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You how’s that good morning sign in thrive members and those of you who might be watching this after the fact welcome to the thrive live webinar LinkedIn for notaries on June 30th 2018 we’re I’m excited to share this particular webinar with you our special guest is Sandra long author of linked in for branding the for personal branding the ultimate guide thank you so much senator for joining us bill hi it’s great to be here thank you for having me I’m so glad that you are when I reached out to a few months ago you know I wasn’t sure what we could do and this is just formula that just really come together into a pretty amazing presentation and the fact that we were so open and willing to share your expansive knowledge such a niche group of people really says a lot a testament for you and your business so I really appreciate it and for those of you who don’t know Sandra is a an international consultant that really talks to companies all over the country all over the world about how they can represent not only their representatives but their company brands in the best light possible and also to help attract their ideal customers which is really what we’re talking about today Sandra I know you’ve got a great presentation for us I’ll just kind of hand the reins over to you thanks again for joining us okay sounds great so I I’m gonna click on share screen at this point wonderful perfect I am so glad to be here bill well we’re really glad to have you oh and I just want to kind of tell you all so for those of you who are watching live the way that will basically do this is Sandra’s got an amazing presentation for us we’re going to go through the chat availability is always there for you and then at the end of the session we’ll do a live Q&A so if we haven’t touched on the question that you like to ask Sandra and I myself are here to answer those questions for you all right Santa take it away okay well good morning and thank you very much for your – your whole community and thank you very much for it’s been fun getting to know you as well bill so perfect we’re gonna spend a little time kind of going through what what I believe to be the most important things to think about as a notary now of course I’m not a notary but I learned a little bit about your business in talking to Bill and reading up a little bit about what you do so I’m very delighted to be here and talk to you and I thank you I know some of you have reached out to me online some of you have read my book and I really appreciate that very much and one of the things that is always important that I like to share is the idea of being unique and being yourself being authentic don’t feeling like you have to be just like everyone else you don’t have to be the Bluefish but in fact the more you can really be truly who you are the more people will be attracted to you and what you have to offer so when we think about LinkedIn there are over 560 million people that are on LinkedIn it is growing really really rapidly and I’ve been on the platform since 2005 which is really early but in the last five years it’s gone just really huge growth in terms of users and when you think about it there’s another stat I want to share with you and that is that every single day every single day there are over 45 million profile views so think about that that means that people that’s a major activity that people are doing they’re looking online to look at people so it’s something that you know people are I’m sure looking at your profiles and I would say the more active you are you know offline and online the more profile views you are getting so they’re looking at you and they’re looking at your competition and looking for people to partner with people to hire it’s just what is happening so you’re either part of that and making it work for you or or not and so I loved these stats because they’re they kind of put it in perspective how important this has become and in fact if you think about what you know is the view valuable to me it creates your first impression somebody might first hear about you online they might get that initial first impression or a lot of times if you’re if you’re being referred to to someone maybe it’s an attorney or an escrow agent somebody like that they’re gonna once they hear your name or maybe they received your email they’re gonna look you online look up look you up online and typically that would be on LinkedIn to decide do I want to engage with this person do I want to call them back you know is it really a good referral so it’s getting that validation so that view is very critical and this is an interesting stat that I got from LinkedIn and they basically did a study and people nowadays believe that you know creating that impression you know that that over 65 percent believe that your online impression is is important and when I go back to when I started my career I’ve been in the workforce a long time there wasn’t an online impression you know you made your reputation your impression by you walk in the door you smile you shake hands you try to have you know nice things to say you were creating that impression but today’s impression as you can see from these stats people are getting those impressions by what they see online so it’s something that it’s a whole new factor in how we do our business soundtrack for us happens okay apologize how do I give it back into this bill um it should be one of your tabs that might be open okay I apologize everyone okay can you see that now yeah we’re still up okay so sorry so you know really that online impression is change the way we do business because now people are judging us and in early and it really is true and I want to ask this question I was wondering you know in the last couple months LinkedIn made a big change in terms of how the profile looks that I was wondering if what you thought about this bill have you have you noticed it and what do you think wow I you know I don’t think that I even had noticed prior to this so this one in the upper left hand corner that’s the is that the old way yeah and this happened I bet some of your members have noticed this it happened in about in May for most people and you can see that the head shot moved over a lot of a lot of the main features at the top of the profile moved over to the left yes more Facebook looking now right isn’t it yeah interesting people like it I mean also what I love as you can see the contact information much more easily right so anyway so that’s pretty pretty nice and the thing I want to mention about LinkedIn they’re constantly making changes in terms you know it’s it’s on a daily basis which is why what I do is 100% focused on keeping up with LinkedIn because it changes so often okay so when I think about your if you’re thinking about your profile I like the idea of you thinking about who is your target reader who would you like to be reading your profile because lots of people are going to read your profile it’s going to be definitely your target prospect but it’s also going to be your neighbor and your your maybe people you used to work with and people in your community and people that went to your college all different people are going to be looking at your profile but really thinking about who is that person that you’d most like to read your profile because that’s the person that you want to try to attract and today’s buyer the person who’s going to hire you is definitely a different buyer than it was twenty or thirty years ago today’s buyer they’re Digital they’re connected to mobile and they’re I like to think that instead of sort of selling to them is or more in charge than they ever were and so today’s buyer wants to they want to find people that they want to work with more than being sold to so if you are connecting with people that are in your sphere so people that are good prospects for you and you’re being a providing value then you’re gonna be connecting with people that are on that buyers journey and that’s really a great place to be because they’re people today are seeking not only they’re gonna look at your profile but most buyers today they want to do business with someone who is actually in their network someone who’s you know connected to them in some way that is so huge especially in our industry right now it’s a it’s a highly driven by relationships oh yeah well you know it’s you say that and it’s really interesting but I’m hearing that across the board so that the relationship piece is is paramount right so here’s five steps we’re gonna talk about the first part is on you know your experience and really being able to be clear on the value that you provide then we’re gonna talk about being found because you can provide all kinds of value but if people can’t find you then that’s a problem and then the third part is you know how do you impress them with the language of the images in the media and then building the strategic Network and then obviously using content so all these pieces kind of work together and so this is kind of what we’re going to talk about this morning so on expertise my first piece of advice on expertise is to be specific about what you do and what you offer because to be general it’s just not helpful to people and I know that sometimes people feel that perhaps they’re limiting but it’s really the opposite effect the more specific you can be in terms of what you do the better that people can visualize working with you and then particularly for your group to your geography I believe and I’ll ask you this question bill I believe that the geography that you serve is very specific for the notary’s is that correct bill yes it’s specific in that you know most of us are commissioned in one particular state and then within that state we have a certain geographic perimeter that would be willing to travel to and work in absolutely right so being specific about your geography to me in your business would be very key because that way you know the person who is on that buyers journey will identify themselves that oh this is a person who’s serving my my area and is performing the type of services that I need right right and then beyond that this might surprise people but I believe it’s really important and that is your personal qualities so what is it about you you’re whether it’s your personality your vision the way you work what is it uniquely about you that is special you know is why people want to hire you again what are those things and when I thought about it this is what I came up with and I wanted to ask you Bill what you thought I to me when someone’s gonna be hiring someone in the profession of a notary they’re probably looking for these kind of qualities and Bill what do you what do you think about this yeah I think I mean this definitely nails and I’d love to hear from the group as well you know when you think about what you’d like to promote what are your strengths to your potential customers what what strengths to you do you see for your customers you know I obviously I think honesty is a huge one efficient is a deal you know that’s a big deal to me like smooth and efficient signings being organized of course trustworthiness detail-oriented is what Judy says punctual that’s a huge one Heather thank you punctual is so huge in our industry timeliness exactly integrity big deal here plus keep them coming guys let those roll out I think of Kirtland also says timeliness I think that’s a that’s a huge one for us but also competency you know you’ve gotta know what you’re doing confidence is another big attribute as well just s service-oriented yes customer service enjoy meeting new people and helping people meet their needs that’s the you know it’s funny Sandra you know when you talk about the personal qualities I think this is probably for me the most important aspect of building a profile because it allows for that that human connection you know you’re not just a business you know it’s not all business it’s it’s something deeper and I found after dozens of coaching calls and sessions that this part is the hardest part to include in the profiles it’s there’s this fear of either over sharing maybe or I’m not realizing the work that that level of personal connection and vulnerability brings really excellent comments that you got in terms of the punctual and detail-oriented and I wrote them all down those were great you know and so I think you were asking about how do you actually bring those into the profile and I’d say that you do that it’s very nuanced because I don’t like what I recommend people writing their profile I don’t recommend that you come across as being overly boastful so you need to incorporate it in such a way that this is that this is uh that these are important traits to you I’m gonna show you an example from one of your members this is yeah so what I liked about hers and I thank you Gina I don’t know if she’s but she connected with me she made the comment you know in the third sentence my daily goal is to represent you with integrity and professionalism awesome though and and then so if you read this she’s not coming across in my opinion is overly boastful but yet I feel confident in her by the way she used her language too you know that you could see that this was a value that she was talking about so she wasn’t just you know come across in the in a she was coming across to me in a very positive way yeah I love that that’s great good job great great all right so there’s lots of ways lots of different elements of our profile and of course some of them are very cut and dry you know it’s in you know it’s you know your your experience for example is very important where you work your company where you went to school what your certifications are your all these things are you know I’m very much cut and dry the headline and the summary are the most strategic and those are the places where you know you really have to put a lot of thought into kind of how you’re you know expressing yourself but these are all important you know important elements for notaries yeah huge so let’s take a look at Bill alright so um we talked a couple about a couple of these things we the headline is super important and I think Bill did a great job in the headline and build you want to mention anything about your headline well you know I just when I read your book and that’s how we connected but I read Sandra’s book and I implemented the strategies and really just the way this is laid out and it was almost like permission to to talk more about just one one thing you know a lot of times we’re we’re taught to pigeonhole yourself and you’ve got to be just one thing and after reading Sanders book I realized you can be everything that and that was really powerful to me and just being able to space it out and make it clean so it looks professional and clean that way and was was really it was something so simple that really just blew my mind so I’m so grateful for that so yeah it’s good good job you’ve used key words so which is which is good because people are gonna be searching for you potentially by keywords they could be looking for signing agent business coach mobile notary etc so it was really nicely done now the area the summary which is just below that the written part I like to actually coach people and say even though it’s called a summary I would rather it be called an introduction if you think about what Jean wrote she heard was really an introduction and in here you you’ve taken a lot of key words so it’s possible that I think because of the way you’ve written this summary you could be found but I feel like there’s an a missed opportunity for you bill because I really recommend writing it in the first person and and also you know sort of telling your story and especially with you because you do a couple different things you you have an opportunity here to kind of explain it so if I’m coming to your profile I could be coming to you because I’m either looking for a notary or I could be looking for coaching on being a notary correct right absolutely right so you’ve got to be able to have used this introduction to talk about both of those and kind of weave your story so that when they arrive there they understand what you do and how that all works together so it’s an opportunity area for you well I’m so glad that we are doing this because that is probably the coldest paragraph I think I’ve ever written about myself and this is I mean that’s really just real matter-of-fact nothing warm and interesting and all about that so the fact that anybody is even looking at my profile is a shock to me so that’s awesome thank you so much that’s really good now I’m gonna get on that for sure okay so it’s good for you if you don’t mind Sandra can I ask this question since we’re on this game Valarie asks if the banner at the top is a searchable element uh no but I think you did a very nice job on your banner I meant to mention that your banner was very nice that’s a custom banner that you made yeah oh it’s very nice because so it’s really more the image the impression that you’re creating with a banner all right wonderful thank you so much and then he heard on certification this is was part of your profile to that I just want to point out looks very nice great so all of us on the call if you’re part of this course you are probably already certified they’re really close to being so make sure you include this as well great so I think you know we’ve kind of really talked high-level about a lot of things you know this is hours of discussion we did it in just a few minutes but I hope you get the idea that your profile should be uniquely you whether it’s about your experience but thinking about the clients that you want to be working with the geography your personal qualities how do you bring all that together so that you’re really building confidence and trust just like you want to build confidence and trust when you meet someone in real life when you’re having coffee you want to build confidence and trust when they’re on LinkedIn looking at your profile so the next part is being found so we want to be found and this is a little bit quicker so in this example you know there’s there’s a few ways people can find you certainly they can find you in LinkedIn but the other way is through Google and this is one of my associates and if you put your name in Google a LinkedIn is very high search Authority so your LinkedIn profile should come up relatively high if not at the very top of a Google search and so some people will actually find you in this in this way in addition to finding you from LinkedIn now there’s a feature that you can make your profile public when you go into your settings and I’m gonna recommend that you check this and make sure you are public so that you will be found through through the Google search and you’re basically able to edit your visibility and you have you can toggle all the sections you can decide and I recommend you know keeping majority of all that open you people to see your photo your headline your summary your experience your education your certifications you want that to be fine so basically this means someone who doesn’t have a LinkedIn account can come and see your profile so we talked about keywords these are the words that people could use to find you and Bill you it definitely use keywords in your profile and this is something that is a part of how people do searches so I wanted to mention that as being important now so they found you let’s think about how we can even be more memorable with the language and the stories and the images so I do recommend first-person and we saw how nicely Jean had started with the first person it just makes people more comfortable I think more it makes you more approachable if you write in the first person but one of the things people often tell me is oh no I’m afraid to write in the first person because I don’t want to sound like I’m boasting right so so there’s there’s a nuance to this and we saw the example how you know Jean talked about how this is this is how she likes to this is how she how she how she likes to work it wasn’t like she was saying you know I am the most you know I’m the best notary in you know Arizona or Phoenix or wherever she’s not saying that she’s she’s coming up with if you read what she wrote she’s the way she talked about it was a nuance and so it did not come off its boastful but it was talking about her values so you have to work on it but it’s really worth it and for me I like the idea online you know we all want to be experts but if you can position yourself as that helpful expert and not being boastful this is what my goal is to be considered a helpful expert and not be boastful yeah this could be really huge for us – and stop me Sandra if you plan on going a little deeper into that a little later on in the content section but we have such opportunity to really connect with the people who not only are just looking for notaries we can be the helpful person that coaches people into one another he does or the difference between an acknowledged manager at or whatever in our articles that we post or in our posts that we just make in LinkedIn right right oh yeah we’re gonna get into that a little bit more all right great well I just want to mention on the summary or like I said I call it I like to call it the introduction there’s a lot of ways you could do that and in my book for those of you that read my book these are the different examples and there are examples in the book as well as in my course but you know so you mentioned one of them you said that you’re doing a couple things the Weaver example is perfect for you bill so because you are you’re a coach and you’re a notary and I would suspect that there are a lot of notaries that maybe do two maybe three things right yes really am I right about that though absolutely yeah usually multiple multiple hats going on exactly so guess what when you have multiple hats you have the possibility of confusing people next it’s your job to use that introduction section to tell your story to kind of bring it together and how it works together you know so I can see for you exempt for you bill in it for example you can easily talk about you know be starting out as a notary and then how you you know started this business helping others I’m sure it’s a good little story that would make a nice approach for anyone who’s coming and arriving at your page yeah that’s absolutely and then like Judy says down here she’s a real estate agent she’s having a hard time deciding which one to pick that’s perfect to blend the real estate and the passion for the closing I would definitely I would definitely do both because people are gonna some people are gonna be looking at her because they know if her from real estate and they were recommended or whatever referred to her others from notaries so you want to bring that together all of it and just tell that story wonderful so I love stories I love it to be even a thread of personal I’m not talking about posting pictures of your family I’m not talking about that I’m talking about some sort of thread about you and these are just a couple of examples there in the book but George is a civil engineer so he talks about how he grew up with a family that his father was a carpenter he’s a son of a carpenter and Michael started in his career he was discovered on a golf just a little bit makes it a little bit different you know bringing whatever little personal element in and then going right into the you know the business kind of weaving that for me personally if you read my profile I start talking about how I was very early on one of the first women in sales and to me that’s helpful it resonates with my clients because a lot of my clients are in a sales capacity and I’m able to talk about how that helps to do with my work so on the visual side vision the visual piece is big and it didn’t used to be but several years ago the visual part really improved about 2013 so there’s a lot of different opportunities obviously the headshots been around you must have a great headshot and for all of you that are doing this business if you’re wondering if you’re on the fence if you’re not sure spend the money again a great headshot because you will be very happy that you did you will feel more confident and you know it’s the kind of thing where I’ve had people say well this will do but honestly unfortunately people judge us by our headshot so it’s something that I just recommend for everyone to do you know that’s a really good point that you said there either that unfortunately people judges because that’s that’s the reality of the world that we live in in business they are making judgment calls on all of this so it is definitely worth it to to upgrade the camera experience get the headshots or at least dress up for a selfie freaking a scenario but yeah definitely upgrade that extreme exactly so I’m showing this the top of my profile you can see my background banner is a custom one with my company you can see my headline with my you know keywords you can see the beginning of my summary how I again make it personal and talk about you know I’m starting out in field sales early on and then you can see below my media which I’ll get into in a minute as well so love this feature that you can put video on here so this can be this there’s a couple ways you can use video but then what I’m talking about right now is in your in your profile so you can put video as under your experience or under your summary and it really it really is nice because as people are looking at your profile they can they can click right there and stay on LinkedIn and watch that video of you so if you’ve been speaking if you’re you know Bill and be perfect for you because I’m sure you I know you have a lot of videos but for any of you that are you know you’re speaking or maybe you know if you’re in the real estate business I’m sure they’re videos for that you know whether it’s your real estate company you can sit doesn’t have to be necessarily one from you maybe your company has one that’s on your town if you think creatively there’s a lot of ways you can incorporate video into your profile that’s huge that is here yeah it really is and then of course your networking you know the networking is so key having a strategy I mean this is where you know people it’s amazing to me I have to say I’m shocked almost every day so that people don’t really have a strategy they I get questions like who do I connect with and you know so I guess it’s it’s worth the time to think about who do you want to be connected with and for me you want to connect wisely and you want to have a real relationship if you can and even if you don’t know the person you know again using like personal invitations there’s things you can do to warm them up and to make it personal because honestly some of us are gonna connect because we are you know we’re building a business and that’s fine but just thinking about how you operate on LinkedIn is important so this is a question I get a lot do you find this as a question build you here this question all the time this is huge one of the reasons I love this business though is that we have a pretty clear-cut answer okay so what is your clear-cut answer so for it’s going to be closing agents which depending on the state you’re in it’s going to be either escrow officers or closing attorneys as our prime time and then of course have loan officers and real estate agents as kind of the kind of working backwards from there okay so that’s perfect thank you I’m gonna get to that in about a minute and a half because before we even get there so that’s great so you know a part of the strategic Network or you just mentioned it but I want it also and I don’t skip over this next part and that is the people that you already know yes the reason I write because the reason I say that so people that are your colleagues now people in this group people in where you used to work if you’re a real estate agent people that you know from real estate people that you know from law people that you know from your community your neighbors your people that you went to school with your family people from church people from soccer people from people that you know because why because even when you’re out searching for that escrow agent you’re searching for that realist real estate agent or whatever the more you’re connected to them through these other people that actually know you the better it’s going to be this is true guys does any of this sound familiar you’re in the course we talked about cultivating your current network so much you are you’re really well they are always one relationship away from having your dream business but you probably already know the person that is going to make that connection possible exactly and when we think about that buyers journey that we talked about in the beginning that buyer not only does he want to be impressed or she you want to be impressed with what they read about you but they want to be connected to you somehow they want to feel like there’s a confidence level of oh my friend Joe knows you know knows bill so that’s that puts me at ease right so these are you know there’s a lot to this there’s a ton of things about all these different levels but basically your first level connections are the ones that are the most valuable and those are the ones that you chew aliy agreed to connect with and you know so there so that’s something that those are very prime you can be messaging them and whatnot it’s very valuable you can see their you know connections you can see what they’re doing their posts and whatnot is it’s the most valuable relationship that you have on LinkedIn is your first level connection so I’m gonna go into what you had just mentioned if you want to get into looking for an escrow agent I just this is just an example you can use any terminology you wish so this example at the top of LinkedIn there’s a escrow agent I put it in the search bar right right once you do basic research once you do that you’ll look for something that says all filters and when you open up this bar this is the top right and that’s called all people filters so in this example I did escrow agent and you can do it by luck you know first level connections second level so say I’m looking for a notary somebody that I know I would put in first level connections and it would pull up the people that I know by first level that our escrow agent right or I could do second level and the example that I did in this slide I did Detroit I just said in Detroit so and the results are there’s 60 results below and you can see what the people are that are on that search as well this one example and there’s a million ways to play with this there’s a million tricks to this but this is just to give you just an initial perspective on this that’s huge so and this is that this is available in the free version of LinkedIn right yes yes now you can only you’re limited by how many searches you can do per month so if you’re doing a ton of searches then you don’t need to know some workarounds because you can only and I would say for most of you you’ll be fine you’ll be but if you’re like going crazy on searches they’re gonna at some point they’re gonna send you a note and they’re gonna say now you must upgrade to premium but for most of you you’ll be fine no that’s good to know that’s that just highlights to the importance of having a strategy ahead of time so if you’re limited on your searches you really want to make the most yep so just at the time that’s right that’s right there’s a lot to this this is just a quickie overview but I wanted to since you and I have talked about this bill I want to share it I’m so glad you did guys this I mean literally everybody that you would want to connect with especially on the professional realm your escrow officers your attorneys real estate agents anybody who’s hustling and making stuff happen in this business or right here on LinkedIn and you just right there type in an escrow officer or escrow agent and you’re going to have a list of potentials to connect with and remember what we’re talking about here guys we’re not talking about cold emailing or cold calling everything Sanders talking about and everything that we teach in the course is about warming them up and really building those authentic relationships to grow this thing awesome tender thank you sure thing all right so we touched upon this a little bit and that’s being a thought leader being that helpful expert not going online and being super salesy not going and saying you know like if you were a real estate agent you wouldn’t just post pictures of your homes that would be really a turn-off right you’d be you know in that case you’d be instead you’d be posting you know market intelligence or market trends things like that are helpful to people or tips on staging your home you wouldn’t just put here’s my listing so it’s the same thing with being a notary you wouldn’t just want to post you know here’s how to hire me right you want to be how can you be that helpful expert guys that is everything right there if you sorry Sandra to interject but when we talk a lot about building value in our relationships this component of being a thought leader is right along those lines it’s real easy to get in the almost kind of the muck of just self-promotion just talking about our services and how great we are and how we can help them but to consider the perspective of the per your target audience and what they need in their lives whether it’s stress relief or whether they need to know what the changing escrow laws are when you become that resource that that is what boosts your value not the self promotion stuff exactly thinking again on that that buyer journey what do they need to know what are they worried about what do they want to know and then answering those questions perfect great so on LinkedIn one of the big things I’m gonna recommend is interacting on LinkedIn not just even not even just posting is good I mean I know talk about posting it’s important but a lot of times you can just you can win clients or relationships just by interacting so somebody that maybe is a target prospect for you that posts an article or posts an idea on LinkedIn that you think is a really interesting piece go ahead and make a comment and say you enjoyed reading their post and you know and ask a question or be engaged because that person will definitely notice you and chances are they’ll look at your profile so in the more you do it you weren’t comfortable you get but by interacting and mainly the interaction the most valuable interaction is commenting making an insightful comment or helpful or complimenting someone and one of my favorite things to do in all of all the time is when you can congratulate someone so if somebody is a prospect of yours and they’ve done something that you read about I mean congratulate them they will they will remember you that is so huge guys and that’s so important in your daily dues you know the things you do everyday is actually scheduled some linked in time to where you you forced yourself to interact like that because it does make a huge difference exactly so publishing articles and I’m gonna show that you know those are very different from text it’s a published article and they’re blogging so you can blog on LinkedIn without a website so here’s a couple of articles that the bill has so thank you for that so I was glad to pull up an example so frequently asked questions now that’s good because that’s I think your your potential coaching prospect would want to know to have these questions and they might go right in have you have have you had some good views on this bill yeah I think so I think it gets a lot of use and it gets shared a lot between this and a couple of the other articles on there yeah I’m really glad I started this it’s a nice clean format too easy to post good excellent excellent and you know and the other thing is with all this posting whether it’s a regular post or an article you want to think about all the different ways you can share it even outside of LinkedIn because you can get a lot of your views up by you know sharing this thing things to Facebook into Twitter and to all the different places where you spend your time yeah I think that’s what I did too I showed to the Facebook pages just by copying the link it was really easy excellent excellent so we’ve kind of gone super fast on a lot of these things but I hope that these five steps have been helpful and I want to just kind of remind you that you know yes it’s you know what you do is important and yes where you went to school is important but honestly who you are is the most important the unique way you do business and the unique way the unique qualities that you have are really the most important thing and and so and being able to be found and being connected to people strategically people that you know and people that you want to know those are really the two groups of people that are that should be party or strategic network and then being that helpful expert all of these things so that you can you know be be someone that is that orange fish right and the only way to do that is investing in your brand in your network and I like Bill’s idea of you know allocating time not just daily I mean new daily time is your is your interaction your engagement but you know you should also invest your time in really building out your profile of thinking through strategically your network and having a strategy on content because all of this it it takes some thought and I would really encourage you to invest in yourself because it comes back it’s the way to me it’s the new way of selling the old way of selling was was very different I was a part of the old way of selling because I remember doing cold calls and walking into office buildings and people would actually talk to me back then because there was no internet but today’s buyer wants to be in charge today’s buyers on the internet and so now we have to think about selling it in a completely different way and appealing and being helpful to that buyer as they’re on their journey that’s absolutely right and when you’re thinking about the buyer in our case you’re the escrow officer you know when you’re interact when they get a referral to you or when you meet them at a networking meeting they really are going to LinkedIn they are checking them legitimacy of your business so this is this is also critical well great so I think we’re we can take some questions if you’d like though if there’s any additional question I know we had some during the yeah yeah let’s um we’ve got one from Heather here and then guys feel free then just pop them into the chat window there and we will get to those Heather asks do the links to the blogs on LinkedIn come across in Google searches like yes they do they do and but not the post like there’s a difference between the published articles versus the posts so be aware of that so the regular post when you do a post so you have to think about which what makes sense I like to think that the published articles are more for your evergreen content meaning they stay on your profile like I showed you there on bills and he probably wrote those a long time ago whereas the posts you know you’ll see them on your activity page but you don’t see them you know if you’re looking six months later you know if you’ve done a lot of posting you’re not gonna find it so so really the thinking about what what type of content what do you want to keep as your body of work what is so like the Articles that Bill has those represent part of his body of work just like he’s got YouTube and various other things that are part of his body of work whereas the posting is more time-based you know it’s gonna be here for a short period of time so that’s way to think about it and hopefully that helps yeah well in the other side of that to that automatically comes to my mind then is that if the articles are searchable that means that we can use search engine optimization and keyword optimization within that article to help increase our chances of being found is that does that sound logical right the other big thing is using hashtags bill oh really in the way yeah so well now the articles when you post publish the article it’ll ask you it’s really prompting you to put hashtags in there and the content the best way to be searchable for content within LinkedIn is through the hash tag well that’s that’s awesome all right good to know because I I’ve been hashtag resisting so for both posts and articles all right good to know then that one of the other questions that we had earlier I think was Kirtland asking about how to create the custom banners and I’ll share because I see in the chat group but I want to make sure everybody who’s listening only can get this i if I use canva canv for all of my graphics that I just need to create real quick it’s a real easy template service and they do actually have a LinkedIn template up there and that’s exactly what I used sometimes you have to kind of play with it a little bit because it doesn’t fit perfectly but if you tinker with it you’ll get what you need no that’s great that’s great okay another one I would like to have my LinkedIn account critiqued and get some feedback on what I have is my profile info how would she go about doing that okay so actually this baby ties into the the other piece we were gonna be introducing bill yeah okay great well let’s talk about a little a couple minutes or should we just talk about it now well no that’s fine we are gonna make an announcement on something that might be interesting to people but let me answer this person directly so if so this is somebody who’s asking to have their profile critiqued yeah okay there’s a couple ways you can do that so if you you know I have a business called postural consulting and we do that kind of work in fact we critique profiles we actually have a team of writers we actually write them we upload we do everything that anyone would ever want on a profile but if you wanted to do it in a more cost-effective way what you could do is you could just get the book and then critique someone you know find one of your people in this group and help each other out that’s a way that you could do it you know at no cost so it’s really depending on what you want if you want it professionally written or professionally critiqued we can do that but um again you can just get the book and and help each other out as well whichever works for you is fine yeah whatever works in fact guys why don’t we if you’d like the group to help critique and give me some feedback feel free to post your LinkedIn profile in the private Facebook group and maybe we can all take a look and help each other out I know I have a lot of work to do online so I’ll wait a little while so I can make those Corrections to do that but feel free to do that get feedback I’ve got a link to Sandra’s book also in the Facebook event and we’ll post that inside the course as well whenever I record this video so you can get access to all that information that you need as well it looks like we have a few more questions here okay so Vicky says I have a personal and a business page should I put in my personal profile that I’m assigning agent and that I’m the owner/operator of my company yes okay quick nice easy answer yes absolutely make you do that so go ahead and connect with escrow officers it’s like a cold call though and does seem rather cold and obvious should I go ahead and connect with them okay so I’m gonna say that to me if that’s what you’re trying to if those are the people you’re trying to meet yes but I’m gonna say before you do that connect with all the people that you know so if you have 200 connections but your Outlook or your email has you know 2,000 that means you you are missing a lot of people that you know you’re missing a lot of people you need to because cuz why make it so cold why not connect with all those neighbors as friends those co-workers as colleagues as alumni connect with people you actually know and then you’re gonna find that a lot of those escrow people are going to be second-level connections and then what you there’s a couple ways you can go about it if it’s a second-level connection you can either maybe it’s someone who’s really super valuable to you and you know that one of your best friends is connected or somebody that you know that you trust you could ask for an introduction you could say bill I see you’re connected to so-and-so how well do you know them could you potentially introduce me so that’s the warmer that you can make it the better so – I always prefer a personal by someone that you know like that would most likely get you faster in the door more successfully if you don’t do that or don’t you know I can’t do that or I don’t have time to do that then I would at least think about the idea of mentioning that person in the invitation that you send so as much as you can warm it up is what you want to do hopefully that helps no that’s so huge guys when anytime you’re doing any type of networking in this business start with you’re in a circle and work out I mean this is perfectly in alignment with what we’re doing in the course where you’re cultivating that network so I love that advice because you’re gonna even if it goes it doesn’t guarantee that you’re gonna get their business but it pretty much guarantees you’re gonna get your foot in the door and at least being able to have a conversation and start building that relationship all right next question okay more about critiquing I’m gonna stick that one Heather highly recommends the book Sandra to the whole group what is the name of the book well the name of the book is LinkedIn for personal branding by Sandra long the link is in the private Facebook group plus all the emails I’ve been sending out it’s also in there um let’s see just go through Thank You Heather by the way thank you thank you okay so Debbie says I have my notary business and I also have a video business should I have two pages or just combine them okay so our feet are these two businesses that you might have two company pages you could have two businesses like that way but for a personal page you only have one okay great so she in a headline area should she combine those as yes okay I would do that if I was active with both businesses I would have both of those and then the summary is going to be very important for you to describe the two businesses and kind of what you’re all about and I think that maybe thinking about what is that personal trait of yours that is run through all of this maybe it’s you know working with a certain type of person or whatever that whatever that is it’s about you that’s that’s unique and then you can then you can use that as kind of a unifying thing or what I found a unifying point so that it makes sense for people when someone arrives at your page they’ll go oh yeah I was referred to her for video but this is really interesting that you want it to make build the confidence on the whole for the whole profile but the personal profile you can only have one so in the book look under Weaver the Weaver example will give you the example of what you would need to do for your summary yeah that’s that’s really great that’s going to put me a critical role because most of us do have those multiple roles we you know we have multiple services even under the notary no umbrella so that the weaving and telling the story is really going to companies if you have a company that’s a different situation there’s a company page no companies have their own page and they’re very that’s a whole other thing but you know we work with a lot of businesses on that too to build that because then you have your company logo and all the employees are attached to the page and the company page can post but what we’ve been talking about here is a personal profile but just be aware that it does kind of work together next level there the other question I’m Heather has a comment here she says that I think you can also speak complimentary about your first connections to your own first connections it offered if if you offer value to someone their subconscious subconsciously incentive to speak that way to their connections no I like that idea I also for you all I love the idea to do this but using the recommendations can you use that feature because I think that would be wonderful for you our Vicki says is it possible to comment on another’s post from my business page and also to invite follows from my business page so the business page is much more limited so it serves a different purpose and so there’s some definite limiting it doesn’t it doesn’t operate the same as a personal page so one of the big things if some of you probably have facebook pages right business pages yeah okay so the LinkedIn page company page is not as easy to operate as a facebook business page on the facebook business page you can click on your friends and invite them to like your business page right well in LinkedIn you have to work a lot harder so you have to you can’t there’s not there’s they don’t have that kind of feature but they’re always changing things and they’re talking about changes you know definitely happening on the LinkedIn company page so let’s look forward to that there they’re also gonna be bringing out big changes with groups and one company pay all this is I mean almost like every single feature is changing but those two areas I’m expecting to see pretty big changes that’s pretty incredible that mean that really brings me to kind of the closing point here Sandra I mean we we’ve been talking about this for almost an hour it’s been amazing excellent tips and feedback still very clear to me that there’s so much more to learn so if somebody really wanted to dive in deep and create a real business sustaining strategy well I think that’s a lay up call you know question I love I love this topic and so when I learned from the book when I wrote the book I still had people that had so many questions and and even though it answers it really shows a lot of examples but what I did is I developed a course and I’m really excited because it’s just launching now and so basically this is very in-depth it takes a lot of the elements from the book but goes even deeper and shows videos there’s over 30 videos showing exactly how to do a lot of this stuff and the program is called LinkedIn personal best so it’s for people that are interested in investing in themselves and their brand and their and their crew you know their career in their business so the modules is there’s a whole huge module on profile and then there’s another very substantial module on building your network building a community it talks about some of the things we talked about here but a lot more and then there’s also a course on content and all this is bundled into a membership program which again it’s called LinkedIn personal Bassem super excited about it because it caused me to dig deep into a lot of these topics and so anyway so in your audience build your your network is going to be getting a special discount if they’re interested so I’m excited about I’m so excited and so appreciative of that too so guys I’ll send out the link on the follow up email on this to give you that special promo code if this is something that you want to do and incorporate into your business strategy you’ll definitely want to consider this because as we you know we talk a lot about you literally only being one relationship or one connection away from having your dream business it happened so quick you don’t even realize it so you kind of want to maximize the availability or the time in the arena to meet the person that could change everything I mean one person could be a hundred thousand dollars a year in revenue or more it’s really incredible how this works so I yeah if you want to take that if you want to go to that level and I’d love to do that I will say that we have a special launch price going on and we have this coupon for you guys but if you if you’re not ready for that I’m also love for you to read the book and I want to thank those of you that have read the book and I know several of you have I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and if you love the book I would love a review because that would be a favor to me like I love getting really nice reviews it’s like super important for authors or if you just want to connect with me that’s great too so anyone any way that you want to be connected either through the course the book or send me an invitation on LinkedIn and tell me that you were on this webinar that would be an honor as well yes thank you so much Sandra thank you for spending so much time with today I know your time is very valuable this was this has been amazing thank you all for spending time on thrive live with a notary coach working on your cells and your business as well I’ll send out the follow-up details again with a link to the book and a link to the awesome you of course details that Sandra just put out which is LinkedIn for personal best and I’ll get you all the details on that Sandra thanks again for joining us thank you so much take care now let’s have a great weekend

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