MindManager Masterclass: How to Become an Advanced Mind Mapper

So a little bit about what I’m gonna show you today first and foremost we’re gonna talk a little bit about how to set up for success both kind of mind-body and my manager not body mind and my manager here we’re a lot of today is going to focus on centralizing with the package folder if you don’t know what a package folder is in my manager we’ll talk about it a little bit more here in a bit but basically it’s kind of a back-end folder where you can put all of your good stuff your template map parts your your marker lists in my manager and centrally store them either for yourself or your team and we’re gonna use that throughout here because I think it’s a really really you know core way to turbocharge your my manager usage we’ll definitely talk about some power mapping techniques as well want to give you some things that I think maybe more than anything else folks don’t tend to find on their own going through the software so I really want to feature some of those items and then power presenting as well I’m sure you’re aware that there is a slide mode in my manager but I think I can show you one or two things in there that most people don’t seem to be aware of again so that that theme of what I what I’ve noticed over and over most people are not aware of even the folks that have been using it for years and have really rolled their sleeves up and use the software it’s gonna be a lot of what I’m trying to show you here today I’m the power reporting to definitely not only how to kind of query in here but how to report that out as well so with that let’s talk a little bit about setting up for success and first we’ll talk about mindset so first and foremost keep it simple here’s what I’ve seen and I’m not holding myself you know above this and actually pretty much telling you what I did people tend to go from too complex to too simple to too complex and finally to about just right after about five to ten years like I said I’m kind of I’m kind of baring my soul to you with that you know so so do this just focus on keeping it simple and only adding what is helpful to you if you treat the maps with the seriousness you would treat you know a home your building or a physical place because one thing about software is since it’s really free to add more topics when you purchase the software you’d be a little messier than you would if you were building a factory or something like that just kind of keep that you know almost that laser-like focus on if you were building a real building just focus on keeping it simple and only adding what is helpful to you and I’m looking at the panel here just to make sure I’m not missing anything yep absolutely recording today’s session you get a peace of mind on that okay and kind of dovetailing into the last example then avoid mapping too much and kind of you know again a little bit of a mistake I mean you don’t repeat after me I’m not the mapper of the universe or you know I’m not you know working you know unpaid – you know map every single thing out there just map again what is helpful for you what is relevant and reasonably within or affecting your sphere of control that’s all you got to focus on here if it’s helpful to you your team go ahead and map it out otherwise you know enjoy your day okay so a little bit about technology setup I’m gonna recommend to you use a to monitor + setup really the more screen real estate you have the better it’s visual software but at a minimum you know if even if you’re just on it you know a simple relatively small laptop have a laptop and an external monitor next to it that way you can put the map next to your regular work and kind of triangulate around it get that leverage you’re looking for secondly because I see a lot of people doing this especially when I do on-site work with clients don’t don’t use a trackpad use a mouse track pads are too slow I mean unless there’s like some you know technique out there that somebody developed to be better with the trackpad then you know then then on a mouse and I’m not aware of it or maybe some course you can go take on the weekend just use a mouse truly saves you a lot of time it’ll be the best 20 bucks you ever spend your life knowledge set up there’s only one recommendation I actually have here you might be thinking why am i recommending this book I’m guessing a lot of the folks I’m guessing a lot of you are aware of this book but David Allen’s getting things done I think is a book that every mind mapper oughta read I’ll just leave it at that but it gives you kind of a systematic approach to attacking what comes at you that I think dovetails very nicely with my manager a lot of folks I’ve encountered over the years have read the book and kind of put it into place with their mapping so I’m gonna recommend that you know you that you read that book nobody’s paid me to say it so truly just from the bottom of my heart kind of recommendation so I’m gonna go ahead and end the walk through mode right now and talk a little bit about your mind manager set up here the first thing I’m actually going to recommend that you do is pull your task pane tabs on the left so you can see that I’ve got my binder tabs in my manager over here on the left now if you don’t have them to begin with on the left or the right the way you turn them on to my manager is to click on this little task panes button in the bottom right here and then you’ll see show task paint a tabs make sure that’s checked but when you do that they’re probably gonna appear over here on the right I like to have them over here on the left because I do a lot of dragging and dropping either from the index or math parts out here into the map and I like that to be a left-to-right flow so if you want to have that on your system as well go to file options then just simply underneath general here make sure you select the left-handed user interface you do not need to be a southpaw to take advantage of that that’s for anybody that wants to have what I think is the best drag-and-drop experience in my manager and since we’re drag and drop in my manager especially if math parts or branches are really where I think you get a lot of your leverage I would say to go ahead and turn that on so I’m gonna hit OK that’s all well and good also maybe as much as mine set here the binder tabs once they are over there on the left I’m gonna submit to you get used to working with the binder tabs open I like to leave them open I mean you know granted I’m wanted large enough monitor here really weren’t that but I like to leave them open and not even minimize it that way I’ve always got access to the guts of my software to everything that I’m really working with my navigation etc so we’re gonna duh we’re gonna jump right into the lessons here and I guess wine let me ask real fast we have anything that I should address we have going good so far perfect we’ll do so okay so I mentioned package folders before the first thing we’re gonna do here then is we’re gonna create a package folder and let me tell you the benefits to that are this it’s really going to give you drag-and-drop best practices now you may have you may have discovered before that my manager you know it comes you know right off the shelf here you know with a package folder that is kind of the back end of my manager where I can you know just be working on a project and I could drag in you know and accomplishments math part so you know you may have found our math parts either accidentally or intentionally but what I’m going to submit to you want to do here is create your own package folder for either you and/or you and your team for the following reasons it gives you those drag-and-drop best practices as I mentioned and for individuals it really gives you central storage of your good stuff now of course you want to store it somewhere that’s backed up if your computer ever dies but you know this is 2015 I think we’re all pretty familiar with that idea here so for individuals it’s going to give you central storage of your good stuff and then for organizations or teams it’s really going to give you a best practices foundation because one of the key things when you’re putting my manager into place either for yourself or your team is you want there to be shared standards between the maps where you do you know where the color red or that you know the color light blue means the same thing in one map as it does in another so by having a share package folder templates map arch or marker lists etc that’s where you’re really going to get that leverage and make sure you create a share team experience here so let me go ahead without further ado then and create one for you so I’m going to come up here to file down to options ok and then I’m going to click on package folders here and I’m gonna hit the new button and I’m going to leave all resource types selected I don’t think I’ve really come across any instances yet where I really want to limit what can be in there you really don’t lose anything by just leaving it at all resource type so that’s going to be my recommendation to you say 2015 or 129 mastery package folder ok and then I’ll find a path on my computer to it yeah this is very easy to do I mean the longest part of it is probably just navigating to where it’s stored on your system okay selected the folder I want to use for it click ok I’m gonna click OK here again and now what you’re gonna see here is ok so now you see this 2015 Oh 129 mastery package folder ok and I’m gonna go ahead and drag that folder I just created on screen for you here so you see my managers already put some folders into place here now it’s important you see here that it’s actually just really a folder that my manager is maintaining for you based on what you put in it and move around so you can actually always go in here to the guts of it yourself and move things around manually just in that you know the file explorer window if you should so desire so be aware that that is there ok so you’ve already seen it map parts right here you know and see here clearly in map parts we’ve got that mastery package folder right here if I right click there select new folder I can say map part examples and could create as many folders as I liked so then if I bring back on-screen mastery package folder here and go to math parts we can see that it’s actually put that folder into place there so again we’re just kind of mapping in my manager to a folder that’s stored on our computer here so then if I go to design click on the drop down for template organizer and if I click on map templates now again I come into here and I see there’s my 2015 a 129 mastery package folder and there it is under map themes as well marker list so just showing you that we’ve created this pervasive experience for ourselves and our team just by taking a few seconds and putting that package folder into place here ok so like I said before just make sure you save it somewhere backed up that’s really the key here so we’re gonna start off but you may recognize this map from the project management webinar that I’ve done but we’re gonna take it in a vastly different direction here today so the first thing I’m going to show you is how easy it is to actually then go ahead and say well this prestige worldwide marketing plan you know we’ve we’ve worked with it before and we think it’s you know a decent map to at least base other projects our organization is doing off of so here’s the really cool part now say I want to add this as a template to my package folder come up here to template organizer select map templates I’m gonna click on my package folder here I’m gonna put a new underneath of it there and I will call it what’s called template examples you know but again picture of being marketing or sales or IT entrepreneurship whatever you need it to be and then I’m gonna click on the drop down here for add new map template I’m gonna simply gonna say from current map okay looks good I’m gonna close that out now just to kind of build the you know build case here so you can see what it looks like if I come back to my package folder and click on templates template examples again we can just see in the folder there’s that prestige worldwide marketing plan template so now if I want to create a new instance of it very quick and easy to do all I got to do here is go to template organizer map templates gonna select that template that we just created here select new map create a new instance right there we’ll call it prestige candy mountain project what those guys would be doing lunchtime but that’ll work for now now if I click the Save button here there we go and save it right here into my my example folder for today and that’s all it took to take a template to take a map that we thought was done in a very high quality level save it as a template and then deploy that template that we created as a new map that now exists this is prestige candy mound project so you can see how easy it is to start to use your existing maps and resources to populate out that package folder here ok so now we’re going to talk a little bit about some kind of low-hanging fruit but I think high leverage mapping techniques that again most folks don’t seem to be aware of so the first one I want to make you aware of here is this you look at a map as you see right now it’s pretty simple pretty straightforward map and what you’ll notice here though if you look closely is that next to each topic here you see these little white dots I don’t know if you know what those mean and I didn’t know for the longest time myself but once you do they give you a lot of power because what I see a lot of folks doing is trying to you know they they try to drag their topic to like a custom place and they you know maybe I wanted it up here they have a lot of trouble doing that but if you click on the little white dot and then drag the hop it around you can put it anywhere out here in the map scape you want to frequent question we get is how do I put the you know first topic up at the top like I want my math to have more of a 360 degree look there we go and then you’ll notice the little white circle changes into a black dot at that point the black dot means the topic is custom applied so I’ll show you that with each of these here just kind of drag them around okay I mean we’ve really spread out the main topics now in the map so if we want to bring it back to reality go to design simply click on balance map here’s another kind of connected subject here that you should be aware of then to that now sometimes you just want to create a new topic and put it exactly where you want it precisely so if I double-click out here you can see that it actually creates a new topic with the black dot on it because the double-click put the topic where I wanted it to be exactly I’ll call that output very much keeping in line with the kind of operational flow to this map and again you know we see the little black dots here let them know that we’ve custom drag-and-drop things and the white dots let us know that it’s you know just going with the standard formatting of the map if it gets too far away from us now simply gonna click on the balanced map button brings us right back to reality at that point okay so I think that will be helpful to you especially when a not you know you’ve just got that one topic and you really just want it to be far out to the side of the map but again balanced map brings it right back into view here for us okay so the next kind of high leverage technique here that I don’t see people aware of too often is the following now you probably seen the outline view before especially when you started playing with the software if you go to view click on outline right here or alternatively you can do it down here so I click on a live view and it simply puts me into literally an outline view and what I see is most of the time people seem to think that this is just kind of a view it’s not really a workable view or anything along those lines you know on to flip it though actually it is a very workable view here in my manager so if I select input here and hit the insert key it’ll create a child topic and I’ll call it you know 2015 Oh 129 team brainstorming session create a couple ideas here we’re actually creating content for the map here in the outline view now let’s say idea 3 we realized well you know what that should be a component of idea to I can drag and drop it there quickly change the name I’ll call it you know idea to a or something along those lines if I decide though I want to bring idea up here and put it below idea too I’ll put it there they go call it idea three type another idea here in call it idea one drag it up boom can put icons on them if I so desire so I can click on priority one right here there you go so you can add icons to them here if I wanted to put task information on them here I could easily do that so I’ll say start date due date resource Kyle McFarlane now you don’t see it over here in the topic but I assure you will be there when we go back to the regular map view further to that point if I want to run a filter in the map here I can easily do that so I could maybe come down here and say well you know what let’s just do a priority one filter here filters right down and the filters in the outline view this is important exists independently of the filters in the map view so if I come back over to the map view and there you can see we’ve just created here this map is not filtered but we go back over to the outline view and we can see that it in fact is now the only thing is here when you run a filter in the map views you’re aware it will tell you in the bottom left that the map is filter your an outline view it doesn’t tell you that so just make sure you remember to come here and select remove filter at that point so yeah I mean I think that’s a very powerful way to use outline view that most folks again just don’t seem to be aware of and that’s really kind of a theme today it’s just showing you things that it seems like most people are just not aware of but I want you to be because they give you a lot of leverage when you use the software so that will talk about drag and drop a little bit so you know I I’m sure you’re very well aware that anytime you’re in a map here I just click and drag around there’s that content we added an outline view that’s pretty simple and this webinar isn’t to really show you you know dragging and dropping around in a single map but I want to show you a much better way to do it at a high level when you have a large complex map that you know you need to just put some source data on one side and you put your destination on the right and not lose track of that source data so I’m gonna say window view window and I’m gonna put a vertical split into my map here and I’m going to put my source data on the left and then I’m gonna go ahead and put my destination on the right so maybe I want to drag idea 3 down here in knowledge management I’ll drag idea to over here to project planning and then finally I’ll drag idea 1 over here to project management so you can see the leverage here is that we never lose sight of our source data over here on the left and we’re able to easily and quickly drag it into anywhere we want over here on the right so when the maps get large this is an invaluable technique I just showed you right here now the the kind of cousin to the technique I just showed you is actually dragging and dropping between different Maps and I’ll show that to you right now so the way we do that is I’m simply gonna go ahead and first time to remove the split on this map right here then I’m gonna click on window in our range and we’ll go ahead and use let’s say we use that candy mountain project highlight vertically here so I’m gonna go ahead and drag some things from my worldwide marketing plan here into the candy mountain project so first thing to be aware of here isolate that down just a little bit if I wanted to drag this ideal one topic from this map over to this map I can simply click and drag and drop it right over there and it moves it there maybe I realized oh well you know what this accomplishments topic should be over here so again very easy to click and drag over to there now you may have discovered that because it’s one of those were sometimes if you’re ever needing it kind of I call it broadsiding to Maps you know kind of against each other you can’t kind of help try that but here’s one that a lot of people are not aware of especially you can actually drag and drop icons between maps as well so if I click on the one icon here of course I can drag it between topics in the same map but I can also drag that little one icon from here over to here yeah change that into a two now and drag that over to here so you can see how easy it is at this point to actually be moving things between the maps not just topics but markers as well okay so I’m going to go ahead and maximize the map out here and I’m gonna delete that redundant accomplishments topic there because it’ll drive me crazy whether or not it will drive you crazy I don’t know but I hate redundancy in the maps here you saw me harping on a bat earlier on and the next thing I want to show you here is actually pasting an outline into your map so the the kind of use case for this would be you know you’re on your phone and maybe OneNote or Evernote or something along those lines and you know you actually just take the time to make a bit of an outline you know on your phone and you know obviously we’re not on a phone right now so I’m gonna give you kind of the closest thing I can to that so I’m going to open up this word document and I practice what I preach about the multi-monitor setups let me drag it on screen here okay okay and what you see over here in word is simply an outline here that is just one of those where okay project 5 is at the top level here and then I’ve indented you know literally hit my spacebar ones to create sub project one and then for tasks one down through the milestone hit my spacebar twice so something that I myself really do all the time on my phone is I will actually create entire Maps on my phone just using the spacebar skillfully remembering how many times I hit the spacebar and then what I’ll do once I get back to my computer and I want to paste that from you know OneNote or Evernote into my manager or from Word as you see right here I’ll simply click and drag across all these items right here hit ctrl C is in copy and then I’m gonna hit ctrl v as in Victor here on product and prestes project 5 and I was actually able to paste that outline into my manager and because of those indentations you skillfully it appears at the exact level that I wanted to in the map I don’t think I’ve shown that to anyone yet who’s about it so if you know it that’s awesome because it does not seem like folks are ever aware of that so I hope you see how powerful that could be you know you’re just working away on your phone you can make an entire map just by using the technique I just showed you right there so again very easy to do that drag and drop in here in outline view another high leverage technique here so right now we have press each project – and if I click on the link here takes me right there to that map press each project – so something you can actually do if you’ve got a map hyperlinked and you say well you know what there’s not really a reason for press to use project – – being its own map by itself I can actually just right click on that link right there can actually select insert linked map and that’s what I’m gonna do right now is how quick that will was it doesn’t even hesitate puts that linked map right in here let me there we go and I’m gonna go ahead then and just remove that and then don’t forget a design I’m gonna work char layout on right there and I’ll remove the link to the original mode since we’ve actually put it in here now there you go that’s really all it takes to take an existing map and put it into the current math you want to see it so next technique then we’re going to talk about some dragging-and-dropping than a portions of the map into the mat Bart’s folder because we’ve gone ahead we’ve created some good content in the map here and now we want to go ahead and populate out map parts a little bit because that’s where a lot of our leverage is gonna come from templates give you a ton of leverage in and of themselves I think most of you are probably familiar with that but map parts really give you that kind of last mile solution where you can just designate one branch as the best practice for you know a process and operational function of procedure and really then just use drag and drop to your heart’s content so what I’m going to do first and foremost here is I’m gonna say okay prestes project – that’s so great I’m gonna drag it in here as a map part and then likewise on the drag project 5 in here as a map part as well now you can see those contain down there and again really drag the point on home here put this on screen for you here we can see underneath of our map part examples here pressies project 2 and project 5 so again you know just mapping a folder from my manager here using it very skillfully ok so we’ve created those map parts here so now you know I’m working away maybe I go back over – you know I don’t know the candy mountain map and I said well you know what we need to get prestes project 2 in here drag it right in here at that point likewise project 5 drag that into here so you can see how easy that is to drag and drop items into the map but maybe I say well you know what this map art exhibit examples folder here that it’s all well and good but I want to have a dead you know a designated map parts folder here so I’m just gonna right-click select new folder and then I’ll call it you know project examples and maybe I’ll drag prestige social media is established into there then I’m gonna look at my map board examples and realize you know what I want to have prestige project number 2 there as well so I’m moving things around here I can easily drag and drop between these folders to put them exactly where they ought to be here now I also want you to be aware that it’s very easy to modify a map part – so let’s say project 5 here now I come back over wrong map come back over right-click on it select modify and then I’m just gonna select a sub project for then I’m also going to say I want instructions here as well and I’m gonna move that over and move a folder that has some documents on my computer now here’s where it really gets fun what I can do with a map art is I can actually add an attachment in here so let’s say you had instructions that you wanted to provide to a member of your team or just anybody using the math part on how to carry out this project so I’m just gonna drag in prestige worldwide business plan pretend it’s this instructions I guess added as an attached file right there and here’s where it gets really really cool so now I’m gonna save this map part out close it I can even rename it if I want to so I’m gonna right click there and select rename it and I’m gonna call it project 5 with instructions we see that that name is there now and then I go to drag project 5 with instructions into my map here and boom there it is sub project floors contain down there and most importantly we see that attached word document there so I just take a moment and kind of become aware of how powerful that is that you can create map parts that not only have your you know best practices you know processes in them but also contain the instructions the attached documentation that will tell team member exactly how to do something and that’s a lot of leverage there because either for yourself later on you might just forget the steps or especially if it’s somebody else that you’re assigning it to you know it saves those hallway conversations the emails you know the phone calls it just makes your life a little bit more streamlined and that’s a lot of why we’re here doing what we’re doing after all right so I think that’s that’s really getting in there and kind of getting some leverage with the math parts one other thing to be aware of as well if you want to have you know multiple versions of one I can right click on project 5 here duplicate it and then I’ll say rename I’ll call it you know I don’t know new edition we didn’t really change anything but pretend I did so again very easy to come in here and work with this view and you can see here whicker’s could be there’s the new addition map part contained right there so now we’re gonna kind of we’re gonna kind of migrate over to talking about how to map like you’re using a database now my manager isn’t technically a database but within a single map we can really give it a look and feel it’s kind of like a visual version of such and what we’re gonna do to that and first and foremost is we’re going to add some icons we’re gonna add some tags some fill colors some font colors and then we’re gonna go ahead and run some queries against those they’re pretty complex queries you may even see me mess it up just a little bit but I’ll show you how to fix it if you do so without further ado go ahead and we’ll do that now so the first thing we want to do here is this we’re gonna go ahead and add a status group in here underneath of our index we clicked on this drop down here underneath map index and then I’m gonna select add new icon group and that’s how we make a new marker group simply gonna right click rename it and I’m gonna call it status group now we’ve already got some flags in the map here but I look at them and say you know what kind of dovetailing with balance scorecard and whatnot I want to take the green flag here and drag it down to status group it’s the same thing with yellow flag and then finally the red flag here okay so we’re grouping these icons in the way that’s most advantageous for us to see here now if I click on them you know takes me right to set item so again kind of a feel of mapping like it’s almost a database here so the second thing I want to do then is I want to go ahead and create a new tag group so I’m going to click on the drop down again here and this time select add new tag group I’ve seen a lot of people to work with the markers I’ve seen a lot of folks though as well who don’t know how to create their own groups so I’m trying to feature that prominently here so this tag group now we’re gonna go ahead and call this business area I can spell and I’m going to right click it’s like new tags here I’m just going to type in a tag for marketing for sales righty okay and then I’m just gonna go ahead and randomly add those to the topics here so boom boom boom put marketing there and then boom put sales there he had finally boom boom we will put IT on those so we’ve gone ahead and added those to some areas here okay next thing we’ll do you can already see that I put a light blue fill color on some projects and then we’ve got light gray fill colors on some others but the problem is if you look here underneath the fill colors and by the way talking about things most people know it seems like a lot of folks don’t know that you can actually rename and filter on fill colors so that’s something I definitely want to feature here but we can see over here that light blue and light gray they don’t mean anything right now except for I forget what you call this the color spectrum but it’s just giving us the actual technical definition of the color over here so what I want to do is I want to rename the light blue here I can click I’m gonna rename it and I’m gonna call light blue what’s called active it’s gonna represent active projects and then we’re gonna right-click and rename the gray color here and we’ll call it inactive so this is going to give us another dimension on which we can filter for things here in my manager okay and now we’re also gonna pick on font colors here so I’m gonna go ahead and add some of those randomly to the topics here again so like that it’s like that it’s like that and that and I’m going to go ahead and put a font color on that of green so we’ve had a green there and then I’ll select the other ones that I did not select there okay and you have looks like we’re not picking on project five so I’m gonna go ahead and and put a font color there of dark red and then we’ll go ahead and redefine those I’m gonna delete project 5 out of there just so it doesn’t take up any mental real estate and we rename those and first off the dark red color I’m gonna rename it and I’m gonna call it unfunded and the green color I’m gonna rename it and call fund it it’s a pretty simple example here we’re gonna be triangulating around based on you know status of the project what business area it is whether the project is active in it or inactive and then finally whether the project is unfunded or funded here so we’ve got those randomly added to our topics here and now we’re gonna have some fun we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna save some inquiries so bear with me here because it’s gonna be a bit of a bear and I’m going to select a fun bear though because we’re filtering on multiple items here so we’re gonna run a power filter here easy to do and first and foremost we’re gonna filter for unfunded active marketing projects and I’ll show you how easy that is to do here so I’m going to select the project icon and then I’m gonna select the marketing tag and then I’m gonna select active for my fill color and then finally I’m gonna go ahead and select unfunded from my font color so this is something we want to look for because if we have active marketing projects we would naturally want to find you know okay let’s filter down of that make sure you know we get that sucker funded and then of course the key thing here is to select all markers because otherwise it’s just going to match any of those and we’re gonna get everything back so I’ve selected all markers I’m gonna go ahead then save query and I will call it it’s a mouthful unfunded active marketing projects select okay and then what I’m gonna do you know when you have filter criteria selected you’ll see this checkbox here so then I’m going to create another save query here so I’m just gonna hit the Clear button here and you saw it took everything out of there and that check mark went away so what I’m gonna do now then is I’m going to say okay this next one’s gonna be all markers as well and this time we’re gonna look for funded active ite yellow status projects practice this on my own it seems like 70% of the time I don’t get one back so but we will go ahead and modify it then if we don’t and show you what it looks like to actually modify it to make sure you are getting what you’re looking for so we’ll look for funded IT funded active IT yellow status projects and we will select the project icon and then we’re gonna select the yellow flag will select IT select the fill color of active and finally a font color of funded all markers that’s good let me take a quick look through here double check it ok and then I’m going to do another safe query here and we shall call it funded active IT yellow status projects very specific want to show you how easy it is to run queries that are very specific here so we’ve saved that and I’m gonna hit cancel now so let’s take a look here let’s see we get back so first and foremost let’s take a look for that unfunded active marketing projects see if we get anything back Wow okay so we got one there we go press Steve’s project number four it is not funded but it is an active marketing project so that’s something you would want to take a corrective measure on let’s run the other one now that has even a little bit more to it and then our other query that we created here was was funded active ite o status project so let’s take a look for that now no matching topics okay so what’s reverse engineer this a little bit right here then it must a topic must match the project tag and the yellow flag so you know what maybe we’ll go ahead and pick on this one right here so project must match the project tag so this one’s got a project tag on it it’s got a yellow flag on it here now it’s not IT so let me remove that and make this one eye T and the fill color is active and the font color is unfunded so now I’m gonna go back and say it’s a funded active IT yellow status projects whoops it’s not funded right now I’ve gotta watch out for that so let me click on funded there and now let me run it and I’ll say funded active IT yellow status projects and there we go so that’s a lot of different dimensions i filter on down there and it can be it can be a little bit to manage in your head but you know that’s why I said it’s a bit of a bear but you see how easy my manager makes you build some of those queries into your map I mean you’re gonna be able you know and if somebody asks you what the status of a project is across business lines you know funding level activity and you’re gonna be able to find it with pinpoint precision here in my manager and that’s a lot of what I wanted to show you right there and I hope you can kind of see the power of that and see where that will benefit you and managing your projects so kind of to that example then what I’m gonna do is I’m going to remove the filter here and then what I’m gonna do is going back to the package folder analogy here so we’ve taken the time to do some work here and we’ve got unfunded and fund even get funded in here active and inactive so maybe we come back over to our prestige candy mountain project in a second we want to bring those markers there well how would we do that what I’m gonna do is I’m actually going to go back to template organizer now this time select marker lists and let’s go ahead and first let’s make a new folder here and we’ll call it marker list examples and again this handy selection here from current map there we go press to use worldwide marketing plan close okay and take a drink of water for a second here that’s just being real with you then I’m going to go over my candy Mountain project and if we take a look here at our fill colors and our font colors we can see here that we don’t actually have those items that we just baked in well how do we get a menu here real easily remedied go back up to template organizer here select marker lists and I’m gonna select the one we just created here prestige worldwide marketing plan so like apply boom brings all that good stuff in here and now we’ve got all those schemas that we were looking for here funded unfunded that funded active inactive as well and we could actually even open up the guts level template that we saved and apply that marker list there as well so you can do that too you know what actually a little bit of extra credit right now I’ll do that just to show you it can be done so if I come back to have templates here select modify close it out would look at fill colors and fine colors right here and we decide well we want to bring those in that we just created go down to marker lists select the one we just created hit apply boom so now we’ve actually changed the guts level template here and you can see that the icons a little bit different down here this is actually a template not just a map so again I know I’m throwing a lot at you you know I want you to feel comfortable with this you will be able to go back pause rewind fast forward in the future so you will be able to you know model everything I’m showing you right now so that’s saving the marker list in the package folder and then actually applying it to a map or even a template so now we’re gonna well slow down for a second year we’ll just talk a little bit about navigation for a second because there’s anything that’s important in my manager it’s the ability to navigate easily and naturally so you don’t even really have to think about it here so what I would want you to be aware of navigation wise and this is gonna be a little bit of a mental leap here but when the map gets big enough I want you to see the map index over here that we’ve been working in here is every bit the navigation tool that the map itself is because this used in tandem with the map means you can easily find what you’re looking for in the map and then once you’re close enough you can dig in further also over here in the map index it’s so easy to say I just want to see everything yellow status in the map here right click on that maybe right there go to quick filter say show topics with this marker and we literally just whittled the map out here down to anything that has that yellow status flag on it so using the map index as a core navigational tool means we’ll be moving so much faster through the map that’s why I encourage you given you have the screen real estate I would say actually leave this panel open over here on the left hand side of the screen now likewise sometimes you’re going to be working on a project and you might just feel a little bit overwhelmed by it maybe it’s huge and you just want to see a certain portion of it each time you come into a map let me show you how you would do that now so let’s say you know what prestige project number 2 will pick on that so let’s say we’re just working on sub project number 2 right now so if I come over here to view and I select branch I can say show branch alone or I can simply hit the f4 key on it I’m gonna hit the Save button now close the map out we’re not too worried about that and then if I reopen the map now I’ll reopen prestige worldwide marketing plan there you can see the the map will actually remember that we had show branch alone in use I’ve used this personally because sometimes if I’m just focused on a certain area of a project I only want to see that sub project when I open the map and that way you know you’re not overwhelmed when you open it you just look at it okay that’s what I’m working on today so with a dedicated project map this can be a great way to save your map with branch alone in use now you might be thinking well okay what if I want to see the rest of it you can do that either all at once by going to branch and show the branches or the one a lot of people don’t seem to use but it’s very powerful show one level up so maybe I just want to see the other sub projects and that project so show one level up does that if I do it again it’s going to bring me back to my project landscape here and I can see all those projects they’re contained and then if I hit it again whoops one level up my bad there show one level up again show one level up there we are now we’re to the overall project topic and then finally show one level up brings us back to our entire map here okay so I know we’re running we’re we got about five minutes left before we do some Q&A so I’m going to go ahead and speed up just a smudge here so I think that’s a very powerful navigation technique for you they’re using that show branch loan and tandem with show one level up okay and now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to quickly go to presentation here I’m gonna select Auto create slides hope you already know about that feature we don’t have time to really talk through it now suffice to say does a very nice job of going through your map automatically creating a slideshow for you but here’s the thing that a lot of folks aren’t aware of if I click on presentation and then I say play slideshow that’s all well and good it does a very very nice job of creating a slideshow for us but here’s where the leverage really comes in if you’re using my manager your slideshow I can actually add content to the map itself in the slideshow view and it just seems like people who’ll know this so I can say well you know what let’s keep with this brainstorm example here so I’ll say idea one idea to idea 3 boom boom boom boom idea 3 right-click on it insert put a priority-one on it right click go to tags here and let’s say the business area for it is sales so we’re really putting information on this topic here maybe I even want to format the topic go to subtopics lab put it in your chart here click OK go back to the map itself show the map click on my input here and there you go you can actually work with the core content of your math while in a pre presentation that is so powerful and I hope you start using it now that you’re aware of it ok so the last section we’re going to cover here is reporting with surgical precision now in mine manager you have the ability to export to word PDF Excel what I want you to be aware of those you can actually filter and then do those exports and really use my manager is a very powerful reporting tool ok so to do so what I’m gonna I’m gonna have you do first here what I’m gonna do for you till I do a lot of training I’m gonna come over here to fill colors active and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna right click on active very informal filter here and just say show topics with this marker I’ve filtered the map right down to that and I’m gonna say well you know what I want to go ahead and export this to Microsoft Word ok press these private worldwide marketing plan and I’ll call it active projects I like these settings here so boom the last one and I like to just number all the way down and then all the way down but I’m gonna make sure I check off all the task attributes here this is going to give me my project information when I get over to word and I also like to export an overview map at beginning of document hit export here and I mean that’s going through quite a bit in there I mean I’ve got some project information contained down in there so did it very quickly man it’s not like you need to go off and watch Netflix grab a coffee break or something and I’ll drag that back over here and here’s a really cool part here so looking through that report that we just got back so if I go back to the beginning and we’ve got that nice visual preview of the map and we can actually see here in table form we’ve got our task information contained here okay so keeping with the example here this time I’m gonna go ahead and search for my inactive do a quick filter on it show topics with this marker but this time I’m going to go ahead and say file export export is mind you have your PDF and then all I call this one inactive very quick open the file and there we go you know we’ve got a nice PDF report we gets into anybody we like PDF in my manager really is kind of my manager viewer this is a very easy and convenient way to send it to people because PDF afterall is an established standard just about everywhere so I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna close this out now and quickly really really quickly by the way show you the following last trick here I want you to see we have quantitative embedded in mind manager here so if I want to do an analysis here you don’t want to do a cost-benefit analysis bring that amp type some math very quickly in the air do a better job of typing math very quickly in here Kyle type map at all into here okay so I’ve put some math in here on my alternatives and let me put just a little bit more there there we go and what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to isolate this topic by hitting f4 and I’m gonna go to file export export to spreadsheet CSV I’ll call it cost-benefit select table the million-dollar thing here make sure you check include topic properties click on export select open maximize that for you there okay and there we go I mean obviously we probably ought to format this view out a little bit but we can see we actually exported our data over here total cost benefits in the cost of each alternative project over here so powerful technique and with that I know we’re at 150 so I’m going to go ahead and Ryan will turn it over to QA okay great Thank You Kyle we do have a few recurring question yes that are great for QA if you could go over again where to locate math parts and how to align them on the left side again absolutely so the first thing to have them at all we’ll dress left or right in just a second here is if you don’t actually see your map parts on the screen here’s the best way to do it in the very bottom right of the software you will see this little button here and if you hover over it it’s called task panes click on it and then make sure show task pane tabs is checked and that will bring these binder these map tabs over here it’s gonna put them on the right so that’s the first part of it the second part of it though is this like I said I like to have them on the Left I want to do my drag-and-drop in the map here and a lot of design software creative software does follow that model too so I’m gonna come here to file select options general at the top and then here’s the million dollar button here make sure left handed user interface has shown you do not need to be a southpaw for this to be of massive value for you I happen to be a left-hander but it has nothing to do with that I just want my drag-and-drop to be from left to right that is a very natural flow and feel to it and that’s pretty much all there is to it okay great thank you and another one we have is where we can locate icons you know standard icons custom icons for use in our maps oh okay sure so if you wanted to get started with icons here here’s the best place to just kind of go in and see what you got library over here and by the way I wrote was it in full answer the last question so then once you have the panes open over here map hearts is in about the middle and you’ll find those and you’ll be able to get started with them you had a package folder you’ll see your package folder in here and then as far as this question goes come over here to library and again you’ll see your libraries up here your package folders so you can save things directly where you want them to be but icons I don’t have any in this package folder we just created so I’ll go to the default line gel library here then we can see you know there’s a top level to it and then we’ve got alpha black green red so you if you’ve seen me do webinars before or just in looking and today you can see that I like the Alpha black right here for for my project icon so I can just drag them right out of here into a topic or alternatively if I select a topic and just click on it once puts it right there into that topic so do that and then you know if you come back to your index here you’ll see a general icons right here so what general icons means is this icon is both not grouped and named if I right click and rename it here call it a cool guy I don’t know and then it’s gonna put it under single icons right here and then I can drag cool guy up to let’s say we put it under status group even though you know I won’t put under prestige project markers so now we’ve got cool guy up there you know now it’s an instance in our map and now we can work with it I could go adding a cool guy wherever I want all right that’s right that’s that yeah I think people are curious about it you know we the math you used earlier got a little got a little big so when it when that start to get large what’s the best way to print them or you know okay absolutely so you know a couple of different ways you can attack that one of the ways that I would tell you is you know you kind of saw me add a map to another map before but you could potentially always say okay well you know what prestige project two here I just want to right-click on it sent in topic two and then select new linked map and I’ll just leave the settings default right now prestige project to click Save and it’s actually gonna remove that map from the map I was in let me fix the formatting on that there real fast put that in your chart view there you can see it’s got a hyper link back to the original map so that’s a very quick way to actually get it out of there now on the other hand though maybe it’s just a large map and you just want to print a certain portion of it it goes back to that kind of WYSIWYG effect to mind manager when you’re filtering and when you’re printing if I just hit f4 on this topic right here or again go to view and say branch and show branch alone and then I go to file print let me select print preview here it’s only gonna print what I’ve actually got shown and you could use filtering for that as well so a lot of different ways to game it at that point and that’s gonna be the way you want to go about it okay fantastic and then another thing people people are curious about is the Gantt chart I know we cover that heavily in the project management webinar that we do have coming up in February everybody and there’s a link that I placed in the chat window there you can follow to register for future webinars but if you want to just show briefly the Gantt chart functionality sure absolutely so I mean the Gantt chart functionality so this is probably familiar to you if you’ve seen the webinar before so I’m just gonna put an org chart on it real fast here put some numbering on it as well in that way it looks like a true WPS I’m gonna quickly as well go ahead these dates here in the past so I’m gonna move the project to let’s say today that’ll work okay and then if I click on Gantt chart down here no sometimes you just gotta move things around just a little bit to see them well if you’ve got some long topics in the map I’m definitely guilty of that because it’s my map and I do what I want yeah and there we go there’s the Gantt chart there the topics up here directly correspond to the topics down here and you can see the dependencies up here reflect down here in the Gantt chart if I click and drag on a topic down here in the Gantt chart this is announced Twitter page the email list if I hover over it it shows me that let me bring that into view here’s the right now it’s on if I drag it down here you see the dates change up here as well so the views are directly length if I let’s say put a icon on here of 3/4 complete you saw that it mostly fill up down here in the Gantt chart we see that 75 percent status if I assign this topic right here to somebody else and giving it to Tony Montana we see the Tony Montana becomes a person up here as well so again a very synchronous view um what other good stuff can I show you about one two minutes I can remove slack time if I want to from all tasks you know what let me a good another good example before I do is if I move the project let’s say I need to move it to start out on the 2nd of February but I don’t want to move the milestones because I owe those stakeholders I hit ok there it actually moves those items here so let’s say let’s just move that back just a little bit so now we’re not going to finish that last milestone in time here so now what I can actually do is say remove the slack time from all tasks and it just whittles me right down until you know the shortest path to completion here and now you know I’m not gonna hit my first milestone but I’m way gonna you know hit before my second milestone occurs and third one I just I’m killing at that point so trying to think were there anything where they Gantt specific questions I’m not used to barreling through it this quickly so if there’s anything in particular folks wanted to see I’ll make sure I show it they’re showing where to find it and I think he did a good job of showing the basic you know removing slack time and things like that was great okay yeah we obviously get deeper into that yes absolutely okay well I think we’re just about on time Kyle thank you so much my pleasure thank you for having me

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