Everybody I’m Christopher green you’re watching amtv alternative media television please take a moment like and share this video get it out to your friends and family and of course click the bell make sure you get our subscription in your subscription feed what if I were to tell you that strategic relocation will be a top priority in the very near future that American cities will perhaps be the most dangerous place in places for one to reside whether or not this is downtown Los Angeles its other parts of California it’s New York City it’s Chicago that these concentrated areas of human populations when things begin to malfunction will be the worst and most dangerous places to live have you thought about what would come next have you thought about the mass migration of human populations post the event where will all these people be headed and you see it’s very important that we give some critical thinking and thought to strategic relocation in a worst-case scenario when the system inevitably fails again our government officials warn that in any type of event whether or not this is EMP or it’s the declaration of a national emergency or it’s martial law or it’s even natural disasters like the big one finally hitting California with an earthquake that there will be chaos in the streets there will be a lack of emergency services people will run out of food and water in the freeways will be jammed and this is something interesting to think about psychologically why is it that Americans especially today how and why had they been programmed to think that it’s actually safe to live in areas that are overly populated now the reality is these heavy population zones will be the most dangerous places again to resolve in the event of any type of crisis man-made or natural and in fact the biggest risk and threat isn’t the actual events it’s the people all around you scrambling for the same resources you know I think it’s a little funny – I really surmise that all of these leftist policies all of this these leftist politics will just be thrown out the window in a crap hit the fan scenario you will see people revert back to their base means of survival food water and shelter you know there’s some strange things going on right now I was reading from Forbes and I think Scientific American we are experiencing and living through a major pole shift right now this is scientifically provable and the direction of due north is now pointing more towards Russia in fact it’s been accelerating at an increasing pace in recent years and in recent months and it begs the question maybe it’s not global warming causing the shift in our weather maybe it’s actually the planet itself shifting as a result of its history doing so and seeing these seismic changes take place over a period of thousands and thousands of years it’s why we see extreme heat in places like Arizona and we’re starting to see extreme cold and other places of the country and the globe the point being strange things are happening I did another report on this a couple of days ago talking about this almost like sonic boom and maybe that’s a possibility maybe they’re testing planes that are hitting sonic boom now in our atmosphere but these sounds these vibrational sounds coming from concentrated positions in states across the country really around the world and things I’ve heard with my own ears and seen with my own eyes looking to where the sound is coming from in recent days and months so I really want to open up the discussion for all of you tuning in today what is your game plan do you have a strategy have you thought about strategic relocation and in considering these types of things happening how will this be executed in a worst-case scenario so think about this let’s say you get a bug-out location outside of the city but to get there there’s only one main highway to get there well obviously in a situation like that everybody’s gonna clog that particular freeway and highway and then everyone’s gonna be on top of each other in that specific location you see the the best places to be are where there’s a barrier there’s a physical barrier to getting there it’s not the first stop it’s maybe there’s a mountain range and it’s in higher elevation where it prevents people from actually getting to that first stop I’ve seen this with my own eyes even up north in Arizona where one of our freeways had a big accident over a long holiday weekend and literally it was just slammed and came to a screeching stop for almost the entire day and all the traffic was diverted to one other additional highway it looked like the end of the world like it was an absolute apocalypse all I could see for miles and miles on end were cars stationary with their lights on as it began to get dark out so we have to think about this migrational inevitability all these people in our case here in Arizona flooding from California imagine god forbid the big one hit today we’re talking the worst devastation California has ever seen in multiple centuries we’re talking deaths panic hysteria loss of emergency services of homes etc how do you think that would change the perception and the minds of those inhabitants that still live there you think they just say well you know we’ll just gonna we’re gonna stay this looks like a good place to be even think about this strategically from a military standpoint what are the targets of enemy countries potentially targeting the United States of America they’re big industrial heavy populated cities it’s not the Midwest it’s not agrarian in societies which we really don’t even have anymore I mean post-world War two everyone thought it was a good idea just to get into these cities maleeh counterintuitive I don’t know about you guys I actually grew up in California and when I go back there and I hope I never have to go again it almost makes me claustrophobic okay it feels like Manhattan there’s so many people jam packed like sardines next to each other whether or not you’re trying to drive a single exit that takes over an hour or you’re just trying to get a reservation into a restaurant it’s literally claustrophobic being in these places all of these people are competing for the same darn resources which is why for example places like San Francisco you can’t even buy a dump for under a million dollars people can’t afford real estate so so why do people think it’s such a good idea to jam-pack themselves in the same place it makes no sense and the point of this video is to get you guys thinking I must say I have all the answers but to raise your awareness on how human psychology can change on a dime certain events can change people’s behavior where there’s an immediate pivot to something new and I actually think this is going to be an ongoing and really big trend going forward especially as these natural disasters and man-made type events begin to happen more and more as a result demographic shifts and just the sheer threat of global conflict people begin and start to think differently they start to think well hey maybe it’s not a good idea to live in California anymore maybe it’s not a good idea to be right in the heart of New York City or even Washington DC maybe it ain’t too smart you know where where is it that somehow we just throw we began throwing caution to the wind you know we stopped growing our own food we’re dependent on the trucking industry if it shuts down in two days you run out of food and water like where did we go wrong we’re future generations just decided all the sudden that they can’t take care of themselves they think they know nothing about surviving on their own independent of a centralized federal nanny state called our government like when did that happen if you talk to people just two generations ago if they’re still alive and they lived through the Great Depression they were pinching pennies till the end of their days they knew what it was like to go hungry they knew what it was like to not have money to buy anything they had to make everything with their bare hands and people lived on farms they grew their own food we see none of that today we see in eped populations with no skills relating to the real world and I’m not saying I’m not guilty of this either I am you know I didn’t really grow up in that way I was I didn’t grow up on a farm or anything like that nobody taught me how to do these things where did we go wrong in the point of this video as these things will happen in the very very near future and so how will this affect you you know I think about it being out here in Arizona what we’re gonna have millions of Californians come in this direction you know doesn’t really sound like a promising event so think about location have a back-up plan if possible move to these places now move to these communities where you can create some self-sufficiency for yourself and your family or at the very least begin thinking about it mapping it out I mean you could even be optimistic about it and okay let’s say these events transpire what’s that going to do to real estate in the surrounding States gonna boost it up because everybody’s gonna be clamoring for the same houses and I don’t want to be in the coastline where the tsunami just hit you know we see this with the forest fires we see with this with the biblical events transpiring all over the world yet all we hear from the left is climate change climate change yep maybe it’s just the planet have you ever thought about that maybe it’s just a pole shift okay maybe the this this might be tough for some people to grasp but maybe the universe has been here a longer amount of time than us humans maybe it’s far more powerful than you and I it’s not man-made okay you know maybe there’s some impact I’m sure that there probably is but I would surmise that a gravitational pull shift is far more impressive than anything some dumb humans could do here on planet earth so give it some thought what do you think the big event coming next might be is this not already being telegraphed to us right now I mean why is there a sinking feeling in all of us myself included that these things are about to transpire in the very very near future that we’ve been living in this illusion that everything’s okay oh yeah it’s fine build these cities up pack everyone next together like a bunch of sardines it’ll be fine yeah don’t worry about a thing don’t worry about food supply don’t worry about the grid going down don’t even worry about natural events California has had multiple mini earthquakes just in the last couple of days it’s not a question of if it’s a question of when the thing hits yet people live in these locations like nothing is going to ever happen they don’t even think about it now a lot of people will again they’ll watch this video and write off everything we just said as well until the big one hits and then watch how human psychology will change in an instant we saw this post the September 11th terror attack that tragic event number all the flags and people’s car all the sudden everyone’s unified all it takes is a crisis for people to change their behavior completely and diametrically opposed to how they were previously acting and then all the sudden the human psychology changes yeah we want to get out of these cities right away and there’s a panic to a new location a new idea a new way of living so I’ll close this video of asking are you prepared your own government warned over the last few months that you should have preparations by the way food water at least six months supply none of the problems that we’ve been discussing over the last few years have been solved in fact even today there was more news saying that there’s no deal with China so we’re still engaged in a trade war China’s pissed off Russia’s pulling out of nuclear agreements right now where’s this headed you know we saw this prior to world war two with an oil embargo and an embargo and a lot of other stuff you know what it resulted in Pearl Harbor yeah talk about a wake-up call and then a world war you know Trump speech was phenomenal but it was very nationalistic almost sounded like we were gonna have one of these events again right so give this video to everywhere like it share it make sure you click the bell to get our next video and please be prepped consider food water storage for you and your family and also think about strategic relocation by the way we’ve got just a few of our shut down boxes left this comes on the heels of what’s going on with the brexit right now and that countdown all of this is coming to the United States so make sure you take advantage of the opportunity today click the link below or visit us at shut down box calm and minimum you should have six months food and water preps for you and the people that you love thank you so much god bless this is a MTV and I’m Christopher green so get this video out make sure you’re taking preparations in fact we just launched at the MTV store store dot AM TV Mediacom click the link below the am TV shutdown box get everything that you need get 84 servings the essentials of food entrees plus breakfast items plus an emergency survival kit plus a water filter all for a great price limited time right now it’s the shut down box it’s shut down box calm click the link below right now guys you’re gonna want to have food preps we are already seeing supply disruptions in Europe as a result of the brexit and the UK leaving the European Union this is coming to the United States next most of you know that for example if the trucking industry shuts down for more than two days grocery stores are completely empty so you’re going to want to have food you’re gonna want to have water and if you’re one of the millions of Americans out there that doesn’t have food storage you’re gonna want to get this box again it’s shut down box com or click the link below get this box right away we’re gonna sell out I’m only offering this a limited time so make sure you’re taking the preparations on food and water get right with God and then also I want to hear your comments and questions in the box below what do you think is coming and it coming next to the United States and what do you think Donald Trump is inferring about militarizing our border and Americans not going quietly into the night I’m Christopher green get out everywhere make it viral hard-hitting and in your face click the link below to get your am TV shutdown box limited time while supplies last god bless

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