Mindjet Mindmanager 2018 Learn The Basics in 12 minutes.

Hi guys welcome back I’m looking at mind jet my manager but I want to show just quickly within 10 to 15 minutes just to get you up and running instead of doing an extensive one so let’s make a start top left hand corner select file new and then choose what kind of map you want to use and these are directions it’s gonna be your main I do in the middle and you can work clockwise or anticlockwise or you might want to ideas to the right all underneath or maybe you want a more organized chart map but I’m just going to stick with the first option and then left click create they were good to go now my closest twin the top right let’s type in an idea so I’m going to put in World War one and tap off that it’s quite a branch off or they could come up here and use new topic or subtopic but I’m going to use the shortcut key insert no image put my next idea in there so I’m just going to put 1914 to 1918 and tap off there click back on World War two remember insert key create another branch and I’m gonna put in now click back on your first idea the first thing you might want to do is add visual imaging to help me remember stuff will come up to design and then you’ve got your options here so maybe you want to fill color and I’m gonna make that you know we color and maybe you want an outline color and again you can use that and the line that connects them you might want more of an arch hold the left button you can interact them into position either way by dragging them but you see where I’ve made that red color oh you might want your layout changed to a tree effect or what I showed you at the beginning all your fun options and there as well now background click background you might want to different backgrounds and select the background you want and click apply bear in mind if you do that be careful not to print it out with the background or you’re just gonna kill you ink cartridges so go there’s official mapping beam also I want to add an image so you could go to Google Images down Nettie’s I will click World War one now to read anything go to insert and I want to select image and I want to choose one of these images here that would do and there’s my image so what we’ve done that in a matter of three four minutes let’s go back to 1914-1918 you might want to add information into that be a part of research or something you’re typing up then on insert select note and it’s big note will appear now what can do is put some type of information in there or if I go online I’ve got something there ready to copy so ctrl C and I’m ctrl V so they go you pulling up the information on there straight away and remember you can highlight information that might be relevant use the highlighter option I preferred and chose a color with the actual text just to let you know you can link stuff so you can link to files pictures anything on your laptop or even the internet I’ll click on it it gives you the option bitly internet or a file so if it’s a fire you when I went from computer utilities icon here select file and find it or you select whole folders there’s a website you just paste it in there and let me show you so I’m gonna copy ctrl C and I’m gonna paste it in ink target and you can see it turns into a hyperlink I could rename it different wiki which we know we can’t use as a reliable source but it’s just just for an example click OK and then it will create a link for you so if I click on that you’ll go straight to that website also you can add images in here so I’m quickly in Turkey to come down a bit and select the option which says image and I’m gonna at the same image and they don’t hold the left button you can drag it in and out so again it’s great for gathering information and last of all if you are doing stuff from the internet research in in Ossining you need to put when you actually cite your work the actual date when you assess it so you can pop that in there as well and click close there’s one bit of information I readied if I hover over it gives you kind of an air striked to that note if you want to open again just left click and you can access it quickly also in the insert you can attach a file straight to that symbol clicking on it attach file and then click what you want to attach and I should attach anything as an example just to show you I did a science document click OK and you see you boom out the information so if I left click that and then click yes it opens up on the right for me I can access that information quickly and efficiently and again close again we’ve got a date and time we had earlier and numbering comes into effect quite well because you can number so I’ll click on the middle one a select numbering and you can see how it numbers it 1 2 so hold left buttons will react that up and then changes the numbers so it keeps it organized and structured so try and work clockwise but the choice is yours so all these options insert you can add relationship between ideas with the arrows option or you can create boundaries which I’ll show you now so I want to create a sub branch off of there with insert and we’ll click back on a dates and we’ll select the boundary option so you puts a boundary around itself click underneath go format the boundary I can change how I want that to look someone do that more of a blurry color like that transparency to that and even the outline color I could change to darker and click apply and click ok so that way you can make stuff stand out or put information together that’s relevant if you don’t want it click back on boundary click the option here and you can delete the boundary get rid of it again you can add shapes to your map I’ll get at the rectangle hold left button with all want click undo or even a text option so hold left button then I could type in there and click enter so as you see the top is quite relevant to words ribbon so have a look through it and play around with it a lot of it is common sense so if I click on the middle option you can make it a priority maybe it’s important first or maybe it’s not progress a getting on so if I click on end of wall you might be doing a bit of research on that you don’t put progress half done I’ve actually click on them you can say free call was done finished or I’m ticket again so if you’re doing research or building information you can head out far you are Internet as you’re going along another good option is review put your spelling option to a spell check and that go for your whole work doing a spell check so I’m just gonna put click OK autocorrect so you can actually add words to correct differently so if I open it up so you might have one word you want to replace with another word that’ll be really good to be doing something pacifically in your degree we springing up certain formats of words you don’t want you only change quickly and map statistics if I click statistics here which is on you can see how many words topics and information does is within your map and then go to view I want to close the know on the right and we don’t lose it sits nicely here you might wanna see everything in more linear format so just select outline and that way see I think more in text format we still got the icons here we can select how far you are through with that all finished and to the right call your link still there but you see it more in an a layered linear format to work off click back to map now we should be able to send that going to file export to a number of options including Microsoft Word and PowerPoint so I’m gonna select Microsoft Word and I wanna save it to the desktop and click Save As map 9 now for you actually export it’s going to ask you a few options do you want the numbering scheme I probably don’t want export it to word and again you can choose where you want start dates well we ain’t done yet so I’m just gonna click export and click open and there we go all that information you’ve built up from the web remember those links are still accessed by clicking ctrl and left clicking all that information to build from your research and select close so obviously is the flows more to it I’m just going to quit to give you the basics something else you might want to use quickly as well it could be useful now go to invasion when I come to the right here and select asking phone then you put that’s quite a high priority you need to work on so I’m up on that priority one progress we haven’t started yet but you could have the progress as you’re going along now the date you want to start that so I’m gonna put seventeen on Monday and a due date for it you want it finished at least by the 31st that’s giving you 30 first but actually I want to go back thirty first I won’t do it actually for September 28th of September that’s ten days you can change the days they end up I can I put down and he was sausage you could add and then if I tap off that there we go you’ve now added that information so on inflation so you must do research there she dates it giving yourself to get it done by now ask their progress know so that shows up in here as well so you can click it you’re going along I’ve done three quarters finished but I want to close this now if I now come up to the view option my comments sort of top of the ribbon and selects get you’ll take some schedule mode hold left button drag along and you can see I got the schedule that you need to get it done by an extend date range here if you want so that’s what he could from research and play as you’re going along so all this was on schedule because I didn’t at that time not into it did I but it’s when I’m actually scheduling in nine days and then you can and you’re going along well you might even just might done once you’ve finished took up a a view and you can always click back to map view again to see how that looks so they go a quick review in under 14 minutes I hope that helps thanks for watching

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