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[Music] this is Pandora blondies [Music] okay are you ready guys this is the surprise this is not a car to creature this is the vision a BTR but this is kind of proposed to avatar the movie yes this car was a cooperation between us and the people from up avatar John Landau Cameron and the whole design team so there was incredible corporation here okay you’ve got to see the back you guys this is crazy this is where it gets really really exciting right you know the blue blue people right the Navi people in Avatar instead of becoming one of the blue people you would become this car this car would be your avatar okay it’s like a creature in the movie itself it becomes an animal watch what the bat does what guys what have you ever seen anything like that before in your life look at all of these individual kind of I suppose hairs they could be described as hairs or scales it becomes a creature right it’s almost like when you pat a cat it kind of responds with its back arched in its and its hairs like stand on end that is what’s happening right now it’s become its own creature when you’re in driving mode these will all kind of face down like this and the lights will be blue but then as soon as you brake you see it kind of acts as an air brake it all kind of goes up against the airflow and it turns red and then when you’re going around corners it will kind of move with the vehicle so all of this look at its Lucas that’s crazy so if depending on your mood I’m going to talk about this in just a sec but you connect with the cars the car is speaking to you and you’re speaking to the car and the car knows exactly what mood you’re in what you’re feeling so all of this will be reflected in the back here if you’re feeling like really cool calm and collected it will just kind of like stay there just be really cool slow movements and then if you’re really nervous and like got a lot of energy and you just want to go on to the track it’ll just kind of like bump around and do lots of different things in the back so I just this I’m completely taken with that is crazy this down here you see these lights what happens is the faster you go the faster the lights start moving along this panel here at the back you know in the movie Avatar the machines are the enemy you know they come in they destroy the world what they want to do is picture a machine that actually works in with nature all these materials are vegan this entire interior is made out of non animal products this is actually from a root found in the forest and you may think we’re still taking stuff other forest how can that be sustainable what happens with this root is when it becomes too overgrown it starts overpowering the other plants in the forest and it starts killing the other plants in the forest so what they would do is coming in just before it gets to that point and carefully extract the root from the forest and actually make it into these materials for the car instead of it taking over the forest so that’s kind of a cool idea right this is almost like as you were saying like kind of looks like a jellyfish or something object talking to general and out from from Avatar he wanted to be more like an animal poor not another typical tire that leaves marks or so something more sensual right and so yeah we got inspired by this flying jellyfishes from the movie incorporated light in here in this different use cases even here see this is wake up there’s a charging mode tool if we do the charging mode see conscious yeah looks like the energy goes in right turn indicator that’s so cool yeah even though our you need to have a yellow [Laughter] [Music] so the whole thing about you becoming one with the car you may think it’s just a story whatever this is why they say though because when you put your hand here on the car it responds to your hand look at that and look it starts recognizing you’re a heartbeat it will actually pulsate with you and it will project onto your hand scan your veins and your heart and know exactly which person is sitting in in this I suppose you call it the driver’s seat but it’s not really there’s no like traditional functions here there’s no steering wheel there’s no kind of like display right in front of you telling you all of the sets etc so it pops out and then now you can actually control the car with this you just turn it right you turn the wheel with this you see that and then you can actually move this car wait this is the crazy bit guys this car moves sideways so all the wheels will face one direction and kind of it will kind of creep along like a crab and what you do to do to be able to turn the wheels and you should turn this part here you see that and the wheels return in all the same direction and off you go so it’s like it’s always in every single piece of this car in the way that moves the way that it feels the way that it looks it is a creature this is quite a cool design feature I’ve never seen this before either you see how the back seat here kind of arches all the way over the top of the passengers head and then it becomes your headrests in the front all right you guys that’s it what a way to start 2020 what do you reckon massive thanks to Mercedes massive thanks to Gordon of course always we love having you here on the channel all right guys please like the video subscribe to the supercar blondie family we’ve got so much more coming this year all right I’m not love you [Music] your avatar today is actually Bill Clinton [Laughter] [Music]

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Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing..

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