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Folks good to be here we’ll get back in our study today if you have your bat we’ll turn the second Thessalonians – I’m trying by the grace of God to show you how close we are to this major deception and the form that it will take father I pray now Lord for the gift of teaching and I pray you it anoint the teaching as it goes forth and bless the hearts of the folks to receive your word we approach the Bible father has Bible believers speak Lord for thy servant heareth as Samuel said in Jesus name Amen alright now if you’ll turn to second Thessalonians chapter 2 and if you’ll notice what the Apostle talking about here he says in verse number seven the mystery of iniquity doth already work only he who now letteth will let to be taken out of the way the mystery of iniquity is set in Contra distinction to the mystery of God the Incarnation is the mystery of God as far as we know it right now that is that God the Father incarnated himself through the son in a human flesh and human body and so there the Lord Jesus Christ is the manifestation the incarnation of God in flesh and the Trinity therefore was bound up in the Son of God because the Bible said in him dwelleth the fullness of the Godhead bodily that’s important to understand that concept and the Apostle says that in the book of Colossians the fullness the plural of the Godhead bodily the Apostle Paul used a word that the Gnostics have perverted and twisted to their own purposes down through the centuries and still do play Roma means the fullness that means the full manifestation the fullness in the sense that all of this cosmic bubble has manifested itself in something or someone now the Antichrist when he shows up and he’s and he’s I believe he’s alive right now but when he shows up he’s going to be the incarnation of Satan in flesh after he has been had received a deadly wound revelation 13 and literally raised from the dead it is that resurrection from the dead that is the foundation for the great deception that falls upon humanity so I want to bring some stuff for you this morning this is heavy now okay just buckle up and I believe you can handle what I’m going to say and some of this stuff is strong and we live in a generation today you know they called they call a lot of people snowflakes and the reason to call them snowflakes is because there they are by they have been brainwashed by their professors out in these colleges into believing that they can live and they can create their own world and their own existence and that they that they can exempt themselves from anything that might offend them and I have to tell you this morning you’re going to be offended you’re gonna hear people say things that will offend you I hear people say things about the Lord Jesus all the time that offends me but it doesn’t matter to these people you see they’re the only ones that can be offended not us that’s the way they think but I’ve told you how important that Darwinism the idea of evolution is to the mindset of the of the elite of the religious elite of the system that’s going to to control this world believe me folks please hear me the elite the movers and the Shakers the ones who are who are in the shadow government they’re talking about the deep state you hear all of this all the time these people are very religious all right they’re very religious their religion is luciferianism but we’ve got to lay the foundation for this morning in the lesson before you’d understand what I’m talking about now many of you are know exactly who I’m talking about when I mention Charles Darwin all right Charles Darwin all right now Charles Darwin published a work in the 1800s and here’s the title of his work the origin of the species by means of natural selection now listen carefully or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life now how many of you have never heard that second part to the title of the origin of the species all right well that’s the full title the reason you don’t hear the full title is because it’s a very revealing thing the preservation now listen careful of the wording of favoured races in the struggle for life and I’m gonna make a big statement here Charles Darwin was a racist to the bone an evolution the doctrine of evolution is built on the premise of racism and the people that throw the word around today and they use it to where it’s become doesn’t have any meaning anymore but the the the elite have titles and labels that they want to control you by and one of them is racist now once you’re branded a racist then you are you are you you are you’re cut off a lot of time from your employment you’re cut off from from your family members or your friends you’re cut off you’re stigmatized from then on for the rest of your life so all they have to do is brand you a racist and make it stick and once they’ve done that you’re finished because you can’t even get employment don’t you think it’s quite remarkable that the people who subscribe and most of them do to the doctrine of evolution and I’m going to show you by wording right here don’t you think it’s quite remarkable that the people who throw these these labels around and racism and all this are the worst race that ever lived now if you know and I don’t who’s listening to this but if you are an evolutionist I challenge you I dare you to dig into the stuff that I’m gonna mention today and then if for your own for your own intellectual honesty face what I’m gonna talk about and then it’s going to lead you somewhere there’s a point in this not just to indict this thing but there’s a purpose in it there’s a purpose in everything like the old boy said if it doesn’t make any sense somebody’s making money from it all right that’s that’s the way things work that’s right if it doesn’t make any sense Eric Lyons master of ministry Kyle but ministry another these two men wrote this article that article about Darwin evolution and racism now I’ve told you before that the idea of evolution is based on the premise that there’s some kind of a life force that’s at work developing evolving the creatures that we understand that we deal with on a daily basis including you the biological evolution they continue with it they make it social evolution they’ve continued with it now this spiritual evolution so you have biological evolutions social evolution and spiritual evolution all three of these make up the whole body of what we call evolution and we’ll show you how this works I’m gonna read you a segment from their work won’t take but a minute but listen carefully as I read this in February the 12 2009 a debate between Dan Barker and Kyle but one minute and 30 seconds into his rebuttal speech Kyle pointed out that Adolf Hitler was attempting to breed a superior Aryan race of humans he suggested that this plan fit perfectly with Darwin’s understanding of natural selection especially in light of Darwin’s subtitle to his major work the origin of the speech seized by means of natural selection or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life in short Kyle suggested that Darwin thought some races of humans were evolutionary evolutionary evolutionarily superior to others and this idea led Hitler to attempt to eliminate those he deemed to be inferior in Barker’s five-minute closing arguments he addressed this idea and stated quote now listen carefully this is their position they they like to parse words when Darwin talked about favoured races in those days the word race did not mean human race like Hitler might have used it in his day the word race was just a synonym for animal species he wasn’t talking about favored races like whites / blacks or something unquote according to Barker Darwin did not make a distinction between various human races but simply between the human race and animal races Barker’s statement was not backed by any documented definition from Darwin or his contemporaries and in truth is patently false Darwin did distinguish between various human races or species of men and he believed that some were superior to others although he steered clear of these ideas and listened carefully in the Origin of Species his second major work on evolutionary theory the Descent of Man and selection in relation to sex published 1871 did address the issue Darwin began the first chapter of the descent of man with these words quote he who wishes to decide whether man is the modified descendant of some pre-existing form would probably first inquire whether man varies however slightly in bodily structure and in mental faculties and if so whether the variations are transmitted to his offspring in accordance with the laws which prevail with the lower animals unquote later in his chapter titled on the affinities and genealogy of man Darwin wrote listen carefully at some future period not very distant as measured by centuries the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races throughout the world at the same time the anthropomorphise Apes as professor Schaffhausen has remarked will no doubt be exterminated the break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider fort will intervene between man and a more civilized state as we may hope even than the Caucasian and some ape as low as a baboon instead of as now between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla so what’d he say he said this he said through the process of evolution that this eight that apparently is closest to man in the evolutionary scale will be moved so far apart that man will break from that and his evolution will purify or be more purified in his process now clearly Darwin was convinced that the more civilized races Caucasian would one day exterminate the more savage races which he considered to be less evolved and thus more ape-like than Caucasians Darwin believed that the Negro and Australian are more of a subspecies somewhere between Caucasians and apes note in addition to Darwin’s racist comments in the descent of man he also included sexist statements his evolutionary views led him to believe that the chief distinction in the intellectual powers of the two sexes is shown by man’s attaining to a higher eminence in whatever he takes up than kin woman whether requiring deep thought reason or imagination or merely the use of the senses and hands the average of mental power in man must be above that of a woman man has ultimately become superior to woman that’s heavy stuff are you listening that’s heavy stuff now I don’t want to misrepresent Charles Darwin but I want this I want this patronizing condescending holier-than-thou highbrow crowd that gets up in their classrooms week after week teaching your kids the evolutionary theory of Darwin I want them to come face-to-face with the full import of what they’re about instead of hiding behind their lies and cutting the title of that book in half you’re gonna have to swallow it all and all of it includes that if you accept what Darwin taught then you believe that the white man and the Caucasian is vastly superior to a black man because that’s what he just said and this is this Kent this is documented this is taken from his book now believe me I’ve spent hours this week hours of this week in researching this material Darwin’s defenders his apologist will come along and say now wait a minute you’re just taking an excerpt from one book to get a broader view of what Darwin taught we need to bring into what some of the other things that he said here said there said here and said there who knows what evolved in Darwin’s mind as it related to any of this but I’m telling you what he said in his book right here when it was written and that’s what counts but my greater point is this my greater point is not so much Darwin Darwin’s gone he’ll have to he’s gone out to meet his maker you know like we all do the greater point is the hypocrisy that they’re using on people today and that hypocrisy runs so deep that it’s unbelievable to teach your children they pick they cherry pick what they want to from this now I’ve told you before about eugenics and sterilization heaven you remembered me talking about eugenics I mean I’ve mentioned it time and time and time again eugenics is the so-called scientific outgrowth of Darwinism where through breeding you can breed out characteristics you don’t want and breed in the characteristics you do won’t and sterilization is where the states themselves the states passed laws and these laws you can check them out on their books passed laws that certain people would be sterilized so that they could not have children this progressed all the way into the 1970s this is not something that just happened you can go back and you can read articles written by college professors in the 20s and the 30s the college professors in the 20s and the 30s defending Darwin and defending his what he’s talking about here in this in this racial thing this is his racist as it gets folks defending this stuff you can read the articles that they that they wrote defending this and you can see how that this definitely laid the foundation for Adolf Hitler and what he did he just simply took it and took it to its end and he began to leap into Lebensborn he he had these German girls he would test specially SS he lacked the SS you I think you had to be 6 foot 6 foot or 6 foot 3 or 2 or somewhere in there to be an SS and SS was this was the this was the this was the military under Himmler and it was a cult to the Spohn and he would breed these men with these women to breed this Aryan race the old the whole thing was about it was all racial now where did all this come from about about about the importance of the occult ties with race now how many of you ever heard of ranked Troost race root theory that came from Blavatsky and theosophy she believed and she believed that at least seven basic race routes developed over time to where we are now but it was a process that is going to continue there’s what I’m trying to do for you this morning and this is important I want to try to show you how that this so-called scientific racism is connected with the occult world and that’s where you get into the deception because it is definitely a cultic no question about it it is if you are an evolutionist I challenge any evolutionists on the face of this earth to defend Arwen and what I just quoted defend it you know you’re not going to publicly defend that because they brand you right off the bat because what you do if you publicly defended it you’d wake people up you’d have a forum all of a sudden where people are going to be educated and the scales are gonna fall off and they’re gonna see what this garbage is all about so you’re not going to do that no you’re not gonna do that no way in the first place most of the people go along to get along they’re not gonna rock the boat most people live in this world where you know I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to survive and if any controversy comes up it’s not gonna be mine and that’s the way most people are this is why a small group has always been able to control the vast majority of mankind that very reason most people are just satisfied they don’t they don’t in trouble and so a small group they call them activists or whatever you want to call them are able to control the masses because they’re willing to take the risk and they’re willing to stand up speak the position stand for their positions of what and so on now when I say that evolution has got a major problem in two things number one evolution has no idea of what the essence of life is they have no idea and here’s the reason there’s not a doctor on the face of this earth and there’s a lot of good men out there I’m not up here to just blast doctors but there’s not a doctor a philosopher a psychologist a sociologist anthropologist whatever not a one of them have a clue what the essence of life is you know why the essence of life is I business as it relates to a human being I’m not talking about the plant the essence of life is spiritual being spiritual nobody can define that essence God is a spirit being right and nobody can define the essence of God that’s a total mystery well when will we know you’ll know when the Sun takes you to the father and the son is the only one that can take you to the Father and when the son who is the door to the Father takes you to the Father then the Godhead will be manifest and be manifest for those who know him and are born again all right number one not a one of them have any idea what the essence of life is number two they are in a quandary as to how to deal with the issue of what is moving what is this life force what what is good what’s creating this what’s causing this to change you know it’s easy to throw the word evolution around what’s it mean what what what is it work when something when something is lack for example I read a good article a couple of days ago he’s talking about a baby a baby’s in its mother’s womb it’s completely separate in its mother’s womb it has its own blood type can be completely separate from the mother yet the baby is a foreign object and your immune system the moment anything foreign is introduced to your immune system your immune system attacks it this is why when you have a transplant of an organ or something like that you’ve got to give that person powerful drugs so that their body will will at least accommodate this it’s a liver transplant or a heart transplant whatever because of the immune system it attacks it why does it not attack a baby see why does the immune system not attack a baby well the reason of course is because God built in and they’re just beginning to discover this a wall-like filter a wall that protects the baby from momma and momma from the baby God did that but how in the world could that evolve see how could something like that evolve well that’s another impossibility it’s loose it’s absurd there’s no way that could evolve that had to be exactly the way it was from the beginning when God created and of course he did we know God made the man made the woman took the woman from the man we understand all that you’ve got no problem with that if you’re Christian and you’re a Bible believer you’ve got the answer to all these things you know where all this came from you know what forces at work out here what is that force it’s God God is the creator and he’s the sustainer he’s the designer we know that but they they don’t they don’t believe in God they don’t believe in him as we believe in him so they have to come up with some kind of a scientific explanation all right generally it’s this that there’s some kind of a life force at work we can’t define it we can’t put it under a microscope you know there’s no way to put it on a piece of paper and explain it and break it down and give the component parts we just can’t do it but there’s something at work at least they’ll give that there is something I mean agree there’s something going on for evolution to work something’s got to be going on right not some mindless nothing out here with mindless there’s something happening all right now that’s the key right there and that’s their Achilles heel too because that’s the key right there as to what’s happening now I want to read your little excerpt here from this article this is written this is another one here I’ve got from I’ve got another page here if you’d like to read this would read it at your read it alone because it’s got so much junk here I won’t read it publicly talking about the black man and the white man and the and the physical characteristics and all of that but the fella that wrote this is a he would say one of Darwin’s closest friends defenders the prominent 19th century English biologist Thomas Huxley was even more direct in his evolutionary based racist remarks 1865 essay emancipation black and white Huxley remarked and you can read this when you get ready because that is very offensive and it’s the kind of thing that that that was it would make people mad especially the snowflake generation all right now since we don’t know the essence of a spirit but we do know that spirit is life because God gave man life right okay think about this for a minute when God breathed into Adam’s nostrils the breath of life he became a living soul that meant that the man body soul and spirit right alright there’s nowhere in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that ever says God ever breathed anything into an angel an angel has an entirely different life than a man does okay nowhere in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation has ever say that an angel has a soul nowhere but a man does the soul came into being because of the breath of God that was breathed into him the spirit of life that came forth from the father you understand that all life that exists on this earth came from up there okay came from up there not down here it did not spontaneously generate here on this earth came from God the Bible said what is man that thou art mindful of him or the Son of man that thou visitest him man is a unique creature he’s different he said in Hebrews 2 that he hath made him a little lower than the Angels all right then even compares the man with the Lord Jesus Christ and he said he made Christ a little lower the Angels for the suffering of death but when he said he made the man the Bible said he made the man put all things under his feet man was given authority and Dominion when God made him man was a special unique creature he was made in the image of God the image of God in man is not so much the body that you dwell in because angels looked like men they can appear as a man the image of God in you is the essence of what makes you what you are see that image of God that makes you what you are it’s the essence of a man and when the Lord Jesus Christ showed up 2,000 years ago he came to restore that image that Adam lost in the garden he came to restore it he came to restore it did he do it he certainly did the Lord Jesus accomplished everything he intended to accomplish all right man therefore made in the image of God is a unique creature he is completely different from the animal creation biologically his body functions like any other animal but man is not his body man is that essence inside that body that came forth from God that’s the image of God came forth from the Father down into this body that he made for us all right you see this is the big rub between me and an evolutionist because an evolutionist makes absolutely no difference between a dog or a cat or a man or a squirrel or a porpoise or a whale no difference no difference but there’s a vast difference between a man and these things all of them we’re different this is why God gave man God consciousness this is why the Bible says man can pray nowhere in the bible does it say an angel ever prayed nowhere know where God gave man the ability to commune with nowhere in the Bible nowhere in the bible does it say that a cherubim or a Seraphim or an angel ever communed with God may communicate may talk to him Gabriel said I’m the one that stands before the Lord and that angel over there in the Book of Daniel that talked to Michael appeared to him yes but that’s not communing intuition consciousness and communion yin is the the three things that make up your spirit that part of the spirit that came forth from God now saying all of that to lay the foundation for what I’m going to give you here and listen carefully to this Hindus call our earth Brahma or God for they rightly see no difference between our earth and the divine now of course I’m quoting him I don’t believe a bit of it but listen carefully to what I’m saying what people jump on me and say Lawson said so and so why don’t you listen to the whole thing you know don’t tune in about five minutes into it here two or three minutes and then tune it out sir I have enough of that guy and I’m quoting somebody else I marvel at the way people do Hindus call our earth Brahma or God for they rightly see no difference between our earth and the divine this ancient simple truth is slowly dawning again upon humanity it’s full flowering be the real great new story of humanity as we’re about to enter our cosmic age while we entering a cosmic age because we’re evolving according to the according to Robert moon Muller 1923 2010 former Assistant Secretary General United Nations architect of world core curriculum and when you teachers know what I’m talking about hailed as the UN’s prophet of hope in shaping a listen global spirituality the roots of evolution according to Linda Kimball stretch back to Mesopotamia and the city of evolution Mesopotamia Babylon do you remember that there in the Bible where did Abraham come from there the Cal DS worst course Cal DS the word Mesopotamia is an old Old Testament ancient word that means land between the rivers Tigris Euphrates Abraham was called out of her the Cowley’s what’s it that’s the cradle of civilization that’s the heart of where it all started when they came down from the from Ararat where did they go they went to the plains of Shinar from the ark the cradle of civilization so the valley of Mesopotamia city of Babylon in its modern version evolution describes the progress transmigration now watch this of a divine spark or energy as it inhabits in succession the bodies of different beings over the course of millions and billions of years they throw millions and billions and trillions and quadrillions around and zillions like it’s nothing in the words of emergent church leader Rob Bell evolution listen carefully now Rob Bell professes to be a Christian emergent church leader Rob Bell evolution is an energy in the world an electricity that everything is plugged into what’s he doing he’s trying to define this unseen element that is that is pushing moving causing evolution to take place that’s what is using that’s that’s the terminology Rob Bell listen carefully now he says the the Greeks called it so a that grid that Greek word simply means life where we get the word zu the mystics call it spirit obi-wan called it force who’s obi-wan if you’ve ever watched that thing this now listen carefully this is important this energy spark and electricity t-that pulses through all of creation sustains it fuels it keeps it going growing evolving responding reproducing rather not just that for a moment they’re trying to answer the question that I posed just a few minutes ago for initiates and adepts like Robert Mueller evolution now watch this one magically transforms man into God probably running out of out will run out of time I’m laying a foundation for you to show you what CERN is trying to do okay the Large Hadron Collider over there in Switzerland CERN what they’re really trying to do what they tell the masses and public consumptions one thing what are they really trying to accomplish hammies never heard of singularity and i’m jumping ahead the reason I’m jumping ahead is because I’m running out of time and I’m gonna give you just a little bit here make you think before we come back next Sunday morning singularity is what they’re reaching for it’s a point out there where they find where the point comes together it’s at place in infinity where the two lines meet will you say they never do meet I understand that in physics but the truth of the matter is they’re looking for the beginning point the start they’re looking for the start so they can go back to the start and find the original elements that caused the start and from that start they’re going to break them down and they’re going to make man what they’ve always wanted man to be God now God remember this when an occultist a New Ager Rob Bell or any of the rest of them say god they’re not talking about the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob they’re not talking about the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ they’re not talking about Jehovah they’re not talking about the one true and living God the Almighty they’re talking about and a cultic concept of this this this power coming together and forming itself in you or something else in this this is what they’re talking about and this is so important to understand you say well what’s that got to do with me it’s got everything to do with you because that’s where everything is headed well not I you know I mentioned the word the other day trans sexual what is the transsexual how many know what a drokken drogyny is how many times I mention that in here all right what’s androgyny and drugs nice what is it’s the what now Union male/female okay battlenet is an androgynous creature and he’s both male and he’s both female he’s got both all right why because from that one he can reproduce himself okay the gods many of the gods of the ancient world were androgynous they were both male both female okay when you see the yin-yang if you know what if you see the flag of South Korea okay South Korea how many of you know that they just exploded a bomb in North Korea they exploded a hydrogen bomb last night in North Korea been all over the news this morning anyways get back on target the flag of South Korea has yin yang yin yang is one circle with two parts dualism you’ve got good bad dark white you’ve got male/female all right both make up the one okay and drogyny means that you’ve got both in one the ancient gods were androgynous where we headed now here’s where we’re headed we’re headed to the point where they’re going to make a completely new man and that man is going to be both male and female how they’re gonna do it they’re gonna do it through science their worshipers of science but they’re going to get some help they’re gonna get some help from the spirit world you remember this woman I told you about maria orsic last week and we remember maria orsic how do you remember thrill society in Germany and frillier all right you remember if she had a meeting at of all places Berchtesgaden how many more how many you know what Berchtesgaden was in Germany that was Hitler’s hideout that was it that was his beautiful home up in the mountains he had this huge plate glass window and he’d bring his guests in there and you could sit in the living room of his of his of his of his what do you want to call it up there and you could look at these beautiful scenery of these mountains out through there he brought Neville Chamberlain Prime Minister of Great Britain when the Chamberlain went back and held up this piece of paper and he said we’re gonna have peace in our time it wasn’t long after that he invaded Poland so this is Berchtesgaden and she met at Berchtesgaden with these with these very important people and she gave them a message from the Masters this message is you’re going to be able to build a craft aircraft some kind of a futuristic craft that is going to be far advanced to anything else on earth and you’re going to be able to do this because you’re going to be helped by these spirits up here they want to they want to help you she was a medium so they were communicating through her to them it wasn’t it wasn’t a vain boast Germany produced some weaponry in World War two that was far advanced anything if Hitler they say if Hitler had listened to his generals early in the war and had put some money into the research and development of a jet fighter instead of he didn’t he just didn’t see any need for it if he had put the money and research into that jet fighter he would have been able to stop the bombing when they when the Brits bombed in the daytime and they and they and the Americans bombed at night when they flew out of England and bomb Germany he would have been able to probably turn that around because if he had had a jet fighter early and they say the late 30s early 40s Advan stew anything else in the air he’d had air supremacy having air supremacy he would have stopped the bombing if he’d stopped the bombing he could have maintained his he his production facilities and manufacturing facilities and a change complete change in the war but I believe God intervened but here’s bottom line they were producing things in World War two that were vastly superior to anything else around where’d they get that from they got that through mediums and contact with spirits Verner Werner Wernher von Braun was at Warner a vendor Wernher von Braun you know who he was he was a rocket scientist one of the most brilliant men never walked this earth brilliant man came to America Operation Paperclip after World War two he told him Wernher von Braun’s own testimony he said we had some help we had some help we had some extra-terrestrial spiritual help in our development manufacturing and so forth of the stuff that we made now if they helped them to do what they would did in World War two don’t you think they’re going to help these people today who are in the process of developing a Superman and changing mankind completely and proving that no creator God took man informed him from the dust of the ground and breathed to it as nozzles a breath of life that we are a product of evolution and not creation and they’re going to prove it when they do it themselves revelation 13 says he has power to call fire down from heaven revelation 13 says he has power to give life to the image of the Beast somebody said well he’s able because it’s mechanical and it’s it’s a hologram and he’s able to make it look like it’s alive well there’s a lot of ways to explain that but could it be that they prove they’ve moved to the point now to where they have spirit a spirit can come in and take possession and give life in that sense God’s the only one that can create life from nothing but Satan is Sir only a master at Deception I’ve run out time what I did I jumped a bunch of pages ahead and tried to give you something that we’re build on next week now do you think this stuff seems so far-fetched that there’s no way in the world that it’s gonna that it that that what you’re talking about is ever going to happen did you know that when they exploded this this this hydrogen bomb yesterday in North Korea when they exploded that hydrogen bomb it shocked the whole world you know why because the experts had said that North Korea is at least two or three years away from producing a bomb like that how many heard him say that all right so much for the experts they’re the same experts that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction that they never found you’ve got to watch out for the former spirts but you better watch out more for the future spurts they’ll work you over climb and climb with the ladder all right we’ll have word of Prayer and we’ll let you go with me again next Sunday morning 10 o’clock I hope you come back and we’ve got a lot of stuff to put in here father it’s your word bless the study of the scripture heavenly father help me Lord as I get up here try to teach and show them just exactly how this deception is going to come about in thy Holy Name we pray and for Jesus sake we ask it amen.


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