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hi guys I’m me hello and welcome back to the channel where you join me today for something very special so I’m here inside the showroom at Lamborghini Manhattan part of Manhattan Motor Cars here in New York City where we’re surrounded by some amazing cars the likes of the new hurricane Eve oh we’ve got a hurricane spider rear-wheel-drive we’ve of course got the events or s Roadster but I’ve come down to see the car that is underneath that’s cover behind me the Lamborghini Shenton REO this is one of only 20 coupe a’s in the world and today I’ve been invited to take that car out for a drive on the sunny streets of New York City so I’m going to show you around it of course we will get the covers removed in a second and then it will be my turn to experience what this is like I cannot wait let’s check out then the Lamborghini Shenton REO I’m going to be pulling this cover back in just a moment but even when the car is underneath it you can recognize the distinct shape you’ve got this very low elongated front nose if we come around of course there’s the Chen scenario badging wall on the side up top you can just about make out that roof snorkel as well over behind you’ll notice of a Bugatti Veyron part of the Manhattan Motor Cars Bugatti showroom and also in this building just around the corner they have the Porsche dealership as well so we’re gonna be taking this off in a second but before I do small distraction I always love these the kids toy cars in this case the events door sv roadster and the SV or at least the full-size SV is the car on which this is based now in my pocket I have the key so let’s just blink the lights flash it and unlock it look at that can’t wait to see this in a moment and I think well it’s a small little teaser so that you can see the spec of this car the exposed carbon fibre with the red accents and look at the aggression around the front look at the design of this look at those red highlights the calipers the side skirts the painted sections let’s get some help though just to pull this cover off completely so that we can have a full reveal of the chantin REO I’m gonna do this and we reveal it so let’s pull these colors back then and see the full glory of the Lamborghini over here at some point cigars check now I haven’t seen it before you back you’ve got a certain problem on the roof again the red accents the redken stripes that you can see over it let me pull this cover back to reveal it in all of its glory and water car this is a special car right here that in a moment I’m actually going to be driving I’m gonna take you them over all of the details of this car based like I said earlier on at the Aventador platform that means we’ve got the six point five liter naturally aspirated v12 in this car we’re talking seven hundred and seventy horsepower and 690 Newton meters of torque that means zero to 100 kilometers an hour 62 miles per hour is done in just 2.8 seconds and this car can go 217 miles per hour that’s 350 kilometers per hour so you’ve got the four-wheel drive Haldex system it’s got the 7-speed is our gearbox again retuned from the Aventador but it was opportunity for Lamborghini to bring in some new technology that we now see in other models so for example the rear-wheel steering was introduced for this car you can see also around the exterior the aerodynamics of it and in fact it creates 227 kilos of downforce at 280 km/h and you can see where all that comes from if you just look at this bodywork the design and the Aero of it particularly around here at the extended front splitter you can see all the vanes the fins and the air being directed and guided through the car as you come around towards the side you also have a Lamborghini light design right here the narrower lights but in traditional Lamborghini fashion with that Y shape which again you spot just about everywhere you look of course the bodywork is entirely carbon-fiber on this car you’ve got these large side openings for the cooling for the air flow through to the radiators to cool that engine back there beneath this new look to the rear you’ve got the glass panels on either side the tier decking up the center but you can just spot there the v12 with the plaque that says firing order of the engine as well you can see the exposed suspension components but that is a ginormous engine that sounds phenomenal when it fires up and you hear the sound through the exhaust tailpipes here in the middle again look at that design the triple pipes the smaller one in the center flanked by the two others you’ve got this tail light and a separate parts but mimicking the effect of going all the way across again the white spoke style you see around towards the sides you’ve got an active spoiler here that raises and lowers a double tiered spoiler as you can see some openings for airflow to come through it but the design back here at the time it was launched back in 2016 only a few years ago I think this was the most aggressive diffuser on any rod car and just look at how exposed those wheels are with huge huge tires around side more openings cooling this is actually really really cool to take a look at up close water car then a Lamborghini hyper car the chantin REO gen scenario itself literally meaning the 100th anniversary or what would have been Ferruccio Lamborghini the company’s founders founder here’s a hundreth birthday just to unlock it to show you the interior the company itself founded in 1963 of doors Lamborghini style opening upwards you’re greeted by the Chen scenario plaques there on the kick on the side plates in the center you’ve got a 10.1 inch display this was again more technology being introduced into the car that hadn’t actually been on previous models of Lamborghini then inside you’ve got the fixed carbon seats you’ve got this unique design for them as well what a place this is Aventador everything it was I think that really defines a Lamborghini hardcore crazy wild look at those carbon fiber shift paddles but this is the chantin REO this is one of only 20 of these in the world and I cannot believe at the moment that we’re about to here we go in fact one of 20 not number one that just means one of 20 in Italian in a moment we’re going to be firing this up and taking it out it is going to be time then for us to take a listen to how this car is going to sound on the startup and I’m led to believe it is quite an intriguing process so we’ll be taking this in then and enjoying the sound of the v12 as it rolls into light we can get a good few that I’m amazed by how loud it is see the reverse Elena look out out it emerges into the sunshine then and of course that is an incredibly low front-end but just about manages to clear the dip but look at the exposed carbon fiber with the Sun on it sound of the car out here this thing is spectacular at a moment I’m actually gonna be driving this car we seem horribly crazy we are here inside New York City there is a 980 is a serious piece of car among some of the smaller skyscrapers here second I’m gonna be experiencing myself here we go they’re inside the car to get pelted up we’re idling away and you can hear the deep deep rumble of this but take a moment just to chill and take this in Lamborghini chanting REO digital display in front of me full digital display in the center as well we’ve got the air conditioning on which is very nice because it is very warm outside today we have these lovely shift paddles go into gear with the press of that we are currently in sport mode if you go to coarser of course it gets more firm if you go into Australia it gets a lot quieter so we also have a lift system which is up I’m going to turn off the electronic park brake and head on around this truck that’s just loading in front of us and the first thing by the way for steering with the 4-wheel floor well steer system in this car is very very light and easy to maneuver but I do not want to risk catching the car on this so quickly very delicately does it my first bit of maneuvering in the chanter Mario and here we go then isn’t allowed so just like an events than one of the very very best bits is the sound of the engine of this car and wow this is narrow no pressure at all first little bit of driving okay we are through the stressful bit here we go the lift system back down then and press of the button see the front dropping down sitting in normal traffic in a car that is a worth a couple of million dollars so let me just engage my brain we’ve got the end button to go into manual course like I said we’ve got coarser get to that in a moment we’re gonna head on to the Westside Highway which is I guess about as open and as Manhattan ever gets in the sense of way you can actually drive we’re not going to be going pass out anywhere we’re in a city center but just having the opportunity to actually drive this car of course I can’t thank the owner enough that this is possible and of course Lamborghini here man has a motorcars butter in a second we’ll be pulling away and experiencing this actually sounds like want to get a little bit higher through the rev range so off we go then I’m just notice actually how steering wheel basically has nothing to it more traditional indicators stock as opposed to newer Lamborghinis which have lots of the buttons all over the steering wheel from traffic jam to traffic jam alright that day we got Wow the cracks you get when you shift up this is just in sport mode of course everything gets much firmer when you pop it into coarser well first it’s a mile we should take it relatively easy maybe just drop down here this is the very limit it is that I use the phrase before the Lamborghini astrov Lamborghinis because it’s a bit impractical it’s a bit uncomfortable in fact that one storage of this is almost non-existent but that’s not what it’s about it makes a hell of a statement when you look in this car you’re driving in it it’s definitely got a lot of events and drama factor oh gosh let’s take even easy and inside the so I can see those fabulous intakes painted in red as well those favors that’s a serious seriously cool thing that you lift me out when you’re driving the car the view backwards through the slats of the vision that direction getting a minimal it’s the engine and if we go into Corsa this is marital gets a little bit more aggressive chef types and reduced it firms up let’s drop it down I know very low back to the pickups and trucks that are around me all sake also the rear wing goes up I noticed navigating the bumps with all my care in New York and with those cracks become their little little you know that means both paddles okay I’m sorry for being a child but it’s not every day you’re at a ten scenario your baby through a tunnel all right back we go then the sound is intoxicating unfortunately we needs a bit of traffic down now so that’s a difference for a car like this this is my version to go around some of the traffic it is New York City after all so let’s work out where we’re going here over these bumps got to be very careful and this we’re gonna loop around this Junction we’ve got a stop sign at his New York afternoon and I notice that I’ve got a rose always colored right behind me just probably a much more appropriate car for these kind of bumps now driving over at the moment although doesn’t helped I’ve left it in Corsa and spoofing soften up just a touch there we go the more familiar sights on the streets of New York City get under a little tunnel it’s so nuts the sound of this the future isn’t gonna map this these are gonna be the cars when you can no longer get the naturally aspirated combustion engine and all you’re looking at inside here is carbon-fibre dad’s a small cabin of the light yeah pillows across the top are pretty close to your head encouraging a bike to give some flips as well but inside it’s very cool very very special all right then or watching out for these bumps and rough bits surprise the traffic light races we get now oh okay Hank sighs I tell you what they’re driving supercars in New York the way you have the traffic lights especially will very long from wind screens it’s really hard to see them you have to kind of crouch down to motion where you can actually have a look at mounting up in front of us we’re heading down that away while heading south on the low back towards the dealership but that’s where many of the skyscrapers can be found and this is such a strange place to be climbing a car like this but hey I’m not gonna complain it’s a Lamborghini chat scenario and an opportunity to actually I said actually drive actually drive would be more kind of on the racetrack but I’m not complaining this thing feels ridiculous whirring the most actually as amazingly smooth Drive the steering is light it’s easy the suspension isn’t too bad since the big cards very wide a completely aware of the width of the thing but this is this is okay down again there aren’t many places there would be less appropriate for this kind of car driving through the famous concrete jungle which you can see a lot of course looking up in front the skyscrapers looming just about going through hair loss the truck there’s so many obstacles to watch out for as well taxis cyclists potholes bombs just everything that’s going on sadly though this is us back at the dealership we go past a Porsche you’ll find somewhere here just to pull over significantly less busy than when we departed but what a thing what an experience driving in this car just wow actually even when you’re going really slowly there and just maneuvering a little bit steering goes very light which actually helps you quite significantly I can press on with the handbrake yeah what can I say Dario while I’m back here then with the engine still running let me show you a little bit more around the interior some of the screens and displays and what I’ve been looking at so you have the mode to toggle your different driving settings here where you have strata sports and Corsa Strada the Italian for road or street sport mode of course and course ER for a track or race which changes the display slightly you can see to the lower left where it says strata we go into sport and then up into Corsa and you can also see how it puts the ESC into Corsa mode as well we have that great display to give you a small sense of what that’s about lengths either side by the additional display so on the left you have some trip information your oil temperature and pressure over to the right the Lamborghini logo your fuel and your water temps as well the steering wheel with the Saturn carbon but all of the interior finish with the red stitch that you have around these elongated shift paddles great paddles really long fixed to the column always easy to find but then the indicators which are kind of slightly awkward just down behind a little bit low those are a little bit fussy I’m not going to lie you’ve got these small door pockets as well to put some things in the grab handles to pull the door back down your mirror controls down here that’s all Alcantara strips straight down to the floor the carbon fiber you can see in the footwell as well from the monocoque around the car sitting inside that top the center console you have this large screen the 10.1 inch screen for example I press car here you can see a bit of the aerodynamic load you can see the tire pressure information you can see some speed and torque data gives you some charts and things as well you’ve got track telemetry built in we’ve actually got the whole track telemetry cameras you’ll spot just there behind my shoulder also on the exterior of the car that are recording what’s going on then just behind of course you can see inside the engine bay underneath that strut bar but it is a proving to be a little bit busy I guess out here then you’ve got a few other things your normal info settings always go back touching down at the bottom changing various bits and pieces your navigation the things you expect to find inside the car the few toggles down here so this is the lift system button you basically press it once so lift up the front and it puts the nose up and gives you an indication just there as well navigations are loaded up close that for a second and put the car key back down but other than that something all fairly self-explanatory got the button here for the rear spoiler if you want to put that up independently manually then you’ve got some USB ports your reverse button this is the fighter jets eye style start/stop button back there I think just a small little pouch maybe you can squeeze some things under there your mobile phone or that kind of thing then behind look it’s got a child seat attachment as well the carbon fibre bucket seats with the special interior inlays and trims for the chen scenario yeah what an incredible thing what a crazy crazy crazy car but it will sadly for me at least be time to flick this up and turn it off I’ve left it in neutral you should turn the car off in first gear we’ve definitely got some people outside who want to move a little bit so I better go see if that’s got anything to do with me and go from there back into life which is gonna have the car move sigh Lisa it’s out of the way of the traffic with all of the trucks that are pulling up nothing to do with us that originally this was actually coded off with some other things that have been going on here it just means we get to see him he ran outside for a second enjoy those bubbles gathering adults of attention unsurprisingly when you park a car like this anywhere else it’s actually incredible it’s so much fun blowing cooling okay the exposed carbon fiber out in the sunshine really and truly just looks fantastic but I tell you what one thing I noticed while I was driving the car was in the dawn mirror you have of those bread libras of course accentuating openings the size of the intakes are cooling and as you look around it you actually spot many more of these areas for example here or cooling coming through as I alluded earlier you have the roof snorkel things Lamborghini did with these cars and remember everyone respect basically through anima Sonam no two cars of the same who’s encouraged this contrast of gloss and satin carbon fiber so you have that from the roof panel down through the eight pillars also the dormer as themselves are sucking parven as opposed to the rest of the bodywork at the back here you also got these racing latches this panel just unlatches and lifts off I’m saving weight to the car is about 55 kilos lighter than saving SVR which it’s based coming in at 1520 kilos of the total the chanson reo badge here one thing I really like about this they can take a close look at it is that an either edge you have of course models like the Aventador bitonic on the Guyardo named after fighting bulls famous and successful poison holes which entered REO has many different aspects to its name birthday so to speak virtue a Lamborghini was still incorporating the bull elements but also just coming around they’ve got these openings here for example the outer parts at the door around the Sonics see when you start to look at this in a little bit more those nozzles as well and we’re coming through down sports ground just come clear actually to open up the front lever just down there which leases just underneath which a tiny little storage space because of course the airflow is coming through and she opens up in seconds deep and out this is not exactly a car practical purposes we can say in case though that being carpet is very very light give it a click down into place this car though certainly something worden experience it has been coming here an opportunity to actually drive in Scenario outside the showroom here like I said is proof busy today they’ve got this very top of the Seville the trucks were actually around but I’ve had an epic time I hope you’ve enjoyed this video like I said earlier a huge thanks to be only at the car leadership the team here made this possible previously driven well bucket-list dream right 8010 scenario anyway that is it this time thank you very much for watching I’ll put the links down below to my house of motorcars would like to go and check them out that’s it for now very soon chairs you.

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