New World Order – The Rise Of The Global Religion – 2018

this is Tony for a minute to midnight calm and this is the fourth in a series of videos about the New World Order in 2018 and this time I’m dealing with the religious aspect the one-world religion a religious system that will fit hand in glove with a global financial and world government beast system I began by showing in the previous videos why 2018 will be a tumultuous year that will ultimately aid and bringing forth that beast system to prominence and in this video I will be producing more evidence to show you that is exactly what is here its begin with Kenneth Copeland and how he is attempting to convince Christians to be reunited with Rome this first bit came from a sermon in 2017 the most important event that has to do with the outpouring and this this this mighty thing that has been has been loosed in the kingdom of God in the earth the biggest church split in history the Catholic Church split the beginning of the protesting Church now you really stop thinking about it but long among the people of love we’re called protesters we’ve been protesting for 500 years baby now that’s a very sly trick because he is saying that it’s a great thing that this reuniting between the Catholics and Protestants is happening and basically if you don’t agree with that you’re a protester and you know that’s seen as a negative light but our weak call protestors we’re called Christians the Reformation occurred basically because there were some fundamental false doctrines taught and the Catholic Church and many of those doctrines are still taught today now October the 31st 1999 representatives of the Catholic and the Lutheran churches gathered in Augsburg Germany and signed a joint declaration on the subject of justification and so 500 years of arguments misunderstandings and sometimes Wars began to give way to reconciliation and recognition of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as placed within the body of Christ it ended so what’s he saying is he saying that Christians who are not part of the Catholic Church should just suddenly give up on standing against the false doctrines of the Catholic Church and just accept them for unity sake now I’m sure there are many true Christians who are believers within the Catholic Church but nevertheless we cannot simply just sit back and condone practices that are more related to paganism that then they are to the message found in the biblical scriptures this is coming together in the unity of the faith and this is just not between the Catholics and the Protestants here’s what here’s what took place all those years when that church clip took place and that spirit of division sat down on his throne we’ve been dividing ever since that’s the root of it right there but the day that they put their signatures on this and they prayed over this and they laid hands on this and and worship God oh this listen this thing took five years to put together there was a lot of Prayer and there was a lot of crying out to God in this until it came down to that one statement amen and it opened the door I think the Spirit of God got that spirit of division by the throat and just slammed him down under our feet praise God and now it’s up to us to keep him there praise God he’s distorting the truth totally because the Reformation came because the Catholic Church was teaching doctrines that were unscriptural now he’s saying it’s opened the door well I believe it’s open the door to the great in time falling away continuing it hasn’t opened a door to a good thing at all true Christians cannot unite with the false doctrines of the Vatican this is one aspect where Kenneth Copeland is showing his true colors involvement in the Vatican is is very very very very very close praise come Holy Ghost man Holy Ghost man hallelujah so he invited glory and me to come preach faith conference into his church and I’m telling you we preach in a lot of places as you know I’ve never preached anywhere in my life anymore filled with the love of God than in that church in Bari Italy a man now you’re going to hear where Kenneth Copeland is going to show the second aspect of where he’s way off the track with his prosperity gospel and that message that he pushes and that has made him excessively wealthy and I’ll deal with that a little bit more further on it sounded like I’m in a prosperity seminar I mean he’s preaching on the hundredfold return he’s preaching on sowing and reaping got and and Tony Palmer how many of you remember Tony from and then I found that same that same lovely spirit in the Vatican when we were so blessed to see Pope Francis at his invitation you remember the video that he sent us and and and we all chimed in and sent him a video praise God how wonderful it was now this meeting has come out of this move of the Spirit at that point I think it should be having you question which spirit is this movement coming out of in 2017 Kenneth Copeland was one of the key speakers at a conference called Kairos 2017 which was billed as celebrating a year of destiny and unity and revival and with a combination of other prominent Catholic and Protestant speakers and this is all part of moving everyone towards a global religion now back to the wealth here’s an article from The Daily Mail in January 2018 Jesus bought this delighted televangelist Kenneth Copeland giggles with glee as he unveils a new three million dollar private jet paid for by donations from his followers Copeland has previously called fly with commercial airlines getting in a long tube full of demons so the controversial televangelist Kenneth Copeland was all smiles on the tarmac near his Fort Worth Texas mega church as he took delivery of his new three million dollar Gulfstream private jet this is Friday January the 12 2018 we took possession of the Gulf Stream 5 and we give God praise for it and Thanksgiving it is debt free this opinion it’s bigger play you in Jesus it’s coming to pass you know what Jesus is Lord here is an extract from another video it’s a bit older originally uploaded to a channel called medica call or MIDI so cool when it comes to opulence few religious leaders compared to Kenneth Copeland he lives in this home outside Fort Worth Texas it has beautiful water views and comes complete with a boathouse but that’s not all Copeland is an avid pilot and here’s his pride and joy a twenty million dollar Cessna Citation jet it’s the fastest private jet money can buy he said he needed it to better serve the Lord and proudly did a flyby for his followers after the church bought it but it’s not just one plane we found a fleet of planes registered to the church and you won’t catch him waiting in line at the airport because he’s got his own that Kenneth Copeland Airport located right next to his mansion I think Copeland is unbelievably greedy I’m a man she sent them a lot of money a whole lot of money when Christie Parker’s mother died of cancer she found is that showed her mother sent Copeland most of her life savings hoping her faith and donations would cure her of her terminal disease what do you think of Kenneth Copeland’s lifestyle TV doesn’t do it justice their office furniture is probably worth more than most people’s houses it makes you sick Oh amen my lifestyle the scripture we give we believe we’re open you have a fleet of private jets why is that necessary you’re a minister how many private jets do you have right after that he walked away let’s receive our evening offering now you missed a chance to shout right there because this gives you a chance to raise you income amen I just want to read a couple of short pieces from a book from 1983 written by Florence ball called God wants you rich and other enticing doctrines she sees here how times have changed one thing I knew as a growing child Christian discipleship was costly one gave up the claim to success fame and wealth a common song of commitment was I surrender all now I’m told I can have the best of both worlds the rags to riches profits dangled the promise of material blessing as an enticement to follow Christ and prosperity as the birthright of all Christians but our riches are lower that Jesus used when he called me a woman to follow him treasures in heaven yes treasures on earth no and further on she says if giving always pays off in material gain Peter James and John should have become millionaires and more but when Peter and John met the blind beggar at the beautiful gate Peter told him silver or gold I do not have nor did John reach for his wallet neither did James identify with the affluent but he had a word for them now listen you rich people your wealth has rotted your gold and silver are corroded the corrosion will testify against you you have hoarded wealth in the last days you have lived on earth and luxury and self-indulgence of course on the other hand poverty is a curse and not I’m not suggesting that they shouldn’t have money it’s just how much money does a preacher need and how many positions do they need and how overemphasized is it and many of these ministries now just looking at something here this particular book by Kenneth Copeland how to build your firm foundation I don’t know if Kenneth Copeland is a freemason I know a lot of people claim years but certainly looking at that cover it’s very interesting you see the dualism around the edges with the brown and black and you have a square and compass that certainly looked pretty Masonic but whether that means he’s a Mason or not well I can’t say for sure but I just wanted to bring that to your attention now let’s turn our attention to Pope Francis here and two separate pictures he is showing what appears to be the hidden hand sign that is associated with ancient mystery schools and particularly Freemasonry there should be a clear sign that he is somehow involved in the ancient mystery religion he may not necessarily be a freemason but ever Jesuit it would seem that he is signaling his involvement in some way with the ancient mystery schools so folks do you remember this from 2015 when Pope Francis meet with figureheads from a number of other religions and when Kenneth Copeland and others are calling for unity with Rome in the Vatican ultimately what that means is unity with other religions outside of Christianity and you can see that as what Pope Francis is calling for in the following video la mejor parte de los habitant a temple Anita Selectron crescentus esto debería prabhakar UND Roo and Rilla Rilla he owns no debemos – are they or are poor el Ecolab or are con quien quien San Jacinto confio en bois de creo en Dios creo que su Cristo clear windows I muchos piensan distinto see intended Tinto Bakken adios encuentran AVO delivers a manera en esta multitude en este Havana Co they ready Sione’s una sola Sartre’s aqui tenemos para todo todo somos cisco’s videos creo en el amor creo en el amor que eran el amor creo en el amor confirm boss parody forgive me petición de tomates Callie Oliver c0 ain’t embrace inherits the diverse religions conjure a fruit of the past we could tease confit on tour Asia and here is a little piece from Pope Francis’s visit to New York City in 2015 he placed a rose atop the etched names of the 3,000 victims of the 9/11 attacks his goal bringing people together the pontiff chose this place to promote worldwide peace the Pope joined hundreds of leaders of different faiths to talk about healing together he led a prayer of peace for a violent world the words may sound different but the Pope gathered them into one voice I renew – you are welcome and our joy at your visit welcomed Holy Father so Pope Francis is calling for world peace is calling for unity of religions and you will see shortly that he’s getting involved in the situation in Jerusalem as well as the climate change and global warming crowd and why that’s significant but before I get to that just listen to this from Kenneth Copeland regarding Pope Francis and also 2018 one of my favorite days and my wife was with Pope Francis what a man he’s one of my heroes and this is what he’s all about this whole thing that’s one of the things that got me so on fire about it and I am on fire I just heard I heard the Lord say this just two days ago 2018 is the year of the Holy Ghost and fire one of the greatest weapons that the New World Order elites have is a threat of climate change so that they can corral everyone into a global taxation scheme and ostracize anyone that questions the climate change scientists Pope Francis stepped up to the plate as the spokesman it seems clear the meals that climate change is a problem we can no longer be left to a future generation we still have time to make the change needed to bring about sustainable and integral development humanity has the ability to work together in building our common home meaning President arrived at the Vatican greeted by the iconic Swiss Guard and a long red carpet a welcome filled with pageantry but today here at the Vatican the two began with a friendly handshake the Pope gave the president a copy of his encyclical where he makes a passionate case to fight climate change and meetings today the Vatican urged the president not to drop out of the Paris Accord on climate change and the president promised to consider the Pope’s request and right before he left the Vatican a sign the president may have been moved by what he heard the encyclical praise be is the most important papal document ever on the environment backing the science on climate change blaming free markets holding rich nations responsible environmentalists and many on the Left are cheering the message this is just pure Marxism coming out of the mouth of the Pope he has a Marxist background I just felt very honored and very humbled I’m seeing the Pope give the mass to a hundred thousand people that day you just see he’s had such a heart to help people I love the fact that he’s made the church more inclusive not trying to make it smaller but to try to make it larger to take everybody in and yes Joel you do have to wonder if everybody is being taken in this piece of nonsense was in the Catholic Herald on the 6th of February 2018 it says China is the best implementer of Catholic social doctrines his Vatican Bishop the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences praised the extraordinary communist state right now those who are best implementing the Social Doctrine of the church other Chinese a senior Vatican official has said Bishop Marcelo Sanchez sorondo Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences praised the communist state as extraordinary saying you do not have shantytowns you do not have drugs young people do not take drugs instead there is a positive national conscience Bishop Sanchez sorondo said that China was implementing Pope Francis’s and cyclical better than many other countries and praised it for defending the Paris climate Accord and that it is assuming a moral leadership that others have abandoned he said as part of diplomacy if at bishops Sanchez sorondo visited the country what I found was an extraordinary China he said what people don’t realize is that the central value of China is work work work there’s no other way fundamentally it is like Saint Paul who said who doesn’t work doesn’t live that was in the Catholic Herald but another Catholic website Catholic vote said this outrageous Vatican Bishop claims China as the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine could you imagine st.

Paul’s reaction to this well yes actually I can imagine that st. Paul would have wanted to have nothing to do with the Vatican or the Pope Francis as in cyclical and social commentary on things like this because it has nothing to do with the spreading of the gospel of salvation which is what Paul was so concerned with so let’s have a look at how wonderful China is this is from world watch monitor on February the 2nd 2018 China a hundred Christians seem to react Asian camps dungeons yang sorry for my pronunciation I’m not exactly great at Chinese more than a hundred Christians have been sent to re-education camps in China’s Northwest region and the past few months world watch Monitor has learned in these camps also known as study centers or mind transformation centers they are taught how to be loyal to the communist ideology a source told world watch monitor that members of his church was sent to such a camp without knowing wind that would come back some stayed there for a month others for half a year or longer the source said Christian families were torn apart as one or both parents were taken for re-education Zhang Jiang is now the world’s most intensely surveilled area according to The Wall Street Journal there are armored cars on the street police stations on every corner and tons of surveillance cameras Wall Street Journal reported to live in this area means being checked many times every day whether in the market on the road entering the cinema or traveling by bus or train even your smartphone is checked the Wall Street Journal reported government registered churches are also required to scan people when they come to Sunday services as they enter they have to show the ID cards and an alarm will be sounded if anyone works for the government or a public institution it is for this reason that many Christians have stopped going to registered churches and now meet in smaller groups I feel like I’m living in a big prison world watch monitors source seed in February last year world watch Monitor reported that June Jang’s authorities had banned all Christian activities not linked to state approved churches apparently in and et remove I wonder what the likes of Kenneth Copeland would say about those Christians that are in the re-education camps in China perhaps they need to give more money to televangelist so they end up with private airplanes instead of prison time also on the 6th of February in the Catholic Herald is this article beijing paper praises pope francis’s wisdom on Chinese bishops the state-run Global Times said the Pope had made substantive concessions to China the Global Times said in an editorial that the Pope had made substantive concessions to the Chinese government relations are therefore taking a clearer shape Catholics in the country are currently split between those and the underground Chucho a loyal to Rome and those in the government backed patriotic Catholic Association which appoints bishops without Vatican approval Cardinal Joseph Zhen the former bishop of Hong Kong accused the Vatican of selling out loyal Catholics after it emerged that a Holy See delegation asked to underground bishops to move aside in favor of excommunicated communist-backed prelates the paper also hinted that the Vatican may drop diplomatic relations with Taiwan as part of the deal Pope Francis has a positive image with the Chinese public the editorial concludes it has expected he will push China Vatican toys forward and solve related problems with his wisdom well any so-called Christian leader who has tied with Communist China you’ve certainly got a wonder just how Christian is he when and essentially atheistic communist government praises a man like the Pope there’s got to be something seriously wrong also of a concern is the Pope’s meddling in the Jerusalem situation and he recently met with her daguan of Turkey or Hooda one however you want to pronounce it and both of them are opposed to Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel the turkish President Erdogan met with Pope Francis on Monday during a 50-minute audience Pope Francis gave him a medallion embossed with an angel strangling a demon of war a symbol of peace and justice On January 20th turkey launched its Olive Branch operation against Syrian Kurdish people’s protection units militia which encourage as a terrorist group in a threat to the Turkish territory there are Kurdish people’s protection units or YPG militia are considered a terrorist group by Ankara but they are allied to the United States and its battle against Islamic state group jihadists the Pope who has railed against the horrors of war and weapons of mass destruction gave Aragon a gift of a medallion with an angel of peace strangling the demon of war it’s a symbol of a world based on peace and justice the pontiff seed aragon for his part was expected to thank the pope for opposing the decision by you is President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as a capital of Israel we are both in favor of the status quo and we have the will to protect it early on said Pope Francis a strong proponent of interfaith dialogue visited Turkey in November 2014 holding talks with Iran a devout Muslim while in Istanbul the Pope acknowledged that the current global crisis had made Muslims vulnerable to being stigmatized and by the way new daguan had previously said Israel forces are terrorists we won’t leave Jerusalem to the mercy of a child murdering country Budokan blasters Israel he accused has no value other than occupation and plunder and in response to that Benjamin Netanyahu slim due to God for double-standard saying in response to his allegations I’m not used to receiving lectures about morality from a leader who bombs Kurdish villages and his native Turkey so you can see that the Vatican is playing a big role in moving us towards a world global religion there is going to have to be a big crisis probably a financial crisis and other chaos that will bring it to the fore but the one-world religion is rising also take note I’ll have to make another video that deals with the United Nations and the lucious trust the Luciferian connection to the rising one world religion as well that will have to be a separate video and also to discuss the seven mountains and the dominionists and their role and all of this as well I’m going to say it here I’m a former Catholic and I really want nothing to do with being brought back to Rome I was glad to escape from the Catholic Church not that I have anything against Catholics I do believe there are some really good Christians in the Catholic Church but personally I certainly would hate to see us going back into unity with that those of us that have lived it but I’m also going to say that I know many people believe Pope Francis is a false prophet I’ve spoken of in Revelation chapter 13 but at least just read a little bit here and he exercises all the authority of the first beast and his presence and causes the youth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed he performs great signs so they even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth and the sight of men and he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the first beast telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the first beast who was wounded by the sword and lived he was granted power to give breath to the image of the Beast so that the image of the Beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the Beast to be killed he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on the right hand or on their foreheads at no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name here is wisdom let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for it is a number of a man his number is 666 personally I can’t see Pope Francis working signs one isn’t calling down fire from heaven I may be wrong but I don’t see him as being the false prophet or the second beast that’s my personal opinion we shall have to wait and see but watch the Rothschilds and the other Luciferians involvement and all this as well and we’ll have to look at that in another video I know I’ve said about donations and the people like Kenneth Copeland and the exorbitant but don’t forget that a minute to midnight is run by donations and we actually do require them to live not that we make any sort of money like that on it but if you can help us out with donations there’s a donation page on our website a minute to midnight comm and that would be appreciated all of our articles and shows etc are on that website I will have to as I say make a second video to cover the rest of us this is Tony signing out have a great week ….

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