You but he’s saying let me tell you if you have been born again if you’re truly a child of God if you read the word and believe the word there is no reason in the world why Jesus should come as a thief in the night look again at verse four it says but you brethren are not in darkness that the day should overtake you like a thief for you are sons of light and sons of day we are not of night nor of darkness so then let us not sleep as others do what do you think he means when he says we are sons of light and not of darkness I think what he’s referring to is the fact that if you are truly a born-again child of God you have the Holy Spirit residing inside of you the Holy Spirit is the one who wrote the Bible and if you will lean on the Holy Spirit the Spirit will illuminate your mind and illuminate your heart and open your eyes to understand the mysteries of God’s Word including the season of The Lord’s return and so it is that the Bible says point-blank Jesus is not coming as a thief in the night for those who know him and those who love him so when we look at this time you and I are living right at the end of this box right here anytime between this moment here we are living at the end of the last 2000 years we’re living at the end of what now is known as premillennial premillennial theology that is what’s known as futurism or futurists if you read the Bible and you understand that we’re looking at still the book of Revelation future events and this portion that is called the rapture we sang the song a moment ago we’re actually waiting for this to happen this is what motivates us our love for Jesus to be ready to meet them it’s very it’s very sweet it’s very wonderful just like any anyone who’s in love with with another one another they can’t wait to see each other they get ready to see each other they you know they just they do it all for one another yeah why because they love one another and that and this whole thing is a love event if you think about it so the Bible tells us in the book of Revelation chapters 6 to 19 that we are in heaven with Christ then listen in the Tribulation Period the Bible tells us that Christ and this is part of what we’re looking at tonight Christ will visit the earth and some manifestation and judgments there is the seal judgments there’s the trumpet judgments and there’s the bowl judgments but the Bible says during the seven-year am I going too fast you look terrified during the seven-year period of time the Bible says that the Lord Messiah will fight for Israel in those days like he did in the days of Babel Wow the move by President Trump to recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory is bothering a lot of people why is that we’re going to get to the prophetic implications in a minute but before we go there let’s set the stage Ezekiel 38 and 39 tell us about an amazing Last Days war that will rock the world as we know it I’ve talked about it on this program before so I won’t go into the details here basically the war will be an invasion of Israel from the north it will be the largest coordinated attack ever launched against Israel and this war will be the trigger of a series of tribulation events that will eventually lead to Armageddon but how does it all end it all ends with a physical return of Jesus Christ to the planet Earth man that is great news that’s a great ending but the invasion will be led by Russia and Iran the prophecy identifies many other nations that would be part of the invading coalition several of those ancient states are contained within the borders of modern Turkey Syria says to Israel’s immediate north right now there are four main nations on the ground in Syria Russia Iran Turkey and the United States but on December 19th of last year President Trump announced that he would be withdrawing US troops from Syria later he changed his mind but it’s obvious that he doesn’t intend to keep the troops there indefinitely his intent is clear bring them home and when he does that will leave Russia Iran and Turkey the principles of the Ezekiel 38 in they quite the time we know the Lord is coming soon while in world news if you’ve been following you know about the the Rockets say there were over 30 that were aimed at Israel one landed on a home injuring seven people including some young children with some shrapnel I reported on that yesterday Israel is retaliating against Hamas and look to see more in regard to that explosions throughout the night in Gaza as Israel launched airstrikes unable Stoller’s that Israeli intelligence had told them to evacuate the building we fled and later it was hit the first rockets which was a warning was fired then the second and third were fired to the north and east of the building five minutes later the whole building was hit and we didn’t know where to go Israel says it was targeting Hamas internal security and an intelligence base in Gaza this included a multi-story building housing offices used by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh Venezuela and Venezuela with Russia there the u.s.

There Russia has deployed its s-300 system and Russia has said they will intervene to defend Venezuela and Nicolas Maduro brothers and sisters things all over the world Pakistan and India Poland with with what I reported yesterday so many things going on we are in the final moments of the end of days so anyways brothers and sisters I found this very significant because again during Israel 70th year again we’ve seen a major convergence factor and not only did we see the Sanhedrin do what they did in Hanukkah with the again with the nascent Sanhedrin released a declaration to the seventy nations for Hanukkah to be read at a ceremony in Jerusalem and the ceremony included the consecration of a stone altar prepared for use in the third temple right and now they’re there doing this Passover sacrifice six days after Israeli elections so what guys the whole point is we’re seeing a push for the coming Third Temple okay there’s a reason to that the coins in Jerusalem have the Donald Trump King Cyrus and I’ve shared pictures of that you can just go look it up there’s the the temple coin with Donald Trump Cyrus and on the back of it you see the Third Temple and here we are days away from Israeli elections the revealing of Donald Trump’s deal of the century peace plan which is supposed to be revealed after that and we have them now wanting to do this Passover sacrifice they have everything they need for the Third Temple again the Third Temple can be built very quickly when I’m here guys the whole point I’m trying to say to you is everything we’re witnessing it’s just amazing to see it all unfold right now we’re watching we’re not being dogmatic in saying the rapture is happening this year next year this day this month but we’re seeing all the pieces of the puzzle come together and the fact that we saw we’ve been witnessing all this happen again during Israel 70th year is huge prophetic ly the state we’re seeing the precursors right now to the third temple to the Daniel covenant to Ezekiel 38 everything is playing out perfectly just like it said it wouldn’t it wouldn’t God totally word the Bible so I believe again as we get closer to Israeli elections next week and the revealing of Donald Trump’s deal of the century peace plan in conjunction with or shortly after and now this Passover sacrifice that they’re talking about doing thing we’re gonna see prophetic events I think speed up even more have we seen the hook in the jaw with the announcement of the Golan Heights have we seen the hook in the jaw with Israel bombing those Iranian posts in Aleppo we see around the world allies doing military exercises together the establishment of the base and of what was going on in Poland which I reported earlier this week can you not see can you not see at any moment this thing to break open well you know and I’ve always taught that when the Antichrist will come the difference between the peace that the Antichrist will introduce and any peace deal that Donald Trump may ever introduce is the temple that’s the missing component in the Trump peace plan that the Antichrist that’s why when Daniel said in English all of you guys are getting it wrong I’m sorry but in English it says he will confirm a covenant but in the Hebrew it doesn’t say confirm it says he will increase increase means he will make the regular spectacular he will make the ordinary extraordinary in other words if everybody’s talking right now by Palestinian state and some borders and days and that comes the Antichrist and says I’m gonna make it way more spectacular than that I’m gonna give you a chance to build your temple this is that explosive that no word leader to do is going to Tut but after Ezekiel’s war and after we’re out of here oh yes oh yes indeed oh this was a good article Israel says they will crush Hamas terms like they will open the gates of Hell on Hamas I’ve been saying for a while I don’t know how much longer Prime Minister Netanyahu and we know the elections are coming up I don’t know how much longer Israel is gonna take this I’m waiting for something major to happen Isaiah 17 to be fulfilled the complete and other ruin of Damascus it will be uninhabitable and Wow and I believe that then those countries are gonna come down and attack Israel and God is gonna defender himself without being dogmatic but I believe this goal on recognition all right is a game-changer I believe it’s a spark all right that’s pushing us closer to the Isaiah 17 prophecy and a regional war but it’s also setting the stage for I believe again the man of sin to come on to the world stage in the near future to make Greater this covenant with many for one week but the fact that we’re already seeing the precursors to the Isaiah 17 prophecy the ezekiel 38 prophecy in the Daniel covenant and we know that we’re out of here before that covenant is confirmed with many for one week guys that tells us where we stand prophetically that Jesus Christ is coming for his church we need to be ready day in and day out but I just wanted today to share with you guys I believe that things are gonna escalate and more from here we have been that pushed that much closer to war right and I believe like I said that this deal the elections that are coming up and then the deal of the century peace plan that’s gonna be revealed all right it’s gonna push things even crazier right and now is our time Church now is our time to make sure we’re about the father’s business more than ever before got a really good question from our brother recently and he’s like well do you isn’t it possible brother that that these things have just happened for many of these other signs have happened before maybe – not to this extent right you’ve had of course animal die-offs and earthquakes and volcanoes before clearly not to this extent but a mega sign is a sign that is really distinct and unique – right now and the Lord I believe very much has done that for us to show us the urgency of his soon of his soon return so amazing that there was a regather in the nation just as described in Scripture in the 1800s and 1900s many biblical scholars who were proclaiming that this would happen they said this is gonna happen the Jews they were laughed at they were scoffed right scoffed at and and hey this is not gonna happen there’s there’s no way you guys are not your reading and guess what it happened just as scripture foretold it’s been a week since cyclone and I made landfall with winds over a hundred miles an hour bridges and roads washed away a major dam burst as nearly a hundred thousand people wait to be saved from above entire neighborhoods wiped out now the help is only just starting to arrive as tractors try to remove trees and debris so the needs here are immense people need food fuel shelter and of course medicine as the hunt for survivors goes on there are real fears of water borne diseases such as cholera in the meantime the US has dispatched an elite emergency management team to assess what America can do so these are the mass animal deaths for 2019 and no due to time constraints we no longer report every event so the numbers are lower than they should be so there are more animal die-offs than this so they just have to March 28th it doesn’t look like they’ve gotten to April yet so we’ve got mass die-off of krill and Powell River British Columbia 1,100 dead dolphins in France thousands of livestock killed in flooding in Nebraska 123 tons of fish die in the Ural River 28 thousand chickens so when you go to this website and I’ll link it in the description box you can see just how many animals are just dying off in these last days so we’re down to February here and you just look all the different locations and all the different amounts and all the different kinds of animals so you can see that there’s definitely a mass animal deaths Hosea is certainly coming to pass right before our eyes I have some news that you may be aware of and may not be aware of it was in the Washington I believe the Washington Post yesterday president Trump signed an executive order in regard to preparation for an EMP a cyber attack those who have been following this channel for a few months you know I have been saying Intel sources have said there is imminent threat of cyber attack against the UK and the u.s.

I have been called everything but nice for sounding that warning it would explain a lot if that happened regarding where will the u.s. be the strong ally of Israel when those nations come against Israel will it happen will we see it I believe that it is a real threat when you look at nations like China and Russia and North Korea it could come from terror attacks a complete grid out if you want to see some of the things that would happen a reflection of that is very clear in Venezuela in any event the president of the United States has emphasized the real threat of a complete grid out of an EMP of a cyber attack by signing that executive order yesterday we nerd the 20th century still relying on horse as our basic mode of transportation today we have autos and bullet trains and planes and rocket ships the Bible says that in the end times when the Antichrist sets up the world Kingdom he is going to keep tabs on everybody everyone will have the mark of the beast in order to buy and sell how can that be how can it be accomplished apart from lasers and computers the Bible says that the false prophet will make an image of the Antichrist and people will worship the image because it will appear to be alive how can it be apart from robotics or holograms modern technology and the inventions it has produced or a sign of the soon return of Jesus then there are the fads the whims of doctrines things like the disciple amove Monteux spirity doctrine and the power of positive thinking there is no area of Christianity that is immune to heresy and apostasy that is sweeping through the church today and it’s all a sign of the soon return of Jesus I told you the negative signs are very negative but who thank God for the positive ones this positive spiritual signs are absolutely magnificent one of them it’s found in Matthew 24 where Jesus says the gospel will be preached the whole world and then the end will come folks that began in the 20th century in the past 100 years through the use of modern technology we have preached the gospel to the whole world through the use of satellite television through the use of computers translating the Bible into many different languages through the use of radio and shortwave radio through the use of motion pictures and television and on and on it goes another positive spiritual side is the understanding of Bible prophecy I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this but a lot of times when God would give prophecies to Old Testament prophets particularly prophecies about the end times they would react by saying Lord I don’t understand this prophecy the Lord would usually respond by saying cool it it’s not for you to understand it it will be understood when the time comes for it to be fulfilled folks we live in amazing days all the pieces of the prophetic puzzle are on the board and even the tiniest of the tiny pieces are being put into their final positions for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy Jesus is coming are you ready for that day well I want to read for you because I continue to get questions and often I shared yesterday several verses visions 289 for we are saved by grace through faith not of ourselves not of works lest anyone should boast we’re not stayed by works were not kept by works we are saved for works I’ve often talked about repentance being a change of mind being a turn about where we’re going from trusting in our own works and our own abilities into trusting in the all-sufficient work of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary one sister in the Lord said today that when you look up the original it also has a meaning of a change of purpose so you are the purposes you are now trusting God you are putting your faith in Him how awesome is that there are over 200 scriptures about faith alone still the vitriol the hatred that comes against those who are putting their trust where we believe and an eternally self-existing God and the persons of Father Son and Holy Spirit we believe that Jesus left glory laid down his glory was wrapped in flesh was born of a virgin lived a perfect life shed his precious blood on the cross of Calvary to pay the ransom price the debt for our sins we believed that he was buried and that that he died he was buried and he on the third day rose from the dead we believe Romans and 10 we believe Romans those who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved we are not saved by works we are not kept by works we are saved for works but not saved by nor kept by we’re not in and out of our salvation and we don’t use that to justify sin as some accuse us or or give a license to sin that’s not what we’re saying but second Corinthians he who knew no sin became sin that we might become the righteousness of God we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus I am a new creation the Bible says my spirit is alive I am born again therefore I I Tim Henderson and in perfect position to holy God because of what Jesus did it’s all about what he did he did it repent of sin this often quoted phrase did not that does not even occur in the Bible did you guys know that most people are quite shocked to find that it is does not appear in the scriptures nowhere does the scripture use the phrase repent of sin to be saved scripture does say in Acts chapter 20 verse 21 repentance towards God right which is clearly a change of mind and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ so guys again it comes down to understanding what the word repent actually means repentance is the translation of the Greek word Metanoia excuse me the literal word literal meaning of Metin ayah is a change of mind meta means change Noah means mine so therefore Metanoia I was pronouncing that wrong guys forgive me metanoia means a change of mind before learning about Metanoia I am sure that you already are already familiar with a Greek word with Rick word with the prefix meta that word is metamorphosis metamorphosis means form or structure this word metamorphosis is used to describe the change a caterpillar goes through to become a beautiful butterfly I’m sure that you have studied about this change of form repentance repentance therefore mattaniah is a change of mind like I just said the change of mind is going to change lead to a change life and I beseech you employ ploor you if you have not called on the name of the Lord in other words if you have not admitted that you are a sinner in need of a savior and believe on his sufficient all sufficient work on the cross at Calvary Ephesians and 9 for we are saved by grace through faith and not of ourselves not by works lest anyone should boast we are not saved by works not kept by words it’s all about what Jesus did and when you believe that when you believe he shed his precious blood to pay the debt the penalty the the ransom for your sins when you believe that he died was buried in on third day rose from the dead praise God Romans and 10 applies and you can look that up ….

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

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