It’s a treat to be able to have Gregg on independently we’re tracking the events and the Antarctic and also in the Arctic you know the neat thing about a jigsaw puzzle is somebody who’s been focused on a specific part of the puzzle sometimes needs an outside set of eyes dug to come in and say oh I see where that piece goes well tonight we’re praying and Greg and I have already prayed about tonight and I want to hear this the reason this is important for Christians is because the greatest deception in the history of the world the one that Jesus spoke about that basic setups he didn’t shorten the days that even the elect would be deceived so that’s what’s going on in all avenues of the world both natural and supernatural right now we’re at a point of convergence that convergence is is that everything has been if you will spooky bumpy in the night and stuff is coming into our realm and literally that which was what I believe out of our immediate visual and audio on sites Andy and our ability perceive it is now gone so the in essence God has given mankind the ability by free will to choose if they’re going to follow him or they’re going to follow the evil one and so I’m going to bring on Greg and let him speak now here’s the thing lady general this is critical to your understanding because number one as Christians you’re going to have to be able to give an answer you’re going to have to be able to rise above this stuff in faith and so again to share this both Greg and I are walking circumspectly we prayed as the Lord not to let us go where we shouldn’t go and this may sound a little bit ominous and melodramatic but every time you do a show like this you go God to help me to share what needs to be shared but not to go beyond that which you want us to go beyond so I know this I can speak for Greg and I can speak for myself both are yielded to that and yield it literally to the Spirit of the Living God and we want to share with you what’s going on because all over don’t you probably notice the webparts clip i is getting so many predictive linguistics that you know the major religions of the world are going to undergo a tremendous shaking the lies that many people have believed and so what is going to happen is the great deception simply going to be this and this is the simplified version that there is no God Jesus is not real and that the aliens created us they’re coming back to save us all the new ancient technology all the new understanding a crew history will launch us into the Golden Age of man and the first of all men will become God’s living forever in perpetual pleasure and perversion that’s a nutshell I can back up everything I say in that statement but I want to bring Greg on and Greg thank you for coming on tonight believe I as always cannot begin to thank you for being number one my Christian brother one of the closest I have in the entire world if not be closest and Doug and Joe I tell you it’s been far too long but I was far too ill for a long time and just been do it but I tell you I’m looking forward with great anticipation for what the Lord is going to do tonight for hundreds of thousands perhaps a few million listeners around the globe that are having trouble frankly digesting accepting and moving forward with a plan because it is so overwhelming at times and fellas I’ll tell you it’s it’s hard enough for me when I’ve been back on the radio now for several months but not very long and not very not nearly as as well Claes our program programming as it is with the eggman report and so I just want you to know that when I am contemplating I show like tonight there’s two things it worked for me having been a state trooper and federal investigator and so forth it’s hard for me to say oh okay yeah sequel yeah I know Steve and well what do you think of this information and his books and his DVDs so forth and I say well what what what are you getting at well do you believe him or not and I step back figuratively and literally at times and I say of course I do he’s my Christian brother he’s doing a job that many of you cannot do will not do and it because of that it’s left to a literal handful of people that are willing to step out on the blank and move towards the end of the ship so when that happens you get revealed it’s bad sensing I’m sorry it’s revealed to you that well Steve wrote good book and the best book I think by far is his latest about the Nazi well concubines under the ice about the Giants and you know many of you that he’s been writing about that for years and I will tell you that unbeknownst to Steve now and unbeknownst to him at any point I have checked because I wanted to be totally in compliance with what Jesus would have me say and do behind now you understand please let me understanding of why this is so critically important I’m not the only one tonight listening that is a police officer the sheriff’s deputy or other law enforcement person and the reason that is critical is because the folks that are listening that fit into those categories we were trained I believe I was raised fourth grade the Secret Service went back to the fourth grade and checked with my fourth grade teacher who’s now gone and he said it was this guy in that case er was you know no he was good kid well did he do anything outstanding yeah yeah and I know how this sounds so please forgive me but she was saying this I saw her about a year later she was telling me about this and she said the one thing I told him was that if there’s ever trouble at school that Greg had to know what happened who would happened to what they said what they didn’t say and on and on and so I was in that mold from fourth grade on now why is that important well because the information that you’re going to hear tonight and many of you have read about it watch the DVDs as Steve has put out and there’s more coming you must you must grasp what that means to all of us I can’t tell you the number of people that are involved in this at our levels military and police at high levels on and at with some chipboard personnel it’s all coming together to serve one purpose and that’s to make real and understandable the situation that we find ourselves in if you’ve ever read the Bible and you understand we are approaching very quickly what I believe is in fact the biblical end time scenario in fact we may be already on the first step and if that’s the which I believe it is then we have no choice gentlemen do you want to defend your families do you want to be there for your children even though they’re 25 or 30 years old and they’re afraid to admit that they didn’t listen when you were trying to tell them about this is it really a tough one when they come home on a weekend with their families and they pull you aside they say dad is it going to get that bad now what are you going to tell them I’ve already been in that position with my son who was a police officer and others of the law enforcement family and ladies and gentlemen out there that are listening tonight thank you for tuning in I told you you wouldn’t be disappointed he won’t be not that we’re trying to make up some kind of weird theater presentation but we’re certainly going to tell you what we know what we believe is the truth and what you can do to get yourselves ready now I’m chopping this up into Oh what could you say segments I guess as you can tell my voice is much better those of you that have been listening but I still got just a little ways to go my wife was so pleased last night I was able to sing amazing grace with her for the first time in about 14 months my voice was damaged when I had surgery and they put the tubes down the throat my throat they uh well they messed up one of my vocal cords so my my voice bounces in and out and it’s kind of silly but but that’s what I’m facing so I’m going to chop it up a little bit Steve will be on later the program got it probably goes 2/3 tonight he and I can come on on the third hour Steve will be on second hour and I’m going to try and lay out for you I have found to be utterly your uh absolutely and totally believable number one but if you have read the Bible and you know what I’m telling you is true you know what’s coming is what we’re telling you tonight and so all the times that we’ve been on with Joe and duck it’s this is I think one of the most critical times that you’ll ever listen to us because the time frame is narrowing greatly and because of that we just don’t have the luxury of being able to say well that’s okay we can we can do this and don’t worry about it when it happens it happens if it happens you know no no no no please don’t get that I don’t make that assumption tonight what we want is for you to be prepared physically be prepared with your stock of a need food and water and guns and ammo and I’m not going to put mince words I go out whenever I do what is decent where I live and that’s not very often in the winter but I’m trying to get my wife trained to choose an excellent shot and I said you know something happens you got to be able to protect yourself because I’m going to push you back and take off front center and if I don’t make it and you’ve got to be able to protect the kids and our grandkids so forth so all of this comes down to this under the ice there is a situation that has come about that I don’t think anyone really thought would occur and that was that is that creatures known as the Giants a Nephilim are coming awake I don’t and how that’s possible but I believe it is and Steve could perhaps expand on that a little bit later but what we have are creatures that are bound by copper shackles in many cases in all cases mostly and the only way they can be stopped that I know of is with copper tip ammunition arrowheads spirit whatever is the weapon at hand now I know there’s a few you folks are going okay he’s taking me off the rails pretty quick here no no no don’t do that for the sake of your family friends please don’t do that here it out put the test before the Lord and if he says yes this is what is happening then please please do not ignore the warnings of God’s men and women if you do he will not survive on in fact you will be one of the first to become a casualty because you weren’t prepared my mother was Cherokee um I am Cherokee in part and my family on her side of course is part Cherokee and I’ll tell you that what she has told me over the years her nickname was Lucille eight foot because she ran everywhere and she could put a team of horses together and pull a wagon quicker than men that have been farming for 50 years and I was very proud of her down in the farm in central Illinois because she was he believed in what she was who she was and he was proud of it and that’s not to say that she accepted the native religion because I told her over and over that’s a rough road to go down don’t do that stay with the Christian religion I an all cost and so about six months ago I received a call from a gentleman in uh northern Canada Northwest Territories and he questioned me and he said to you know Steve quale I said I do very well and he said is he believable and I said brother I would take his word over the word of any living human being he’s that trustworthy now if it’s convenient for you to say well I don’t know that I can believe this well then it that’s your choice but you take your life and your family’s life in your hands and it will not be good so when he called and I told him that he said all right I’ve talked to a few others of the of the faith and of the brotherly group of natives and he said so I’m going to take you at your word and I said all right what can I do for you and he said Gregor I think that we’ve run onto a potential nest of Nephilim I said okay can you describe to me what you’ve run into and he began to tell me a story that unfolded that if I had not been a deep man of faith and if I did not absolutely accept that we are at the precipice of the dawn of an evil age then I guess well it just fold of the way it did but fortunately because he said well I want you to know that I’m a Christian my family are Christian my tribal clan are Christians and we are keeping our eyes peeled on a an area up where we are and I’m not going to give you anymore what I’ve given you for obvious reasons I don’t want him to be at all in jeopardy of anything except to continued a courage and warriors spirit that is almost beyond my ability to grasp if I had been involved in that in years past and other theaters I would just be almost impossible and so I do understand folks when you are out there trying to put common sense and understanding of these things down on paper or or just to understand them at all so I am with you on that I do understand but you’ve got to get past that step and move on into now what and so he was asking me what can we do and they are by their own choice because it was so serious they are uh leaning on their understanding of what it takes to move ahead with a protective shield for their people a logo whiter Klan and the people in their geographical and country area and so with that said he said now is there any way we can protect yourselves and I said yes but they’re very few uh trails was left open to you and so I began to explain that and I eject on this we’ve gotten some good confirmation that if you’re dealing with Nephilim they are able to find out where you are who you are and I get this now assent do you remember the moment we were growing up fee fie foe fum I smell the blood of an Englishman now put two and two together and so with that in mind you have these Nephilim that are preparing to come up from their base in the Antarctic now what has happened now that’s a little background now let me go ahead and put some cerebral clarity to this maybe because the Nazis literally went ahead and had their say at the end of World War two they are they’re an evil evil evil Bunch as we all know but they were able to survive because they were able to compromise their lives by accepting information and science that up until that point we had no idea existed now generations past and I’m talking about hundreds of generations have known this because they were there at the time the Nephilim roamed the world first time you know I have it I’ve talked about that many times because the DNA is unique and even the electronic signature if you will or on a on a very humble wonderfully atomic level each one of our DNA signature and our found I’ve actually talked about that Doug on your show once that the sound of our DNA in essence is like a song and the harmonics of each person’s individual DNA is unique to them through their special creation by the Living God also today they just came out and said that DNA and I’ve been saying those for 20 years is the ultimate storage medium and that you won’t have an external hard drive or a tear up driver you know Giga Drive or better Drive it will all be encoded into yourself so the the issue is this that they can do it by the way don’t you think it’s interesting done great that now they want everybody’s DNA and the Human Genome Project has been exactly that they’re going to target individuals based on not only their belief yes and no ah you know what they believe first of all most Christians are in their site but they have that ability and they’re looking for those people who have genetic markers from the fallen ones and we can get into that we come back from the break but the important thing that I think we’ve got to start right out of the tunnel Greg after the break is that you need to share what you’re you know those individuals are telling you is going on specifically in the Antarctic because then I can add to that with some stuff I just got less than an hour I’ll tell you what buddy that’s exactly where I was going I think it’s important that people understand and great God thank you so much leading gentlemen I want to thank you so many of you have answered the call to turn fasting on Greg’s behalf and he’s – he’s too much of a man’s man to tell you everything he went through but I can tell you this bro Tina’s wife Lyz have gone through literal medical hell and God was with them I remember getting a picture from great year as that lives at me basically he’s holding his hands up in the air and praising the Lord and they told him just hours before that that his chances weren’t very good well the bottom to come out you know alive so what you’re hearing tonight what you’re going to hear is going to be kind of up I’d say this shocking to you now Greg here’s what I want to show I share a couple things I’ll turn it back over to oh here the last in the last day 24 hours than the last several hours I’ve been told by someone who just returned from Argentina who is very well-connected and when I say very well-connected there’s just no better way to get connected than he is and he told me this that even Lockheed Martin and they’re known as the skunk warts they’re the ones credited to reverse engineering spacecraft alien craft and both unusual craft from out of the world and from the inner world okay you can look it up skunk works look up and rich the thing that’s fascinating is he said that they have the reverse engineering team being brought in and teams plural no what most people don’t understand is Antarctica the size it’s the fifth largest continent in the world so the military base is off-limits to anybody except who the military allows them they’re obviously different countries have different research bases but when he told me that 1,000 those were his numbers I queried him twice he said you know what they’re looking for you know what they’re there for and I said absolutely they found the ancient technology they found the things they need to reverse-engineer they obviously are called in even where their expertise may exceed even the quote unquote hundred and thirty five-year-old Nazis so great can I get you to focus right now on the Antarctica and obviously what’s your friend and those in the know are talking specifically about the Antarctica because I don’t think that people recognize how critical this is because this will be the launch this is the key and I would use the word skeleton key and in this case the Giants which you call critters you know they are in a form of stasis as that suspended animation but something has broken them out of that stasis and I believe the number you were given was four dozen is that correct yes so you take it from there sir and then when yes you’re written in the back thank you no problem and Steve thanks for giving people just a little bit of a heads up on the geography of Antarctica because it is such a major area major landmass and of course all of the landmass areas in the world go down through the crust and into the mantle and before their turn molten so it’s they can go down to three four miles that’s usually about the limit before temperatures that increase and so forth make it difficult to go any further but what has happened and Steve your statement doesn’t it give credibility to the fact that certain astronaut by the name of Buzz Aldrin was down there and I’ll just simply say that he saw more than he probably bargained for and left and just decided it was time to get out the best he could but why would he have been down there Steve I’ve been asking myself that over and over and I believe because he was and is one of the few original astronauts that he has the mental acuity to understand the science that has been handed over to the Nazis at least to the extent that he can no one has all of the pieces of the puzzle but they’ve got plenty of them and so I’m going why would he be down there and yet at the same time the Giants are in the process of coming out of stasis and I believe it’s because they’re being relieved the original one was released so they could study there’s this giant and you’re talking about a a creature of 15 to 20 feet tall now maybe you think your darling six-foot for John Wayne but that’s not going to get it these guys will step on you like a bad bug so I just think that we need again to keep in mind what is at stake here now when this began to unravel and I’ll digress just for a moment still on the same subject the tunnel that has been created that a couple of miles wide I am told I have no independent verification but I’m told that until I get that I’ll have to go with this and I’ll tell you that so you understand that I do have room for error and I’ll admit it if it’s fire but if I’m doing something I’m going to go ahead with it and research the rest of the information based on what I do have and what I believe the area below the surface of the water into southern Argentina and the tunnel that they have cut with tunneling devices they’re huge just passing and they could go seven miles in a day well it doesn’t take you long to figure out that they’re going to be able to go all the way up through South America all the countries there through Central America North America Canada and into the Northwest Territories so what are we facing we’re facing a group of these giants apparently some from a separate point of origin that have found their way through all these countries into the Northwest Territories where there are some rather large caves and while exploring so people heard it one claim to see things if were other only they could not believe what they were seeing or hearing and so when those gentlemen contacted me what can we do and I sought out some good minds and they said because the scent drill with DNA and so forth is so profound the only way you’re going to be able to keep them at bay along with the weapons I told you about a copper solid copper not copper jacketed but solid copper these gentlemen have arrows Spears bullets and so forth that are self comfort I am solid copper of weapons that is the ammunition and why because you’ve got to defend yourself you’re not going to make it against somebody that’s 15 18 20 people you will not and so you must take the precautions that we’ve been talking about and put them into play play the moment these things become visible and so I said now set up a tripwire system where you’ve got some red lights amber lights green lights I don’t care what kite and a sound system that will let you know when these things you’re coming on and so if you do that you could give yourself the best protection you can and the people of your tribe your local villages and even more than that so that is where the northern aspect of this came in along the way there have been appearances of these creatures in Bolivia and other areas in Central America and northern South America they are being spotted and the individuals that were sent in immediately by the country’s equivalent of our Special Forces we’re not able to deal with it mentally emotionally or literally with tactical our advantages and weaponry so what do they do well like always they called up Uncle Sam and said do you have anybody you can send down here my understanding is that they sent roughly a company of Special Forces operators and to look the situation over and find out what was going on and the best thing that I can tell you is that there has been no one at this point seen Jojo no one that has been able to come out of an encounter as they went in to the gunner they have been caged I in some cases change to the point where within an instant their hair would gray and they get infirmities they never had before and so we’re talking about a situation that is beyond our ability to just deal with it you know in the when the sergeant comes up and says look deal with this it’ll deal with this you have to do your best and hope you survive now that being said were under a gun time-wise what will it be I don’t know now Steve I the only thing I told you about what I was going to say tonight was if I got a check Holy Spirit that I would not go beyond what I’ve said in some of these areas so you understand yes I do and I laid that out I think – at the beginning Greg let me let me ask you one thing – yes describe what your sources are saying is the two and a half mile wide basically underwater ship that’s moving and because again you know there’s so much garbage out there on the internet people are saying this or that but what are your military and scientist sources saying about that well they they are saying that there is a a underwater craft I guess the best way you can put it but that it is a Leviathan inside something that you know if it suddenly surfaced and we had video of it you you wouldn’t be able to take it all in if they flew over it in a jet plane it would take probably 30 seconds at least at 600 miles an hour to go from one end to the other now that is what is uh keeping things together and also making it difficult to get an idea about well why is that needed I can’t answer that except that I believe that it is a stronghold for those who are being sent to confront this series of creatures and with the weaponry on board the latest laser sonic visual uh weaponry that that can take out anybody and I will just say maybe the verse as you said time we’re not cut short oh where would we be and with any more than what we’ve got now men’s hearts may fail to prepare but they didn’t put that at the Bible to make a dramatic they didn’t choose to do this so that we would say oh yeah yeah I got it I understand they were giving warning clear warnings all right do you believe in Atlantis I don’t know I guess I could simply because there’s some evidence but not enough to satisfy me at this point I want hard evidence and I’m seeing it in under the ice I’m seeing it Steve’s writing I have no issue with what he’s put forward I have no problem with the incredible work that he and his team have done putting the DVDs together so that we have a clearer picture of how why and where this is evolved now the last thing I want to say that this juncture is this the the events that have occurred under the ice have put individuals in harm’s way big time they only had survived because when they found out about it even the Nazis we thought they were indestructible said I’m out of here and they began leaving and the ships on the surface that have been monitoring this we’re confirming that this indeed was taking place and they sent a SEAL Teams and Green Berets down below the surface in elevators that were the size of a half football field and why because they had to carry large swimming large gargles on board tanks artillery and other such weaponry for this very possibility that is unveiling itself now and so the people that have survived that came out of their eye and I don’t believe it was a large casualty count although I am told there was some and I’m being told this by several high-ranking military officers one in particular uh is the most credible to me and well credible until he said yep I listened to Quayle all the time that’s why I’m calling you because I want you to get all of it so and I’m just gonna he has great respect for it and that’s okay but you know hey Greg I just got a reply go show something but well sue Bradley who was as well Thomas Moore who’s a heavy Joint Chiefs of Staff Sue was his lead researcher and one time he listened to one of my shows and Sue said before she even contacted me she thought it was a little bit maybe too far out there but he said he said this and obviously I’m saying this only to share the kind of date didn’t of it look when God gives a man something people can hate the man and God knows I’ve engendered that in a lot of people but you can’t ultimately deny the fact that when something is given and proven to be from the Lord it’s real okay so Admiral Thomas More you know and obviously make two statements ooh he said to listen to Steve listen to him carefully because he’s telling the people what their future is going to be like in Suetonius I think it’s even on my website someplace that she said and he said that I was the only one telling people of what the real war and the real battles will be in the future now I’m not saying that the blow wind in my sails contrary to my critics who say I talk too much I hardly ever talk too much about that stuff but why I’m saying that is this ladies and gentlemen that God is is preparing his people for what’s coming and what’s coming now is upon our doorstep oh let’s say it’s at the beachhead and what Greg is telling you is his exclusive of me I don’t want to know I don’t know for the record nobody ever asked who his sources are any more than he would do that for me but the point is is when the preponderance of evidence is tilting the scales to the point is a great I’ll be blunt with you I prayed lately I said God did I throw away 35 years of my life warning and writing about this stuff because people don’t and look I’m not feeling sorry for myself but that’s 65 you know I mean I don’t I don’t know what else I would do because this is what God called me to do and he said be patient well you know what that means in my world that means flow down from 200 miles an hour to 100 miles an hour and some time’s the Lord says a complete stop and I don’t mean that what I’m doing is just like this okay let me share this because I am you know I’m going to pray for a miracle but we’re going to put on a conference in Branson Missouri it’s going to be the original innovators and the researchers and original writers on the whole theme of giants fallen angels UFOs and it’s on my website ladies and gentlemen Jen’s expenses I’ve only agreed to do this because quite candidly I felt prompted as the Lord that the speakers are going to be Tom Horne myself la Marzulli Tim albariño dr.

Michael Lake Derek Gilbert and some peer habló when the meet the most famous explores a history and it’s all cutting edge up to date original research now other people that need to hear this might my feeling is they all need to hear it it’s going to be more of a teaching are as opposed to a seminar we limited it to six speakers maybe seven I think and these guys are all and most you know all these names but we’re going to have a concerted effort to flow from the beginning to end it’s not enough just to tell you about the curve is what they mean what the fines are whether ramses ii statue which has just been found by the way 24 plus feet all these events are leading to something and what we’re telling you is this spiritual warfare is not basically a choice you get to make yes I will fight or no I won’t fight I guess you can make that choice but the devil won’t honor it God will honor faith but the devil won’t honor you’re saying well usually me alone I’ll leave you alone so when the angels in heaven who have seen God’s magnificence who behold his glory who absolutely love other living God watching what’s going on on earth when they start to say whoa you know woe unto the Annapolis to earth you see you know I get a kick out of a great you know you’ve been called it being called a doom preacher up here or monger uh everything I write is totally fear porn you know it’s interesting because people get it all over the world and they say thank you these are questions that I’ve had on my heart from the beginning of becoming a cushion now I see clearly well God’s placed a time lock on this information just like you you are on this program and courtesy of the hagman’s and God bless you Doug and Joe and John those of you who made this possible that for such a time as this because until the aunt Arctic meme came into the public knowledge they couldn’t receive it and you know I’ve said this before you know it’s like when we start talking about stuff that’s when God allows the release of corollary and and you know people say well that’s just a bunch of crazy Christians no it’s not because their people are not Christians telling you and they’re making even worse now I want to make this comment because it’s critical notice that at the same time as the release of the Antarctic and the beings the critters which you call them my column the the Giants okay the cannibalism mean and theme has come into the public psyche worldwide now this is a critical issue Doug and I know you get it I know a lot of listeners get it but the cannibalism comes from the word Cana and Baal which means basically the land of Canaan and the prophets of Baal or Bale some people pronounce there are some people go Paul but the point is no matter what you want to call it look at the arch of Baal and the world of the world’s leaders so in essence what you’re seeing is a full-scale supernatural manifestation of the evil kings of the world getting ready to make war against God the entities that have been reserved you know unto this day that are being released and not all fallen angels are being released obviously there’s some that are bounded everlasting change the judgment but there’s more than two hundred third of the angels in heaven fell so whether people want to admit the fallen angel Mimar theme the CIA you know their main name program is weeping angel and so now we’ve got fallen angels they’ve got the name of a spook uh you know okay code name for a whole series of covert operations weeping angels and I set this on Mike you cast yesterday I think they’re weeping angels if you want to look up to grigorash you’re each your eye a group of fallen angels that sing and they’re crying they’re weeping to God to forgive them and the Book of Enoch says God will not forgive them so the idea is this that ladies and gentlemen please if you want to get the stuff in one place presented very carefully Gon Jinn six conferences you go on my website Steve quale com go over to the right-hand corner and Genesis conferences click on it you’ll read about it I’m hoping great that we get the people that are that God has raised up that God is going to release to come and hear this because they’ve got to know they’ve got to know the basis of their faith and what they’re fighting for and more importantly who they’re fighting against and that the power that God is given you know people assume this look you didn’t in the year-old of military in Green Berets everything they didn’t turn you loose with exotic weaponry until you still have to learn how to break down and queen your rightful okay and unfortunately most people think they’re going into battle with you know their Bible and if if they have practical faith and I would say faith that appropriates what they believe for this is not people I’m talking to but I’m talking about the people that so haphazardly just think that somehow there are idyllic walk with the Living God will sustain them in the days and years ahead it won’t because they’re not if they’re not being trained they don’t have battlefield experience although they’re going to be trusted into the battlefield and they need to be trained so that’s what this gen six conferences it’s called true legend of the conference leading gentlemen you can go on and start registering the minute it went out people started registering in math so we’re limited to how many people we can have but again this is the only time you will get I think Tom Horne made this statement just so you know Tom and I have never appeared on the same stage on a conference obviously been on TV and radio together and Tom said Steve this is my last time so you know I’m only telling you that because that’s what he told me well thank you Doug it’s really critical that people understand that even in the last days there have been statements coming out about the television spying on you and everything that is being recorded obviously everything that is electronic hooked up to the net hooked up to the brain everything that’s going on that way and so what is it it’s important Doug and I know you read Empire beneath the ice but I think it’s page 347 in my book where I’m dealing with the idea that Nazis perfected the ability to not only project images like television obviously they attribute that to what Farnsworth if I remember my history of film on TV the point is is that that the patient had that perfected millennia ago and what’s more important is that I don’t know if you saw the story Doug and great but they’re talking about being able to bathe the intelligence agencies literally plant if you want mental bombs and people did you see that Doug yeah um yeah and I made it yeah it by the way that that connection was not lost on me go ahead sir okay so anyway what we’re seeing is we’re seeing a program group of people I believe that God is I don’t know how the work does what he does he’s got I’m his servant and Greg and everyone who loves Jesus were in this as he leads us he’s a good shepherd but I don’t want to be a dumb sheep you know I want to be up on the mountains with the Rams I mean that and so the thing that Greg that I think we really need to get through is it whatever again I’m going to say this you know what I mean by this whatever you’re comfortable with sharing you know about the ship now somebody sent me an email are you saying the ship is it is it the good guys or is it the bad guys is that the Nazis or who is the ship the tune-out mile long one unfortunately I have to tell you that this ship has been under construction for nearly 50 years and all I can say about this is that it was put together with the idea that the so-called black coven’s of the world are going to be on board as well as the Nazis and others who are working for Satan so basically it’s kind of if you will it’s kind of like well let’s just call it you know I don’t know that much about Star Wars terminology but it’s the Deaf planet or the – chip or the destroyer and those of you who are Star Wars people you feel free to correct me but here’s the thing the thing I think it’s important it’s now in motion the Giants are now in motion I got an email from someone this thing what says what’s going on with the Russians in the Arctic well the Russians are obviously dealing with the same thing in a different way in different technology and Admiral Byrd’s diary spoke about obviously entering the Inner Earth through the you know Arctic opening and obviously there are these ants are they coping but what’s happening it’s a total on what do you call it manure is sitting not a single fan but every propeller of every fan on the planet now is getting ready to be sprayed with manure now that’s cat poop if you want to take it from there Greg that’s at Apple’s I can get well you view what where people could understand it is is it your egg is is it your and again understanding how we prayed and understanding what we want to go and what I’m saying this ladies and gentlemen you can you can see that I’m wrestling to in the back of my mind and thank God I can do a process I can’t seem to stay on a given thought but I can do a process I’m saying word where do you want us to take this well first of all you know here’s the deal in the Bible start looking up Leviathan and behemoth or so there’s some people pronounce it behemoth and one of my email are sent this to me and I know this is a woman who has you know basically been an intercessor and you know here’s what she said this was on August 22nd 2014 she said Steve remember when I sent you the tour’s Leviathan and behemoth that the Lord had laid upon my heart you are hearing correctly exclamation mark and this is what she said now again this is what almost two years ago in Division I saw this gigantic animal monster walking on four legs the size of a dinosaur it almost looked quite one only was not as eyes so it was a machine made from metal bars as I look closer turned into a real animal skin I realize they re clean the monsters the the huge animals behemoth and Leviathan look it up then it came to me they want to recreate the world to be like it was before the flood well Greg as you know and I have never been in the military but I get to hang outs with some people that they can’t say well that’s higher than my pay grade I got so tired of hearing that I said then let put me in touch with someone who won’t make that claim because you know and I’ve not been the military but people are only allowed to say so much at the colonel major you know levels blah blah blah so the thing is is that God was gracious and gave me access to four-star SpecOps generals I could not have done that it has nothing to do with me I want to make that clear it has nothing to do with my failures my personality you liking me you hating me you wanting me dead you wanting me alive it doesn’t have any do with that God put me in contact with him because he said this Greg them turn right over to you he said Steve if you’ll be willing to warn my people I’ll bring the people to you that know what you need to warn my people about that’s the only way I can even have contact with people all over the world they contact me and and I know Greg and you know this that you’ve got to have multiple witnesses you live in this world because obviously in your military spirits which you know I you know I know you don’t like to talk about it but I’ll tell you ladies and gentlemen he walks the walk and talks to talk but the point is that were out up at this position in time where there’s if the enemy is throwing everything they can at God’s people God’s people better wake up you know and and great you’ve been as frustrated over the years as I helped but I mean you know how how would you put it into what I call grace Greggy you know great the way you speak how would you communicate to people we’re not on the goodtime Friday night titillate the ears of listeners worldwide we’re pleading with them in the name of the Living God that God does not want his people destroyed yet history records that they don’t want to listen to God or quote if you think we’re not as messengers then you shouldn’t even have listed in the first place but take it to the Lord in perso put it into your words Greg and go for as long as you need well see if I guess you know when we start looking at this over the the whole field of conflict here excuse me seeing that there is no way that we can adequately please I don’t think I can you can I’m sure but I don’t have the words I know as a phraseology I don’t have what it takes to put that last nail in the illustrator coffin but there’s just no way to adequately present to people what we’re thinking and going through we have done everything Oh Steve is it not easier and I get you know we have our periodic phone calls where we check in and pray for each other so forth and but wouldn’t it be easier just wouldn’t it be easier not to have to be involved this leave it to somebody else I don’t want to I’m 67 years old today and so I’m happy Earth Day my beloved brother well thank you buddy I tell ya that I made it as far as a miracle of God when I heard the doctor say problem make it through the night as you mentioned I said we’ll all right Lord that’s it bring me a really nice plane to fly up him but seriously I just said ok I am ready but if you’ve got anything for me to do yet well then leave me behind and and tell me what it is you want done and so far considering that I could walk my legs were basically being sacrificed which in the end my beautiful wife said no you’re not going to do that you’re not cutting off his legs you’re not going to you know if you can’t do this you’re a doctor you’re a surgeon known around the world I was at males and no no no and so I’m learning to walk again and I’m learning too and I’ve got good ways down the road but a got a little way to go yet be hard for me to run a marathon but I try I but here’s the deal when we get up in the morning I don’t know about you Steve I I pray and then I go alright smart what kind of excitement we got today and I’m praying for my wife she had a heart attack a year ago and has really been mercifully saved and brought back to just virtually foil and so I’m not sure why Liz and I have been singled out because now that’s not correct a lot of people go through a lot of problems but it’s been very tough no voice I’m not able to walk not able to feed prepare a meal nothing I was completely dependent on my wife and so to tell you Steve that I would rather have stayed off the phones with my contacts military police and so forth would have been far easier and when I get accused of all kinds of things and I get told that you know well you and Quayle are just always open about this going on but you know I don’t know I don’t think I could believe you well that’s your choice but I’m not going to stop I’m not going to quit my dear friend rod and Julie my friends down in lower Michigan are the kind of people and there’s others down there as well Philip if you’re listening tonight god bless you and sheriff Darlie and others your wonderful friends I appreciate you I will stand by you but I’ll tell you this one last time if you get in this arena you better be ready to get yourself thrashed talked about it I’ve been a lot of fights over the years and I’ve walked away pretty slow on a couple of occasions and I don’t care to go through that again but I will tell you that I’m going through it now because my one side says enough Greg inked up and I want to get on the phone and call you Steve play what do you think of that idea I know what you’re going to say don’t you dare and I would tell you don’t you dare do you realize folks at Steve Coyle and the wonderful help that Joe and Doug had been but Steve has as well but Steve has gone out without being asked without trying to make it you know well here look at me look what I’m doing that’s just not a nice character and I’ve seen him in just about all kinds of situations and he wouldn’t do that he’s not made up that way but he’s brave enough and I say that listen it takes courage to do what Joe and Doug do and to do what Steve quale does I’m telling you it takes courage like many of you have only read about or heard about from World War two or Vietnam or something like that and so when it comes on you like that you can’t just leave somebody out the cold and that’s why my support has been always will be with Steve quale not somebody else that has got one iota of an idea what they’re doing and others who just want to seek us out it give us trouble loads carload trouble because why because they didn’t think of it no because they think they’ve got a better idea no they don’t have an idea at all but I’ll tell you this when it comes down to it I believe I just hope pray that I’ll be in the throne room in heaven with God calls deep oil in and says Steve well done could be servant and I just can’t wait to be in a position to to see that I don’t know if that will be possible the way it is I think you’re judged individually but nonetheless Steve I want you to take it here I need to take a little time but just you know you go until I have chosen wrongly the wrong people to hire I have chosen wrongly so many times well when God gives you better friends then you choose for yourself and gods in it that’s how dog and I meant by the way ladies and gentlemen and that’s how grey even so that I met that’s how pastor David Langford and I met that’s how Henry Gruver and I met and you know it cement amazing I hang out with some wonderfully gifted and talented men I just ran through some of them there and yet in the back of my mind I said Lord I can’t undo the wrong decisions I’ve made but please help me to make the right decisions that’s why dogging on this is important to great everything we’re seeing tonight people you must take it to the Lord in prayer it was again it is that critical and seriously at 65 great cistern 67 I’ve seen you this long happy birthday but I would murder it so I won’t but blessings in the name of Jesus and and be strengthened in the power is mighty in the revelation that only God can send through the Spirit of the holiness of God so break you know take you arrest take your liberty and thank you brother for coming on and sharing what you know well I’d say it’s been a distinct privilege for me to be back with Joe and Doug and certainly with you Steve fortunately I get to talk to you frequently but tell us we’re going to keep up the fight I haven’t come this far and gone through what I’ve gone 12 surgeries last year that’s enough for me and so I’d rather be out fighting the big guys that’s going into the operating room another time so thank you all and thank you folks they’re listening for your prayers and your cards and so forth of encouragement I have appreciated so much so as my wife god bless each one and Steve I’m going to listen it because I want to hear what’s going on god bless you thank you Greg and blessings thank you well doc you know just to go where you want to go and feel you need to go on a plate and gentlemen it’s important that you heard that because let me share this I’d like to thank ally Marzulli because he put me in touch with someone that I needed to get some info from and la bless you for this and again he’s going to be one of those speakers when we speak at this circus seminar having you know I turn down a lot of them because number one I’ve been asked for 17 years straight to go with Tom Warren to whatever those seminars have been asked by others to appear at seminars that it never felt right okay there was a time Doug I couldn’t but this time it feels right because we’re going to take people from the if you will cosmological origin of Warren space all the way through the entire what I would call history and prehistory and give people an understanding of me we’ve got dr.

Michael writing the men is a gift we’ve got dr. Thomas horn and it was and I enjoy being on TomTom made the same statement I made you know the only time we want to do any shows together are with you the hagman’s you know because quite candidly on you know if you get this to Doug but I could tie up my whole life talking on internet shows I won’t do it i love doing Sheila’s show because it’s so amazing I love doing Dave Hodges show because these guys are people that write their own stuff and obviously I can relate to them but as I said you know at 65 having burned the candle in the middle with a flamethrower I and I add that’s the only way that’s the only a metaphor or picture I can get you know pretty soon you figure out that men weird all the blacks go and the answer that is you burn it up with the last flamethrower discharge you know so I want to make sure that what the Lord has called me to is transfer to as many people as possible that’s why you know this this thing and I got to tell you it’s important to me to get it out there that this will be probably and I look only god I said stuff the world you made me eat you know my words because I threw in the towel and God said hey you’re not even started yet okay so I want you to know that but I don’t foresee me doing seminars you know obviously god blessed me with a understudy Tim albariño the director and writer of the DVD series the unholy see in the next world where there were giants and let me just speak to that because people I hope you understand what we’re doing we’re using and this is just by the grace of God we’re competing with the biggest names in film production we’re competing with budgets that are 10 times higher than ours we’re competing against everything and everyone against us and it’s not a statement just saying this only God can give the talent the ability and the understanding when you look for a protege you have to have somebody at least knows where you’re at on the same page and also when you look to leave a if you will a living legacy I already talked to dr.

Lake about a thing called university of antiquity university of antiquity i’m just sharing my heart for a few minutes Doug this has nothing to do with Antarctica but I want to be able and then here’s the word did you never hear from me I’m good I want to utilize people that are systematic and their ability to present information I’ll be by the way limiting myself to you know a what do you call those things not a PowerPoint but I’ll have an outline and by the grace of God I’ll stick to it because they’ll be one of the speakers and I’ll be I don’t know yet the order of speakers but trust me it’s going to be a blessing then on Sunday people are going to be blessed to be able to listen to Pastor Langford exclusively preach the Word of God now we’re going to talk about heavy stuff during this conference I don’t think a conference and I’ll say this I don’t go to them I’ve watched DVDs of them but I don’t think and I know what most people talk about I don’t think that some of those live in the world that I live and that’s called no-holds-barred okay we tell it like it is we don’t hold back and I see that this is a time event because we’re coming into the fall of September by the way that the date of its is September 15th and 16th and it’s going to be in Branson Missouri and they can go in and sign up and get ready to go but we’re pulling out all the stops for this thing and by pulling out all the stops I think that went up when people leave this and I’m also leaving maximum amount of time so all of us who are the authors researchers can give people time to you know up ask questions and again ladies and gentlemen please consider coming to this because you’ll be able to have I think a lot of your deepest questions answered and when you get your questions answered you don’t have to worry about you know the deception that’s coming and does I explain it to this like there was a group called behavior and aviary is a you know a very and top secret eclectic group they all have different bird names but DBA they you know I’ve talked to I forget who told me this years ago but they even have supposedly discs of Jesus being crucified and the aliens having put Jesus out there as the Lamb of God well I can tell you right now that you know no saucers appeared in the Gospels that I read about so can you imagine and and you know I think you were raised Catholic and later on this is not an anti-catholic statement this is a questioning statement for all of you can you imagine being presented with the very Vatican coming out at some point in the future and claiming that you know Jesus was not the savior or that the aliens created us and Tom Horne and you know the late Chris Putnam did a wonderful job of proving that in in by their own writings okay so there’s a billion three people then imagine a billion three poor Muslims and they’re being told that the vision of Fatima that Fatima is Muhammad’s daughter so you know what I’m saying is the one world religion people think it’s going to be a long drawn-out thing under extreme how do I say this Lord under extreme events things can unfold in a matter of weeks where everybody thinks all we got another 20 years another 30 years another 40 years whatever look I don’t know all I’m worried about is edges today what is today it’s what temple much am I giving everything that God has given to me to share with his people at this moment okay and for those of you that have not seen my Q casts it’s on now what is that thing called YouTube okay yeah YouTube and I have it monitored by monitors because again there’s a hundred and forty five people that were I guess deep quiet unless the Defense Department did a better job of cloning me in the first place you know uh they’re not me so now they’re modulating my voice so if you hear me sounding like I’m sucking on helium or something that is not me my official YouTube channel please find out because it’s my goal Doug that basically I’m going to update my cute cats every other day I just pull one out yesterday I’m going to put one out tomorrow probably go up on Sunday this is the only way and you have the benefit of your microphone and your everything that you’re doing you know on television on your broadcasts on internet and stuff but it’s the only way that I can keep in instantaneous contact so that’s kind of what’s new in my world at this point I want to when we come back from the break I want to share we’re going to you know we’re going to skip it and then just keep on going and I just want to say this they can get cute casts folks sign up for go to Steve coil comm and click on the link to his Q cast I they’re invaluable and they’re they’re great you do a great job but yeah just keep on going brother because this is important stuff not and we need to and I want to thank the network by the way for allowing us to skip the break go ahead well well again thank you Duggan and the idea that your television set is not only programming your subconscious okay that’s the only thing that can explain the apathy the indifference and basically the cognitive dissonance okay or the cognitive helplessness the lack of focus now look I have to step away from my computer more I’ve been going on 18 hours those of you have seen me on you know cue cast sometimes I look like I just got drugged out of bed and sometimes I never went to sleep I appreciate you praying for me and I thank God that I hope to remedy that but listen we’re all living in effect in what I would call a period up of God’s grace and time we don’t know when things go really really sour overnight it used to be said that everybody’s nine meals away from starvation I disagree with that Stephan Lambert wrote a great article I want to draw everyone’s attention to it it’s on my website he’s done a marvelous job of detailing the cannibal ism and all of the CNN you know obviously cannibal News Network it should it doesn’t not have been dug did what your first thoughts when you saw a CNN reporter sitting down with a sect of Hindu cows eating a fried human brain and drinking a wine or something out of a human skull does does that maybe send a picture image now first of all understand the man is also a Muslim and Islam is now openly teaching that you can eat ok the kaffir you can beat your enemy I’m not talking about you know basically a metaphor I’m talking about physically eating them and ladies and gentlemen cannibalism started with the Giants I can prove that I proved that in my book Genesis 6 Giants of the second volume I have talked about it for for 25 plus years and again when I start talking about it people thought I was off my rocker just like it says all you’ll know we’re in the end when all the major volcanoes come active at the same time so the point that is critical that people understand it’s about being right you know and saying in any man yet that’s not the attitude I’m trying to portray the attitude is is that the only way I could have known what I know is to be shown what I’ve been shown and Doug I’ve shared this with you before when when I had my encounter face to face with Jesus now look if you’re mad at Jesus for revealing himself to me then pray that he’ll reveal himself to you I want to make this clear I don’t take any stock that I’m better than anybody I’ve gone out of my way to say hey I’m a poster child for grace I’m probably worse than all of you combined that’s not false humility it’s the truth but for some reason somebody someplace touched God and God saved me he had a plan and I don’t you know I said Lord are you sure you’ve got the right guy and then I you know I get rebuked because you know he’s God of heaven but when Jesus revealed himself to me and gave me a picture of the future and I saw the world events now understand this is 40 what 44 years ago now 45 going on 45 years against this 2017 and he said I’m only going to show you this as the events are shortly to come to pass I didn’t understand what he was meaning like that when empire beneath the ice was launched okay and this is a all hail the power of Jesus name let angels prostrate fall bring forth the royal diadem and crown him Jesus Lord of all statement there’s no way that book would have had the same effect ten years ago and there’s no way once that book was released okay I’m looking at the divine fingerprints of God on it then all the Hitler revelations came out okay all of the oh the SS Himmler’s I called library’ came out all the advanced spacecraft it was all in the background there’s some marvelous hard authors out there that I quote in my book that have been dealing with this stuff but it wasn’t time yet and so the idea is this that as the stargates have been opened the gates of Hell will not prevail jesus said it but until Tom Horn got that revelation of the gates of Hell opening I didn’t even know what that scripture meant and I’ve been a student of the scripture for at that point probably at least 36 38 years okay so the point is that that is on my heart to share tonight is that this stuff is real when you get articles on Drudge the CIA is admitting to being able to control your mind and the plant thought processes and patterns in your mind what they don’t tell you is this and I have I don’t know that I’ve said this in years I you know I have to check with hawk because he’s the only one that remembers when I said what I said and I mean that as a genuine compliment to him no one knows Doug but the ability to literally accelerate cells within the human body to generate diseases electromagnetically at a distance is a is as the French would say a feat that has been accomplished okay to complete so if if I told you that Doug and then you start realizing what’s gone on in your physical body and God knows you and I are you know at some days opposite into the doctor to try get our killer migraine satisfied and look I trust God I eat right you know I do right and and you do what you can do but there are times you come under attack or when you hear Greg Evensen get zapped by a blu ray or a hawk is is is zapped and basically he’s in the hospital fighting for his life that really happened so you know the thing is that the there are points that I now sense and here’s people some people have flashbacks I don’t have flashbacks I have flash-forwards okay and I will tell everybody this I’ve said it again you watch Mars everything you’ve been told about Mars be proven to be wrong that’s my next endeavor I’m going on the record by telling you that okay the Mars will come into such prominence that you’re going to wonder how it could be so there all the time he just didn’t see it it’s because God in His mercy and his knowledge and his creative genius and his wonderful spectacular being knew that there’s only certain points in time that we being finite creatures can can even begin to grasp this stuff but the promise is that knowledge would abound that doesn’t mean it’s good knowledge but remember the knowledge of good and evil is what got Adam and Eve in trouble in the first place and the people that believe they’ll be saved by this vast amount of knowledge they possess the Gnostics Gnostics comes from the Greek word gnosis and and simply means knowledge that they possess the secret knowledge well everybody does heat in human flesh you know is is absolutely in the camp of the esoteric cannibals and then I put the story up on my web bottom web pop forgive me I put the story up on my website today about the cannibal robots you remember that Doug we talked about that on your program four years ago and so now I found a new term canna bot okay a cannibal robot well it doesn’t take too much to throw to and do together and have artificial intelligence a robot being given sentence the ability to think and then just to top it off have some evil spirit possess it and I know there are people that will argue that evil spirits cannot the inanimate objects I’ll say absolutely not true I’ve seen it with my own eyes I’ve talked to too many people in the deliverance ministry even Paul when he preached you know that the people that were into the magical arts that Brett brought all their books all their idols and all their points of contact with the occult and they burned them okay I’ve heard and I have literally heard of people screaming because when their idols were burned up something left them okay now remember an idol has no life in itself but the evil spirits who is a disembodied spirit imagine this imagine you’re a secret group of ëletís now I’m telling you what what I’m saying to you is real this isn’t an imaginary world and they’ve been grave-robbing some of the most evil people in history when those evil people in history let’s take jingis Khan Kublai Khan take anybody you want in history and and those the DNA of those individuals was preserved in some form or matter that they group of scientists can reconstitute that entity where do you think the evil spirits going to go hello they’re back and so what we’re doing now that we’re being forced into a what I would call a transformational a quantum a parallel world what has been separated from us and kept out of our vision in the spirit world is converging and so unless God’s people know this and you know again when the scripture says God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge notice who is God singling out his word the prophets not because they don’t hear it but because they reject it that’s why I thank God for your show Doug I thank God for the people from South Africa and by the way ladies and gentlemen in the United States pray for the Brethren in South Africa they the government there is basically making war on the whites and not only the whites but the Christians are in the sight of those who are controlling the country Doug on one of the first radio shows I did I said as goes South Africa so goes the war old and I think that’s coming to pass too so I’m all over the board right now to say this we are absolutely experiencing the times when Jesus said and if you get mad at Jesus then get mad at Jesus knowing he’ll forgive you don’t get mad at the message but Jesus even said blessed are they who have ears to hear and eyes to see and he even made the point that to the to the common folk you know they would understand but to the religious parasitical listeners to your show they’ll never hear Doug they’ll never hear they’ll never see and they’ll perish in their iniquity someone says who are you to judge whether someone’s going to perish it off hey I don’t judge I just share the Word of God and if the Word of God makes you tight around the throat then you better check your heart if it makes you sweat because you know you know that you know deep inside that you’re living wrong that you’re shacking up you know I had a lady and I’m sorry but a lady called me and said would you please talk to my husband he knows everything you would you help him with order to get married hello I thought you were married your husband well evidently not well so what I’m saying is this and I had an old statement and I’ll make it clear and and ladies this is meant to honor you no way degrade you because men can be very very how shy say this non-thinking with the correct part of their anatomy if she’s good enough to sleep with she’s good enough to marry and I’m saying this that you don’t sleep with people that you don’t want to marry and you don’t you know if you’re a Christian you’re going to honor God if you’re not and you have come to know Jesus and get married do the right thing make a commitment that woman who’s given you her for her her life and and everything else she deserves that a man is to be the responsible one for her now that may you know in period the pudgy G Brigade you know and dog I’m really trying to be God tactful now okay they want to go around with Hofstra you know that would even make an OBGYN guy shudder let them if they want to act like it then they shouldn’t be worried about the word that’s going to be used with it they take on a and I’m not condoning what the president used in the word but listen treason cannibalism child sacrifice murder abortion these don’t get the same rise out of quote Christians who have a problem with Trump I’m telling you point-blank that what I see is that the Christian I deal with them I don’t know if you do Doug I do those who have a problem with Trump and I’m on record stating again that the man is God’s prosecuting attorney too cause if you will the puss to rise to the surface is God is using whether you like him or not oh so G he’s talking about honoring Christians Christians are mad about that but the same dumbass Christians and now I’m now I’m torqued okay the RPMs are in the red line never spoke out or they speak about this or that or the other thing they never speak out against the slaughter of innocents they never speak out about the slaughter of our brother they never reach out and thank God the Hagman Hagman losers you know Doug that because we made the appeal with Jeremiah and the team Jamie and others that went to Afghanistan and and you know we’re over there and Iraq to make sure that there was enough water of people and we prayed on your show and I remember praying it at white stone for the people and God miraculously delivered 45,000 women and children who would have been slaughtered that’s that point in saying hallelujah Jesus but what I’m astonished at and this is this is my if you will point of contact now with people what do you think you were saved from and what do you think you were saved for are you going to be able to stand when your friends are calling you a fool you’re a crazy guy you yo that he’s at Quail he’s just a Jesus Freak he’s just crazy he’s a pure monger he produces pure porn okay so if I’m doing that and oh by the way Jesus said you know they spoke evil with me they’ll speak evil of you how can sir would be any greater than his master they can’t be yet the silent ones are worried more and then this is and now I’m going to shut up guys I want to ask you a question how come it’s rhetorical and I don’t really think I have the answer how come people are more concerned with what people who are dying and going to hell have to say then he who died for them was resurrected on Calvary and came out of the tomb what he thinks do you have an answer for that it still boggles my mind no no you’re you’re you’re exactly right Steve you made a lot of good points too it was that’s just you covered a lot of ground here basically but I just want to interject one thing you know you mentioned the the female the the women and I see this I see this as part even part of your writing part of the prophetic utterances part of the but what we are we are seeing today is this rise of this feminism not see not that the Nazi feminists and the man who that the men who have been emasculated and I call them the Amazonian masterhood you know the women who are marching out there but I do see this as part of the prophetic plan or the prophecy was and this is this is part of taking down this country and the other thing I want to mention too that it was on my mind when you were talking I’ve never seen such a confluence of events they do today you’ve written what I know doesn’t books empire beneath the ice as it relates to Genesis chapter 6 you’re true Genesis 6 true legends and all them everything seems to be coming full circle right now and everything you’ve written about but I don’t think the timing is the timing is of God I really believe that so I just want to say thank you for watching to you know so I was going you know and I say praise God amen hey Doug here’s the thing here’s the thing okay we’re cold Labor’s and thank you and thank Joe and thanks you know for what end people I want to share this this is all my heart a lot of you get more Bible listening to this show especially when David Langford comes on and if you don’t have any place to give you know and look Doug never asked me this he’s never asked me to say what I’m going to say but please ladies and gentlemen ponder those of you that have been in church and those who you know that it’s biblical and by the way tithing I’m saying this existed prior to the law of Moses it’s in the book of Genesis when Melchizedek or Melchizedek met Abraham but those of you who are blessed those of you who get stuff from the show please step up to the pump because duggan stepped out of fate you know he’s trying to upgrade his presentation equipment people I mean not you know I’ll tell you this I know what I’ll tell you for I know Doug well enough after all these years of being friends that everybody else gets paid sometimes they don’t know I’m not crying poor nor am I saying Doug is but I don’t understand what it takes to do what has to be done and so with those of you who have never given anything to the work of the ministry would you consider please donating to Hagman Hagman would you consider that please you know again I want you to know that people around the world Doug I really did get an email from South Africa today it’s posted on my alerts section asking for austin america to pray for our brethren and the man that sent it to me his brother had just been murdered in the last six days well that touched my heart god bless each and every believer in south africa god bless each and every believer in Australia and in New Zealand and in Russia and literally every place that’s hearing this transmission whenever you hear it because we have to fight the Kazi and I’ll tell you what the fragmentation and the lack of concern for people who are Christians being slaughtered you know I’ve had repent over my mouth and I’m sorry I do I have to repent over my mouth and attitude more over that than probably any other issue okay because if I really got turned loose and I’ve checked it I’ve asked the Lord to check my spirit check my mouth and someone says well how can someone be claiming to know what God says and then swear it’s easy you people make it easy and so the thing is is that that’s my own issue to deal with okay and look I’m not out of control but frustration and in sometimes we can be frustrated you should have the peace of God Anonymous okay or I I don’t like you my name my middle name is love al I pray for love love love love love love seven times a day and basically you know besides vomiting all over my computer screen I forget what I said to her I said what a nightmare that’s what I said we shouldn’t do that that’s unkind and no that lady was basically saying that we just have to love everybody and I guess she’s a kumbaya pen you know sit around the campfire strumming on a guitar and you know seeing kumbaya my lord Dale come by here Lord what happens if he came by you since what have you been doing decide sing around the campfire your wondered that dog you know the people that sing kumbaya better worry because maybe God will say you know what I think it’s time that I just go down and visit those people when God visits people who are disingenuous and insincere in calling down as president I think pastor Lankford are in regroup or one of them I forget which one maybe they both share the same story but the people were in a spirit of worship and the Spirit of God spoke I think was to Henry and David reiterated this to me but and basically said tell them to stop saying that if I came down right now half of them would die due to the open set in their lives I think maybe they change their tune to Amazing Grace at that point you know so if you see when God takes us seriously if we just don’t take ourselves seriously and worse we don’t take him seriously is that true you know and you’re exactly right Steve so much so much information go ahead wherever you want to finish us out out here we’ve all look here’s what I’m going to send my notes okay so I talked to a man that la Marzulli put me and talk to in contact with and he was one of the guys that was being trained okay and he was in Afghanistan and and they all knew the stories of the Giants be shot but he told me some things I didn’t know okay and I didn’t because obviously he in LA Madden talked but here’s the thing it’s interesting I asked him about you know what was the most difficult stuff for you to grasp he said when they were training they were training in an old army base underground in the devadasis or you know I would bet but that underground base in the desert would be connected or was connecting the past to the famous Lovelock giants Lovelock Nevada he was told that they were to always shoot higher and here’s what was interesting he made the statement that they were being trained to be able to give lack on the side of a mountain looking for two wave entrances now if lacking he probably seen technical climbers help you know Pete on and carabiner onto the Pitons and kind of live on a vertical not vertical horizontal shelf you know and then they climb up from that and that’s something totally unusual for the military and he said that he said that the guys who went in he was not on the shooters team but he talked to the shooters Dean said that the mental pressure emanating from the Giants was the same as reported by different people in Bigfoot cases okay nothing big feet on the Giants are the same genotype but it’s interesting there are electromagnetic radiation from their brain waves was something they could literally feel we’ve heard me on your show talk about you know the red light and Dulcie the Mexico the alien war the Giants have broke loose killed all the scientists the same thing in the the caves of al nopal and what the other thing that was really interesting to me as i said did they ever talk to you about having to be at the giant he said no Steve but he told us this he told us that will by date when they were being trained okay he said you must they what are you calling the structures and you must absolutely destroy the head totally in totality and they were using m240 art bees you know which is a three or eight belt-fed full automatic and then they were using grenade launchers okay so two twenty three by the way on giants are nothing they won’t work people say what about 12 years shotgun slugs with the general that told me to stuff in the beginnings that you want to use a heaviest caliber solid copper I think the solid copper slugs rifle frogs are up to six hundred and fifty grains that’s a good weapon especially if you gotta you know a nine-shot Benelli or something or any type of shotgun that contain both three inch rounds and you know the idea is math and it’s the density of the copper so I asked him that that’s something else I didn’t know because you know you get bits and pieces of this so people always say you know the number one question I get on giant to Doug how do people get it how do you kill them well I promise you that yeah yeah that’s important to know yeah that is important to know and so you know I thought that was interesting the other thing that was interesting is is that it seemed like the Giants are whatever their technology was this place to look for those things was on the sides of the mountain I’m talking about here vertical cliffs okay and so they weren’t too thrilled about that but they were trained in the caves of Nevada and they were praying to destroy the head of the Giants so that’s why people asked why David cut off Goliath’s head because even the Green Man if people want to look at this in the history of love mythology is a green man obviously some people think it’s Satan some people you know they have tribute different names to them but he would allow someone to cut his head off and then he in turn this was a myth which cut their head up but what they didn’t understand is is that that that he could call his head back in my big Sean Connery was in a movie like that I forget the name of it so what I’m saying is this is that now at this point in history ladies and gentlemen the Giants are here they’re not just coming back and says well I won’t believe it until I see it well hopefully you don’t see the wrong with the salt pepper is looking longingly at you you know by the way you could the Palmers handle squishy or mush so the thing that we’re doing Doug is trying to as as capable as we can be under the direction of moving God get people prepared for this stuff so they turn to Jesus now and start seeking Him to get their fill their excuse me get the filter right and their faith built up okay that’s one kind of saved open faith and so that the idea is is that that when time comes that you’ll have an applicable a practical and an update that really operates the best way to gain that is through prayer and intercession now if you know what to pray about now God’s specific yogi you know you ask him for the faith the power and the strength to deal with this stuff he’ll give it to you rather than assuming you know like like Lala landlady I’ll just sing love love love and I said didn’t work for the Beatle the whole work for you you know and I did say that by the way so the thing is is that we’re now at a period of time where the invisible has become visible nightmarish creatures are now on the scene genetic monsters are made and coming loose you saw that the mammoths are going to be reanimated let me share this whatever they tell you they’re going to do they already have done that’s the Golden Rule and genetic engineering so again I encourage everybody to take a look at the Branson seminar we’re going to have actual eats I’m calling you to teach in our conference of September of 1517 and we’d like to have you come I think it will be mind-blowing because again we’ll be sharing stuff that we can share on a conference setting that simply builds upon the work of previous researchers and I think that people are going to be a hush I said is blown away but blessedly blown away having the answers that they never could put two and two together and when God puts two and two together it’s a pretty amazing thing because that’s how people get launched into a totally new walk with Jesus so Steve quale comm my ello the website reason he’s on and you know I mean they took parts of his feet I know I shouldn’t talk about this stuff but 12 surgeries and literally being told he called me when he was going in and said goodbye okay I think I mentioned that because they told him he wasn’t coming out and I love that guy a lot of people owe him their lives and a lot of you your wives will be saved because you listen to what he said ….

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