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Well this picture pretty much sums up what I’ve been showing you over the last few videos on this channel may I add to start with that this is supposed to be a positive thing in the New Age movement this is supposed to be a scene of miraculous self ascension but actually when we peel back the layers we can start to see the deception that is in it and what this is showing in relation to the devil’s agendas in this world I mean what you’ve got here in this picture is once again the ray of light coming from the projector and all of these masses of people being sucked up by it now even if you look in the background you can even see that this ray of light is coming from a cube that all of these masses of people are being mesmerized by and starting to walk up through it and then you’ve got the devil’s kingdom masquerading as light for this great deception and these so-called ascended masters Sunanda lesense yawn at the top so this is clearly depicting a self ascension in false enlightenment false illumination scene and what they call with these fallen angels here they call them ashtar command so again it ties into that whole alien deception and these alien saviors coming to in a supposed rescue of mankind but we’re told in the Bible that when they shall say peace that it is a false peace and is actually cracking open the gate for a great deception and some destruction shall come upon them the Ishtar Gate and of course it ties into that whole CERN agenda the false light and cracking open the matrix which of course the internet for example originated at CERN so you can see that this when you tie it all together that you can see that this is all part of a great deception another worldly deception but beyond the veil essentially this is showing that the crowds the masses of people from this world are being mesmerised by a false reality by a projection which of course involves the news the the media the mainstream media the celebrity culture and the movies and everything that this that you can see in our society that people are being drawn more and more into the worship of this illusory reality this false reality which is a projection that is coming upon the earth like a net so you can see that all of these people in this picture are being drawn into a line they’re believing a lie enough to walk away from what’s real and start to flock and swarm towards what is ultimately blinding them and that is what this culture is doing it demands your worship this culture think of think of all of it the newspapers that the movies the music and how it is all putting celebrities up on a pedestal and what they dictate to people through this projection is what people are going to believe because that’s what they’re invested in that’s what they worship and I mean is there really a difference the television being set up like an altar in people’s living room I mean people talk about how is wrong in the Catholic Church for example to bow down before an altar before a shrine and worship statues and inanimate objects as if they are God but can you really tell me the difference between this and this the television in everyone’s living room like a cube between two pillars and it gives them a vision into this projected reality which is dictated to them it’s the heart and it’s the source of this new Antichrist propaganda for this new world order and false new Luciferian new age and how it is a form of brainwashing and mind-control and that demands people’s time energy and worship and is essentially over time brainwashing you more and more into the agenda of the Antichrist as part of this this technological matrix that is manifesting across the whole world so tell me what the difference is between literally and physically bowing on our knees before some shrine or altar in a false religion as opposed to bowing in our hearts to everything this box in the living room tells us and believing in all that it says as if it’s some form of God and worshiping the men and women that are selected by it and promoted on it as if they are some kind of demigods or stars as they say as if they demand our time and utmost admiration and worship and as if we we should be more like them to be more acceptable in our society on the wall who’s the fairest of them all so once again this is showing the masses of people the wide path of this world being sucked into this projection remember the logo of the first television with the eye of the world and the left eye of the Antichrist as per the book of Zechariah and showing Saturn and this whole projection manifesting through television into people’s lives and living living rooms that the world has been indoctrinated and quite literally sitting round Saturn’s eye in believing this projection illusory propaganda in their living rooms as my channel logo shows and this is the whole point in those who are legitimate in the truth movement who are legitimately watching who are who are trying to work and act as Watchmen to warn everyone we are standing somewhere in the midst of this using this technology reaching out to the world and saying look look where this is coming from look at look at where this projection is coming from look at what you’re following look at where this virtual reality is leading look read the Bible about the mark of the beast and get some sound information on the warnings of where this is where the origin of this is and once again it’s the same deception is the rise of the East Star this masquerade as light this copy of the truth this counterfeit deception that is the rising of the East star the Ishtar that Ishtar Gate the birth of the false messiah upon the earth I mean Isis Horus set Isis set Horus I Sh ich Ishtar there’s a great deception rising in the East the uniting of all religions the false Jesus of Catholicism the false Jesus of Islam the Isis lamb they revere this Isis figure as God and is the J sis is the IHS which they claim is Jesus but it’s the false one it’s the great masquerade it’s in place of Antichrist instead of the cracking open of the matrix the worthless Shepherd the false Jesus team Antichrist the pagan Trinity Isis who they Revere as God this male/female androgynous so believing in this lie in this illusion that is coming on this earth and the cracking open also of this Babylonian deception new age deception in which people believe that they can become like gods and some of the other meanings of the word that is used for fables and myths is an idle tale a fanciful story a false account yet posing to be the truth a fabrication which subverts and replaces what is actually true God will bring judgment upon this wicked world and that is why so many of these people here are herding towards the idle shepherd the pop idol shepherd and believing this lie but the idle shepherd cares not for the sheep who did not lay his life down for the Sheep that’s the Good Shepherd who is Jesus Christ who came here and actually did save us and laid down his life for real this is where they want you to be they want you to be disconnected they want you to believe this line we can see the propaganda is building up this mind control the world is a beautiful place created by our Father in heaven if you look at the world around you it is a miraculous and you yourself miraculously wonderfully made and this counterfeit that is coming upon the earth is a blasphemy if the father is a rebuilding of the temple into some electronic robotic web of lies and it’s a complete blasphemy it’s like a counterfeit recreation or a parasite of a rehash a counterfeit rehash you and those that believed it was just like this promotion from this Luciferian Church that came out relatively recently where it shows all of these people are believing the lie of self ascension the ego trick being almost raptured into this machine and it’s the same depiction as what we’ve just been looking at back to source that’s the loose that’s what the Luciferian belief promotes back to source but is there a double meaning to that can you spell source si you see e back to source this leads to hell nothing but hell there is no self ascending way out of here you cannot build a Tower of Babel and climb to the top and not expect to be thrown down as you’ve been told from the Bible humble ourselves we have to humble ourselves and ask for the Redeemer to save us from our rotten transgression iniquity the evil that we have all done in this life we have all done it without doubt no exceptions no matter what you think what you feel what I feel what I want to kid myself about I have done horrific things in this life I have lied and I’ve cheated I have stolen I have done everything that the Bible tells me is against the perfect law of love and at the thought of the father and the only way for me to for that burden to be lifted off of me and off of you is that you cast it on to the Lord Jesus Christ who asks you who invites you to do that because he was whipped and beaten for every one of our sins not because he was forced to but because he chose to because he wanted to he wanted to he wanted to go through the utmost pain and torment so that you and I might be set free might be set free from death and that we might have a way back to the Father he paid in his own blood the father sent his own son he took it upon himself and yet people would rather talk about this this pretty little fairy tale that leads to nothing and did nothing for you and wants nothing more than your demise okay father I don’t know what this is.

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