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Welcome back to presenter media my name is Kara today we’ll be looking at motion paths in PowerPoint what motion paths are for is moving an object from point A to point B there are several patterns that you can choose from everything from as simple as a straight line to your own custom set up what we have in the background here are a few slides from one of our templates we have a blank slide 4 slide number 2 and this is a slide we’ll actually be working in we’ll be using this slide to show how a police officer chases a thief will title it chasing the money and now it’s time to move on to our actual items let’s go ahead and go to our presenter media tab and click on search this opens up our presenter media add-in on the far right hand pane this is specific for Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 in 2010 first we’ll pull up our thief animation this is one of our more recent creations so it’s right on our animations pane will be downloading him with a clear background and notice that he has his moneybags the next thing that we’ll be inserting will be a police officer let’s go ahead and type in the word police and instead of using all media let’s narrow it down just to the animations click on search and here we have them notice that the officer is running the opposite direction from our thief in this case I’m going to go ahead and close out our pane for now and I’ll show you how these two images end up working together notice how they’re running in opposite directions and they’re both running as if they’re standing in place what we’ll be doing is having both of them run in the same direction and have the officer gradually catching up to the thief the first step is to take the officer and flip them around now this is possible because I downloaded this as a gif or Jif image go ahead and click on picture tools format and then the rotation option at the very bottom you have the option to flip it horizontally this will enable the picture to still play normally except it’ll be going the opposite direction we’ll start by having both of the images off the screen and now we’ll be applying their motion paths to apply your motion path click on the animations tab in the very top portion of your screen and PowerPoint next click on add animation at the very bottom you’ll notice motion paths now they start out as lines however you can create arcs turns shapes and loops in our case we’ll be using a line and the reason we’re not seeing anything right now is it automatically tries to preview it please note anything that you preview while you’re inserting it will not appear as long as it’s not actually on the slide click on your motion path locate the red arrow at the bottom click on it and move it so it’s in a horizontal position instead of a vertical we’re going to have our thief run off the screen so we’re going to need this to go a little bit past the edge of the screen otherwise he’ll just stop on the edge and you’ll continue seeing him run next up let’s do the same thing for our officer add animation lines for the motion paths click on the red arrow and drag it all the way to the right now if you preview you’ll notice these two images run across except there’s a significant delay between them that’s because the police officer is told to start after our criminal so let’s go ahead and click on the animation pane this is located under your animation tab in the ribbon on the right hand side notice we have our two pictures we want the first one to start automatically with the previous and we also want the second picture which is our police officer to start with the first will give the police officer a bit of a delay and will slow down both of our characters the police officer to five seconds and our thief down to seven now when we play you’ll notice that the thief is already going and the police officer runs past him obviously the goal is for the police officer to chase the thief not for him to pass him so let’s go ahead and change your timing a little bit to make this more appropriate let’s slow the officer down to six seconds and we’ll give them a little bit more of a delay now the officer will be starting one second after the thief and notice how he’s getting tone right at the very end of the slide this has been a brief tutorial on working with motion paths here in presenter media thanks for watching and we’ll have our next tutorial coming up for you shortly you

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