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Tip tot hello everybody and welcome back to tip Tut now today we’re inside After Effects and we’re going to take a look about how we can quickly and simply make a single mask and apply it to multiple layers for ease of use basically so usually the inside After Effects the way you create a mask is you’d go to one of your layers you’d select the shape tool with that layer selected and you just draw an area for which you want them master B then if you wanted to apply that to multiple layers you can just go down into the masks panel here you can copy that mask and then you can paste it into new layers now imagine you had a hundred layers you wouldn’t want to do that manually so the way you can quickly mask that is using a set mat tool if you have no layer selected for example and you just pop up to your shape layer here move to a frame where you can basically see where you want to mask the area and draw a shape over where you want that mask to be so say for example I take this rectangle tool here and I find the top of the the ball and there we go so I want that area to be masked out you can either draw a shape to be the area which we want to be masked or draw a shape for you if you don’t want to masked and you’ll see why that doesn’t matter in a minute then basically you want to go to your effects and presets panel and type in set Matt a spell m80 te and you drag that set and mat down onto the first layer which you want to be masked and you let go and you can see in your effects panel up here you’ve now got a number of options you basically want to choose take mat from layer and then take it from the layer which you just drew your master B which in this case is shape layer two now you can take that and what it’s basically saying is for this layer the ball composition use the shape layer two as the mask which is nice and simple but as you can see it’s actually masked out the wrong bit and it’s only making it appear when it’s inside that layer what we want to do is invert it like so and now you’ll see that when it reaches that area it disappears but there’s a big ugly yellow box on our screen so don’t worry you can hide that layer and the map still works so as you can see here when that ball reaches the edge of our set mat it disappears but the others still pop into existence so thinking well that kind of sucks now I’ve got to go individually and copy this set map thing control C control V control V control V to it as the same process but it’s not because individually if you had to do that with the normal masks you’d have eight masks to manage their eight masks to go in and change the settings of but now for example if I go to my original shape layer make it visible again and expand move this up a bit for example and stretch out a bit further and hide it again you can see that it’s actually changed that for all of the layers straightaway because they’re all using this set mat as the same mask so if I go back in again and I change it again to way way down and go yeah that looks kind of ok maybe a bit further up back there and hide it again you can see that it’s affected all of them already so now they’re finishing so they look a little bit like they’re getting stuck in the ground or something like that yeah so that’s pretty much all there is to it the set mats always really really powerful so I hope you find a helpful guys make sure to stick around more like this to come and if you didn’t then I’m sorry I’m sure something else can help you online if this wasn’t what you’re looking for so I appreciate the views everybody and I’ll see you all next time remember to subscribe for more tips tricks and tutorials thanks for watching

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