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[Music] in the middle of Paris it’s absolutely freezing cold that’s totally worth it but it’s part you’re never gonna look at a citroen the same way again I promise all right like I’ve actually Oh I can’t believe I’m about to drive these around Paris oh my god so first time I’m seeing it it looks even better in person than it does in the game this was actually made for Gran Turismo on PlayStation 3 back in 2008 and look how cool it still looks today this could have literally just been launched in 2020 and it would still be probably one of the coolest looking cars on the road causing a bit of a traffic jam but I don’t think people mind so everyone’s so excited to see the car Wow okay here come the license plates that’s so exciting it just looks so extreme I wonder how people in Paris are gonna respond to it in each city it’s very different like in some cities people just like get off the road who do you think you are you and your expensive car in other cities everyone’s like oh my god it’s so are they and they like being be even way about you and so I really wonder about Paris I haven’t really driven a car like this in Paris before I think the response so far is pretty good everyone’s got their phones out cars are slowing down as they drive by what welcome to the supercar bondage model guys this is what we do here on the channel we pumped out the coolest cars in the world and drive them around so that you guys can see these beauties otherwise they just get hidden away make sure to subscribe to the channel but so much cool stuff happening in 2020 trying to get my words out because it’s so freezing right now this is going to be worth it alright let’s go this is the moment we’re going to turn around just be prepared for this this sounds nothing like you’re expecting ok they start up a bar ever okay you guys this is a Citroen GT it was made actually in 2008 that’s 12 years ago but still looks like it could have just been out in 2020 it looks really really really freakin cool all right open I kind of got this like butterfly door I’m gonna get in all right so what stands out first is obviously the copper year in a copper detail inside you’ve got these kill switches here so that’s what actually turns off the engine and this up here is what you’ve got a press to put it in first gear right so it’s like a little safety feature we’ve got out racing seatbelts because this car was made to race became it was meant to intimidate the hell out of your competitive in the just the sound of the car just he’s also just makes you want to kind of a little bit like really I was very close then I feel like I haven’t even driven the car yet but I’m sure it’s gonna be the craziest coolest driving experience I’ve had to date and that’s a lot that’s that that’s pretty crazy to say because I’ve been driving some awesome cars I’ve been very fortunate but already I feel quite like intimidated by this I do because it’s so effective Wow and it looks so crazy everyone’s gonna be watching and that’s the issue when you drive something like this around town people get their phones out everywhere and they don’t concentrate on the road and where they’re driving so literally you’ve got to be so careful because people are just like filming filming whoops they drive into you so I’m a little bit nervous about this let’s see if I go I’m more nervous at the fact that I’m not like how I’m gonna reach the okay it should be fine it’s a little bit of a stretch I will make it work so Patrick’s gonna come with me this is basically his baby this car he’s been with the car for 12 years all right so we now pretend to be really confident right now all right Patrick are you nervous no no it’s fine I’m not either break and these ones up okay okay then fine both of them this is the most anticipation of hurt before starting a car whoa there we go okay ready they want are you ready all right it’s a little bit different to drive that’s because it has that six-speed sequential gearbox basically when you have a normal manual car right you ship like this and you can actually skip between gears you can go from first gear in the third third to fifth whatever suits in this gearbox you have to go through every single gear you can’t skip a gear it’s actually made for racing it’s a racing gearbox and when you get higher up into the gears you can actually switch gears without using the clutch so this is going to be a completely different experience to drive something like this you shift the gear down here and you shift up here so just these two little PlayStation buttons alright guys so we’re gonna turn that before they get in first gear right now I’m gonna press the safety month and the first feel here we are okay look first I’ll show you something yep all right so that’s it and off we go okay here we go there it is Michaela no no nigger [Music] we go gram [Music] [Music] I don’t have a word um well amazing cool crazy um nerve-racking those are just a few words oh my god you guys I just drove the Sitchin GT that is just while I calm down from that experience I’m gonna take you around the car show you a little bit more about it I want to start at the back actually because the back is really what makes this so special actually the whole thing looks pretty damn cool but we have to look at this this elongated back was specifically made to scare the pants off your competition in the game Gran Turismo this was to give this car real like more presence on the road and but all your competitors just to go oh my god I have no chance look at the rear diffuser just how massive that is here and then you’ve got like this miniature car coming out of the full car so you’ve got like it’s like birthing a little baby car out the back but it’s actually it looks really really cool like this could have just been the back here without any of this part you can imagine that just being cut off here right and being straight along the back but then you’ve got like this little wing that’s being birthed out the back oh man that looks so freakin cool and this actually moves this is a mobile wing so this bit goes up and down these side mirrors they look pretty cool now they’re floating like coming out of here and then doing that cool little thing oh my god I’m just like don’t have the words right now that was my best French yes I actually said do you like the car in the worst French possible Wow okay good morning what’s that it’s eternal oh my god very good that’s what I love about these that creates a community it creates excitement I’m gonna buy a Citroen straight away in the game it’s actually an electric supercar in real life it’s not electric it’s got a v8 engine and it sounds incredible as you heard all right what I really like about this side is what they’ve done with the patterning here in front of the passenger seat I really really like this it’s kind of like um I don’t know Star Trek II don’t you think in the copper copper and nickel that’s what’s inside as well as this leather black lever and this turns out doesn’t it against the black the feedback from this reveal back in 2008 was so amazing that they were actually thinking of making a limited run production car but it didn’t come to fruition which is super super sad because even today in 2020 this car looks futuristic if they unveiled this this year at the Geneva Motor Show everyone be like oh my god car of the future don’t you think I still think that looks pretty damn futuristic and this is 12 years ago you guys if they had have made this car into a production car it would have solved just over two million dollars that’s what they were thinking also these lights look out it’s reflective here in the light but actually when the lights go on behind this part it kind of or should I say this kinda looks like the bugatti lights of the Chiron but this was done in 2008 I’m impressed by that and then you’ve got the cool exhaust pipe here here and here alright um this is the ignition so this is how you turn the car on ignition here and then the safety switch up here you press that and then you put it into first gear up with this little button yeah these three are for the lights at the front of the car okay and then you’ve got the aircon the fan for the interior and then the windscreen wipers this one is the engine mode this one’s a fire extinguisher that one’s the fan for the engine this one is though is race mode so that is a speed limiter so that when you come into the pit lane it limits your speed and then the radio to talk to your teammates while you’re on the track and then this one here actually shows you the display on the wheel and then look as you drive you’ve got a heads-up display here on this little screen and you control that with this button here that turns on the heads-up display and then this one actually controls the interior light so if I switch that on all of these interior lights go on up here and these kind of flash and flicker as you drive which is really really cool so they don’t just stay on like that they’d flick up books I’ll just turn this off see off because this is a concept car and it was made for a game it never really made it to the streets although here it is right now in the middle of Paris on the streets and we’ve been driving it around which is crazy would you like to see them make this if you would pop it in the comment section let’s make it open all right guys I think that’s it we’re gonna leave it here I’m freezing I don’t do it cold very well but that was totally worth it a massive massive thing you’d a Sutra for bringing out the GT for us today I’m the supercar omni-channel you guys are awesome thank you so much and thank you for watching and that’s it all right catch your somewhere else in the world win another cool car fight love you [Music]

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