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but right now we have Ron Wyatt right welcome Aaron object thanks glad you’re here yeah you’ve been on as a Good Morning America and what’s silly other programs CBS Morning News morning news I mean a lot of people wanted to hear what happened to you you and your sons were doing work in Saudi Arabia right right and tell us a little bit about what happened well we to investigate a mountain that our research indicated was the real Mount Sinai where the law was given the Ten Commandments and we were proceeding to do this and what we felt was an orderly manner and we apparently got close to some missiles that were either being transported to the area are set up in the area at least this is what the State Department said and when we got ready to exit the country at customs they arrested us okay they risk getting arrested you the Coast Guard is in charge of customs and they were the ones that arrested us you know when they arrested you where they take you they took us down to their Coast Guard headquarters and we met some people there that were quite friendly at first but we found that they weren’t all this friendly we went through some three different periods of interrogation and the first was by this Coast Guard group they had a general there that was commanding this he interviewed us are interrogated us through an interpreter and I’ve never yet been quite convinced that the interpreter told him right but anyway after that then we were interrogated by the general investigating office that was in charge of that area they I think their office is in tow book and then after that they sent some people out from the ministry this is the king’s from riyadh you know the seat of the government and had a few questions for us too and during this time of course they kept us separated so we couldn’t get our stories together or whatever right how long we held 78 days total and what did it feel like did you feel like you were going to be in there forever well there were times when it looked that way right in my archaeological research I always pray about whether I should go you know on a trip and if I will be successful before I go and I asked for a little sign you know this is the only way I have of communicating with God he doesn’t speak to me you know like he did Tabor him some of those folks but anyway I was assured that you know we would find the mountain and that we would get back safely my sons and I so when I wasn’t being harassed too severely I could you know be at peace with this in mind but there were a few times you know when this didn’t seem to likely we would get out now who got you out how did you get out well they didn’t tell us a whole lot we were held incommunicado they declined allowing us to talk with a representative of our government which international law requires that they do and so we were pretty much in the dark they would after the preliminary or the main interrogation periodically they would take one or the other of us up to this head honchos office and ask us a few more questions and I think they were getting these questions from their archeology Department they were seeing if we really were archaeologists are if we were Israeli spies which is what they accused us out being you were get ready to leave the country when they stopped you right where you’d like going get ready to get on your plane we had come in to Jordan and into Amman and then flown down to acaba and this is about 10 miles from the Saudi Arabian border so we went through at that point and we were exiting at that point until this event anyway back to the other question I’m not sure who got us out some people talked to congressman Boehner’s office and I understand that he put some pressure on I met him down to the airport the other day and thanked him in person and there was some congressmen and Senators from Kentucky I have some relatives there and some friends James Irwin one of the astronauts we had discussed archaeology quite a bit and we’re planning to do some things together he was aware that we were over there and unofficially he had some people and some other government’s put a little pressure on and so something worked one day they came to us and says you’re going home today I say that was some more deal I’ll tell you yeah what’d you find over there well in numbers 24 for for the people in the audience that are Bible scholars it says that Moses rose up early in the morning and set up twelve pillars of stone and erected and halter all right we felt that this would still be there because people in that part of the country the better ones and a lot of these people their agreements instead of being on paper they set up these little things a stone which apparently they have some means of interpreting what these little stacks of stones mean and so all these things are left alone they’re not necessarily sacred but they are just things that you know people do not bother we felt that there was a high likelihood that those stones would still be there and so we found those and they appeared to be intact they’ve been some sand blown in over a part way on the north end of the altar in some of the stones on that end and one of the stones had been tipped over against another but there’s 12 stones sitting there in a half circle in the altar right in the mouth of it and this is facing east because God was quite particular that his people had not worshipped the Rising Sun and their backs were to that and that was quite a thrill to see the heaven and how long have you been doing archaeology well I’ve been an armchair archaeologist like a lot of people for more years than I’ll mention but we started making field trips in 1976 and so we have average probably two to three trips a year since that time oh I see and as far as the funding and things like this do you just finance yourself or is there a group maybe that donations or anything like that well we pretty well financed herself I’m a nurse anesthetist and we make a fairly good salary what here what a nurse anesthetist I put people to sleep for surgery I say okay right and so I just saved my own money mostly there have been some people that have helped and we you know appreciate that and so basically what we do we work and when we get some money ahead then we go on a trip and it’s always quite a thrill to me I had a freelance primarily I work at Nashville Memorial Hospital out in Madison on the west but I do freelance summit Baptist Hospital and other hospitals and so people start calling me and I started getting all kinds of work something tells me that it’s about time for another trip when Ron was there the local Bedouins told him that these round marble columns in the holy area at the foot of the mountain had been used in a monument that had been there and had been removed the pieces had been removed in the 30s like 1938 or something this is what he was told and they said it had been a round structure like this with columns all the way around it and with a round top like this that’s what they described to him and that’s really all he knows about this except I think they said it was built by Suleiman the great only they said Solomon the Great which led Ron to believe that the story probably had a lot of credibility because the column he was certain that he had found that they had seen on the beach that that column had the name of Solomon on it and that this one had the name of Solomon every time that Ron and I would go to new Oba he would want me to look across there with the telephoto lens and try to see if I could see the column over there yeah okay because this is right at that one wotty [Applause] okay thought it was probably fortress and this is the column because it’s all by itself that’s right big body it would be on the left in that side yet it was only after the Caldwells went there and went to that beach and found that there was nothing there except a piece of rebar in concrete at the exact location that we realized the column had been removed now we’ve heard several stories now that we have people who have been travelling fairly freely through there we have heard stories that the locals know about the column one story the first one that we heard was that the column was transported to Hegel one is that they took the column out into the water and dropped it somewhere that would be rather difficult to because again is very heavy very big but that is the story of the column Ron saw on the face of this mountain just up above the holy precinct he did see that there was a huge cave up there and he thought that had to be Elijah’s cave but he never did climb up there during his time there he never really climbed the mountain at all he just spent his time in the open area but he did believe that that was most likely the cave that Elijah went into at the foot of Mount Sinai in this area called by us the holy precinct I don’t know what other people want to call it but the area at the foot of the mountain that was holy there is an altar and when Ron first saw it he was able to examine it carefully and it had coming out from it what looked like a Corral it was three walls one in the middle you know – only the sign that looked like people or animals lined up through it maybe 60 foot long up here at the other end he said it was filled in with dirt I think there might have been some areas that had caved in or something but it fit the biblical account of where God told them to build an altar of Earth and said in if you will you know build it of stone it has to be unhuman stone because if you put your tool on it you’ve desecrated it so when Ron saw this what he believed was the situation was that they outlined it in stone and filled it in earth years later when the Saudis came and I think this was I’m not sure when they did this because in vivica’s pictures which were in maybe 97 the altar is still contains the earth but there were some things that looked like they had been excavated so I don’t really know when this happened but the Saudis removed all the earth from it and made it look like one big old Corral so everybody’s got all these different ideas about what the altar looked like and how it how it worked all of these different things but I think that I will tell you about a dream that Ron told me he had he told me that God gave him a dream and in this dream he was an advantage point up high looking down on the altar and he saw somebody administering the offerings at that altar and he said I didn’t know if those Moses or Aaron but he described them as being bald-headed right here you know and that the altar they were working on the long altar so I know that Ron believed it was an altar of Earth containing unhewn stone well the first time that Ron went and met with the Caldwells they videoed their their inner change with each other and in that video Ron told them where riff ADEA was anyway you come in to rather him which is almost directly waste you were in the area to the north and to the south and east callousness bad weather scattered around in that area posted people watch he said it’s on the other side of the mountain and what was this is another miracle because when they when the Caldwells went there and came into the area that Ron believed was riff Adam they found this monstrous split rock that showed evidence of a tremendous amount of water coming out it’s absolutely spectacular and I think that right there is a strong confirmation that that is riff Adam that you know because Ron’s reasoning was and of course God helped him with his thoughts Ron didn’t figure this out I’m sure that God told him you know when they call it the the rock of horeb in the bible it’s the same mountain and it just made sense that it would be on the other side of the mountain and because that mountain continues like this the only place that it could be at on the other side of this particular mountain would be on the other side it couldn’t be over here because this mountain continues so far it couldn’t be up here because this mountain continues so far so I believe that that is one location in the Exodus story that is aside from the mountain being Mount Sinai that that is there could be really no stronger confirmation than that Ron knew that probably a big concern of the Saudis would be the idea of Israel trying to lay any claim to the land because Mount Sinai was in their land he wrote a number of letters to the Saudi government through the years and in each of those he tried to address this issue and assure them that there was no evidence biblically or otherwise that showed that Israel had any claim to the land my research also proves that no one except your royal Majesties have divine claim to this holy mountain this is proven by the Torah the Quran and secular history in the Torah this is proven in the book of Deuteronomy when Allah tells the Prophet Musa to leave Jabil Musa and lead the people north to the land he has given them meaning the promised land Allah says they are not to disturb the land they will pass through because this land is not theirs Deuteronomy 2:4 says and command now the people saying ye are to pass through the coasts of your brethren metal not with them for I will not give you of their land no not so much as a foot breadth yes God protected Ron and he gave him sometimes he gave him what he needed right before he needed it and an example of this is in 1985 in April when he was in Saudi Arabia with david fassold they were under house arrest now I think mr.

Fassl had more freedom than Ron did due to ron having been in prison before so ron was confined to one room and all he had was a TV to watch and he was just sitting there watching TV until he was called i think it was later that day or early the next morning when he had to appear in front of a group of investigators and many imams who were there they were going to question him and you know the questions were why would would you know allah do this and do that and Ron said something came to his mind he remembered that he had seen something on TV either that morning or the day before and on this program there was an imam on there who said there is no greater sin than hiding something that a prophet has said to give credit to the Prophet now I will I can’t quote this but I can find it and put it on the screen exactly what it says and when Ron said that he looked at these Imams and he says was not Moosa a prophet of Allah and he said they were all bending over each other going oh yes yes yes yes yes and at that point everyone just stared at him because the interpreters had not interpreted his words they had heard what he said in their language and Ron said he was puzzled and confused because he did not speak Arabic and later when he talked to someone and I don’t know who at this moment he said is it possible I could have heard this in English on the television and they said no it is a punishment punishable by death to read the Quran in English so what happened at that event was God Letran here’s something that was needful for him at that time and he heard it before the event took place in his own language and when he spoke his reply those people who spoke Arabic understood what he was saying and Ron said for the first time he understood what speaking in tongues must be like he said I must have been speaking in tongues and hearing in tongues but he said I wasn’t aware of it but the results were incredible so yes God has worked many miracles for on through the years why are you into this Ron okay thank you Reggie during the last centuries of the Christian era most people if they didn’t get run over by a truck or something had a lifetime to develop a relationship with God okay it’s my feeling from studying the Bible that we are in a rehabilitation program and if we cooperate with God he will work on our characters and make us fit to live in a sinless universe all right so I do believe now that we’re living in the last generation and I don’t have time to go into the reasons why but many other people agree with this idea and so I feel that now everybody all ages are going to have to learn to walk with God now they don’t have a lifetime and we have a lot of people honest people that don’t go to churches we have a lot of honest people in churches we have a lot of honest people even in Saudi Arabia and these people over there not allowed to hear any of this you know about the Bible in our sense of the word so I believe that God has preserved little time capsules of information from Old Testament times and that these are in caves they’re under the sea they are in the pyramids in different places and that at this time he’s going to bring them out and he wants a particular story told with these if there’s anything I’ve been impressed about it’s that you cannot find any of these major items without you go to God and allow him to help you get the story straight that he wants told with them and so anyway this is the motivation behind this and at this time he’s going to reveal these pieces to give us physical evidence right yes a lot of people say that doesn’t demonstrate a lot of faith but if you’re facing a machine-gun or something like this and you know and somebody things are a little bit different it takes a little different faith there than it does to get up in church and testify and tell so much faith in God absolutely and and I think that a lot of people will be very surprised when their faith is put test if they you know if they don’t have the real faith and so I believe that God in his care for his children here has designed this so that we can hear with our ears we can see with our eyes and we can feel with our hands and that we can really have faith and confidence in him and the plans he has for us you.

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