Middle East Update with Amir Tsarfati, February 23, 2019

you you Shalom everyone again this is Emil Salvati this is Johnny Hui from we’re from Galilee right now Johnny’s from Haifa I’m from Kiev on right behind us it’s dark but it’s the valley of Armageddon and I think that today more than many other messages before the location of this update is very relevant to the update itself so we are we’re going to talk about it in a few seconds but let’s start with a prayer father we thank you so much that you want your children to know your plans that you more than 3,000 years ago spoke already through kings and through prophets and you you reveal your plans to your prophets so they will talk to other generations as well and we thank you Father that we can glean so much from the words of the prophets and things that are beneficial for all of us even today things of of your goodness of your character of the hope that we have in Christ in the hope of the salvation or we have and father as we are sitting right here right next to the valley of Armageddon we know father your plans we know because you have graciously revealed them to us and we thank you Father that we can talk about it with great hope and expectation and not fear and trembling we thank you and we bless you and we ask that you will touch the hearts of all the thousands of people that are watching right now and give them hope and give them much revelation of the word through this message today in Jesus name we pray amen amen amen well again Shalom everyone this is a meal so Fatih this is Johnny Johnny why don’t you introduce yourself I know you for more than 20 years but for most people that’s the first time they see you so tell us who you are where you’re from and what do you do today okay Adam thank first of all thank you very much for hosting me it’s the pleasure for me to be here yeah I’m I live in Haifa and I I’m a manager of an old people’s home actually it’s the only senior citizens home for believers in Israel at the moment it’s been like that since 76 we have the home built in 76 and we have the pleasure and joy to really serve the elderly in the land Wow those who served us exactly so those who served us are being served by you now and and how many people are in that elderly home we have life is 448 at the moment we have about close to 30 residents and can you tell us about their background who are they where they’re formed well they all come from a messianic congregations in Israel we actually have Jews and Arabs and Gentiles we live together 24/7 in one home and we actually young we actually don’t talk about reconciliation will live reconciliations exactly you know it’s really amazing that all around the world people talk about reconciliation between Jews and errors but you know in Christ there is no more Jew nor Gentile there is no Arab nor Jew that wall of separation came down and if you want to see an amazing amazing symbol of coexistence it will not be anything fake it will be real only when Jesus is the foundation anything else will never hold water and ebenezer is the name that’s from the book of Samuel right the Lord is my help yes and yes this stone of helping and the name of the place Abba nezer says everything about this place and if you ever want to know more about the work of God in ebenezer home Avan easer dot co dot IL it’s their website it is also a great way for you if you ever want to contribute to the work of God in the land here many people ask me how can we help how can we give who can we give it to this is a sacred job at work that I believe here in the land not only to take care of non-believers and share the gospel with them but also to take care of those among us who are elderly and it wants to grow old with dignity with honor and with the Word of God as is the most important thing in that in those between those four walls amen you have daily Bible study have daily yeah I need to say that actually we have most of our workers are believers from different connotations and we have also volunteers coming from different places in the world and yes prayer and the Word of God are the center of the life in ebenezer for the residents for the workers for the volunteers and without the Word of God we cannot exist yes and I want to tell you something apart from being the manager of that place Johnnie is one of the best Bible teachers I know and a lot of time people ask me how do you know what you know well I know a lot of what I know from people I came who are teaching in our congregation great great great Bible teachings and today Johnny you gave us an amazing overview of the book of Joel and it could have not been more relevant to our events today and it is amazing now allow me to tell you folks today is the morning is the morning day for the abortions are across the world but mostly in America I think February 23rd was declared as a day of mourning and I know there are some events in Albany New York because it’s the legislators in Albany New York that brought about this terrible legislation that abortion can and should be allowed until the minute of birth that infant side which is genocide of infant is terrible by the way both of us are wearing black today I wear black a lot today even more so because we honor that day and we are standing for the rights of the unborn and we believe with all of our hearts that the rights of the baby begins from the moment of conception from the moment of birth and in God in Psalm 139 says that he formed us before we were even shaped he already already had our name written and all the days of our life were there in other words God God is not looking at a born baby as a human being only but as from the minute of conception there is a human being and by the way that human being is not part of the female body it’s a different body with different DNA and yes you can do whatever you want with your body but you cannot do whatever you want with somebody else’s body in that body is not yours it’s there and it’s a different life and people tell me many times darling people tell me I’m a lord of my own body I can do whatever I want you know what you can’t and try to get into a car and drive 200 miles an hour you will be stopped I try to walk naked outside and you will be arrested you know you’re not deciding everything for your body there is a set of rules that we need to live by and the rules of God are the most important ones even more than in the rules of men and life is so it’s so sacred you know that when Moses was told by God here I put before you evil and good life and death choose life he said choose life it’s it’s if you want to be pro-choice then there’s only one choice is life and so we we stand in solidarity and I think that at some point even the book of Joel speaking of all the atrocities that were done right the children exactly yeah and you know even more than that you know we start thinking about children and infants you know from me from pregnancy or conception but actually the Lord knows them before so they are already a name and a person in the the eyes of the Lord before they were even conceived and we know that God speaks about Jeremiah and other people yeah it’s it’s a pity that we start thinking about children only when they are conceived or but we didn’t need to start praying for them much before and it’s interesting because most of the abortions are done in the second if not the third trimesters which are when the baby is is having everything already and the whole the whole nerve system is there and it hurts the baby it’s it’s it just as much as it would hurt you if somebody’s is sticking a huge needle into you it hurts the baby also and so listen it’s a tragic thing and I’m telling you we need to wake up from this nightmare but it seems to me that this is the direction that the world is going and and when job said that judgment has to come he knew then what we know today judgment has to come and if there is one thing that God never ever tolerated is when the blood of the innocent was shed and we’ve seen that so so we stand in solidarity with that day and that’s why we’re a dress black now a couple of things folks Johnny you said today in your message that one of the characteristics of the end times according to what we know even in the book of Joel is the rising anti-semitism right yes and before we talk about that I want to tell you folks just within the update of this week this week alone if you looked at my tweets and Facebook and all of that you would see that there was an unprecedented number of reported anti-semitic events starting from a shopping mall in Kiev in the Ukraine where there was a huge Nazi flag underneath the staircase where everybody could see that goes on to to cemeteries in Strasbourg France where more than eighty s tombstones were sprayed with swastikas and Heil Hitler goes on to another to Jewish cemeteries in Poland that were desecrated with the same thing continues to Amsterdam where some football fans of not IX Amsterdam birth arrival started spraying swastikas all around can acting aiex amsterdam with some jewish thing so they want to and it goes on all the way to this morning i reported in in the area of Queens in New York City another set of swastikas and Heil Hitler were sprayed over there folks Prime Minister Netanyahu receive a phone call from Mike Rhone president McCrone saying that the anti-semitism in France alone is almost at the level of before World War two and back Ron said we are going to push a legislation that will equate anti-zionism with anti-semitism because the new shape of anti-semitism is anti-semitism they are not telling you you don’t have the right to live as a Jew they’re telling you you don’t have the right to live as a Jew in Israel so it’s it’s the new thing let’s attack them politically right and but folks what do you say I mean you said that even the book of Joel could predict that those things are going to happen yeah absolutely um when we’re talking about the end times we know that um anti-semitism will will be greater and I think what we see today is you know we’re talking about many signs of the end of times mm-hmm I think one of them is anti-semitism because I think the stage is being prepared for the last days and the place of Israel is becoming more and more kind of neglected or overlooked or even opposing and and it’s not a surprise when people abandon the Bible the truth of the bible scripture that the Lord gave of course they will reject not only God his word and also his people yes yeah it’s amazing that you also said that you know this is characteristic of the enemy of course of but isn’t an interesting I’ve been listening to some of the French Jewish people who said that because of what’s going on in France they are actually for the first time going to move to Israel and they already purchased places land or condominiums and they’re gonna move is that interesting that the Jewish people return back if it’s not in good it’s in a bad way but they are returning back yeah the Lord has his own ways how to to cause us to comply to his word to his plans this is a sovereign God but again it’s said that this is the way that people choose to come to the land it’s not not because of their desire it’s because of force because of circumstances but again it’s fulfilling the bad news are actually part of the film the Word of God yeah so as much as it may be distressing it is also an encouragement to see that we’re getting there it’s interesting because Moses if I’m not mistaken in the book of Deuteronomy it was said that wherever you go when I will disperse you all around wherever you go you will never find rest to your soul to your feet you’ll never find rest and if I’m not mistaken it is from the book of the book of Deuteronomy 28 65 and among those nations you shall find no rest nor shall the sole of your foot have resting place but there the Lord will give you a trembling heart failing eyes in anguish of soul I’m telling the Jewish people all around the world this is your place you need to come over here don’t wait for them to attack you this is where God designed for you to be and if you will not come by your freewill then the enemy is going to make sure that you will flee to Israel but eventually you will come the Bible says that it will they will come from all sides from the land from the north from the west from the east and from the south so we’re watching it and actually like you said we are behind us is the valley of Armageddon and we know that in the end times the enemy will be God gathered here correct but the nations will be judged by their approach the relationship their care or not caring for it to the Jews yes that’s what you said in Joel chapter 3 chapter 3 right so the Lord so being in the land in the promised land and doesn’t mean that you have rest not at the moment unfortunately the Bible predicts a tribulation but the Lord is just and he’s going to judge the nations that treated or is going to treat Israel or the Jews during the tribulation in the in a bad way he will judge them and what we’re seeing today anti-semitism I think it’s building building up there and setting the stage and you said something today that I was phenomenal you said not only that okay we’re talking about the Jews coming back but it’s interesting that God will settle the score or set the score with all the enemies of Israel not in their countries but actually he’s going right here he’s going to gather all of them can you yeah elaborate yeah and when you read when you’re in Scripture the book of Joel and won’t you read also revelation that actually and gives a lot of understanding and about the book of Joel what we can see is it seems like the Antichrist is the one to set the war against the people the people of God against God so he’s gathering the people in the valley of Armageddon Armageddon but actually the Lord he’s going to bring them or pull the nations those who came here to attack he’s going to pull them to the area of Jerusalem Valley of Josaphat which means you’re shafaat is to judge correct the Lord will judge the Lord will judge that means you know I was thinking about it it’s sometimes we want the enemy we want God to cause the enemy just to flee to get away from us and the Lord says no I’m going to bring you home to my place and I’m going to judge you on my land it’s amazing it’s amazing what you said because so the Antichrist thinks that he’s coming to fight us it comes to the valley of Jose of Armageddon right God says well hello since you’re here why don’t you proceed all the way to Jerusalem and let’s set the score there and he brings them all daughter but that’s what I’ve been saying for 20 years and I’m so glad you’re on the same the same opinion folks I’m sorry to tell you but the bible does not say the Battle of Armageddon it’s not biblical it says and they gather their forces in a place called in the Hebrew har Megiddo the place behind me is the place of the gathering the Anti Christ brings everyone there they’re coming thinking they’re gonna fight the people of God yet God is gonna judge them all the way down there in the valley just look for them there yes they’re going to come all the way from about a hundred miles from this area to Jerusalem and they will come to the valley now the valley has two names you said two three names actually names it has the name Joseph fat which means judging yes a mecca roots means the Lord is going to it’s also another name of judging or setting judgment and the third name is Kidron the value of Kidron exactly means gloomy Kidron folks listen to this all of you saved Kidron Valley Kidron Valley it’s all over all the New Testament Jesus crossed the Kidron Valley but Kedron in the Hebrew meaning is gloom gloomy it’s it’s not good things its darkness it’s going to be a bad day with a lot of weeping and crying when those nations are going to pass right before the Lord and they will be judged as nations mm-hmm it’s amazing by the way that explains why so many Jews want to be buried or not about it yeah because they want to see that one day when the Lord is going to vindicate them and judge all of their enemies before their very eyes it’s it’s fascinating now Johnny we we talked about the book of Joel and I’ve been for the last you know few years I’ve been talking about Bible prophecy and Bible and the prophets of the Bible I mean a lot of people are saying that there’s no need to teach prophecy today because these prophets spoke to those people during their time now Joel in chapter 1 verse 3 said something a little different yeah he was telling you would actually urging the people that lived in the time of Joe to tell the next generations about their own experience what they experienced is actually an attack of locusts and they saw the damage but it was only a symbol of what is about to come in the end of times so the attack of the locusts that came in Chapter one was just symbolic or just a foreshadow right of something much bigger that will come at the end yeah and I think what’s amazing is when you read the Hebrew interpretations when they get to the description of the locusts and in in chapter 2 and they don’t know how to explain the cut from one hand you mean the Hebrew scholars the Hebrews called yes in one hand they see that it’s you know it’s talking about locust but when the description is is more devastating it’s more than what you see this insect okay it’s amazing it’s it’s yeah it’s a folks in verse three look listen Joel chapter 1 verse 3 says tell your children about it let your children tell their children and then their children another generation no listen another generation he says don’t stop here the events that are happening right now are just nothing compares to what’s gonna happen in the future and that is why tell tell them you said something today about telling right yes I was referring actually when I read this verse what came to my mind is the the story of Exodus you know God saving the people out of Egypt we all like to tell stories that are heroic and of blessing and delivering you some of the Passover yeah the Passover story mm-hmm we are actually and God told the people to tell the next generation until today we call it Haggadah I got that telling right but when we look at what happened in Egypt the plagues they had locusts they had darkness these are the two things that Joel is also totally so in the future in the future so what what John is saying when you’re telling the story tell the whole story not only the story of deliverance remember God is a God of deliverance but is also a judge and one day he’s going to judge amazed and we cannot just you know we try I mean here we say yet of yeah it’ll be okay I’ll be okay but actually when people ask me what’s going to happen I cannot say no I say it’s going to be bad and then it’s gonna be of yes so you have to tell the whole story so you have good news and bad news exactly the bad news is gonna get worse right the good news yeah the good news if you trust the Lord man you have great hope and and I think this is also the message the great message of of the book of Joel those who call on the name of the Lord will be delivered amen and his of course Joel is focusing on the people of Israel yes but the message has been always and it’s always going to be for every person Jews and Gentiles you call on the name of the Lord and you will be delivered as promised and God keeps his promises amen and it’s interesting because one of the things and I’m sorry if I offend someone here right now but one of the things that drives me crazy is that every time there is a Sun Eclipse or a Blood Moon immediately everybody says okay this is it let’s set the date set the time and and we start this whole thing of end times now I never said that there’s not going to be blood moon or Sun eclipse in fact it is super biblical don’t get me wrong right but Johnny you’d said today that the book of Joel more than all the other Old Testament prophets of course the book of Revelation speaks of that also but the book of Joel speaks of five different times that the the sky will be darkened to be more accurate actually he mentioned three out of the five three he mentioned three out of the five right tell us about it okay so actually Joe is referring to an eclipse or darkening of the skies at the beginning of the tribulation and the of the tribulation and that probably most related to kind of an eclipse so you’re talking about whatever Blood Moon blood moon or Sun Eclipse these events will take place at the very beginning of the tribulation at the very end of life but but they won’t be it’s not going to be the only event we need to take other events are going to happen so for example for example in the beginning of the tribulation yeah it won’t be just a Sun Eclipse and the Blood Moon okay the signs in the heaven and the earth there will be signs in the heavens and the earth right and folks tribulation is after the rapture so with all the respect we need to be out of here for the tribulation to begin and if you see the Blood Moon I’m sorry to tell you that but either you’ve missed the rapture or this Blood Moon that you just saw has nothing to do with the tribulation yeah it’s not question that a Blood Moon is going to happen yeah well Bible says that the question is that’s the specific Blood Moon that we’re talking about starts the series of button exactly or the series of darkening darkening yes so so you said three it’s very interesting then the two that are directly related to the Sun and the moon are the one in the beginning and one at the end right what about the one in the middle and the one in the middle I believe is related to what is described in Revelation chapter 9 and there actually we have a description of kind of locusts that are coming out of the bottom bottomless pit so we’re talking about demons so actually we’re talking about demons and when we when the people in times of Joel or in the people in Egypt when they saw the locusts when the logos was flying during the day it covered the Sun hmm so actually they saw darkness but when we speak about or even today when in places around the world when the locusts comes it really makes everything directly but that that’s only during the day because during the night the locusts are resting exactly so it has to it has to darken right because the Sun is out there right but when we’re talking about it’s going to happen and in Chapter two I believe those demons are coming out of the bottomless pit when they come out it’s it’s written that the smoke will darken the day mmm the Sun so we’re not only talking about darkening they are a result of and the moon moon eclipse or or we’re talking demonic we’re talking about demonic activity and and it’s very clear they look like locusts but they’re not but they know they’re not coming to harm the trees and and and the field the field but they’re harming the people so what makes a difference so these are demons that are supposed to assimilate to locust but they have certain face certain tails certain you know the faces like faces of man they have they’re like women hair like women that is like lions he’s like Lions and the tail of an scorpion scorpion yeah I mean you’re talking about everything but regular locust so it’s very interesting that even the book of Joel and in by the way is one of those prophets you don’t know much about him right we only know you know his father’s name that way lit well and we know more or less before what King he he was before us but we don’t know much about him right his ID is a bit lacking right but I think it’s because it’s not about him it’s not about him exactly it’s about it’s about his message the message is the the center and off of the earth and what Joe wants us to focus on mmm you know he’s he’s in the shadow yes no it’s important he’s important but the message is more important it’s about God’s yes you know a lot of people I’ve seen that in the Philippines I see that also in the US and other places a lot of people are saying maybe Joel like many other prophets maybe all they said has been already fulfilled in in 2000 years ago and therefore it’s irrelevant for today and could that be true absolutely not you know even Paul is arguing in you know and because Thessalonians about the rapture they did happen or didn’t happen and he told them you’re wrong you’re wrong it didn’t happen it didn’t happen so you know it’s he’s hoping for it to occur but it didn’t have people didn’t go to work because they thought maybe the rapture two places it’s going to happen them but it didn’t happen praise the Lord yes otherwise we would be in trouble but but you said you said today was very interesting the Bible talks about in the New Testament speaks of the mysteries such as the mystery of the church there’s the nice theory the mystery of even the rapture but there’s the mystery of the church that was not known to people before how God is going to make a new new body of Jews and Gentiles alike together and give them the Holy Spirit seal them in the Holy Spirit and there will be his people in Joel could not know that he could know that absolutely because I think one of the things that we may confuse is when we read the the last verses of chapter 2 and Joel when he speaks about the pouring of the Holy Spirit and this awakening together with yes darkening of them you know so we can think maybe they happened 2,000 years ago the early crucifixion and of course the birth of a church but the thing is that you know we have several mysteries in the Bible two of them are relevant to what we’re talking about one of them is the mystery church and the other one is the partial hardening of Israel rosaries are harder exactly and this of course if it’s a mystery it was not yet revealed so Joel what I mean Peter was relating to Joe hmm and he says you know you know even the Bible speaks about this kind of events but he was not that what’s written in Joel happened 2,000 years yes so the mystery of the church in Ephesians right and they behold I tell you a mystery about hardening in part has happened to Israel that’s in Romans 11 right it means important these two things are mystery that means they were true but the people couldn’t understand that it couldn’t see it at the time and you know even when we read the you know the the words of Peter to the people hmm you know he was calling them to repentance now when we read what’s going to happen in in the end times when God is going to pour the Holy Spirit um actually it’s the work of God yes and immediately that you know the Millennium and those who enter the Millennium are only the those the remnant that that was saved exactly Jews and Gentiles alike yeah but it will be believers exactly but at the time and Peter was urging people he was urging people to actually repent and receive the Holy Spirit that means that he understood that it’s his most not talking about the kingdom to come even he didn’t expect where he understood that maybe you know they were hoping when they when the Jesus ended you know about times what’s going to happen just said wait you know everything at its time so John I think Peter understood that okay there’s still time until things would happen even John one of the disciples was talking about the last hour mm-hmm but so you know that’s 2000 years ago right in first John it’s already said beloved this is the last hour that’s by the way the title of my book because I truly believe that we live probably at the end of the last hour of the last days which began 2,000 years ago so it’s very very intimate is the if you have two in one in one sentence what is the book of Joel all about what is he trying to tell the people that is so relevant I think the messages that God is serious about what is saying you know his is urging us through the book of the main message of the book of draw is actually the tribulation okay it’s the journey of the Lord day of the Lord but you cannot it cannot be the only message because together with the day of the Lord there’s also a call to repentance exactly if God didn’t intend people to repent and to change circumstances because of the repentance then the home the whole message is fake exactly okay so if the Lord is calling to repentance that means when people repent repent there’s a great great change this great hope great hope repentance leads towards hope of salvation and it’s interesting because you know a lot of people think God is done with Israel but what they don’t understand is that when Israel will be saved what we see now with the Gentiles is nothing compares to the manifestation of the salvation in Israel the Bible says in Romans 11 it will be like a life from the dead yeah and it takes us back 2,000 years when we saw what happened with the birth of the church mm-hmm you know if that was joy and that was a revolution what’s going to happen when Israel and the nation is going to receive the Holy Spirit’s gonna be amazing that there’s gonna be it’s so amazing that it makes me sick to think that some people think that the church has replaced Israel because God has so many promises still for Israel all of them have to do with Israel repentance first of course because without repentance there is no salvation however we we know because we know God knows everything and he shared what he knows with us through the prophets and we know in the book of Zechariah that when they look at him whom they pierced and they will cry and they will mourn and they will repent the Lord is telling us to that eventually only the repentance of Israel will lead to their salvation and it is already prophesied it is prophesied and we also always need to remember it’s the work of God yes that means God is the one to make sure that Israel’s going to be saved if it’s depending on us even meaning I mean we’ll be somewhere else of course it’s God’s grace that we can we were saved it’s got great that the nation of Israel is going to be saved yeah and we are the only generation you talked today it was so beautiful because a lot of the times I teach on how Israel is like the fig tree right and it is Joel that talks about in chapter 1 when he speaks of how the locust came then it came to towards Israel to God’s fig tree exact then I mean the whole symbolic way of referring Israel to victory and then of course we know that Jesus talked about how when the fig tree comes back to life then you know that the exactly yeah and there is great promises both by Jesus himself in New Testament and the disciples and of course all the prophets of Israel most of what the prophets of Israel were talking about is the calling for repentance and the promise of great blessing that will come with it in the future of Israel it never happened yet it will happen they spoke of new heavens and new earth but they also spoke of an amazing you talk today about how there will be such restoration in the land throughout the Millennial Kingdom there will be spiritual physical and political analytical restoration right yeah so these are things that are promised already it’s not it’s not maybe could be we already know what’s gonna happen we already know Jesus will come back he will reign from Jerusalem he will come as a political leader he will reign from the city of Jerusalem as a political leader also he will be a king of kings and Lord of lords not just the Lamb of God he will be the Lion of the tribe of Judah as he comes he will no longer ride donkey he’s gonna come riding a horse he is coming to fight as in the day of battle not not give his other day the first coming was to save the world and second coming with to judge the world in and it’s interesting because we know he just as serious as he was to come for the first time and by the way it’s interesting because when the angel looked at the disciples when they were Mount of Olives and he they were gazing into the sky he says man of Galilee why are you gazing into the sky this same Jesus is going to return in like manner you know it to the same place it’s the same person and as much as I know it didn’t happen it didn’t happen yeah no it didn’t happen yeah no it didn’t happen yet folks there’s great hope if you only trust in the Lord and if you only repent look repentance people sometimes have a twisted understanding what repentance is and so maybe we can give them an easy understanding of what what does it mean to repent I think to repent you know it’s two actually first of all acknowledge your sin mm-hmm to understand that you’re there’s a holy God and you’re a sinner mm-hmm but it’s also to to turn it’s a u-turn and I say it’s a u-turn not God u-turn yes you word god yes exactly and and this is the message actually in Joel he say return unto me exactly not to me but unto me in Hebrew it’s it’s not a lie but I die towards me and getting closer to God and and of course in accepting his forgiveness by grace you know one of the things that really I really like about repentance and I think I mentioned it today as that uh you know when we think about um Moses who think about Abraham you know they were kind of bargaining with God mm-hmm about about the judgment mm-hmm now what what what hope do you have if if God is not going to change his mind right but it seems for me as one of the greatest I I call it a junction between the sovereignty of God and the free will of men you know for us the repentance that Serpentis and God States sovereign when he changes plans so to speak okay he’s sovereign to say yes and sovereign to say no but he’s darling is telling us if you repent exactly I’m gonna listen so he’s already saying yes it’s great it’s interesting you know Moses if you remember in chapter 33 of Exodus Moses says you know what you know if you don’t come with us I’m not going anywhere you know and the Lord said you know what Moses I like you I’ll go with you that that’s fine I’ll go with you and Abraham with sodom and gomorrah I mean Lord even if it’s ten okay even if it’s ten he started with a hundred got to ten you see when they are in complete synchronization with the will of God because they repented and they are on the same frequency of God then God is willing to change his mind not because it’s because that’s what he wants yeah he wants to bless you know it’s interesting it’s speaking about Moses you know he’s representing the law mm-hmm but what how did God reveal himself to Moses as a gracious compassionate Lord this is the same message of Jonah to Nineveh yes right and this is the same message of Joel he’s thinking about the same God that is full of compassion so the message is to the people at the time you know during the the generation of Joel and it’s the same message today repent yes it’s amazing and it’s the same message today also in regards to abortion I mean you know there’s sin everywhere but abortion it seems like it’s one of those things that humanity not only legalized but also promotes and you know there’s other sins such as sexual identity and all that but that’s you between you and yourself with abortion you take the liberty to take the life of someone else in you call someone you call someone a murderer if the baby already came out of the womb but you call someone else a hero if you kill someone in the womb it strikes as almost delusional to me you know in I must say any person that is watching this today if you are still thinking about it I want to tell you something God is speaking to you through his word not through us through his word that life is sacred and that he will never ever turn his eyes away from the pure pouring of innocent blood it is killing it’s murdering it’s terrible and those babies deserve the chance to live now you cannot just say it’s not convenient to me today – that’s the point you know I like this I was waiting for that the convenience the convenience because you know at the same thing with elderly people yes tell us about that you know the you know you run a place of elephants you know you know we we tend to focus on what’s convenient to us if it’s according to our agenda or you know then I’ve got work to do and that’s my finances you know but also elderly people actually are a blessing you know getting to an old age is a blessing according to the Bible yes but not for everybody not everybody thinks it’s a blessing some people just so we we tend as a society to neglect also the elderly people and I think you know if we if we can’t think of have compassion towards children that were not yet born how can we have compassion at all yes um so I think and this matter of convenience is so again centric it’s so focusing on ourselves and not on the Bible says that the end time people will lovers of themselves and that’s one of the signs of the end times and this is why it’s important to take care of your parents take care of the elderly amongst you and remember it’s not easy even children are not easy no one ever said life is a you know garden of roses nothing is easy but it’s worth it life is amazing and and again if you feel on your heart to to support the work of God in ebenezer house look up there on the website avenues o.co Duc il and and look and if you can bless them that will be amazing this is amazing look there’s no place in Israel like that where the elderly people can can grow old and dig with dignity and with the Bible as the main foundation they get Bible studies they have prayer meetings they these people grow old with so much grace and so much amazing spirit and in one thing I learn about those people is there they are prayer warriors amen you know what they also people who tell the next generation yes you know sitting with those people you can learn a lot from their lives about the faithfulness of God and about what they experienced you know their own kind of tribulations but God’s faithfulness amazing so folks it was a different update today but this is one of those things that I love the most is how do we take the Bible and apply to today how how relevant can the words of the Prophet from twenty-seven twenty-eight hundred years ago can be today and we just saw it is as relevant if not even more today in the sinful nature of mankind is getting worse and worse in the real need for repentance is even more so in the need to be grounded in the Word of God to be able to to understand the word and to do the will of God is even bigger today than ever before and and God is a great great plan for you but you must repent you must belong to him you must receive his holy s–t you must trust in him and in him alone and nothing else and there will be terrible times coming listen I wish I could tell you anything different but anyone who tells you all those multiple motivational speakers in those big churches there ones yes they tell you you know believe and it will happen it’s all folks God said times will be difficult jesus said you know in this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome this world he never lied to the disciples and the Prophet Joel never lied and so we cannot tell you here speaking of the Prophet Joel that the things are going to get better but if you repent and if you belong to him there is so much hope he gives you power and strength to withstand all of the trials today and he gives you the hope of salvation if you indeed were raised with Christ Colossians 3 says then seek those things which are above and not the things which are here on earth and where Christ is where is they seated at the right hand of the Father that’s this is our destination that we are heaven bound we are awaiting his return to take us and that’s the beautiful beautiful thing we have said we have the hope that others don’t you know I was thinking about believers losing people here on earth mm-hmm they don’t have to cry as much as others do because it’s only a temporary thing they’re going to see him in just a few years or less than that whereas others it’s definitely it’s done deal you you better cry because you will never ever see her a good reason to cry yes so you know like like Paul said to me life means Christ and death is even gain I mean we don’t have to be afraid of that but we need to stay strong and hopefully this broadcast today gave you some hope and some some encouragement encouragement that God is out there seeking how to bless you if you repent and belong to him and also God is telling us what is going to happen that we are not going to be surprised but we should also tell others we are to tell others that’s why I call people Watchmen on the walls you know what others cannot know and see what others cannot see that’s why I tell people you’re ambassadors of Christ because you need to represent him on earth and that’s why I said we’re businessmen also because we are doing our father’s business right here until he comes we need to occupy until he comes we need to tell people the good news that there is hope and this is all in our Messiah Yeshua in Jesus name and amen amen Johnny thank you so much I’m gonna try and restrain from you your message and somehow turn it into an English one also folks you have to listen to this message it was amazing thank you for what you do also with Ebenezer hmm I hope I hope I’m not gonna grow old to get there I hope that Jesus will come early but if you grow older I grow older before yes that’s right thank you for what you do I know that my mother my used to work there as is one of the nurses I house so this place was also close to us even in the family and so folks keep Johnny in your prayers and his family and of course Abba knees are at home in Haifa Abba knees are dot C o that il and and and pray for them and and support them as much as you can as always thank you for everything keep subscribing to our newsletter on behold Israel org follow me on Twitter behold Israel on Instagram behold Israel Facebook behold Israel if you haven’t registered to the Canada conference on May 11th do so online the registration is on is going on nearly 1400 people already registered we’ve got 3500 seats though you still have some some chance we have the following week and a conference in Denver we will give you details on our website one we have them all set we also have new conferences that we’re going to have in Indonesia in Perth Australia in Melbourne Australia in Auckland New Zealand and we have of course many more later on this year even in Minnesota as well as in Brazil and other countries in France so stay tuned now if it’s not on our website there is no way there is really no need for you to write to us because we will put everything once we have it set and figured so please be patient and look at our website once we have all the details we’re gonna post it there thank you again and god bless you and Johnny can you say the ironic blessing in Hebrew mm-hmm Vlado naive is Marissa yeah eridan Ipana bella happy Chanukah Assad on Ipana Vanessa yes sinha Shalom and the Lord bless you and keep you the loss Chinese face towards you and be gracious to you the Lord lift up his countenance toward you and give you his Shalom his peace in the name of Yeshua amen thank you God bless you Shalom Thank You Johnny god bless you and pray for him Evan is our dad CEO that il thank you god bless you I love you Shalom from Galilee bye-bye.

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