Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Full Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to the PowerPoint for beginners course this course is perfect for someone that’s never used PowerPoint before or even someone who has but just wants to know some more of the advanced features to make professional PowerPoint presentations in this course you’ll learn how to use all of the tools necessary to create PowerPoint presentations alright well let’s get started in the next video we’ll take a quick look at keyboard shortcuts that can be used while you’re creating your PowerPoint presentations and then well learn how to download PowerPoint and we’ll launch the application and be on our way to create our PowerPoint presentation masterpieces before we actually download PowerPoint and launch the application I wanted to go over some basic computer functions that we’re going to utilize during this course so with computer keyboards there are different key combinations that can be used as shortcuts things like ctrl C for copying and control apps for saving your projects here’s a slide that can be referenced for the shortcut keys that will be used in this course for windows you’re going to be using the control key plus specific letters and then on the Mac it’s the same concept except it’ll be command instead of the control key plus the same letters so just try to practice these shortcuts and get used to using them if you already aren’t familiar with them and it will really help you as you create your PowerPoint presentations Before we jump into the PowerPoint application I wanted to go over how you can get PowerPoint most of you probably already have it installed on your computer from your employer but some of us may need actual personal copies so of course you would just Google Microsoft PowerPoint find the download link so when this video was taken it was 2016 and you can get a personal copy of PowerPoint for one hundred and ten dollars for one PC and of course you would just buy it and download it once you have PowerPoint downloaded or already in installed you can go to your Start menu search for PowerPoint hit enter which will launch the application the first thing you’ll see are all of these different templates and themes if you click on one you can actually adjust the colouring for that template and if you want to choose that specific template then you say create and it will launch a brand new presentation with the selected template for this course we’re going to just use a blank presentation so to revert back to a different template you can go to file new and then I’m just going to click blank presentation so here we are on the PowerPoint application we start off in the Home tab the first thing I like to do when I get into my powerpoint presentation is to have all of my fonts and colors all figured out before I start building upon my slides fonts are a night-and-day difference between the different powerpoints that I’ve seen personally I think when you’re customizing a PowerPoint to me what stands out the most is the font so definitely take some time and look through the different fonts to see which one’s your favorites and you can actually purchase fonts and there’s some free ones you can download that aren’t by default in your fonts library once you find a font and download it you actually have to install it so that your computer can use it so here I have one that I have downloaded on my computer and all you have to do is right-click on the font and then you install it I already have this one installed so it’s gonna complain but it’s as simple as that installs the font and then when you open up your Microsoft products and you go through your fonts you’ll actually see that font that you installed available so just remember that you’re not limited to the fonts that you see by default in your product and then once you decide on what fun to use then we can go to view and then we’re going to go to a slide master the slide master deck actually gives us the ability to pick our colors and fonts that we want to use for all of our slides so if I go through all these slides and the math sir dak these are all the different default slides that are available for you to use in PowerPoint so if I were to use any of these types of slides integrated into PowerPoint they would inherit the colors and fonts and themes from my master slide deck so instead of having to change each slide individually for font and coloring you can do it in here one time and then as you build your PowerPoint presentation everything one here at these settings so if you want to take your going here and pick different themes I’m just gonna stick with the the basic default theme for this example and then I’m gonna pick my font I kind of like the Arial font so I’ll select Arial for my font and then if you look at any of the wording and I need my slides you’re gonna see that they have the Arial font you can also change the background style if you’d like to for all of your slides and that’s all I typically use the slide master for I mainly am concerned about my fonts I personally don’t get too crazy with colors and themes but you definitely can if you’d like to so we have our font now I’ll go back to view and to get back to our default view I’ll just go to normal and now I’m back here on my default slide and if you click here you can see that it’s inherited the font settings that I chose in my slide master configuration first let’s start by creating our title slide one of the most important slides this default slide here if you’ll actually click on new slide you can see the different themes that we have the first slide is always going to default to the title slide which is what we want since we want a title slide for this presentation so for these examples we’re going to make this presentation about how to fish so we’ll say learn how to fish if I wanted to move where the text was within this text box I could go to a line text if I wanted to move it up a little higher I could say a line middle put it up top if I want I think the bottom was a little too low for me so I’ll put it to the middle and now if I wanted to I could put a subtitle I actually prefer to have my title text and then like an image that has something to do with presentation so I’m gonna left click on this box and just hit delete so I have room for my image and then we’ll go to insert and then we have all these options for inserting different objects into our slide we’ll go over a lot of these later on in this course but let’s start by just inserting a picture now you could say pictures and choose one directly from your computer my favorite option is online pictures and I’ll show you why so right away it brings you up to a Google search tab here I’ll just say phishing hit enter and now I have all these images that I could click on and insert directly into my powerpoint presentation now the coolest part about the searching feature is that it comes up automatically and it filters you to images that are under the Creative Commons license so creative common license eing allows you to reuse other people’s work for tweaking or redistributing with your creation so we actually have the ability to pick any of these images and feel confident that we can utilize them for our PowerPoint presentation and to be honest if you’re just creating a presentation for work that’s it’s not going to be sent out on the internet and visible by a lot of people you’re probably okay to use whatever images you want but I usually just use this I most of the time can find exactly what I’m looking for so I’m just gonna pick this cool guy fishing here I think that’s a pretty sweet image and I’ll say insert and just like that I now have an image to use for my title slide and then you can move it back and and you’ll see this red line pop up that’s the line you want to use to find out where the center is for that slide you can actually also go to this align option and use that to align your image to the left center or right of your slide typically you’re gonna want it in the center so I’ll go a line and then we’ll say a line with Center and I’m confident that this is directly in the center of my slide you can also go in here I can rotate this image if I wanted to so if you wanted it to face in the opposite direction but I’m just gonna leave it as the default okay now that we have our title slide I’m going to start inserting my actual slides that I’m going to use to present on this title so I’ll say new slide and then I’m going to pick the theme of the slide so the real basic theme that you’ll end up using is probably title and content I’ll say title content and that has topic of the slide and then then of course the details for that topic so we’re going to make this one about fishing equipment and then I can click to add text I’ll make my first bullet be fishing poles and then I’m gonna insert an image of a fishing pole so I’ll go to insert we’ll use our online trick again I’ll say fishing pole let’s try this one up top so if you click on the image and actually take this rotate icon can rotate at 90 degrees or wherever you want to put it so you see how when I move this over since the fill in this image was white it overlaps with my text so I could fix that a couple ways I could go to shape fill and say no fill if it’s a type of image that I can adjust this one I can’t so what I can do is I can go to arrange and you can move what order your objects turn so let’s say I had four images placed on the slide and I wanted one image to be on top of another or behind another I could actually click on the image and say send to back and now it’s behind my text so now even though it has that white fill its layered and it’s behind my text so I can put it wherever I want and I’m not gonna have that that white fill that’s messing with my text there well send it back all right so now I’m ready for my next bullet so move on down the line here and next we need the lures of course if we’re gonna go fishing so I’ll say lures enter and then to get rid of this bowl I just hit backspace if I want to get it back you can go up here to bullets or this is where you would pick if you wanted numbering I wanted to have a list of numbers that I’m going to insert another image so I’ll find a good fishing lure image pick this one drag that under my lures try to make it evenly spaced from the text like we have for our polls example so now we have polls we have lures all right next we need a tackle box if I can spell tackle box and then backspace to get rid of our bullet and then we’ll do another online picture so we get really good at getting online pictures tackle box and I’m kind of liking this cartoony one so let’s go with that guy insert sometimes you may have it or your image might just be short of fitting in your slide so you can actually always adjust them across you can stretch them whatever you need to fit it into your area all right so now that we have this slide let’s actually start up a title slide and go to slideshow and we can actually preview our slideshow from the current slide or from the beginning since we’re out the beginning will say from clearance current slide and I’m just gonna hit down to go through it so you see that when I went to this first slide here everything just popped up right onto my PowerPoint well the more professional way to do it is use animations with animations you may have seen in other PowerPoint presentations where your text pops up one at a time as you’re explaining it so let’s hit escape to get rid of our slide show preview and now we’re going to go over animations animations are probably one of my favorite things with PowerPoint you can make things move across the screen you can make things up here from the left when the right float in float out you can have custom animations so if I wanted to make this fishing pole spin around in circles ten times and then zoom out of the slide I could do that and and I’ll show you how to do some of those more advanced animations but for this typically what you’re gonna be doing is your tax is gonna be you know animation appear or fade in so all these green ones that you see that you can choose from our animations for entrances and then you have your emphasized animations and then your exits so this would be in emphasize out motion paths you can do things like custom path tour you can actually mark exactly where you you want your object to move within the slide so for this we’re just gonna make it so poles comes up first with the fade and that lures in the tackle box so once we actually are presenting our slide show as we click down throughout our slides we’ll actually have those animations appear in order so let’s click on poles and we’ll say we want it to be a fade in and you see it has this number here that’s defining which order this animation is going to appear and then you can have it be on click or with previous or after previous so it’s gonna be on clicks and when I click on the slide it will then appear well let me shrink this up so it’s easier to get to my images here so for my poll I want it to actually appear at the same time as my poll text so I’ll say fade and you see it comes up with number two when I wanted to come at the same time so I’ll say with previous and that’s saying up here with the previous animation and I’ll zoom through here and we’ll do the same exact thing with the other ones I’ll say previous and we can preview our animation and that’s exactly what you want it to do so now let’s start let’s go to slideshow say from the beginning and now we’ll I’ll click the down arrow on my keyboard I have my title for my slide and then as I click down my objects are going to appear in my slide you may have noticed when I first brought this up that you have the stuff that pops up on the bottom left here there’s some different options you can use with this you can actually do ctrl H to get rid of it if you want if you if you actually click on this you could actually use a pen if you wanted a highlighter laser pointer so let’s say that you’re doing your presentation you want to point out something or circle something you could use a laser pointer I like using the pen the pen option is pretty cool you can change the color when I’m talking about a PowerPoint he’s a lot of hand gesture so I feel like even when I’m doing a PowerPoint presentation I just have to like do something so sometimes all circle things or or point to things with arrows just a pretty cool option if you want to do that sort of thing then you click on here you can say erase all ink on slide or you can at you could actually erase that if you want to so I’m gonna hit scape again go back to creating our PowerPoint I’ll just do new slide again and it’s going to be again looks like the theme is my title and content just like I want it to be this slide is going to be about attracting fish this course is kind of a two-for-one deal you get to learn powerpoints and how to fish and we’ll say we’ll talk about how to Chum for fish so I’m going to use this example to show you how to group different objects together and to use some of your shape options so shapes are amazing if you wanted arrows to point to something I use arrows a lot actually in my presentations if you wanted to just customly actually draw something you could draw a curvy line if you wanted you know what actually for this will actually make some water just to show you an example how you can use the custom you know this is actually called the curve line shape option but there’s actually a freestyle one that’s more of a scribble let’s see freeform and then I’m sorry then there’s a scribble one I think the curved ones probably one of my favorite ones you can actually make custom shapes if you want to by connecting those lines then you can fill it with different colors and do all types of stuff with these shape and curve option so we’re going to talk about chumming here so I’m gonna make my own custom little Chum here so I’m gonna pick a circle option and I’m gonna make my Chum I picked your Chum bee and more like an orangish color so I’ll say shape fill fill with orange and then I don’t want there to be an outline so I’ll say no outline so now there’s one little piece of Chum I’m gonna click on it and I could either right-click on it and say copy and then right click again and then hit paste and I can repeat that over and over since for my Chum slide I want kind of like a big group of these Chum pieces well the easier way would be to use some of your keyboard shortcuts some computers may be different most of the time it’s pretty standard the keyboard shortcuts you can use I’m gonna say ctrl C which is going to that’s a shortcut to copy something and then if I say ctrl V that’s going to paste things so I can say ctrl C and then control V control V control V control V and just a really easy way to copy and paste stuff so once you really get used to using control-c and control-v it’s gonna really speed up adding certain objects like this in your PowerPoint slides and then you can actually do a control X if you want to cut something probably the best shortcut is control Z which actually reverts the changes that you just made so you can actually do that up here if you look at these arrows you can say undo move or redo my cut so I can go that way or I can go back to how I so maybe on accident you bump your keyboard or your kid comes up playing your keyboard and actually delete something you can just simply just do ctrl Z and bring it right back okay so now I have all these little individual pieces of Chum well sometimes it can be opinion let’s say I want to move all these pieces well I could left-click on my slide and then drag over top of all those objects to highlight all of them together and then move them if I wanted to or highlight them one time then I can actually go to arrange and then group and that actually grouped all of those individual objects into one object so now I can just grab anywhere within that object and I can move it around and actually I can do control C control V and now I’ve just doubled my Chum size so let’s make this really big here so now I have all this Chum and just because I can I’m gonna highlight them arrange them and make them one big group now I have this big group of Chum I can use I’m gonna put that right in the center of the water here and what we’re gonna actually do is we’re going to make it so the Chum will appear as an animation and it will actually kind of float into the slide now we’re going to have a fish enter the slide and eat the Chum so let’s go to insert online pictures see if we can find a cool fish to use for our example I want one that has its mouth open this would actually be a cool one I think alright she’s gonna be a little bit bigger see that one’s kind of pixelated I’m actually gonna use that one if you have an image that’s really small you can really lose its quality as you stretch it so let’s find a good one here I think this one will work all right so let’s first actually do our animation for our Chum so we’ll click on it left click hit the animations tab and let’s see what animation we can use for this let’s have a float in and you see this effect options here I can choose different animations give you different options for the float and I can float from the bottom up or from the top down since Sean would usually be dropping into the water I’ll say float down so this should actually float in to the slide kind of like that let’s actually preview it perfect so now trying to get this fish to be behind it okay but now he’s I’m gonna send this to the back sometimes it’s kind of a game of moving things back and forth to get them how you want them okay so now my chums gonna appear and I’ll have my fish float in and then eat the Chama so well when you have animations like that you want to have your animation on the slide where you want it to end up after the animation takes place so I’ll left-click on him go to animations and then I’m gonna have him fly in and I have more options here you see and I want him to come from the right so since he’s facing left all of them float in from the right and that’s gonna be after the Chum enters a slide so Chum is the one animation then we have the fish as the two let’s do a preview after previewing it to me the fish came in kind of too quick you can actually go up here and select your objects and you can adjust the delay in duration of your animation so if I make this duration a little longer then he should appear to enter the slide slower so let’s try it again that’s a little bit better let’s make it like one second see how it looks that’s a little better so now let’s go to preview this slide I’ll hit my down the Chum enter is the water and my fish comes in and eats it so that’s just some cool things you can do with your different animations I’m going to sometimes what I like to do if I’m happy with the slide I just created and I want to kind of play around with some other settings without breaking the slide that I think I’m probably gonna keep I like to right click and duplicate my slide and now I can play around with this one and if I mess it up past the point of no return then I still have this original slide to fall back to so just to show you how you can do custom animations I’m going to put the fish here go to animations and then go all the way down a custom paths so custom paths are gonna click where you want your path to start and I’m gonna make this fish jump out of the water and then you left-click one time where you want your path to change so I clicked once here I’m gonna click up here once and then I’m gonna have it come back into the water and then back up and then laying on our Chum and when you’re done with your path you’re gonna double left-click and that’s going to show you your actual custom path so now you can see that that object followed that custom path that I created with my animation so that one’s kind of quick so I’ll make that like three and let’s actually watch it from the beginning of the slide so there you go so that’s a custom path animation so now you have an idea I could spend days going through all the different animations but you really just got to play with them me for the type of presentations I usually do I kind of have like maybe four or five that I typically always use I use a lot of custom path I’m using fade my fly in and outs and my flow in and outs so since I like this original slab you made I’m gonna just click on this one hit the Delete key and delete it at this point just to make sure that I don’t lose my work I’m gonna do ctrl s to save it or you could go up here and hit save or even say file and then save if you’re editing an existing presentation then you want to do a save as so you make like a new version of your PowerPoint I’m just going to do ctrl ctrl ass I’m gonna save this as my learn how to fish PowerPoint and it defaults to the right type of file you’re pptx file let’s save and now I know that if something happens my computer loses battery power or whatever I have my PowerPoint saved to the folder that I want to so I can reopen and at a later time alright so on to our next slide I’m going to right click on our last slide and say new slide this one is going to be about what time of year is fishing the best and then if you look here one thing I didn’t show you is that you can insert objects directly from these icons you can sort a table a chart smart graphic or even your pictures let’s do a chart we’re gonna make a chart for what time of the year is the best for fishing let’s see you can do a pie chart a bar chart I’m liking the column chart so I’m just gonna say ok and then it pops up with a Excel spreadsheet of what information you want to fill into your chart so I’m gonna make these months so I’ll say in March whoops man cannot spell April May and then June and then we’ll categorize it for type of fish so I’ll say bass walleye and pike then I’ll make the title fishing statistics so there you go just like that I was able to integrate a chart with some actual data into our slide I can right click on here and say edit data maybe I want to say in March there were actually six bass caught two walleye and three pike and you can see how automatically adjusted my chart information for our next slide we’re going to use a comparison slide so let’s go up here a new slide and you see this comparison slide which of course could be used to compare two topics select that and this one is going to be smallmouth bass verse largemouth bass smallmouth so since we’ve picked a comparison themed slide you see that there’s already these text boxes ready to use to add our comparison data so of course smallmouth bass is have small mouths brownish color and really what you could do here since we’re going to have some similar bullets in our largemouth bass text box we can just left click and highlight this text say ctrl C go over here and click in our textbox under largemouth bass and then hit control V to paste it in and then we can just edit what we need to so these have large mouths they’re more of a greenish color so for this slide it already had these predefined text boxes of course if we wanted to add an additional text box to a slide we could go to insert click on the text box icon and then wherever we click a new text box will be inserted and you can take that text box and put it wherever you want in your slide okay for our next slide I’m actually gonna change this to be a different layout if you create a new slide and it happens to not be the layout that you’re looking for you can right-click on it and just go to change the slide theme so this one’s just gonna be let’s make it just a title and content slide this is going to be a fishing tutorial so for this example I want to show you two things first how to insert videos into your slides in even cooler than that screen recordings which can obviously be a very powerful tool for presenting let’s start with inserting a video we go to the insert tab over to the video option and we’re going to choose an online video we can search right from YouTube so we’ll say fishing to toriel this one looks cool so once the video is inserted then you can go up here to preview your media and you hit play and then it’ll finally bring the video up hit play on the video and there you go you have a video playing inside your powerpoints will leave the video here and we’re going to duplicate the slide here I’m gonna click on the video and delete it so now we can add our screen recording tutorial I couldn’t really think of an awesome example for using a screen recording for a fishing tutorial so we’re just gonna use Microsoft Paint here let me go back okay so first we’ll go to insert and then we have this screen recording option so we’re going to screen recording and now we have to select a area to record on our screen which it happened to minimize PowerPoint and it brought up the last application I had running which was Microsoft Paint so I’m fine with the selected area so I can just hit record here and then it shows us hit window shift key to stop it so I’m recording I can still navigate in my application so I can show you how to catch a fish here so now that’s my fishing tutorial I know it’s kind of lame but but hey we’re just worried about the screen recording here ok so now that I’ve recorded my awesome fishing tutorial that’s gonna teach millions of people how to fish I can hit Windows key Shift + Q and it’s gonna stop the recording and then when I go back to my powerpoint I now have my recording so hit play let me mute it so we don’t do to myself anymore and you can see everything that was on my computer during the screen recording in addition to inserting videos into our powerpoints we can also insert audio files audio files can be recordings that you record right from PowerPoint and then later insert it into your PowerPoint or you can actually upload audio directly from your PC maybe you want to use a sound effect on certain slides or this is useful for if you want to have background music playing during your entire PowerPoint presentation just to show you what I mean if we say audio on my PC I have a creative common audio file here I’m actually going to go to my first slide and insert the audio there and once the audio is there you can move it around I like to have it in the bottom right hand corner just so it’s out of sight and then it takes you to this audio tools tab and you have all these different options with your audio by default it’s going to be on click meaning that you would actually have to click the audio icon while you’re doing your presentation or you can say automatically and as you go through your slides the audio will play along with your presentation if you wanted to play music in the background for your entire presentation then you could select play in background if you hover over that you can see that it says set the audio clip to continuously play across your slides in the background so we’ll select that option and I’ll show you what I mean here so you can hear the audio music playing in the background there and of course you would just adjust your computer audio for how loud you wanted to play the music running in the background you don’t want to have it too loud or else that’s drowning out what you’re actually talking about as you go through your presentation a couple important customizations that you can do with your audio you definitely don’t want to have your audio playing and the song runs out and then boom you have no audio it’s kind of embarrassing so this is kind of a important option here if you’re playing a continuous song in the background throughout your slide you’d want to use this for rewinding after playing what that does is it will actually start the audio over from the beginning and replay it so then it’s going to be on a continuous loop throughout your presentation so you want to do that you can also trim the audio let’s say that you have an audio file and you only want to use the first half of it then you can trim it and then just the first half of your audio will continuously loop and then hit OK and and that’s the audio time that it will use in the PowerPoint you can also have the audio fade in or fade out it’s a smoother transition to have it fade in I like to have the fader like point 50 or something and then you can have it fade out as well okay so at this point we’re really close to finishing our PowerPoint there are a couple more things I want to go over one key thing can be the find and replace feature let’s say that you realized after you created a hundred slides that you misspelled one single word you can actually go to fine and replace and let’s say that I realized I wanted to replace fish with pH is H fish replace all and just like that it went through my whole document and anywhere where I found the word fish then they replaced it with the wrong spelling of fish if you want to revert any changes that you’ve made you can either go to the top left corner and hit the undo button or you can use a keyboard shortcut by hitting ctrl Z and that will revert the last change that you made on your PowerPoint all right now that we’ve completed our slides we’re ready to add some finishing touches before we finalize our presentation if you go to the transitions tab up top you have these different transition options to choose from so every time you switch slides you can have it transition with a fade or just pop right up use random bars typically you would have the same transition between all of your slides but just to show you an example of some of the different transitions I’ll apply different transitions to each of these slides here and all right so we’ll left-click on our first slide go to our slideshow tab and to preview our slideshow we’ll just say from the beginning and you see how the first slide swiped in from the bottom then we have rolling bars for our second slide I’ll just kind of zoom through these so you can see what the different transitions look like that’s actually probably one of my favorite ones right there and that one I think was nothing so that’s why we didn’t see a transition there if we wanted to clear the transitions on all of our slides you can left-click on any of the slides and the left column here and we can use one of our keyboard shortcuts by hitting ctrl a and that’s going to select all of my slides so if I want to make it change to two all of my slides like a transition then I could do control a which will select all of the slides and then I’ll say none just to clear out all my transitions or I could just pick the transition that I want to apply to all of them so let’s supply if you hit the drop arrow here you can actually see that there’s a lot more transitions than just the ones in the main row up top let’s try the vortex and see what that looks like see so you can really get creative with your transitions my suggestion would be to go through all of them to figure out which ones are your favorite I’m just going to use the fall over one for now I’ll do ctrl ctrl a to pick all my slides and then I’ll apply this transition to all of my slides go to a slideshow and play it from the beginning just to make sure that I applied the transition correctly there you go all right so at this point we can do control us to save our project or hit the Save button up top and your slideshow is ready to present if you want to present in front of an audience you would either be sharing your screen through a teleconference application or maybe you would have your computer hooked up to a projector in a conference room and right now if I was ready to start presenting I would click slideshow and say from the beginning and I would be ready to start presenting and you would just click your down arrow as you want it to go through each slide I would just click through my PowerPoint wherever it made sense for me to begin my next topic so if I wanted to talk about lures I would just click through that animation and continue on and then just keep hitting your down arrow to go through the next slides and any animations that are triggered on clicks don’t forget to click your down arrow so that your animation takes place so that’s how you would just do a manual PowerPoint presentation well we can actually record our PowerPoint presentation and you can actually save your PowerPoint as a video so maybe you wanted to create an explainer video or something and you weren’t going to be presenting it live and you wanted to just save it to just to distribute it out for everybody to see we could actually say start recording from beginning so now that we’re recording as we go through this I’ll just kind of talk through these slides so that we have some audio in the recording but you could in the comfort of your own home without any pressure just go through your whole PowerPoint and talk through each of the slides and then when you’re done close your recording and then you’ll see this media option pop up in the bottom right and if I were to actually just play it you can hear the audio that it picked up on during this slide and if you look at these three slides I actually went through for the example it has the audio that it picked up for when I was on each of those slides so now if we preview this this time I’m not going to click through it I’m just gonna go from beginning and just let it play because since I have a recording it’ll actually play from the recording so just by recording your slideshow you can have it all ready to go and then when you’re done if you wanted to save it as a video you could go to file export and then create video so I’ll say create video I have a test one from earlier there and I’ll say I’ll just call this the final edit hit save continue without some of the media that I can’t include in it and if you look down below here it’s creating the video to mp4 file right now so give it about a minute or so depending on how big your PowerPoint is it can take kind of a while once that’s done then we’ll check out our mp4 video of our PowerPoint presentation all right our video is finally done being created let me pull it up here and there you go so you have a video of your PowerPoint presentation well that’s it my best piece of advice for doing your powerpoints is if you’re going to you know do a live presentation in front of an audience definitely go through your PowerPoint slide a few times first because you always end up finding one animation that’s in the wrong order or something that you want to catch before you’re in front of an audience as I did it myself money times and it’s the worst thing in the world when you’re finding errors in your power while you’re presenting it so I hope you had fun and learned a lot about PowerPoint presentations if you have any questions feel free to message me and I’ll help you all the best that I can take care

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