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was the year that Islamist terrorism hit Germany hard culminating in an attack on Berlin Germans have been shaken their convictions tested Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledges the challenge facing the country yes we are superfluous without a doubt the most difficult test we face is Islamist terrorism which has also had us Germans in its crosshairs for many years this past year we were attacked in the cities of wurtzburg and dans bath and just days ago at the Christmas market at the Memorial Church here in Berlin it’s a bitter reckoning and a despicable one when terror attacks are committed by people who came here ostensibly to seek safe haven ungulate should sue the attacks are ammunition for those demanding stricter security measures even politicians from Merkel’s own party have demanded Germany stops taking in refugees an idea Merkel rejects years and Fri we are a free caring and open people and as we are confronted with images of the bombed out city of Aleppo in Syria we reiterate how important and vital it has been for our country to take in those who truly needed protection and to help them become integrated here o if not you’re both so fastened the integration politicians and parliamentary democracy have been under pressure in 2016 Merkel warns the populist give a distorted view of democracy a concern in the upcoming elections Politis all I am committed to engaging in a political process that will see impassioned debate among Democratic citizens who never forget what an honor it is to serve our democracy and its people’s body Makati on Darmouth Dean mentioned through Guinean an end-of-year appeal for an open-minded worldview and for Germans to have confidence in themselves and their country concerns over security have grown since a terror attack targeted a Berlin Christmas market early this month 12 people were killed when a truck rammed into a large crowd early in an ‘land and are among a number of European capitals at the moment boosting security measures installing concrete blockades and increasing police presence and it’s now merged to that the man who carried out the attack in the German capital had been on the police radar but wasn’t considered a serious threat with more on that his Peter Oliver when 24-year old a nice armory filmed his video pledging allegiance to the terror group Islamic state he was here in this part of central Berlin filmed seemingly before he plowed a truck into a Christmas market killing 12 people he called on others to kill non-muslims any way that they could but just 5 days before that he’d actually been assessed by security services here in Germany and deemed that he wasn’t an immediate threat to carrying out a terrorist attack that’s despite having known links to Islamic groups and extremists and despite having being tracked looking up how to make pipe bombs online he wasn’t deemed to be any kind of immediate threat security services here in Germany use an eight point scale to determine the risk a person poses with number one being the most dangerous Amory was placed at number five on that scale meaning that he was of no significant immediate terror threat and left questions over how somebody who actually appears on this list could ever be able to be free to carry out such an attack as has how he was able to travel through as many as four EU countries after the attack seemingly going from here in Berlin over to the Netherlands before traveling all the way through France over into Italy where he was shot and killed just outside of the city of Milan as fate would have it just a stone’s throw away from where Amory filmed his video the new headquarters of the be ender and it may well be in this building that German security services try to answer the questions over why a suspect was so miscategorized and able to be free too Hill Peter Oliver Artie Berlin we discussed the current security concerns with counterterrorism expert Douglas weeks he was on the radar why exactly they took him off and what factors that they were using to make that determination I’m not aware of well ultimately you know the buck stops with Angela Merkel she has been under increased scrutiny not only for some of the recent attacks that have occurred in Germany but also because Germany’s perhaps more liberal policy when it comes to accepting immigrants and so it’s been a know for her gain but in comes less than a month offshore 12 year old boy attempted to detonate a bomb at another Christmas market in western Germany the boy of Iraqi origin was reportedly radicalized and directed by Islamic state his case has added to fears that youngsters are now being recruited by terrorists to carry out attacks in Europe Aleppo trinka has more on a disturbing shift in tactics caliphate Cubs a squadron of underaged Islamic state soldiers that’s Wikipedia putting them prominently on the list of ISIL units fighting in the battle for Mosul here’s a father blessing his son before the kid vanishes in a fireball from a suicide blast and this brainwashed four-year-old just blew up a group of ISIL captives with a push of a button sickening but no longer that’s shocking for Westerners as long as it’s happening somewhere in the deserts of Iraq or Syria well this is Berlin what does it have to do with junior jihadists that’s a Christmas fair in another city Ludwigshafen it could have been turned into a bloodbath to buy a bomb allegedly put together by 12 year-old ISIL sympathizer of Iraqi descent it’s the food industry to the discovery of a nail bomb in Ludwigshafen we’ve opened investigations the 12 year old who is accused of planning a bomb attack in Ludwigshafen is currently in custody last week 10 teenagers were detained in Belgium over fears they were plotting terrorist attacks back to Germany were earlier in Cologne a Syrian migrant aged 16 was caught allegedly doing the same thing the Bavaria train acts for this summer the attacker ISIL claimed to be one of its fighters was 17 the list is getting longer the portrait of Europe’s new menace the underage terrorist is taking shape the suspect is 18 years old holds German and Iranian citizenship the Syrian asylum seeker who blew himself up outside a bar and the German town of Ansbach is now known to have pledged allegiance to the leader of the Islamic state teenage coming from a refugee background or an actual asylum seeker brainwashed remotely through social media or locally in Salafist cells is estimated when they have a belief or dr.

Believe that there is nothing good in this world they become very vulnerable in the pattern that belief and that is exactly the turning point of the psychological use of which terrorist organizations use for recruitment so the weapon is not the radicalization but the weapon becomes the young people and the people becomes a weapon again sustained do those who must be aware of the trend know enough to act preemptively the head of police in Frankfurt Germany’s economic hub warned lawmakers a few months ago the threat of underage – Hadas was more serious than thought but the latest news shows such warnings haven’t quite made Europe more secure just yet the police is falling the structure that they have in place the problem with him is that I haven’t seen this type of terror and what the heaven you really got to understand that this is a genuine type of war they need to understand that they have to change the methodology the approach the partners across Europe seeing that this is the fundamental problem in coordination in many many potential terrors now police have deployed tear gas against migrants who tried to force their way through a barbed wire fence on the border between Greece and Macedonia Europol the EU s– law enforcement agency estimates that more than 90% of refugees entering the EU are smuggled in by criminal gangs and 35% of those refugees are children most shockingly of all Europol says that 10,000 refugee children have gone missing in the EU and the number is rising all the time the issue has just been debated in the European Parliament political responsibility in particular for failing miserably our duties to protect it is feared that many of the missing refugee children are being subjected to sexual exploitation and slave labor at the hands of criminal gangs operating in the EU experts have told MEP s that police in the EU do not have sufficient training to deal with the missing children issue proper electronic records of children are not being taken and often unaccompanied refugee children are not given appropriate accommodation there are reports that indicate that the proportion of children that go missing from foster care and small family units it’s much lower compared to the reception centers and institutions members of the public told us that the missing children issue has arisen because au leaders have mismanaged the refugee crisis and I think there’s a lot of bickering in between countries about what needs to be done and what they were actually doing and I think we’re mismanaging the whole crisis that’s that’s a fair point Jeff Oscar de un it is really hard to watch on TV images of so many people arriving um dangerous boats the figure of ten thousands of missing children is shocking it is obvious that the EU needs to do more analysts say that EU member states are refusing to share intelligence information that could be used to break up criminal gangs and that while this lack of cooperation persists the world’s most vulnerable people children will continue to go missing in the European Union Jerome Hughes Press TV Brussels you Germany is facing a drastic refugees by the end of 2015 believed to be in the region of million it is not quite on a biblical scale but an exodus it certainly is migrants have been trapped at the railway station in Budapest now deciding to walk the hundreds of miles to Germany and what they see as the promised land the other side of this tragedy is how it will change Europe non-western migrants had already been flooding into Europe for decades leaders refused to stop it every day every minute egg in each other to absorb energy income Carina there are increasing groups of people are essentially asking the question if the political establishment continues to get its way in five in ten in twenty years time how many Germans are going to be left in Germany how many French people are going to be left in France how many English people are gonna be left in England French writer Renaud Camus calls the influx the great replacement and says it’s the biggest thing to happen to France since the 15th century an energy if some of you Polly in Objective C Holvey Luigi knew Mickey searched the parish one Santino being a sewer Volta is Philippi we can function Eva before an organ or a bleep bus a limited you continue to grow new devotion she allows a new Sun she hardly anyone imagines just 20 years ago that the native French population would be finding itself in a rapidly decreasing minority here London has got so earth nicly diverse that white Britons are now a minority here white families in Birmingham a set to become a minority group for the first time the country’s most rapidly growing demographic is Muslim with Mohammed now the most popular name for baby boys in London the high Muslim birth rate is changing the political landscape Imran is looking forward to replacing Belgian law with Sharia law including amputation for theft stoning for adultery and deaf to homosexuals if they want to push us back or something like that I don’t know maybe they can start to marry four wives and have a lot of children start with that maybe they will have a chance but I don’t think so something else that Muslim immigration appears to have brought to Norway is what some here call a rape epidemic recent police statistics showed that in the capital of Oslo 100 percent of assault breaks between strangers were committed by immigrant non-western males and nine out of ten of their victims were native Norwegian women they’re taking this gay pride march through a predominantly Muslim neighborhood here in Stockholm and there are fears that it could stoke tensions between some of the local residents and the people demonstrating here’s what the variegation this EP of the US is providing these flows for us you make war and we get refugees the United Nations report says Sweden will be a third world nation in about 15 years below Libya and Bulgaria but there is no other path to victory except through sacrifice and jihad for the sake of Allah Swedes who disagree with that plan risk being labeled racist fascist even not see this footage of the revolutionary front smashing the home of a suspected fascism is one of the many attacks they film on publish on the Internet mr.

Ahn scheme did not sustain son of kundan’s like a fish did such nerds are trying to ization us at few more shots in PFF listed crucially understand is to behind on Van Gibson office Edith Josh Tabb Metro try scoop on when the sleek to look tough under C naught CC Ornish personas for few xxx or intercepts in fear of 200 hours and and in the manga business it doesn’t matter if Sweden’s immigration model is failing miserably wasn’t going on amanda abella finishing Sarah Molly mr.

Luciano test scores and Swedish schools are plummeting or if crime in some areas has skyrocketed I hope all of and everyone else across Britain will reflect on the universal values that Ramadan represents and the contribution that British Muslims make to our country and which ticker signal and Zee the stays la Movida bonus president Wulff as kazakh sue owns in deutschland inspiration appalling abuse of at least 1,400 children over a period of 16 years children being raped trafficked beaten and sometimes doused in petrol all the perpetrators were of Pakistani heritage Ramadan Mubarak madam is alert madam aroma fill in jab in her a beautiful Mille Miglia garosugil Germany with the man in by – a senior associate dean the city newest who come Arbaeen without bein bad assets in a syrup bad since then an unholy alliance of leftists capitalists and Zionist supremacists are schemed to promote immigration and miscegenation with the deliberate aim of breeding us out of existence in our own homelands first their immigrant palms were temporary guest workers then it was a multiracial experiments then they were refugees then the answer to a shrinking population different excuses different lies but the real aim stays the same the biggest genocide in human history really ashamed of the racist and xenophobic terms and is your policy is serious or used are you just shouting mr.

Griffin it’s you that’s shouting because obviously the truth hurts I have a constructive suggestion to help most poor asylum seekers from Africa yes make it clear they can’t come here so they don’t try to cross the sea and drown in huge numbers the best way for them is to get the banks of the backs of their countries so they can live in peace in their countries and we Europeans can live in peace in ours thank you back in a minute salmon say a pool but no less let me know while some of the residents are newly arrived from the conflict in Syria many are not there are Afghans here Senegalese Albanians Pakistanis and Bangladeshis variable you can just hate sleep use the slow internet it’s so bad zayats ow is x x on y CC and off india apke she denied their whole tradition shrines in demolition in didn’t heaven house they reminded her acted as lunch dry doughnuts one sitting on the oil acai tins into her flesh our the problem is this via Avenue and East superior some often we are it was to muffin and so also because I’m young uns that has been pushing her under the supervision bus and to convince and pretend suka fish particular a super uber in in hurt their essence pocket as yesterday here on speed checks all Amitabh and up young washed artisan pocket off guitar via because it’s a stage in is sitting refusing to go to an asylum Center you people before us before me throw a tea a good good good oz it we go to Germany because their money very good voices for Refugees Hydra not disappear try to help us we are asleep in bad condition try to help us we are dying we are dying we so glad you thank you I am from here I’ve been watching this migration and I see the people I mean they’re men they’re mostly men in this strong men these are physically young strong men they look like prime time soldiers look Europe is gonna have to handle but they’re gonna have riots in Germany what’s happening in Germany I always thought Merkel was like this great leader what she’s done in Germany is insane it’s insane having all sorts of attacks the psychological shock when when they will see in future what the what the beautiful Society of equality and social justice means in practice obviously they will reward a person who was demoralized is unable to assess through information the facts tell nothing to him even if I shower him with information with the authentic food with documents the pictures he will refuse to believe it despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of defending themselves their families their community and their country the eye on dr.

Spock centered swam that Whitley Shuler’s and outlandish ahijah confidence come undone begin emitting home you know for many living in the official sponsor band is a Dodge Charger so if a man owns Amamiya you don’t click a kind of kinder it who since Venice Venice who come it’s like in the V Magazine and hamdulillah ok colleague it when the new bones autumn a few phone then I’m at shrines want agenda zoo Allah Allah the Almighty God master Zhu de Sevilla air open niche mid click here in Russian zone Ahmedabad Martin essence once very high like an oiler touch them although they talked about cop to third on that I talked of it I bet even higher she’s taking my picture blind vision there only plots in multiple car tomorrow ina non-senior give our hero to Martin on coats for fever Fallon want support I’ll miss hundred Mohawk Wanda light up Slovakian daddy of concealer phillotson desert and controls 400 would mrs.

Thursday Fiat a file in a hot vinegar bottom and from October Buddha and a fianc fancy here a gap an infinitive and martabak port automatic for on swipe on wardens my annoyance in year ago Bertha for owns a home bar in Magdeburg on em so salmon hang with him busy like an uber felon fan that the police in Artie’s manner his own effort I see here are at sign on the head in front so nuts persona me to attend on saying the treatment even if you expose them to authentic information you still cannot change the basic perception and the logical behavior he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in the in his fat bottom in Chemnitz a Stein Xenia haggis machen I’m album with Iran Fahad on topics in an apocalypse he pledged / from annum in becomin and garden direct near Indies in Sheffield lat solid Amanda mentioned and in moon sugilite non G from hard guitar Tommy Donna for Cavendish they are teasing me again her motors are guns in an ear give a design when acted in faux fur ever asked as the skin to violence relief matrix poppin retention the tomb so as a lot of attention to Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural and I think we’re going to be part of the throes of that of that transformation which must take place Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century Jews are going to be at the center of that it’s a huge transformation for Europe to make they are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role but without that leading role and without that transformation Europe will not survive you a Beatle invasion of biblical proportions has hit beaches in Argentina the swarm of beetles has come out of nowhere and is leaving experts baffled locals reacted with horror after seeing the swarm of the bugs crawling on the beaches in the resorts of Mardela 31 miles away from the capital Buenos Aires and San Bernardo and scenes straight out of a horror film images posted onto social media show the beach has turned black by the plague of beetles as their cover miles of coastline although no one is exactly sure what is behind the phenomenon social media has exploded with theories some believe it is a sign of the end of the world with commentators claiming the influx of beetles is an ominous warning of impending disaster other researchers blame changes in climate and environment saying that the explosion of beetles is no doubt a symptom of a larger problem a breathtaking view dead fish everywhere in a lake in heiko of China’s southern island province of Hainan they were first spotted on Wednesday and sanitation workers scooped up over 20 tons of them within 5 hours it’s estimated that the total number might be about 50 tons if you walk up and down Indian River Lagoon you will see this thousands of dead fish belly-up in the water I want to turn to a very different kind of security concern this morning this went outside of Detroit it involves a massive sinkhole that opened up there on Christmas Eve more than a dozen homes had to be evacuated people running out with their Christmas gifts in hand ABC’s Eva Pilgrim is on the story from fraser michigan eva good morning dan if you look at this fence behind me you can see that the brick home is leaning at an angle it appears to be sliding a sinkhole pulling it in this morning families anxiously waiting to see how big this sinkhole gets and what it takes next this morning a state of emergency and Frasier Michigan a sinkhole threatening this entire neighborhood the sinkhole devouring everything above it authorities concerned it will grow homes hanging in the balance so far 22 families evacuated including sue Alba who woke up early Christmas Eve to the sound of splintering brick a loud noises cracking throughout the evening they got progressively greater like boom boom boom neighbor Derek Lowe and his father running over to help grabbing whatever they could we kept running in and out as much as we could until police officers told us that we could no longer go in because it was too dangerous this isn’t a new problem for this town in 2004 a massive 160 foot sinkhole opened on the same road shutting it down for nearly 10 months but this new sinkhole even large will it be on TV Leah rather than me Oh a very serious situation plant management here has so far remained available for coming however unofficial sources have indicated that the entire northern half of the plant has been sealed off it is still too soon to tell whether or not a rooted precautionary evacuation could be put into effect the world news network I’m Arthur Clason Thank You Arthur we’ll get back to you short they provided of course we can maintain satellite contact we are continuing to receive both national and international reports we going out to videographer Stephen Morton there’s absolute bedlam here yes flying over the state freeway trying to get a handle on just how much damage for experiencing and it’s not just damaged Richard there seems to be a tremendous amount of confusion there’s accidents literally everywhere trucks and curse stop certainly it’s hard to explain just what is going on this is the kind of thing we’ve been witnessing since just a few hours ago in case you’ve just joined us this is w NS continuous global coverage and what can only be described as the greatest disaster or possibly attack in human history it’s uncertain what has brought about the catastrophic events were witnessing there is still no explanation forthcoming it seems that all efforts around the globe are aimed at trying to control and stabilize the situation here’s what we do know at Eastern Time millions of people literally vanished off the face of the earth both from this country and from around the world we have not yet heard any official comment or explanation but an announcement is expected shortly from the president of the United States who it is believed has been whisked from a campaign stop in Dallas Texas to Air Force One the UN secretary-general is at the UN headquarters in New York and should also have a comment shortly it’s not yet known if this mass disappearance is an isolated phenomenon or if further disappearances can be expected we simply don’t know what we’re dealing with now some speculate that this is a new technology that has been harnessed as a result of nuclear research while other sources suggest that this is our first close encounter with new forms of intelligence against which we may have no defense as you know we are live and we’ll be bringing you more information as it becomes available we are now able to go to our reporter Julie James in Atlanta can you hear me Julie Julie yes Richard things here are completely out of control no one has been able to explain the disappearance of what seems to be the major portion of the population of this city terror is the only way to describe the scene terror and absolute panic it’s like a real-life horror movie people don’t know who or what they’re dealing with it’s an enemy you can’t see but amid the chaos and violence that seems to be breaking out spontaneously around the city many are experiencing a deep sense of loss and grief I’ve been talking to many people today who are trying to deal with the fact that someone they love is missing each person has their own strategy to tell with the sudden disappearance of literally millions of people the entire planet is experiencing fear and confusion tears are flowing and tempers are flaring as people search for answers looting and rioting is rampant everywhere the police simply cannot deal with the magnitude of panic that exists fires burn out of control in homes apartments and factories where it is suspected that the sudden vanishing of people everywhere has resulted in everything from stones to welding torches being left unattended this filling station was destroyed when an unmanned vehicle collided with the pumps highways are plugged with accidents caused by moving vehicles whose drivers seem to have just disappeared 17 people were killed on a mountain road in Venezuela after the driver of this bus simply ceased to exist this Boeing 747 crashed just after takeoff from Cairo when the pilot and co-pilot suddenly vanished another aircraft was seen plummeting to the ground in England no pilot was seen ejecting and no body was found two helicopters collided over an airbase in the Philippines as their blades touched after one of the pilots vanished fear has launched the greatest mobilisation of military force that the world has ever seen all over the world skies are filled with fighter aircraft patrolling their respective borders military sources have reported that all nations are at their highest states of readiness but against an undefined enemy I’ve been told that just moments ago we established a live link with NASA’s Mission Control in Houston good day ladies and gentlemen earlier today the crew aboard space shuttle explorer confirmed visual contact with one possibly two objects of some kind further observations have confirmed that although we are uncertain of its origin it is definitely not a craft of our own we now have a radio contact with Explorer well while we’re waiting to reestablish that feed we do have a remote camera access to a special emergency assembly the leaders of the European Union it seems we’re also having some technical trouble with our connection there no just push it through just push it through we’ll take what you’ve got here’s a gentlemen please excuse these technical difficulties it seems one of our cameras has gone out oh here we are here we are they told us there was a God who would protect us from the unknown but where is that there is no such God what there is it is us how strong and capable of meeting the challenges of a new era the time has come to look not beyond ourselves but to ourselves those who clung to the old ways are gone they were incapable of making the change of taking the next step their vision was not of this earth so they have been removed from it but you have the power you are able you are chosen I will lead you so the powers that lie within you it is for this moment that I have come to you I will lead you into an age of peace and love unlike anything you ever imagined I will teach you the ways of divinity because you are the power you are the glory for ever and ever amen there is one way in one world together we will take the challenge you …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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