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I on the sky traffic system John Hewlett I have just witnessed a know maybe 20/20 or four cars lose control simultaneously as far as we can see traffic and come to a screeching halt on all major arteries come out dear are you hiding from a dog hi mama we’re kidding around where did you go trying to reach at the last couple hours the lines have been down I wouldn’t have mattered the ringers off everything’s in chaos we’ve had power outages all over town countless number of car wrecks even reports of plane crashes what’s going on seems that a lot of people are just disappeared including George disappear what I just saw him four hours ago we worked the night shift his wife called this morning he’s gone children are going to fact we’ve received thousands of missing person reports in our district what happened no one knows exactly that’s what we need to find out whoa whoa hon laughs I yah Oh Miche can order for his love motto Oh this morning we knew about the world change the estimates of the missing are now in the hundreds of thousands nationally reports are in the millions worldwide we have no idea president has declared a national state of emergency martial law has been enacted any estimate on how many of our agents are missing we’ve been unable to reach about a dozen of our own officially Donald Parker George Harris or confirmed missing this is gonna hit a lot of you on a personal level but I need you here it’s chaos out there and it’s our job to find out what happened we need to restore order and each and every one of you has a very difficult job ahead now each of you will be given what leads we have case reports will be on your desks within the hour I don’t know what’s going on out there all I can say it’s good luck sit one down 623 to go yes mr.

Fulton I’m agent Baker this is agent Riley FBI you it’s your picture there pretty wasn’t she we were married almost 14 years sorry for your loss sir we won’t take much of your time we only have a few questions could I get you guys a drink no thank you if you could describe exactly what happened then we are late again this is second time this month I hate being late sorry couldn’t find the keys yeah just hate it though oh did you get your lunch Mon look at that it was a boat the Williams got not even do you know when they got there I looked away for a moment she was gone do you guys know what happened no sir we don’t hey buddy got me spare change you know I’ve come to realize I’m one of the lucky ones that my family was taken well except for my sister my back it’s a good kind of hard how are things with her pregnancy that’s going well it’s a nice feeling to know that bringing some life back into this world could use some definitely I hope to bring a lot more we both want to have a big family yeah it’s nice good evening ladies and gentlemen I’m Peter McCullough welcome to views on tonight’s show we have several very distinguished guests first is a leader in ecological research at City University dr.

Claire Holt next is dr. edward wilkins of sydney evangelical church and chair emeritus at alpha theological seminary and last but certainly not least dr. Jason Hirsch president of a pet the astrophysics and extraterrestrial research foundation tonight the topic that is still on everyone’s mind what happened to all of the people Ivan can it I’ve been counted – we’ve been counted as new brought to you by the national emergency census bureau we’re counting on you Kyah as i refer to mother earth is a living organism endowed with great power to support life or extinguish it I believe this was Gaia’s way of cleansing herself of the negative influence of overpopulation that’s a very interesting theory doctor but there have also been many who reported seeing UFOs abduct these people in mass in the past two decades alone over a third of the pre even population of the United States believed in UFOs all reported being abducted however amusing these anecdotal reports are there’s hard scientific evidence both of you are wrong it was an event foretold thousands of years ago by the prophets of the Bible it’s cold gunfire the downtown as local enforcement units have joined with the National Guard and routing out a nun clave of gang the gunfire was particularly heavy just moment ago the billboard behind me casualties were heavy with a dozen gang members confirmed dead dancer how many people were confirmed dead why is this happening those are old scriptures doctor and not dissimilar to other cultures of the same period many ancient cultures have artwork and religions that directly point to extraterrestrial visitation disturbances by right-wing extremists continuous although sending stations no be blind to government is trying to do in other news global complications the only belief that has ever done any good in this world is secular humanism the judeo-christian tradition has done nothing but warts scientific pursuit and enslaved millions of people’s intellects science has validated the Bible time and time again God has fulfilled a major prophecy before our eyes well then why you still here doctor lively discussion tonight we’ll be back in a moment two views come on in I was just brewing some tea could I get you gentlemen some No it’s been so long since it happened I was beginning to think that no one was ever going to come sorry our caseload has been a bit backed up I wasn’t really their daughter they treated me like one but they never had children of their own they couldn’t I was their live-in nurse her health wasn’t that good you’re still living here they left me the house I guess I must assume their dad they are dead aren’t they if you could describe to the best of your recollection what exactly happened that morning it was really rather beautiful beautiful beautiful how is she today she’s resting well today beautiful they spent their entire lives loving one another it only seems appropriate that they be taken together like that just seems odd people vanishing and no one knows what happened to them yep who’s next on the list Katherine Harris George’s wife I’m sorry he was a good man you realize we’re not finding any answers were just filing reports sometimes that’s all the job is all right in here do it hold it homey rich like that challenge yeah we’re going in now all right money guys all right we need good tonight warm bit we are open for business all right why don’t we go inside slowly God has in store for us huh after you thank you why these facilities were set up in a hurry with all the disappearances we’ve had a lot of people in need of psychological assistance here it is come on the security some of these patients are a danger to themselves and don’t belong mrs.

Harris has been through a lot thank you hey Adam what are you doing here oh we just stopped by for lunch II read the food here was wonderful you remember Charles don’t you damn oh but I’m a mess I hate for anybody to see me like this Hey you’re as beautiful as always I’m so sorry I know it must be difficult I miss him too joy hug you follow them thank you tell me what you remember about that morning well George came in a little after dawn I was getting worried Oh what time is it it’s about oh I got get up I gotta get the kids to school most kids can wait a few minutes me you don’t get enough time to spend by ourselves anyway no I’m getting tired if you’re doing so much undercover I’m really tired of this goatee goatee no tickle you know Troy I really missed you last night we wanted you to read to him from that Bible story book that you gave him he could have Rachel no it’s not the same you know it could be don’t even know about that up family retreated by the church I think the kids are really looking forward to him all the strangers Catherine that good people you left one you know ever since you started going to that church two years ago I don’t know I just don’t feel don’t be no I love you more now than a happen there your no you love me it’s just become please can I think about it I really got to go get those kids up yeah with book one about Jonah big fish big fish huh smacking them story of joy have you brushed your teeth yet young lady no read louder alright been something sir we got bla molest it was a prophet of God named Jonah God told him to go to a great city but y’all didn’t want to go please Lord don’t send me to that City I my babies were gone I just left the house and never looked back I didn’t believe him but he was right George said this could happen what do you mean he called it the rapture it’s a good thought but it can’t be that rapture okay yeah it’s a good theory but I know for sure that that’s not it what is the rapture anyway what’s the story in the Bible Jesus is supposed to come back one day and take the Christians out of this world hates to hear about it all the time in Sunday’s you’re a Christian yeah I went to church all the time when I was a kid I’m good person anyway people go flying up into the sky or something like that it’s kind of a crazy idea well it’s an appropriate time for crazy ideas by the way you want to come by for dinner tonight effect is making chicken fettuccine I do remember correctly that is one of your favorites No thank you though I got a check on Catherine’s house sounds like it’s been sitting empty for a while Thanks so hold on hello what okay I’ll be right there Rebekah’s in hospital Rebecca Baker please roomie well my wife that’s my wife in there I want to see my wife mr.

Baker I need to talk to you hey are we done huh mr. Baker your wife is resting comfortably she’s doing fine unfortunately the baby didn’t make it who’s a boy I’m sorry can I see her sure I’m so sorry it looks the baby it’s not your fault sweetie it’s not here she said I might not be able to ever have children it’s okay I always talked about having lots of kids I am so sorry Thank You Katherine and hit it again it’s great oh stop it you have my fettuccine every time we have you over yeah but this time this time you outdid yourself she really thinks up yeah well then you me wash the dishes hmm you wash I’ll dry no no no I’ll Drive no I’m sure there’s truth what you’re saying but Buddha spoke truth Muhammad spoke truth Muhammad what religion are you under this week I’m well-read there’s nothing wrong with that I believe a little bit of everything and I try to keep an open mind all right all right look that’s some truth in all those religions that’s what makes them so dangerous I’ll show you something every word in this book is true it’s the history between God’s relationship with man my man separation from God and one day God Himself came down and lived among us as a man experienced our pain our hardships and I jealous and through his death on the cross made it possible for us to fellowship with him once none can woo you may not believe what I’m telling you is the truth one day you will and that day my friend the truth OOP Oh George leave him alone now he doesn’t want to hear all that and besides there’s ice cream and a game on in the family room come on we’ll have been that disappointed know how she is about the basketball right I’m sorry no license no facility that’s the law I’ve got to lock this place up it’s gone under I don’t understand I mean who am i hurting look I’m just trying to help these people I’m sorry the loss of law you’ve got 10 minutes to get your stuff and get out make sure he does where do we go that’s not my problem hey you okay I’m fine let’s uh let’s pack up and get out of here okay how are you doing she was right what are you talking about who was right my sister she said that Jesus would come back and take them and he did why were we left behind what did we do wrong we didn’t do anything wrong we’re decent people law-abiding citizens icy scum on the street everyday those are the people that would be left behind not us but she’s gone he took them what else could it be that’s not what it was the night before Jesus was betrayed he took bread gave thanks and broke it saying take and eat this is my body then he took the cup and said this is my blood shed for your sins drink this in remembrance of me let me see you’ve been here for four months you’ve been here for a while according to these reports you’ve been coming in quite well I think it’s about time you left us it’s time for you to get on with your life oh and one more thing did you report to your local census station your cooperation is now considered mandatory we’re counting on you ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States my fellow Americans I have asked for this time to speak to you because of the turmoil our nation has gone through during the last several months I come before you this evening as someone who has also suffered great personal tragedy the magnitude of the loss and the lives that have been forever changed is beyond measure no answer has been found nor do I feel we will find one which will ease the pain of the loss of our friends family and but we must move on and heal our nation as we heal ourselves as you well know this suffering has gone far beyond our borders this catastrophe has touched every single nation on the face of the earth the chairman of the World Council of Nations has asked that we join in the global economic alliance this action will propel our country into economic health and stability you must also join with me to turn our currency into Global credits as soon as possible to ensure the success of this dynamic program already England France Greece and seven other European countries have joined together and are seeing dramatic results despite our personal losses we must remember that the current economic condition is good job opportunities in all fields are at an all-time high by imposing martial law and vigorously prosecuting criminals we have brought down crime dramatically this is a time of prosperity a time of blessing after the curse to bring further stability many new and far-reaching programmes must be put into action we will continue to conduct the emergency census we ask that every citizen receive the biological chip introduced in Europe earlier this year as you know this b chip will ensure that all of your monetary credits are properly logged and accessible it’s much like a credit card with one wonderful Vonage you can never wake up and discover that it’s lost we ask that you join in supporting your country as we move into this new age I thank you for your understanding and your support god bless you and God bless america good night I want to encourage all of you we need to be like-minded in Christ pressing on toward the goal to help others know Jesus and keep him as our Lord I need for you all to make a list of supplies that are necessities John will make the rounds a little while and he’ll collect your lists Jacob are we gonna be all right God will be with us always let’s get to bed John oh yeah need you to watch out for everyone for a few days okay I’m gonna take the lastly cash buy up as many supplies as possible oh I’m gonna need your list too I don’t need anything are you gonna be okay gobble mean my knees he always does Jacob do you think they ever will come after us I don’t know what God’s plan is but he’s promised to be with us always no matter what you wanted to see us sir agents Baker Riley please have a seat I’ve been calling everyone in the RA for a briefing what I have to say comes directly from Washington pursuant to the matter of investigations ongoing and the disappearances 18 weeks ago we believe it is in the best interest of our nation and the Justice Department to reassign all agents currently involved Justice Department wishes to thank all of its agents and personnel for the excellent work that we have seen I knew such extreme circumstances in other words explore officially how can it be over we haven’t found any concrete answers you’re the president there are no answers we need to concentrate on Justice Department matters and national security here is your new assignment the man’s name is Jacob Krause our intelligence says that he is a threat to national security it is believed that he is currently building a paramilitary force the subject of the force remains unknown at this time where’d this guy come from it’s all in the briefings please report any new findings immediately is this sensitive case be discreet good day gentlemen agent Riley s-sir I understand that you still have not reported to your census station no sir I find undoing it today I just it’s been crowded in my name Road please see that you do yes sir hi mind if I sit down the beautiful day is in a Katherine do I know you I have a message for you jesus loves you everything’s gonna be everything is gonna be fine it’s finding a turn online yeah two-year-old phone number and a mailing address Andy’s Jewish Jacob grouse good work he’s not only Jewish he’s a rabbi mailing address I found was that of a synagogue he have a wife no record of him ever being married why would a rabbi want to start a paramilitary organization don’t know does he have any known ties to any terrorist organizations not according to Interpol hey here’s something there’s an article bottom of the times seems that he took over a Christian homeless shelter after it was discovered that the administration and many of the residents were among the taken global humanitarian rescue closed on all missions and shelters months ago have an address here maybe it’s worth checking out okay find anything yeah judging by the dust nobody’s been here for a while let’s get outta here this is nothing but another wild goose chase this is ridiculous we spent three months of our lives interviewing person after person and for what to be told the official answer is there is no answer yeah no answer they are officially willing to accept and and in Kraus have you seen one shred of evidence that even implies that this man could be a threat to national security doesn’t matter what we think about it’s our job to find this guy and we’re going to find find him why to hand them over to a military government so they can lock him away until sometime in the new age did you see one shell casing one element for making bombs we are not the jury they tell us to interview people we interview people they tell us to find someone we find them we’re just one part in the whole process we step out of line it all falls apart maybe it needs to look this job you see mean something to me now I feel like I’m a pawn in someone else’s game maybe it’s time I quit and get on with the healing quit then quit if you want to but if you quit now you’ll never know what happened that day you’ll never know the truth and it is the truth you’re looking for isn’t it Adam staying or coming with me dr.

Wilkins who said that Adam Riley FBI I didn’t mean to startle you sir FBI have I done something wrong no sir just wanted to ask you a few questions I guess I could use the company it’s been awfully quiet around here these days this is the only place I can find peace I lost over a quarter of my congregation the others just faded away it’s a shame to close the doors on a church forever what can I do for you agent Riley Riley yes brah read some unusual things in this book that belonged to a friend of mine be careful that’s a very unpopular book these days si on television a while back you had some interesting theories about the disappearances theories that’s an interesting word they are not theories it’s the truth you see Adam the Lord Jesus Christ has returned for his people first corinthians says in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last Trump for the trumpet shall sound the dead shall be raised incorruptible and we shall be changed this verse 4 tells what has just happened the rapture another reference is in 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 15 through 17 it was promised that Jesus would return with the sound of a shout and the voice of the Archangel and when this occurs those who believe and are alive will see him and hear the trumpet of God and will be with him instantaneously but this will all be invisible to the non-believer so what has happened is the immediate disappearance the rapture of believers it’s hard to believe doctor okay that one the beginning of the Great Tribulation mass apostasy one world government treaties with Israel increase in persecution against new believers in Christ economic boom then collapse and finally the wrath of God poured out on the ungodly these things are already beginning to happen agent Riley we’ve been assigned to find a man a Jew who seems to be gathering followers well he could be one of the hundred and forty-four thousand the one revelation 14 verses three through five and no man can learn that song but the hundred and forty-four thousand which were redeemed from the earth these are they were not defiled with women for they are virgins these are they who follow the lamb whithersoever he goeth these were redeemed from among men being the firstfruits unto God and to the lamb the lamb being Christ the firstfruits back in Revelation chapter 7 verse 4 and I heard the number of those who were sealed 144,000 from every tribe of the sons of Israel this Jew you’re seeking could be one of the chosen Jews to preach the message of Jesus Christ you still don’t believe me thank you very time dr.

Wilkins it’s not a matter of belief yes it is trust me I know why do you think I’m still here I’m sorry sorry that I’m still here or sorry that I didn’t really believe in him don’t sit down we’re leave him leaving where one please just got a lead on Kraus what the world is going on no but let’s go find out sorry this is a restricted area I’m agent Riley this is agent Baker I’m sorry sir this is a restricted area who’s your Co sergeant lieutenant Frederick’s sir I have two FBI agents that request to speak with you sir yes sir right away sir follow me yes sir I’m lieutenant Frederick’s wouldn’t may I do for you gentlemen lieutenant we’re here looking for this man Jacob Krause there’s no one here by that name we received information that this was his last known location like I said there’s no one here by that name lieutenant we expect the full cooperation for global enforcement during this investigation we thank the FBI for their assistance but this is our investigation now sergeant show these gentlemen to their vehicle yes sir this is not an investigation this is a mop-up that’s good hey isn’t that Katherine Harris what’s she doing here we got to get her out of here cover me what cover me watch your step you’re really pushing it all right she’s secure I’ll get the rent hey excuse me you uh know anything about these new engines yeah you Sloan I just working the motor pool what are you doing here I was kind of wondering the same thing about you I’m getting you out of here perimeter secure sir right now lieutenant look didn’t we have this you’re not gonna get in trouble for this are you should we pursue sir no we’ll deal with them later any further orders sir standard procedure yes sir all right you heard the man clear it out and burn it down hmm it’s been a while since I had a hot cup of coffee Catherine what were you doing with those people I am one of those people you’re a follower Jacob cross no I’m a follower of Jesus Christ like he is for two years George was talking about the peace and joy found in the Lord and heaven knows I love the man but I thought he was crazy now I look back on it and I thought I was sewed together I thought I was so smart but I know now God is in control not me well if that’s true then then why we’re all your fellow believers being tracked off by the enforcement well things don’t always work out the way we want them to but that does not negate the fact that God is ultimately in control we know that all things work together for good to them who love to them who are called according to his purpose that’s Romans I’m learning this joy this piece that I found I found it just in time time is short the day is coming when it’ll be too late and people need to know that Jesus loves them they need to know the urgency now is the time now is it time oh here comes trouble agents Riley and Baker I believe you have our suspect your suspect taker is Manny stand down surrender your suspect who are you stand down I said who are you stand down or we will use lethal force stand down and it’s not worth it going with them is not the worst thing that could happen we all right Adam he is waiting for you I look unto the hell my so you want to know who I I’m someone you never want to mess with if you ever pull anything like that again I’ll bury you so deep you’ll never taste freedom again what was that you said about feeling like a part this is unbelievable checkpoints are getting really old you need to get it done okay don’t put it off any longer okay sir this is your second warning all government employees will be taken into immediate custody upon their third infraction move along thank you how did they know where we were you know I think somebody followed us know we got away clean we’d go through any check stations and within a half an hour they were on top of us so many roads out of there somebody must have spotted us what now we go back to the beginning something bugging this place besides the cockroaches exactly what are we looking for I know where he’s at how my dad and I used to camp on this mountaintop when I was a kid it’s a few hours north of here how can you be so sure this looks like every other Mountain View in this part of the country no I know this place like the back of my hand okay so you want to drive all night go to some mountaintop to find this character based on the fact that you found some picture tacked up on a bulletin board I don’t think so you got a better idea no you saying are you coming with me if he’s up there may be armed what took you so long better stop for gas Jacob Kraus agents Baker and Riley FBI you’re under arrest it’s beautiful isn’t it I love this spot do you ever wonder how this place came to exist how this was all created you see those fruit trees they uh they rely on God for their sustenance who are you I’m a servant Jesus Christ I spoke to someone who told me who you might be was he right possible are you one of the hundred 44,000 god needed people to speak hope live for the world especially now that’s what I’m doing I’m pointing the way to Jesus Christ all I know is that there’s a warrant out for your arrest now you can cooperate or we can do it the hard way I see Charles what are you doing I’m only executing the law whose law God’s law or man’s law turn around and put your hands on the back of your head is this really necessary I’m doing my job please cuff him in front everyone stares someone who do you serve let’s go wait a minute you led us here why God loves us so much he sent to sundown to die on the cross perfect sacrifice of Jesus sharing his blood makes us able to communicate the Adam before he disobeyed God you’re charged with treason that’s a capital offense you could die live is Christ to die is gain there are worse things than dying he was the rapture you know there’s no proof of that that’s why it’s a matter of faith so I’ve been told what about that chip in your hand they call it the B chip what’s its purpose it’s nothing more than a credit card really there’s nothing about you not one piece of information that’s not recorded in that chip you can’t buy or sell without it you can’t travel without it but what else they called the B chip what is the B stand for biological biological encoding more than a mere credit card what’s its other purpose there is none tracking satellite tracking biological encoding and satellite tracking or as the global council of nations refers to it the beasts chip why do you think that the global enforcement unit always seems to be one step ahead of you see Charles the reason they think I’m a threat is I tell believers not to get this chip it’s not of God I don’t believe any of this you sound like some conspiracy theory nut there’s a lot of explanations for what happened that day and you you’re a fool if any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world let it become a fool but he may be wise for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God I hate to break it to you pal but I grew up in the church I’m a good person Charles nobody’s perfect you can’t get to heaven or or into God’s presence by doing good deeds God is perfect and he can’t allow sin in his presence and we unfortunately are full of sin so you’re saying if I believe that Jesus paid for my sins and that he is Lord of your life Ben you can come into his presence and know the fullness of his forgiveness and of his love for you I still think you’re a fool it’s purely a personal decision Charles wanna grab a bite to eat or anything yeah give me a soda I’ll get the gas I’m fine thanks for asking can I get out and stretch come on I wanted to run you’d have never found me okay you know what they’re gonna do to you got a pretty good idea and why did you let yourself get caught to talk to you what do you mean by that God wanted me to talk to you listen Adam there’s not much time you know when your heart what you’ve heard is true the truth that’s a powerful thing that’s why people fear it so much but once you’ve heard it and you know it’s true everything else is just a cheap imitation the question is will you accept it or reject it I accept I want what you have oh I know you’re Jesus what I do now all you have to do is ask if we humbly confess our sins and ask Jesus Christ to be our Savior Lord of our life we will spend an eternity in his kingdom and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death neither sorrow nor crying neither shall there be any more pain but the former things are passed away behold I make all things new it’s your time Adam god I know you’re real please forgive me you come into my life Jesus no godly lives what are you doing accepting now getting the trunk one more thing don’t forget about me I won’t he won’t either this and the gas for that car out there that car hey can’t pay yet Oh you no turning back now hello Adam hey Charles I thought it would be you what do you think you’re doing what do you think I’m doing I’m helping a fugitive escape you want your mind this has got to be a craziest thing you’ve ever done this is the most sane thing I’ve ever done I am NOT gonna stick my neck out for you this time no way I can’t no way I know I didn’t want you to that’s why I left you there Adam do not do this I’m begging you do not do this I love you my friend more than you’ll ever know but I can’t talk to you right now kind of busy Adam Adam sir could you please step out of the vehicle is their problem wait here sir sometimes I hate technology this time alleged goal with a verbal warning move along ha go ahead agent Riley throw your weapon out and exit the vehicle I just do it I had to I had no choice I finally found what I was looking for the truth how does it feel throw everything away for nothing where is he I’ll get him Riley your pull-up all still for nothing thanks for the help ittsan Baker in words of Apostle Paul fight the good fight finish the course keep the faith stand firm and be true to our Lord who suffered wrath and died for our sins so that we may have eternal life with him.

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