to the stage please from the Jewish faith rabbi jeremy yahudah pilgrim from the raster faith dr. may her master moose and from the Baha’i faith dr. Bharti Gandhi at this time we also like to call upon the host of the World Alliance of religions peace summit firstly mr. man Healy the chairman of HW PL and also MS nam-hee Kim the president of I wpg it’s given me great applause while the proceedings continue on stage we will conduct the signing ceremony of the agreement to propose the enactment of an international law for the cessation of war and world peace just below stage with our delegations to establish peace for the heritage of peace to be brought to all generations we must do everything in our power to end all wars on this earth and to establish world peace according to the will of the Creator God therefore all religions must unite under God as one we pledge in sight of God all people of the world and the peace advocate to become under God through the unity of religion we hear my acknowledge that we must be recreated through God’s seed so that we might be recognized as the family of God and in that likeness shine and eternal light upon the earth loving our neighbors as ourselves we recognize our need for repentance as well as our need to show grace to all the people of the world grace which can be seen in the light rain and the air of heaven and through that grace lead humanity to salvation from death you low-middle que esta Herman on dono Soto’s la minute la unidad que comienza sasada por un solo víctima que todo tenemos la unidad que vamos acondo juntos en el camino Navidad de spiritual de la hora c mon por uno por los ojos la unidad de trabajo con juntos en la zoo de de los hermanos de lo que creen en la sobre Nina de Cristo Cady dos hermanos la de su neon es una vida en el cuerpo de la iglesia de Cristo a nosotros no queremos que se D determine esta la DES onion y sobre del padre dara mentira del padre dara discordia que siempre vous kotero hermanos attendee videos keep se la diferencia somos uno at a time when others are trying to divide us along lines of religion or sect we have to reaffirm that most fundamental of truth we are all God’s children we’re all born equal with inherent dignity we have to understand attack on one faith is an attack on all our faith we’ve got to make sure the hate crimes are punished and that the civil rights of all Americans are upheld now I also think that if if we were just resorting to that and we didn’t have a realistic view that they’re bad people out there who are trying to do us harm and we’ve got to have the strongest military in the world and we occasionally have to twist the arms of countries that wouldn’t do what we need them to do if it weren’t for the various economic or diplomatic or in some clays cases military of leverage that we had you.

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