More Proof the CIA Tried to Use Subliminals to Brainwash America

Some of you may not remember this but back in August 2013 I put up a report on a national anthem sign-off that had subliminal messages in it that look like the inspiration for the 1980s John Carpenter movie they live take a look our national anthem you do you see the letters change at the bottom let’s watch it again an even slower frame-by-frame motion you now you can watch that whole entire video it’s up on our channel and I’ll put a link to it below this is the sign off that would have played at the end of the day’s TV broadcast back in the 60s and it’s been claimed that this clip was found lying around on a film reel at a local TV station out of Alabama and it looks like it was part of a CIA sponsored project into subliminal messages and mind-control because as we know MKULTRA which is now been Declassified was going on at that time and it specifically mentioned in the subliminal message now other people have disputed this and say that the video is a hoax but I’ve actually found some more information lending to the fact that it might be real the first claim it’s a hoax is based on the fact that it seems to on the nose that MKULTRA and MK Nomi are specifically mentioned because we now know that those were specific names of CIA mind control programs that were going on at that time while that might seem true it doesn’t make sense because MKULTRA had not been Declassified and made known to the public and wouldn’t be until 1975 and moreover people didn’t have VCRs nobody was readily recording and replaying these things so they wouldn’t expect someone to catch it and look at it later now the second claim has to do with the fact that there’s a version that doesn’t have subliminals where the film looks a little bit darker and so the claim is that this was taken from that well the top version is formatted for a smaller screen and it takes from a larger frame that you see below I that would be a wider aspect ratio and the you know whatever the larger version is would be the full film plane and another version would be cropped altered and formatted it doesn’t make sense to say that the one with the subliminals came from the one without because the one without has a narrower field of vision when I originally put this report up I actually had not researched the subliminal aspect of MKULTRA as much as I have now because of the third reason people say it’s a hoax which has to do with the fact that subliminals just don’t work so why would they buy but they did bother and they definitely were looking into that they were definitely looking into it in the 50s and it all adds up with this video recently I was looking through some Congressional subcommittee hearings you know like you do and apparently they held one on subliminal communication technology which was held in the year 1984 of all years and put into the record was a Southern California law review document that mentioned several very interesting points first it notes that according to previously classified documents the CIA was testing subliminal manipulation in movie theaters during the late 50s and in a document on the studies speculated that subliminal projection can be utilized in such a way as to feature a visual suggestion such as obeyed deleted so they were openly literally discussing putting the word obey into a subliminal and they were openly doing it in movie theaters across the country including one in Alexandria Virginia in the late 50s right around the same exact time that this national anthem sign-off would have been created obey deleted what do you want to bet government was put in there that is pretty spooky that they word acted who they told people to obey but that there was a command to obey it also says here that the Central Intelligence Agency has investigated the possibility of using subliminal communication to implant suggestions or commands to reduce a subjects resistance to hypnosis or to affect political outcomes that’s all stuff that’s on record and even this Law Review admits the extent of the CIA research is unknown but they were saying obey obey something they redacted whatever that was I mean people say that it’s a hoax because subliminal messages don’t work so why would they do it anyway and that’s not even really the point the point is that they were doing it at all in the first place that’s the point but as far as it working or not working obviously this was still going on at least up until the 80s because Congress had a subcommittee hearing all about this a meeting where just by the way they don’t mention brainwave entrainment even one time which was something that was coming into being at that time so because this stuff progressed over the years and became more sophisticated so Congress has a meeting about subliminals in the 80s and they specifically don’t mention entrainment I think it’s pretty red herring anyway what is mentioned in the Congressional subcommittee hearing that probably no one paid any attention to it all is the fact that throughout the 70s and during the 80s before this hearing little black boxes were being put into stores that were playing subliminal for example anti-theft messages in one example to customers and it cites a 1979 article at a Time magazine where it specifically talks about how they’re using these little black boxes that mingle bland music with subliminal messages anti-theft message I am honest I will not steal repeated rapidly 9,000 times an hour at very low volumes that are barely audible at all the shoppers but a register in some deep recess of the brain and apparently influence behavior 50 department stores in the US and Canada had installed the devices to reduce shoplifting employee theft the black box inventor Hal C Becker says I see no reason why there won’t be audio conditioning in the same way we now have air conditioning they were also using these in people’s workplaces like in a real estate office I love real estate I will prospect for new listings for clients each and every day can you imagine they’re playing these things 9,000 times an hour subliminally to people where they work where they shop that’s the thing classic subliminal technology has been shown to increase sales profits or compliance with commands not to steal by a certain margin a significant margin that makes it worth the expense in the trouble well in a in a political system where people vote a message to obey the authorities or obey the government might just be enough to keep a certain majority in power or certain political policy rolling ladies and gentlemen this commercial is going to use mm Oh subliminal advertising but you know much more significant than that is the fact that visual subliminals in a single frame of a movie or spliced between words as we saw in the 40s 50s and 60s has become a refined scientific targeting technique where they have a specific frequency and a specific audience in mind they can layer signals underneath the visual and audio stuff that you watch on TV or in movies this guy Hal Becker by the way founded a business out of Louisiana called the behavioral engineering Center so just think for a second about what that means without trying to make this long video even longer Becker has co-authored several papers and used to work directly with a neurosurgeon named dr.

Robert G Heath Heath in the 40s was researching ergot with the Walter Reed Army Institute of research and by the 50s he was doing psycho surgery and the implantation of electrodes to stimulate certain areas of a person’s brain and control their moods and behavior using radio frequency was definitely on the record and MKULTRA dr. you know a lot of those records were destroyed there’s not a way to prove everybody’s involvement but he’s a whole time a dr. Heath and his team the whole team by the way it was cleared for top secret clearance with the military and working with this MKULTRA stuff he was also working with this guy Becker so it stands to reason Becker was also part of it well what you have is a spy project by the CIA and others that was never fully to classify we only have a breadcrumb trail and yet all the pieces link back to this chain of doctors who were involved in mind control research at universities and it only makes sense that the CIA would be behind deploying the signal if it is real and if they’ve got doctors on the payroll who are making great strides in making this technology a reality and marketing it to their own clients that’s pretty significant I’m just saying I mean these these are people that just do things for no reason I mean this backer guy he worked at MIT II tulane I mean you could go back and his CV is quite extensive these people were all highly educated people so you can’t tell me that by the 80s he’s randomly doing this for no reason because he doesn’t think it works he’s an engineer by trade he was working in neurosurgery and he wouldn’t be working on subliminal technology for what 30 plus years of his life if it didn’t to some extent work and there wasn’t other things involved there and obviously we know the technology is completely moved above and beyond whatever this was but the point is they were doing it and there are declassified CIA documents according to the Congressional Record which show that the CIA was literally talking about putting subliminals into things that say obey now we have this national anthem and I don’t know just think about how many times your average American would have seen the sign off this message was played over and over on TVs throughout that time period every night night after night when people are beginning to fall asleep for at least a decade and so what did they accomplish what they’re trying to did they not accomplish anything does it matter the fact is they did it.

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