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you you Shalom everyone this is a meteo fatty and this is Pastor Bob copening from Calvary Chapel of East Anaheim right next to this cozy fireplace in this beautiful resort by the Sea of Galilee and behind us some of our group members can you say hi there you go and we are about to begin our Middle East update followed by a short discussion on the state of our society today in how even that alone is a token of us living in the end times would you do us the honor and pray yes we begin this have an update that’s probably for the Lord father thank you for a chance to be together with the body of Christ all over the world thank you that these are the last days that we’re living and we’re excited about Christ’s coming Lord one more day you’ve given us we don’t know how many more but we pray this one would be lived for your glory so honor yourself in Jesus name Amen amen amen so we’ve got thousands of people watching right now from all over the world there’s only 1000 shares already so that that means many more and we are going to talk about several things that are happening first of all a lot of people were asking me what do you think about the outcome of the meeting between Pope Francis in the Islamic other the highest Islamic cleric of the Azhar anomic institution from Egypt who met in Abu Dhabi just a few days ago it was a very unusual thing first-ever visit of a pope to the Arabian Peninsula when that tells you how much the institution of the Pope is gaining more and more momentum as a world religion and not just European or Western world part look at the two segments from there interfaith covenant that the they were declaring so we believe in God and in the final meeting with him and his judgement on the basis of our religious and moral responsibilities and through this document we call upon ourselves upon the leaders of the world politicians we call also upon the architects of international policy world economy to work strangely to spread the culture of tolerance and of living together in peace to intervene at the earliest opportunity to stop the shedding of innocent blood and bring an end to Wars conflicts environmental decay and the moral and cultural decline that the world is presently experiencing watch this it goes on freedom is a right of every person there we go and then each individual enjoys the freedom of belief thought expression an action the pluralism and the diversity of religious color religions color sex race and language are willed by God in His wisdom through which he created human beings this divine wisdom is the source from which the right to freedom of belief in the freedom to be different derives therefore the fact that people are forced to adhere adhere to a certain religion or culture must be rejected as to the impulsion of a cultural way of life that others do not accept folks if if there is one call for a ecumenical effort to bring about all I mean always leads to God I mean God accept everything there is no one waiting one truth one life probably is it an interesting that Jesus obviously is not even mentioned here but I guess everything else is yeah so that alone can tell you the amazing reality in which we live right now and this is only in one part of the world that you’re going on right now the world is getting ready for the war so conference that will take place on Wednesday with the 17 nations coming all the way to the former capital of the Warsaw Pact that used to be the exact opposite of the NATO pact and it’s very interesting present Trump skillfully chose Warsaw of all places for two reasons one this is like poking the eye of this Soviets and telling them hey Warsaw is on our side we are actually running an international peace conference over there with most of this moderate Sunni Muslim countries that will take place 70 countries but also it is also poking in the eyes of the EU Y because Y so the capital of Poland is part of the visa grad alliance of Hungary the Czech Republic Poland in slovenia slovakia and they are the opponents of most of the pro immigration policies of the EU right now so you’re actually watching something very interesting and for the first time the Middle East peace with the Palestinians is actually last Iran is first on the agenda Iran wasn’t even invited it’s funny because Russia and Turkey are actually minor players in this whole conference and it is the moderate Sunni countries that are coming all the way to our so not to talk about the Palestinian it’s not to talk about how nasty the Israelis are actually to sit together with Israelis and the Americans and discuss ways to somehow bring – the Iranian aggression the agrarian expansion all around the Middle East so that’s a very remarkable thing we also are witnessing a very interesting development in Syria the Iranians are moving their base of operation from the International Airport of Damascus all the way to the t4 Syrian Air Force Air Base in the heart of the desert day they understand we can’t handle the Israeli ongoing strikes there and the Russians don’t like the fact that Iranian shenanigans in that area are bringing about instability to the civilian flights into and out of Syria in there for the Iranians are retreating all the way to the desert right now another very concerning thing is the fact that the Iranians started building a new factory for ballistic short-range missiles that means that they can hit Israel but these are the same type of missiles that the Iranians supply to the Houthis in Yemen to hit Saudi Arabia almost on daily basis and by the way the Saudis are bleeding almost on daily basis the Houthi Yemenite are having invasions into Saudi bases they loot American equipment and they kill Saudi Saudi soldiers the last thing I want to mention before we move to our very important and interesting discussion on on our times is the fact that the Bashar al-assad military is literally divided 60% is leaning towards Iran and 40% is being paid by the Russians so they’re loyal to the Russians and the Russians the Iranians do not see you know things the same way the Russians want stability in Syria because they want to start rebuilding Syria they want Russian companies to enjoy the fruit of the reconstruction of Syria whereas the Iranians could care less about that they want to spread Shia they want to destroy Israel they want to spread their influence all the way from Tehran to Beirut via Syria so we see a clash of interest right now and but the Russians do not want to clash too much with the Iranians because they need the Iranians to buy from them equipment and use their companies to develop the Iranian gas fields and oil fields field so we see a very interesting thing going on there so we talked about what’s going on in the Middle East right now why don’t we talk about what’s going on in America right now because I must be honest with you every time I’m watching the super Liberal Democrats on TV such as what’s-her-name Cortez and you know a ACO and all the other lunatics over there every time I watch them I’m actually coming to the conclusion that the world is moving towards I mean first of all you know you think wait a minute isn’t that obvious that they can see things that they they see things in a very distorted way and then you realize they really don’t see long yeah what is the old saying if you can’t remember the past you’re doomed to repeat it in a generation of young people growing up attracted to socialism as an ideal state where socialism proved itself to be they were you know disaster I’m not willing to go at all yeah so in this case famines were in China in Russia in Vietnam and even in Venezuela I mean finish well he’s hungry right now people are losing weight there they say call it the Maduro diet I mean most of the Venezuelans are literally lost up to 16 pounds in the last three four years because of the lack of food there yeah so isn’t that something that the Bible was talking about regarding seeing things differently yeah we live in an amazing time for us as believers to be ready for Christ’s return there’s signs of it everywhere one of the things that Amir and I’ve talked about that concern us is within the church it seems to me that the years I see Christians who believe in Christ coming someday but they don’t live their lives in light of it they either isolate that doctrine as something in the Bible but has no reality to the way they live or sometimes they go the other way and they make that an end in itself and it doesn’t affect the way they live morally or spiritually but as believers we live in the most exciting times than anyone has ever lived no one has seen what we’ve we’ve seen we should see it but we should live this differently because of it mm-hmm it seems like it’s not only in America by the way it’s all over Europe and I’m I say even in Israel I see the Liberals I mean that the way they think I mean I just don’t understand do we live on the same planet but for example I’ll give you an example Sweden Sweden is is right now afflicted by tons of violence 90% of it is related to the uncontrolled immigration of Muslims into the country rape cases when a five hundred percent and almost 99% of it done by those yet but the interesting thing is that they just form the government they out stood everyone that says anything bad about in you know immigration and they form the government and when you look at the the 16 pages of their policy the first five or six pages are all about climate change I mean their country is falling apart and it’s climate change and I’ve been telling people for ever that the Thames in London stopped freezing in the early 1800s I mean global warming did not start now it started 200 years ago it has nothing to do with us trying to limit the emission of the of carbon yea fossil fuels and we might contribute a reduction of one degree it will not stop something that happened before and will happen in future I mean warming and cooling of planet Earth is a cycle that happened so many times it happens I cannot you know deny that but it it started way before the Industrial Revolution began so to put it all on on Western society it’sit’s a joke and I will tell you something even if the whole Western world will stop using that China and India alone will contribute 90 percent of that pollution and so we need to you know it just drives me crazy well you talked about earlier we were talking about how the things that really matter our minor in the world sighs and you talked to even what you read he talked about the shedding of innocent blood and of course my mind goes to the shedding of innocent blood that happens all over the world happens all over our nation every day and there’s not a concern I’m a liberal side for that at all the rights of the most innocent of all the unborn and I think of I think was Nancy Pelosi that said a border wall is immoral but here in New York City in New York State now it’s the law that you can abort a child right up to the time that it’s born and that’s not considered immoral that’s considered a right yes it’s I just saw a video that I mean I eat shocked me somebody was waiting with a camera outside of an abortion clinic and the doctor came out and that person says sir you need to you need to repent you need to accept Christ I mean what you’re doing is terrible and the doctor came to the camera and with I think it’s a demon that spoke through him he said no I love it I love killing babies and then he said I will never come to Christ I will never turn to Christ in you know where we are right now Pastor Bob we are right next to the place where the demon-possessed man was right be hot not not not you guys right behind this hotel is the area where the demon-possessed man was and remember that the demons came out into a herd of how many 2000 pigs you in yet those demons understood that Jesus is Lord and they were afraid of him and but demonic presence is now on the rise all over the world and I relate the mindset of the Liberals directly to demonic I do as well the doctrines of demons Paul said would be taught in the last days and this rejecting of what God calls valuable Paul talked about abstaining from meats things that God has given or forbidding marriage these are gifts from God and certainly our children are a precious gift from God and the complete abhorrence of accepting their their you know that they be created in the image of God and there’s something to be protected we live in a world that is rejecting God’s values left and right in a greater way the Bible says in the last days because of men’s hearts growing cold that lawlessness would increase a lack of love and one of the things I find interesting mirrors where the Bible says Paul says in the last days men will lack natural affection that this lack of natural affection even for their unborn children and yet the Bible says the blood of the innocents cry out from the ground God’s judgment it’s interesting because many people might not know that but when the Lord brought Israel into the land he had knowledge and they acknowledge it wasn’t their land originally the Lord said this land I’m giving to you and to your descendants but first you have to drive out those that are in this land and then he said the reason and one of the main reasons that main reason that that he drove the Canaanites out that he said to the Israelite take over bring the standard higher raise the bar is the shedding of the innocent blood of children yes and that was not a that was a practice you know you know we’re looking at murder as a of course a crime capital crime but what we do what is being done is a murder on daily basis of thousands of thousands of thousands of human beings and the law allows it in other words so in by the weight takes me back to the time of the Canaanites in the Land of Israel that was the practice of those people it wasn’t they were not breaking the law they were practicing the killing of babies they were practicing the offering of babies to the gods to Molech and others they were practicing all of those things so it seems like the world goes back there and God will not stay silent as Paul talks about the degeneracy of man in Romans chapter 1 at the very end of the chapter in verse 32 man gets to the point where he knows that the things that he is doing is are evil and worthy of death but they not only practice them they give hearty approval to those who do they defend the rights to do the things that God says are worthy of death do you relate that also to that strong delusions absolutely I mean people literally cannot see that right what they call right is wrong and what they call wrong is right exactly opposite and just like Ephesians says we live in a world where that should be so obvious to us it’s interesting to me that Jesus’s message the same as John’s message even to the children of Israel was repent repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand jesus Ty’s lifestyle now to the fact that Christ is gonna set up his kingdom God is going to judge and it’s not to live in the in some fear of going to hell as much as to realize God is going to establish a kingdom of righteousness and it’s our opportunity in this life to get ready for that to live in line with that yeah and I truly believe that all goes back to a personal relationship with the Lord and look I mean I we just read this document this declaration of the supposedly the leader of the Christian world and one of the main leaders of the Muslim world and none of them gave anyone away a truth or life in this declaration it’s only basically I would say condemning anyone that says that there is one way to life isn’t it interesting that the the leaders of our world the religious leaders even the Christian supposed leaders would say this is the problem when when people who want to share their faith who want to bring other people into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to say it bluntly that’s the problem we need to live in harmony kumbaya put her arms around another we are the world and Satan this is part of the deception of this bringing together under something less than Jesus Christ and His salvation in his cross a way of life that will redeem the world listen it’s only gonna get worse it’s not gonna get better and not that I’m trying to be a doom and gloom prophet here I’m not the Prophet I’m I’m a nonprofit organization but it’s important that you understand that this whole type of life style of people who call good evil evil good darkness light and light darkness had been prophesied and infer foretold by the prophets and by the Apostles in the writings of the New Testament and we live in those days right now like it’s amazing how when the president gave the State of the Union and he talked about the importance of human life I was amazed at how many people did not even clap yes I mean he didn’t even talk about right or left Democrats Republicans he didn’t even talk about foreign policy of a he just talked about the sanctity of human life in people were sitting there as if what are you talking about human life is not to be sanctified borders are not to be you know it’s funny we just read yesterday when we were in Capernaum we read from Acts chapter 17 Paul is in the center of Athens speaking to the Athenians and he says God determined boundaries for for people to dwell I mean the borders are of God from God and there it’s interesting how everything of God is being now kicked away and I mean dismissed so easily yeah you said something about let’s talk for a few seconds about the importance of living life of expectation for the return of the Lord yeah so Peter and second Peter talks about how this world when Christ gives us a new heavens and a new earth is going to be dissolved it’s temporary and he says how should we live in light of the fact that this is all temporary and he talks about living in godliness and all through the scriptures I can’t help as I teach through the New Testament see that whatever Paul’s talking about whatever moral issue or or issue within the church or event whatever it is it always comes back to the fact that the kingdom of God is coming the king is coming and we need to live our lives in light of his return jesus said something interesting in Matthew 24 when he talked about that parable of the the wise servant and the evil servant remember and how the wise servant is serving when Jesus comes back and he’ll be honored and given more responsibility but the evil servant of the master says my masters not coming for a long time in other words I don’t have to live my life now having anything to do with him coming back and he said that he begins to beat his fellow servants he begins to eat and drink with the drunkards and the gluttons and that his master will come back at a time he knows not of and discipline or judgment will come and it’s really clear the Lord has given us a lot to do in this world but he wants us to live every moment every day in light of the fact that he’s coming soon it’s not interesting that even in that declaration of the Pope and that Islamic cleric they acknowledge that there is a Judgment Day they do and the Bible says it is appointed upon man one to be born and then judgment come wants to die and then once to die exactly not to boy once to die and then judgment comes it is almost like there’s no doubt even job talked about the fact that he’s not afraid of Satan he’s afraid of God judgment yeah that’s the thing he he knows that we all need to have in mind and it’s interesting because for Christ not only we escape judgment we have eternal life we have amazing life on earth and we are soon gonna be out of here and you don’t have to go through that judgment if you’re in Christ you know one of the things that Satan is is doing he’s the accuser of the Brethren and he wants to tell you that you you know you haven’t changed you’re still the same and he will tell you that there is no chance for you to get to heaven there’s no hope for you and these are things from the enemy because we know that the minute we admit Christ’s lordship and follow him and live our life he never promises life without problems without challenges in fact I always tell people if you wake up in the morning you think wow today there is no spiritual warfare in my life we’re in trouble you ready to pit defeated yes I mean they’re the the spiritual warfare is a built-in it’s something like that you have to it’s part of the package of being saved and living life for Christ and we will only and the Bible talks about perseverance in other words there is a run to run there is a fight to fight and perseverance is important because we will only be free of all of those things when we’re out of here and that’s what we’re looking forward to I mean the Bible says if you indeed were raised with Christ and seek the things which are about Colossians chapter 3 and not the things which are on earth and so that’s how we need to run the race now Paul had that expectation of the soon return of Christ to take us and he also believed it’s gonna happen in his own life yes we loved you know people sometimes talk about well how do we know what’s gonna happen in our lifetime we don’t we just know it’s gonna happen someday soon and he gave us signs to look at but Paul the Apostle did say when he was encouraging the Thessalonians not to give up hope for those that have already died who were believers he said for we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them we now he didn’t say you I’ll be long gone by then you know Paul’s a a prophet he knows what God is doing and he’s revealing the will of God but he did not know and thought maybe in fact hoped that Christ would come in his day so he I like to say he was right to be wrong I mean he was it’s it’s you might be wrong to say gonna come in my lifetime but it’s the way he wants us yes in other words those of you who write that you know many so many of you write to us that you know I’ve been a believer for 20 30 40 50 years and I’ve always been waiting for the return of Christ but it seems like it’s not happening it might not happen in my lifetime you know what that’s a wrong way to look at it you need to live your life as if the rapture is around the corner even perhaps to date that’s the prayer right Jesus said everyday pray thy kingdom come we’re to pray that daily when you’re looking for his coming today and living her life as though he would will might cut for certain he could come today would that be great if this was my last day but I’m like Paul we I believe are even with more reasons to believe it’s going to happen soon man I mean we’re a generation that is seeing the fig tree blooming we’re a generation to see Israel back in the land we’re a generation that is watching almost everything that the New Testament said about the characteristics of the end times yes right now not even next week it’s all around us and these are the the signs that Jesus gave to the disciples now we don’t know the day and we don’t know the hour in fact I don’t even want to know the day in the hour can you imagine I want to know that whenever it happens I’m ready amen I think I love that analogy that back home you know we know when the Christmas decorations come out in the mall that it’s almost Thanksgiving yes exactly and so it is when we see these things that must happen the rebuilding of the temple Israel in the land the promises of prosperity on Israel the enemies of Israel that are mentioned in the end being coming together and coalition obviously the rapture must be even sooner because he’s coming from before he pours out just so we can see things that Paul could not see and if he was so excited about the soon return of Christ how much more we should be in not grow weary and tired and hopeless you know Paul said do not be like those without hope you know because the Thessalonians thought well you know you told us that we’re going to live forever and people start dying honest I mean what’s going on he said hey that’s not death that just fell asleep yes and and they are they they are those in Christ you know death is no longer having any power over us when we supposedly die we just fall asleep and you know to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord in other words that’s it for us to die I mean to live as Christ but to dice gain it’s not them something we need to be afraid of when some some fellow believer in our family is is passing away we have the hope that we’re gonna see where the world is mourning over dead people because they don’t even know if they’re going to see them we know we’re going to see those people so there is great hope I like that statement Christians never say goodbye for the last time because the reality is we are going to heaven and this life is all about heaven when we act and so many Christians act like this life is really there all that there is and we hope there’s something afterwards we’re not living in light of the reality of our citizenship in heaven but when you realize this life is preparation for eternity it’s it’s it’s a taste of what the full meal that’s coming is like then you anticipate with great excitement going to be with the Lord we’re all gonna die it’s except for that generation that gets to go on the rapture but we are going to be with him forever the Bible says this precious and the sight of the Lord is the death of his accomplishment he looks forward to your death day or if you don’t get to go on the rapture because if the day you get to see him face to face exactly and even remember even when we describe the rapture the dating stripes with rights first and we that are alive and remain we will meet them in other words when we if we’re still alive when the rapture takes place we’re gonna see all the dead in Christ you know going first you know it’s I don’t mind even not being alive at the time cuz I’m gonna be first there and it’s gonna be great last thing before we finish you said something that inspired me to work on a new message and you said what Martin Luther said about the expectation at the end what did he say Martin Luther is quoted as saying I only have two days on my calendar today and that day mmm that day in other words I live my life from that perspective I’m living today but every day one other day that it is my focus and that’s when a man comes so this day in that day these are the most important days live today to see him in that they end and if there’s no reason to be a shame of expectation for the soon return of Christ it’s why we can live today it’s why we have the strength to go through today because we have the hope you know the Bible said that when we run we need to look at him and not anywhere else and the author and the finisher of our faith is the reason and when we run we need to look up we that will be the end of that race we need to run the race looking at the target and our target is not anything here it’s up there so it’s it’s it’s legitimate to live life now today in this world with a wonderful great expectation of our soon gathering to be with him and in the game we’re the only generation that can say we see that they approaching we don’t hope for we don’t pray for we don’t expect we see we see the fig tree blooming we see what’s going on in Israel we see the Jews back in their land we see the Land of Israel prospering we see as you said people already talking about the third temple we see how the enemies of Israel are gathering around just like the in it the Bible says we see those things we see the Day approaching in in Maranatha I guess and we cannot lose hope so I pray that all of you will not fall in the trap of putting day in our and losing hope because it’s not happening that that’s why it’s so dangerous to always look at the sky and the Sun Eclipse and lunar eclipse and the Blood Moon although it’s important to remember to stay on course and to believe that it’s going to happen very very soon now the day in the hour not for us to know not the Bible says the Jesus didn’t even know at the time but concerning the times and the seasons Paul said there is no need for me to write to you because you perfectly know so do you really perfectly know the times and the seasons because that’s the thing we need to know and we need to know if we study the Word of God and and they will only be able to not take things out of context when you know the text so be in the Bible be in the word read the prophets and believe in what they say what is it that Jesus told the disciples whoa – I mean I mean foolish ones and slow of heart to believe that which the prophets have spoken in other words you’ve heard the prophets saying so many things every Saturday when you heard the Word of God read in the synagogue but you just never believed you never took it seriously and when the time came and I hear I am fulfilling all the words of the Prophet you just missed my visitation it’s so important that we will not do the same mistake as they did and the reason why the Bible says that is so we will be smarter pastor what is your last word before I just love a mere encouragement pray for his ministry God’s using him all over the world in new ways and there are people who don’t know Jesus who have never even heard of terms like the rapture or the Millenium things that are in our Bible Jesus talked about his coming a lot and he did that for the Jews but I think it’s our day to use the true message of the gospel in light of God’s plan for this universe and our time to help people to come to know him as Savior and Lord so he’s got great doors that are opening he means prayer for that but I say just this were to pray thy kingdom come we should remember the last prayer of the Bible even so come quickly Lord amen remember Pastor Bob Coakley from Calvary Chapel of East Anaheim what’s your website by the way its cover chapel Calvary Chapel East Anaheim is there’s a – somewhere know they can have a chapel is a CCDA that or do you see that ei dot org online so Facebook is Calvary Chapel is aligned wonderful Bible teachings and if you live in that area of your Belinda and Anaheim that is a wonderful Church to attend well why don’t we finish with a prayer and I would like to extend the Aaronic blessing upon all of you in Hebrew and why don’t I do that in Hebrew and you do that in English but as I do that I want you to remember this is not the priests praying over the people I believe that all of us are priests and when we do that priest to priests and you should also bless your children and your family members with the same prayer so I’m gonna do that in Hebrew and Pastor Bob will do that in English every facade on Ivies Marisa y el adonai Panov Allah happy Chanukah ISA Adonai Panov ilaha the yas’m aha Shalom now may the Lord bless you and keep you may he make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you may lift up his countenance upon you and give you his peace amen guys follow me on Twitter behold Israel on Instagram behold Israel our Facebook page behold Israel in our website behold Israel org we would love to hear from you and again on Twitter you’re gonna get news updates almost every few hours I can’t go on Facebook and update things uh you know as they happen but Twitter is the easiest thing so behold Israel on Twitter you’ll find my name there and follow me there and if you haven’t subscribed yet to our newsletter do that through our website behold as well that org you subscribe to our newsletter and our weekly devotional that is based on the Bible bytes that we post almost every week thank you god bless you and Shalom from the Sea of Galilee guys you want to say Shalom to your family members whatever it is okay they are all half-asleep it’s what’s the time now it’s six we need to worship we have time of worship and devotion right now god bless you thank you and Shalom from the Sea of Galilee bye-bye you

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