Lisa at the Gates of Hell – then saved by Jesus

Listen to this riveting and authentic testimony from Lisa Sharkey.

Lisa Sharkey

She was into drugs, homosexuality and hated Christians!

hi my name is lisa sharkey i’m gonna tell you a little bit about myself just before i tell you really the main story of how how i was delivered from from the gates of hell and uh but i to tell you just from the beginning i grew up in church i grew up with both parents in the home i have three other siblings and we were always at church and i grew up that way just always at church i asked jesus in my heart when i was six years old and um as i was going through being in school and stuff i was very athletic um i got really good grades i had a really bright future something happened to me though when i was six years old i was in uh i was at school and i had some some boys take advantage of me and molest me and stuff while i was at recess on the playground and that seemed to affect me so much more than i realized i thought you know as a kid you just get over it but when as an adult it was kind of like as i started getting older i started getting so not realizing i was terrified of men terrified of men and i started having like attraction towards women and because i just i’m just very like always been a very loving person and i just always was searching for love and so i lived i started living my life um finding myself attracted to women and as i went to college i had a heartbreak and i ended up moving to missouri because i’m from albuquerque it was when i moved to missouri is when i decided that i was never going to church again i decided that i didn’t want anything to do with religion anymore and i said jesus i’m not turning my back on you i just hate christians and i don’t want anything to do with church and i want to find my my identity in the world the homosexuality being that being in the community whenever i was in it and i’m speaking for myself my what what i went through it led me to alcohol because i loved going to the bars at first it was fun and everything but that’s when that’s when the devil you know traps me um i just was so sh was so ashamed of who i was and the christians has made it so much worse on the homosexuality community because because they would they would flash signs while you’re waiting in line and f.a.g.s they’re going to hell and you know just they were so brutal to us it just grew it just grew that the community i was in they we hated i didn’t i hated christians i didn’t hate god i hated christians because christians were so judgmental so it got to where alcohol was just not good enough uh the more i started feeling like more of the guilt i was feeling the the alcohol wasn’t wasn’t strong enough and as i was drinking too bad things were happening i have had numerous sexual assaults being passed out drunk so then the more the each time i be sexually assaulted it was like would lead me to drink more and more and more and then alcohol wasn’t enough and so that’s when i ended up starting i started disturbed drugs pills uh i started like from xanax and all these that lead to cocaine it led to the math so eventually it led to heroin so there was one night and it was uh in back in march in 2017 and i was with who i thought was that was my friend that was drug buddy she was she was a very bad heroin addict and i was just dabbling into it and she uh she gave me a shot in my arm it was that night when i like realized the uh just how heavy i was just how deep i was just um what how dark i was of a dark place it was that i was in and it wasn’t until i was being i after she did it that all of a sudden i was woken up with water splashing on my face i had i guess apparently i was on the on the kitchen floor i woke up with her with her throwing water on me and after the you know she was slapping me and i woke up and i just remember her like you’re blue blue you know and i was like oh my gosh you know and she’s like you have to get out of here get out of here and so i said i said i need an ambulance no you got to get out of here so her and her friend tried to drag me down the street and i said i won’t go and i was trying to fight until you call an ambulance i won’t go and then i made sure that someone was on the phone with the ambulance and then as i dragged my body down the worst street in springfield missouri they dumped my body like i was a bag of trash then they stripped me of everything that they wanted off of my body it was then i cried out and i said jesus help me and then all of a sudden like i closed my eyes and it was like the dirt like all of a sudden i closed my eyes all of a sudden my eyes got like really dark it just like blacker than anything we’ve ever seen on earth all of a sudden i felt like i was just falling and i felt a little i felt like a little bit of a chill like a little bit of chill and i don’t i and i was falling i felt so fearful it was so black you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face i am feeling it more i’m feeling more more no more scared than i’ve ever felt my life i just started falling and falling and falling into like darkness as it as it started to get harder and hotter and hotter and all of a sudden like it was like i landed like a quicksand all of a sudden my eyes i felt like my eyes like start adjusting like when you’re when you’re trying to wake up except reality felt more real than i’ve ever ever felt in my life so the first thing i did was i looked up and when i looked up i thought i was looking at a sky but it was pure pure darkness pure black it literally it literally hurt your senses it felt like fiery darts like literally coming in my eyes fiery darts hitting all my senses all my pores every fiber of my being like it literally hurt so bad just looking in the darkness and i was when i landed i started looking and i and i was like realized i was like in like a pit like a cave and it was like this cave was just fear that fear instantly was like no fear i’ve ever felt before it was like there was no presence of god there my whole life i used to struggle with anxiety and panic attacks the worst panic attack that i’ve ever had on earth i would times it by a billion and it’s constant it’s constant constant constant the fear is constant the hopelessness the hopelessness the feeling of oh my gosh you just you know you’re never ever ever ever ever gonna get out you are stuck like you are never gonna get out when i started focusing on where i was and i felt like i was about two football fields away and i still felt like an ant to when i looked up and i saw black gates which looked like they had been like on fire so they were like a charcoal and they were so oh the evil oh the evil it’s so hard to talk about talking about this experience is really hard whenever because i’ve i’ve struggled with ptsd from it and this is why i’m really speaking about it now and i’m really trying to keep it together it’s really hard to explain it because you you don’t realize just how torturous it i mean you just just torture and not having the presence of god you know we have the presence of even if you don’t have god in your life you know even if you don’t even believe in god at least we have him on earth you know when it’s such so different when you’re when you’re you know you’re there it was it looked like it was just so big and it was decrepit and and like each each end like it would go like that and each end would have spikes it was like i didn’t have to move my head to look my soul was so much more sensitive because right now you know the human canvas is you know what’s covering our soul the thing is is when i was down there my soul felt so much more sensitive and it was from there that um i looked through it was like i could i didn’t walk towards the gates it was but i could see through the gates it was like a lake it was like a leg of fire but it was like a it was like a big pit a big huge pit of love like fire however it was like i couldn’t see the flames i just saw the shimmering light because the shimmering light looked as if like the pit was so deep that you couldn’t see the flames it was just i had no idea how deep that how deep it would be even if you you don’t even believe in god your soul will know your your soul will know that you’re you’re in hell and i was in hell it was then i started looking i started looking down because i was stuck i thought i felt like i was in quicksand so i started looking around and i i started noticing like it was like waves of like uh like clay it was like pink like a salmon colored clay i felt like i was in like the core of the earth or something because i felt like i there was just absolutely no way you could get out and it’s on top of the fear on top of the hopelessness on top of feeling alone on top of feeling stuck my mind all of a sudden started replaying i started replaying my life i replaying every sin that i have done you relive it constantly and it’s so loud you relive the feelings your feelings and the one that stuck in my mind the most was my mama that’s like all or my mom she’s my mama and i could my mama is she’s a prayer warrior and uh she’s been praying for me all these years to get out of this lifestyle and to get out away from drugs and it was like when i was in hell i could hear her oh lisa i wish she would listen and just come back to jesus and that’s when all of a sudden i said i wish i would have lessened and all of a sudden my body set on fire my soul set on fire and when my soul set on fire it was so much hotter because i used to have i used to have problems like cutting and burning myself because i hated myself i know like i know burns and stuff and there is nothing like your soul being on fire it hurts so bad like you’re just it’s it’s not it can’t even explain it you can’t explain it there is no way to explain the torture like i could hear myself screaming in my head oh the thoughts were like like if you put some headphones on or whatever and you’re in your in your ears in order to like scream as loud as you can it’s like a billion times louder than that is what your thoughts you’re you’re you’re alone in your thoughts you’re alone in your sins it’s replaying over and over on top of fear on top of hopelessness on top of fire hotter than you can ever imagine i don’t i wouldn’t wish hell on my worst enemy if that’s what i’m trying that’s the whole reason why i’m trying to tell this is the world is because there is no truly hell and it’s so horrible and i don’t want anyone to go if you don’t believe in god oh please ask jesus into your heart and save you if you do know god oh repent right now ask for forgiveness you never know when you’re gonna die you never know when jesus is gonna come you never know and it was then that it got hotter and hotter and hotter and i like our teeth were just gnashing they were gnashing and i could feel like my teeth just breaking over and over and your your jaw’s locked and you’re screaming in your mind there’s no water there’s no water you’re you feel you feel as if your mouth is dry or your soul’s dry your soul’s so dry i’ve only i just had a drop of water if only i just have a drop of water on my tongue i would feel some kind of relief it was then that all of a sudden the screen the screaming continued there’s just constant crying constant misery you think about the time you cry like the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your heart like like emotional pain you’re crying and heaving a billion times worth when i say a billion times worse i’m really mean it’s a billion times worse than any negative thing every negative thing you’ve ever felt in your whole life you will feel it feel in hell and you will feel it a billion times and you will feel it forever and ever and ever and ever never as i was screaming as i was gnashing my teeth i was wishing you know the fear the hope hopelessness everything all of a sudden i was just like jesus jesus jesus help me jesus jesus save me as i cried out to jesus immediately i was ripped from those flames and all of a sudden i was in an ambulance like still felt on fire and i was screaming in the ambulance i looked and i saw a paramedic didn’t really know where i was at or what was going on i was very confused but i saw the kindness in her eyes and realized all of a sudden like wait a minute i’m not in hell anymore she was like you she was like you’re not on fire she’s like you’re not you’re not on fire and she’s like you’re okay honey and i was like please please please i don’t want to go back there jesus please don’t let me go back there jesus please forgive me of all my sins jesus i don’t want to go back there jesus jesus jesus the look on her face if if i could have like if i could really like it was like a like that her eyes are really big and it was kind of like she’s just staring at me like like i don’t know she’s ever seen anything like that before but the reason the reason why you know i gotta tell you the reason why i am speaking about my testimony is because i am a living walking breathing testimony of god’s amazing grace redemption he has delivered me completely of drugs and alcohol for over two years now after this happened in 2017 i was like never did heroin again but it was i was still shedding off one by one the drugs because i had been on i was taking so many drugs each letting down the lord was helping me with each drug putting down each drug so it was like a tran it’s like a you know it’s a transformation it was like you know you feel the holy spirit you know just okay it’s time to put that away and i’m like oh what do you know i want no it’s time to put it away okay and you look you love jesus so much for what he did for you that you just um you just you just want to do whatever you can for us you’re like okay jesus i will i have a relationship today with jesus christ you know i didn’t transform overnight after that experience um i had lots of i had a lot of near-death experiences and and lord saved me saved me from it all and as far as the the lord has delivered me like like literally take away all same sex attraction like desires away since 2017.

It was as if he was just i was shedding off the the old the old me like a cocoon and you’re you know the lord’s you know working on me and then you eventually come out like a butterfly that’s that’s how the lord works that’s how jesus works and i come here not to not not to do anything except for glorify the name of jesus you’re never too far deep you’re never too far deep i started i was trying to get off of math and i was i was an iv i was an iv addict of math and it took me it took me a year i overdosed and that was when i was like god was like this is it you don’t you stop now or else that’s when i was like okay lord i need you to help me and he has you know and just because you know i’ve got good days i’ve got bad days nobody’s too forgotten as long as you have breath and you’re in in you right now you’re not watching this just by chance you’re watching this either because because the lord you know has guided you to this either you’re living in a lifestyle that you want to be in god delivered me from it i i don’t have any desires for women at all to me they they all are like sisters you know it’s a sisterly love it’s completely different at one point i was like okay i i don’t like women anymore it’s like it is great gross but i hated men but the lord had slowly started healing my heart from all the all the the sexual abuse and molestation from my hatred towards men and then it was like slowly i started like my eyes started kind of like oh that guy’s cute whoa oh my goodness you know i’m not used to that so it was kind of like it was it was it’s been it’s been an amazing journey with jesus and if there’s any family that are watching this i just want you to know that if you have any family that are on drugs or are in this than the lifestyle that i’ve lived at all that there’s there’s hope if if you’re praying if you’re a mom if you’re whatever it is if it brother sister my dad your and your my my grandma uh i had a praying grandma all those prayers are worked all those prayers worked i mean it was i was at the gates of hell i’m able over four and a half years i’m able to i’m able to finally speak about it it’s kind of hard to go back there once you’ve been delivered and you don’t have that fear anymore because you know when you ask jesus into your heart and you ask for his forgiveness and you just confess him lord in your life and it’s it’s just that simple you know it’s just that simple for god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son it’s just jesus that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life and that’s all it takes that’s all it takes just jesus saves me jesus saved me and i went through literally hell and back to realize how easy that was that’s all i really that’s all i needed to do was say jesus save me anyone who knows me knows that love being alive i’ve got the joy of the lord that is my strength i just hope my story um of what god has done for me will help give you give you hope and if you’re feeling suicidal right now ask jesus to save you i’ve been there and if you have if you’re a crying mother right now your prayers are being heard there’s hope i hope whoever watches this really see just how good my jesus is i just praise him and i glorify him i am not turning back i’ve come too far to look back [Laughter] so that that is that is my story and i’ll end there thank you

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