Mainstream Medical Science Will Be Forced to Admit Royal Rife Was Right

everything vibrates everything our reality is such that frequencies have a much more profound effect on us than we’ve been previously led to believe this basic fundamental fact can no longer be ignored as technologically advanced as we’re constantly told we are these days there are some technologies that are just now being presented to the public as new when they’re not new at all but have simply been widely suppressed for decades things like the new digital neuro headbands that pulse specific electromagnetic frequencies into a person’s head to change people’s moods for example people are buying these now this is a thing but it was proven that that type of technology worked decades ago it has also come out in recent years that frequencies can cure diseases including cancer Professor Anthony Holland even gave a TED talk called shattering cancer with resonant frequencies a couple years back where he discussed that specific oscillating pulse electrical fields can destroy everything from cancer cells to Mercia over the course of 15 months we try hundreds and hundreds of frequencies if not thousands until we find the magic combination the answer is you have to have two input frequencies one low one high and the higher frequency must be 11 times the lower it’s what we musicians would call the eleventh harmonic when we add the eleventh harmonic we begin to shatter microorganisms like a crystal glass not that you probably heard about it on the nightly news or anything as someone pointed out in the comments on his video phrases like they hadn’t seen anything like it and it seems to be a new phenomenon made viewers who know about the organized suppression of such technologies since at least the 1930s I want to slam their own heads into a wall if you haven’t heard of dr.

Royal Raymond Rice this is someone who’s been referred to by those who personally knew him as a genius he was a scientist and inventor and starting in the 20s he began building a large very complex microscope capable of magnifying objects thirty-one thousand times compared with the maybe seventeen hundred times that were available on standard microscopes in the 30s and 40s by 1940 he had invented a two-foot microscope weighing 200 pounds that included five thousand six hundred eighty two parts which enabled him to see viruses and bacteria in a way that no other scientists had at that time because these organisms were so tiny he designed a method of staining them with light and through this work he came to understand that living things including pathogens and viruses and bacteria have their own frequency or oscillation pattern and just like a specific musical note can shatter a wine glass if sung at the resonant frequency of the glass he found specific frequencies could be used when matched up with specific pathogens in order to destroy them and as we continue to isolate viruses and bacteria and locate their frequencies he also claimed he discovered the virus responsible for cancer using resonance or what he termed the immortal oscillator rate of the virus he was able to kill it in laboratory experiments over and over and over he completed hundreds of experiments on tumors and rats purposefully infected with the isolated cancer virus before ever attempting to use these frequencies on people in 1934 he famously tested out his device on sixteen terminally ill cancer patients out of sixteen fourteen of them all but two were certified medically cured in just three months of his treatment rife would later write with the frequency instrument treatment no tissue is destroyed no pain is felt no noise is audible and no sensation is noticed a tube lights up and three minutes later the treatments completed the virus or bacteria is destroyed and the body then recovers itself naturally from the toxic effect of the virus or bacteria several diseases may be treated simultaneously his findings were first widely published in June of 1940 the LA Times reported four organisms too small to be stained an ingenious illuminating system is used the system utilizes writes theory that organisms respond to certain wavelengths a theory he carries the finality by bombarding disease germs with radio waves which are tuned to those of the minut man killers and the virus he says occurs in cancer has rife insists disintegrated under such radio waves rife was hailed in the scientific and medical communities for his discoveries at first by 1937 he established a company called beam ray with several colleagues and 14 of his machines were manufactured multiple doctors used these machines tested them out and saw that they worked it wasn’t just Reich’s word so what happened why aren’t these machines in every hospital and cancer treatment center in the world today why don’t we have them simply put the only cancer rife couldn’t seem to kill was greed powerful opposition was vested interest in allopathic that is the pharmaceutical and surgery based medicine system and the still infant cancer treatment called chemotherapy and medical professionals linked to the Rockefeller Foundation with its deeply entrenched eugenics based population control agenda would make absolutely sure that rice machines would never be available to the public at large if you notice an absence of stethoscopes thermometers another medical paraphernalia don’t let it upset you this doctor doesn’t go in for he’s got something better she doesn’t even have to undress the machine we’ll find out what’s wrong the modern counterpart of the ancient medicine male he’s traded in his boars tooth magic wand for an electrical appliance but his stock in trade is still ignorant and superstition the 20th century witch doctor talks in terms of atomic rays and super sonic vibrations is what’s generally referred to as a quack doctor but somehow that term just doesn’t cover my feelings on the subject to me the term murderer is much more appropriate one such Big Pharma stooge was dr.

Morris fish made head for a time of the American Medical Association and described by Bob Wallace on Lew Rockwell calm as a shakedown artist hell-bent on destroying naturopathic medical inventors he couldn’t buy out the story goes a fish bein sent an attorney to make a token attempt to buy out rice and rife refused and although no one knows the exact terms of the offer it was probably similar to the one fish bein made to harry hoxsey for his herbal cancer remedy which fish Bane later had to admit in court worked on skin cancer on a television screen it must look very much like a jar of chocolate syrup it’s not it’s Kansas Avenue deadly its killed before it’ll kill again when it doesn’t kill it means it never cures whose pain and his associates would receive all the profits for nine years and hockey would receive nothing then if they were satisfied it worked Hoxie would begin to get 10% profit when Hoxie refused fish pain and his political mafia went after him and they had Hoxie arrested 125 times in a period of just 16 months the charges were always based on practicing without a license and they were always thrown out in court but fish Bane ended up harassing this Hoxie guy for 25 years this way the only good thing that came out of any of it is that the scandal ultimately forced bish Bain to resign fish Spain also offered Phil Highland who was an investor in rice Beamer a company in an electrical engineer who helped build the frequency machines legal assistance basically an attempt to steal a company out from under rice and the other investors and in 1939 a lawsuit ensued and that was the beginning of the end of rife and his machines unable to withstand the criticisms and attacks on his character and his life’s work in court rife crumbled and turned to alcoholism despite the fact that he ultimately won his case but the legal cost bankrupted him and beam ray went out of business and fish Bane continued to wield all the power of the AMA to halt any further proper scientific investigation into rice claims or his machines doctors that had previously supported rice suddenly fell silent one of his partners Arthur Kendall all of a sudden retired to Mexico after receiving a magical gift of a quarter of a million dollars from guess who other doctors were given large grants and AMA honors to keep their mouths shut and go back to prescribing pharmaceuticals major medical journals which are all predominantly funded by Big Pharma advertising revenues refused to publish anyone’s work involving rife theories or his machines or any of it and on top of that rife slab was broken into documentation of his work including photographs and even pieces of his microscope or stolen and vandalized then in what would be too much coincidence for even a Hollywood movie the multi-million dollar Burnette lab in new jersey was torched and destroyed just as its scientists were about to collaborate Wright’s findings police then illegally confiscated the rest of his research and the story starts to have a whole lot of similarities with well helm rice but that’s another story for another time not about it fish Bane would go down in history with a prestigious write-up of his medical career based on exposing quacks or alternatively financial enemies of Big Pharma’s Chemical and surgery based medical model and it wasn’t just fish Bane there was a coordinated effort to ensure that other doctors didn’t even attempt to follow in Wright’s footsteps dr.

Cornelius P Rhodes and ecologist Rockefeller Institute alum and head of the chemical warfare service during the last two years of World War two spent two decades from 1939 to 1959 as the head of Memorial sloan-kettering the nation’s premier chemotherapy advocate where Rhodes was helping to shape the newly emerging quote/unquote treatment of cancer with chemotherapy he too prevented other doctors from even attempting to replicate Wright’s work pulling strings to get research funding cancelled for those who even dare to try Rhodes not only prevented dr. Irene Diller from announcing the discovery of the cancer microorganism to the New York Academy of Sciences in 1950 but he got dr. Cass be slapped with a nasty IRS investigation and her laboratory funds cancelled after she announced the similar discovery in Rome three years later in 1953 Rhodes it should be pointed out would also go down in history as a potential murderer in the 1930s when Rhodes was sent down to Puerto Rico for the Rockefellers anemia Commission he had a drunken night where he returned back to his house to find his car had been vandalized and proceeded to write a disgusting racist confession of both murder and attempted murder by injecting people with cancer to a colleague he wrote they say being Puerto Ricans are beyond doubt the dirtiest laziest most degenerate and thievish race of men ever inhabiting this sphere it makes you sick to inhabit the same island with them they are even lower than Italians what the island needs is not Public Health work but a tidal wave or something – totally exterminate the population it might then be livable I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off eight and transplanting cancer into several more the latter has not resulted in any fatality so far the matter of consideration for the patient’s welfare plays no role here in fact all physicians take delight in the abuse and torture of the unfortunate subjects thirteen people died under Rhodes quote/unquote care in Puerto Rico and the Rockefeller public relations firm got into full swing coming out to say that Rhodes was simply writing a fantastic and playful letter for his own amusement a satire piece if you will because as we all when you’re just in a playful mood that’s the kind of letter that you write token investigations including one by the Rockefeller Institute and sued and claimed there was no evidence that Rhoades had abused or neglected his patients but as far as history is concerned you can believe Rhoades letter hasn’t been featured too prominently and his otherwise illustrious biography as a chemotherapy pioneer Khomeini the term murderer is much more appropriate and today how many people have needlessly died from cancer that could have quickly painlessly inexpensively and easily been cured by rife technology in a year since his research was purposefully suppressed it’s a horrifying thought my mother almost died from cancer she was diagnosed back in 2007 and they gave her a grueling chemotherapy treatment set that included one she later found out wasn’t even for the type of cancer she was diagnosed with they just threw it in like it a little added bonus and when all was said and done and her immune system had been utterly destroyed but her cancer went into remission the doctors turn around and informed her that it would probably come back in five to ten years that is not a cure the reason the average person still believes dangerous and toxic chemotherapy cures cancer today is the same greedy force behind why most people still feel their cars and gasoline despite the fact that much more efficient inexpensive and environmentally sound alternatives have existed for decades but have also been suppressed until recently greed however can’t keep the truth hidden from humanity forever especially those truths which are so fundamentally obvious and becoming more obvious by the day its 2017 how many years people been donating money to cancer research and running for the Cure without so much as a peep from the allopathic medicine system about the cause albeit quietly we now have researchers coming out of the woodwork left and right to verify the power of resident frequencies to kill viruses and bacteria and diseases including cancer two doctors in 2014 published a paper and global advances in health and medicine titled life rhythm is a symphony of oscillatory patterns electromagnetic energy and sound vibration modulates gene expression for biological signaling and healing the very interesting paper and in it they concluded not only chemicals and physical energies like EMS and sound vibrations but even our emotions thoughts beliefs and the way we develop our intentions and life rhythms can deeply transform our gene expression pattern açelya ler level this finding may disclose unexpected chances to develop self healing processes based on further utilization of this remarkable human potential the paradigm emerging here moves from a purely biochemical viewpoint based solely upon physical concepts of energy and momentum transfer and their implications for biochemistry to a holistic information based paradigm much as a whisper might carry more gravitas and shouted words science may now be uncovering the basic principles of a more subtle informational biology in which specific signaling behaviors can carry the power for healing we were meant to heal we were made to heal we all know how well the Big Pharma medical model of filling ourselves up with chemicals and ripping out all our vital organs has served us these aren’t cures it’s sick care not health care it’s only a matter of time before the medical and scientific communities are going to be forced to admit that rife was right or they’ll risk losing the last few shreds of credibility they even have if they have any in a world where it’s become all too obvious we’ve been purposefully held hostage in a technology bubble.

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