MOST Advanced Fighter Aircraft In The World

From top-secret stealth fighters to vertical landing Jets these are the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world number seven eurofighter typhoon european union introduced only in 2003 the typhoon is actually the oldest aircraft on this list it took its first flight in March 1994 and was originally supposed to be an air superiority fighter nowadays it’s considered a multi-role jet and performs different combat missions the Eurofighter Typhoon is produced by the Eurofighter jag luke cigs jag jag D’Souza good GmbH a multinational company headed by German British and Italian companies the latest Jets come at a cost of one hundred and ten million dollars the programme started before the end of the Cold War and when the Berlin Wall fell the typhoon faced uncertainty many people disagreed with the need for such a jet in a peaceful Europe as of 2017 the Eurofighter Typhoon has amassed over 200,000 flight hours and is in use by nine countries even though it was introduced in 2003 the jet has seen many upgrades and million-dollar contracts are still awarded for future ones number 6 f-35 USA the Lockheed Martin f-35 lightning ii family of fighter aircraft was developed in the early 2000s it all started with the ex35 a prototype for the Joint Strike Fighter program from the 1990s the first official flight of the f-35 was in December of 2006 since then the US military plans to order more than 2,500 aircraft what say this I mean that the f-35 will be produced until 2037 and has been projected to be in service until 2070 crazy right it’s not cheap either the jet costs between 94 million to 122 million each there are three main variants the f-35 a B and C each model has specific use cases but they all come equipped with these futuristic helmets then have incredible heads-up displays as it turns out all that experience you have in battlefield might be worth something in the future the f-35 a is the lightest and smallest version but it does have a 25 millimeter internal cannon ready to go during development it was expected to replace the a-10 warthog but that doesn’t seem likely anymore the f-35 B is the Stovall variant in other words short takeoff and vertical landing yep vertical landing and there it goes finally the f-35c will be primarily used by the US Navy thus it is called the carrier variant number five sukhoi su-15 russia developed by PA AFA with the codename c 50 this multi-purpose air superiority fighter jet is the first stealth technology fighter in Russia’s military at a cost of around 50 million dollars the SU 57 intends to replace the mig-29 it took its first official flight in January of 2010 and it is supposed to be introduced in active combat by the end of 2018 in other words brand spanking new this fifth-generation fighter was jointly developed by India and Russia and after 15 prototypes it was ready to be revealed with a range of 20 175 miles and maximum speeds of 13 hundred and 20 miles per hour this fighter will protect the skies with around 30,000 pounds of Penry number four Chengdu j-20 China introduced in 2017 this all-weather fighter took its first flight in January 2011 it will be the main air superiority fighter of the Chinese military and it is believed to be already in service each unit costs about 110 million dollars and right now there are 20 plus J 20s in use by the Chinese the stealth characteristics of the j-20 resembled the shaping and design of the American f-22 the first official test flight occurred at the same time that the United States Secretary of Defense was visiting the country some people took that as a show of power number three Mitsubishi x2 tschh Incheon Japan as of right now not a lot is known about this fighter aircraft but we do know that this is Japan’s stealth technology testing baby and on a side note Mitsubishi builds military jets nice the main reason behind the existence of the x2 is the USA’s reluctance to release the f-22 to allies why you might ask to safeguard secrets of the f-22s technology currently there is only one prototype and its first flight was in April 2016 the program is still in very early testing phase and by the time it is finished the total costs will be in the billions of dollars right now it has a range of about 1,800 miles and can reach top speeds of 1,500 miles per hour number 2 f-22 Raptor USA possibly the most controversial aircraft on this list is the f-22 Raptor it took its first flight in September 1997 and it they insane cost of 150 million dollars per unit and had its issues lockheed-martin start development of the rafter in 1986 and by 2005 the f-22 Raptor was ready for combat use as I mentioned earlier the f-22 is banned from export under US law since it contains top-secret technology that cannot fall into the wrong hands in 2006 the Raptors need was challenged some people believed there was a lack of relevant adversaries for the fighter jet thus there was no reason to produce any more of them ultimately the f-22 Raptor was limited to a production cap of 187 aircraft some government officials believed at 187 units is not enough to defend against rising threats from China and Russia the f-22 is praised for its stealth technology and it is believed to be years ahead of previous stealth fighters like the f-117 however there have been serious issues with the aircraft as well 6 Raptors undertook their first overseas deployment in 2007 and suffered major system failures when crossing the 180th Meridian known as the International Dateline the aircraft had to return to Hawaiian bases by following tanker aircraft pilots have experienced loss of consciousness and memory loss during flights mostly due to oxygen supply disruptions since 2011 Lockheed Martin has worked on fixing these problems regardless of all the bad press the US Air Force strongly stands behind the Raptors capabilities number one sixth generation fighters considering some of the aircraft we talked about are expected to be in service until 2070 it is strange to think that they might be inferior by 2030 but war never sleeps the US Air Force and Navy are both expected to reveal their sixth generation fighters between 2025 and 2030 these top-secret development projects will be without a doubt the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world beating out anything currently in production companies like Boeing have released sketches of their proposed FA xx concept designs judging by these two pictures the Jets will have extraordinary stealth capabilities Northrop Gruman went above and beyond in showcasing their vision for the future of warfare in 2016 Northrop Gruman paid for a Super Bowl ad to show off their vision for a sixth generation fighter these designs look insane and remind me more of a video game than real life do you think there is a possibility that the 6th generation fighters will look as school as these designs what do you think the capabilities of the future technologies will be any projects that I missed anything you 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